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Saturday, July 30, 2011

White House Spams Twitter Followers

Backfired! The White House finally stopped, with these parting words:
Thanks for contacting your legislators, and for sticking with us through out tweeting today. We're done now, we swear.
Yep, they're done, all right.

More than 40,000 Twitter followers lost in one day.

What kind of President launches a Twitter war, anyway? This kind:
...The secret of Mr. Obama is that he isn't really very good at politics, and he isn't good at politics because he doesn't really get people....


  1. How did this guy get to be President? No, seriously, I mean how could we, The People, elect someone so dereft of maturity, common sense, and an understanding of basic economic reality?

  2. I can't wait to stick a fork in Obama and tell him HE's done!

  3. FINIS!! More and more are seeing Obama as the empty suit he is. But a dangerous one at that, yet to be discovered by most.

  4. Two amazing issues here, the first being that Peggy was once politically left of center until she realized, as have many other good Americans, that Leninists have hijacked the Democratic Party. The second is that Noonan, rather than Obama, has become the news story —a not so clever ploy by leftist media to change the dialogue.

    What is your sense of this, AOW? Are Americans smart enough, and honest enough, to see through the state run media?

  5. His message is about as worthy as the "sexual enhancement" comments that my spam filter collects and discards every day.

  6. He isn't good at governing or facing reality either. I don't know why anyone thought this man would make a good president. Nothing in his past suggested he was qualified to be president of so much as a school library club.

    Propaganda and BS are all the Demagogic-kleptocrats have left.

  7. 'What kind of President launches a Twitter war, anyway?'

    A twit, that's which kind.

  8. Watcher,
    A twit, that's which kind.


    Wish that I'd thought of saying that.

  9. Somewhere in my rounds today, it might have been Blue's Blog, there was an editorial from a east European newspaper. It basically said that: Barack Obama is not the problem. He is a fool but the foolish things he has done can be undone. What worries Euopeans is what has happened to the American electorate that they could elect such a fool to be their president._ In other words, they are not worried about Obama but they are very worried about America.


    I'll be back to this thread tomorrow.

    Doing laps today in the pool in this heat has zonked me; I've somehow twisted my left knee, and to top off the day, the spaghetti dinner I just finished is functioning as a soporific. Besides, I want to get back to reading the novel The Lake of Dreams. I need to think about something other than politics for a little while!

  11. Good luck with your knee, AOW.

    As for Obama; imagine losing that many twits in ONE DAY? If only that would continue.......

    what IS Obama good at, anyway?

  12. @Z "what IS Obama good at, anyway?"

    Wrecking the United States economy, then blaming Republicans and Tea Partiers?

  13. Mustang,
    You said: Noonan, rather than Obama, has become the news story —a not so clever ploy by leftist media to change the dialogue.

    That had me scratching my head until I did a Google search. Apparently, Peggy Noonan's recent op ed has brought about a mini-storm criticizing her for daring to call Obama a loser. THIS is one example of many from the mini-storm. An "intervention" needed? Sheesh.

    Since when does harsh criticism of a President bring out so many defenders in the media?

    The media's jumping to excoriate Noonan and to defend Obama is telling -- and actually gives credence to Noonan's words in that op ed. Could it be that the what Noonan said struck a nerve and -- Gasp! -- brought about a realization that Obama might well lose in 2012. A few months ago, I believed, with very little doubt, that Obama would win in 2012. I don't think his victory is a foregone conclusion now. The budget battle is doing him damage, IMO.

    Are Americans smart enough, and honest enough, to see through the state run media?

    Some are, but certainly some Obama supporters will continue to support him -- no matter what. And the mainstream media operates as Obama's Ministry of Truth (Orwell's 1984).

    Also, Americans have short memories. If this budget battle were happening in 2012, there would be a better chance of Obama's losing in 2012.

    It remains to be seen if the GOP will run a viable candidate, one who can garner 51% of the vote.

  14. Jackie,
    It is more a nightmare than a dream, IMO.

  15. Z,
    My knee is better this morning. Three ibuprofen and a night of rest with my feet up did the trick.

    I think that I twisted cartilage in my knee. Having had torn cartilage in my other knee (Shopping injury!), I think that this time around nothing is torn as the pain has abated so quickly.

    I am blest in that I have no arthritis. But I did do a lot of breaststroke during my laps yesterday. Breaststroke is dangerous for aging cartilage.

  16. He's a twit. It's as simple as that.

    Seriously, Obama has done exactly as he has set out to do. Tear down the economy, enable free-loaders, embrace the religion of Islam and made sure our borders remained unsecured.

    Yeah, what a guy.

  17. I read that article the other day, obama is either cold and detached or patronizing. A lot like the red witch purporting to be our prime minister. That's what hardcore socialists are like, you wouldn't want your life to depend on one of them.


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