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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Three Amigos

Click to enlarge (with thanks to SR):

I have to wonder if Obama is grandstanding about the debt ceiling so as to avoid attention being focused on Project Fast and Furious.

Comments at the CBS news story about Obama's statement about the August 2011 Social Security checks are quite something: 2780 comments the last time I checked.

Fact check about the U.S. Treasury checks:
...[A]ccording to the Daily Treasury Statements published by the U.S. Treasury Department, the ongoing flow of federal tax revenue since the Treasury declared that it had hit the debt limit on May 16 has been more than sufficient to cover the combined costs of federal spending on interest payments, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Veterans Affairs department and federal workers wages and insurance benefits (including wages and insurance benefits for military personnel)....


  1. The progressive jig is up. They are out of money and out of ideas and the propaganda ain't working anymore.

    I think the diversionary tactics and the scaremongering with greatly increase.

    People should go to jail over Fast and Furious, but who polices the police?

  2. Karl Rove was on with Bill O'Reilly last night and dropped this fact:

    The Federal Government will take in $203.3 billion in revenue. Planned outlays are $362.7 billion. That leaves a deficit for August of $159.6 billion.

    The money coming in is more than enough to pay social security, and debt.

    But what about the rest? Do we cut meat and poultry inspections? Or is raising that issue just more scaremongering?

    Either way it's clear that a 40% cut in August spending would be very difficult to do in any way that avoids a large disruption in government.

    The bottom line is that the entire scary scenario is avoidable if Obama will simply agree to reasonable House GOP plans for cuts with permanent reforms like a Balanced Budget Amendment.

    But we all know he is very unlikely to agree to anything which ends the tax and spend gravy train Dems have been riding for years.

    What is going to happen? I have no idea.

  3. Now, after this, I hear Obama is decreeing by executive order that all folks who legally purchase semi-auto rifles frequently be reported?

    We live in the mirror universe.

  4. I think you are right, they are hiding something, and this is part of it. The other part is the governors meeting to set up Chinese protectorate zones throughout the nation, in Salt Lake, tomorrow.

  5. Technically, it's two amigos and an amiga. Legally, it's a group of felonious conspirators. Practically, it's 3 of the people our parents warned us against.

  6. .

    Three Amigos,

    Raise taxes on the wealthy and rich.

    Close corporate welfare.

    End the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan.

    Then use the savings to the people's government of USA to increase social spending on medicare, social security, and universal health care.

    Ema Nymton

  7. Ema,
    Your solutions are too simplistic.

    Let's say that we brought home all our military. How are those fellows going to find gainful employment right now?

    Taxing the rich and corporations is a populist idea, but won't work.

  8. So where is Bush in this picture? I know Fox News doesn't mention this but he started this program.

    AOW; you're wrong. Closing the tax cuts and loopholes for the wealthy will increase our revenue substantially and close the deficit within a few years.

  9. Bd,
    I didn't create the graphic.

    In a previous post on this same topic, I did state that the gunrunning project began in 2005.

    Closing the tax cuts and loopholes for the wealthy will increase our revenue substantially and close the deficit within a few years.

    Produce the stats.

  10. One should always watch BOTH hands. Look what's happening while were all watching Casey Anthony and Anthony Weiner. LOL

  11. Spread Eagle 72,
    Yes, indeed.

    Sadly, too many Americans are distracted from the real news.

    Now, I like distractions as well, but I don't lose sight of what really matters in the news, particularly politics.


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