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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Obama's Legislative Record

Obama's populism may not help him on Election Day, after all:


  1. Are these two a$$ wipes for real. Raise taxes on businesses to bring jobs back from over seas? Does the term "reverse logic" work here?

  2. Very telling. He can't run on his accomplishments because his accomplishments are so unpopular. Perhaps that's why we're "supposed" to have a "representative" government?

  3. Sorry to have to be the one to say it, but Obama will win in November simply because he's so "cute." He has "charisma."

    The average person doesn't know anything about "policy" and couldn't care less. Obama, whether YOU think so or not, has "Charisma."

    Ever since the disaster of the Nixon-Kennedy debates, "Sex Appeal" has largely been the determining factor in American politics.

    Most people do NOT think, do not KNOW, and do jot CARE. They just FEEL.

    If this were not true, why else do you think the Lie Factories of the Ad Industry have been so enormously successful?

    THe public has been deliberately "dumbed down" for the past hundred years. This has conditioned most of us to ACCEPT the ever growing amounts of ess-aitch-eye-tea that gets forced down our throats every day.

    We've been SEDUCED and then BRAINWASHED by crafty manipulators. There could be no other logical explanation for what has happened.

    ` FreeThinke

  4. Sigh , i hate to say it ut anonymous is right.
    He's got what they call 'charisma' OK it's mostly artificially created.
    What the republicans have to do is to point out his faults, His continous covering up of the facts, his shortcomings.He has a well oiled propaganda machine behind him.Show the facts confront him with the facts OK he added 2.9 million jobs but at what cost? $6 Trillion increase of the US debts!Is that good management?That's like saying ok i openened 3 more branches in other towns and given 20 guys a job only it will cost $ 50 million to the towns where they are located.The Bill will be presented to America's workers, their children , grandchildren and so on!

  5. Yesterday, while Mr. AOW was on an outing, I had time to catch up by phone with one of my friends in the UK.

    He can't stand Obama.

    However, my UK friend watched the entire SOTUA and another interview of Obama. My friend's observation: how much Obama has refined his use of the smile and how disarming Obama is. My friend also believes that Obama will win the election in November.

    I bring up my friend in the UK because he has no dog is the race.

  6. FT,
    I agree with everything you said in your comment above.

    Rational thought and researching candidates' stands on the issues and their political record have flown out the window!

  7. Will,
    Weep for America -- and for the future of America's children and grandchildren. They'll never know the America that was.

  8. Woodsterman,
    The Left and cult followers are incapable of logic.

    Make no mistake: the Cult of Obama exists and is very strong in its pull.

  9. Freedom By The Way,
    Obama is using distraction and sleight of hand to distract the voters. Such strategies are the tools of every demagogue and usually work. **sigh**

  10. Newsbusters is great!

    It's telling when the president can't run on his major pieces of legislation because they're so unpopular. As such, you'd think he'd be easy to defeat. Unfortunately, as several commenters have pointed out, that's not the case.

    Will makes a valid point, for example, when he points to Obama's "well oiled propaganda machine." Other than Fox News and a few other outlets, most of the media will repeat verbatim whatever Obama wants them to say.

    Our other big problem is that the GOP candidates all have major faults. Romney doesn't come across as genuine, Gingrich is erratic, Santorum looks like he's 30 years old and has a reputation as extreme on the social issues, and Paul is a nut. I'll support our nominee, but while wishing for someone better.

  11. Once average Americans see through the lies of the right they understand the groundbreaking and economy saving accomplishments Obama has made. Too bad you don't.

    All you have to do is go to:


  12. Yeah, it is hard to run on your accomplishment when everything you have accomplished made things worse.

  13. Didn't he say himself that if he didn't have things fixed by now he didn't deserve another term . . .

  14. So when "W" increased the national debt by taking us to those oil wars in Afghanistan and Iraq at the same time that he gave tax cuts to the one per centers, thereby increasing public debt at an unprecedented rate, it was OK, but when public debt continues to increase under Mr. Obama it is not OK?

  15. Anonymous,
    Are you new to this blog?

    I'm not a "Bushie," so I never implied any such things are you typed in.

    BTW, I'm not a member of the GOP.


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