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Monday, July 25, 2011

FYI (With Addendum)

Information below the fold:

Just to inform my readers that I haven't been making my usual blog rounds because I've been doing research on Anders Behring Breivik — and enmeshed in participating in discussions at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

My basic conclusion so far: The atrocities committed by Anders Behring Breivik are a major setback for the so-called counter-jihad movement.

Breivik's video manifesto, with which you might find some agreement:

Addendum: Please see Stogie's post on the topic of Anders Behring Breivik.


  1. @ The atrocities committed by Anders Behring Breivik are a major setback for the so-called counter-jihad movement.

    Yes they are.

    Like many unhinged extremists, he starts with a reasonable premise (Muslim immigration has a deleterious affect on Western culture), and then spins wildly and violently out of control in his inferences and conclusions.

    The kumbaya left will use this horror to indict the premise itself, damning anyone who dares mention it.

    I'm anxiously awaiting your analysis of this.

  2. Timothy McVeigh had the same affect, however, we reject and denounce the actions of these sickos whereas the Muslim extremist after 9-11 were celebrating.

  3. There is so much to sift through!

    Just now, I came across THIS, apparently Breivik's words:

    I'm not going to pretend I'm a very religious person as that would be a lie. I've always been very pragmatic and influenced by my secular surroundings and environment.


    I can't possibly imagine how my state of mind will be during the time of the operation, though. It will be during a steroid cycle and on top of that; during an ephedrine rush, which will increase my aggressiveness, physical performance and mental focus with at least 50-60% but possibly up to 100%. In addition, I will put my iPod on max volume as a tool to suppress fear if needed. I might just put Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell on repeat as it is an incredibly powerful song.


    If praying will act as an additional mental boost/soothing it is the pragmatical thing to do. I guess I will find out... If there is a God I will be allowed to enter heaven as all other martyrs for the Church in the past.

    I am pursuing religion for this very reason and everyone else should as well, providing it will give you a mental boost....

    Those don't sound like the words of a "fundamentalist Christian" to me.

  4. Silverfiddle,
    I've thought so much about the motivation behind Breivik's deeds that my head hurts!

    Typically, I use Sundays to catch up on blog rounds or to do research. But yesterday I had little time as I took Mr. AOW to a swimming pool for the first time since his stroke of September 15, 2009. As you might imagine, getting him into and out of the pool was a Herculean task; fortunately, the swimming pool was at my cousin's house and her "inactive Marine" hubby is inordinately strong. Mr. AOW's "swim" was completely successful! He spent two hours exercising: walking in the water, swimming, and doing various exercises impossible to do on dry lang.

    My point: I lost the day as far as being on the web goes.

    I do plan an analysis of my own -- later this week. I wish that I had time to read the entire 1500-page "manifesto."

  5. The atrocities committed by Anders Behring Breivik are a major setback for the so-called counter-jihad movement.

    I'm not sure I completely agree. I understand your point and don't necessarily disagree with it.

    It is possible though that this may start a conversation. The biggest obstacle we have had to slowing the world wide spread of Islamism is that everyone is afraid to talk about it.

    This incident was obviously the wrong approach and the man is a nutbag that needs much more than the 20 years I have heard he could get. With that said, maybe it will bring the problem to the front.

  6. AOW: You day was far from lost. I pray for Mr AOW's continued recovery.

    I've posted a list of links at my site.

    The most succinct theory I've heard is that he hated how muslim immigration was changing Norway, and he blamed the socialists for enabling it.

    He views the left as enabling a Muslim demographic takeover.

    So far, nothing hateful in that theory, and entirely plausible.

    Dig deeper, and you see the complete hatred of Muslims and the left. Then the crazy conspiracies start to emerge, leading him to his bloody conclusion: That he would shoot up a gathering of young socialists and set a bomb that would kill the socialist party members who govern the country.

  7. Hi AOW.

    I think you can't compare the actions of a madman to what we as bloggers do, the fact that he wrote a 1.500 page strong manifest already shows there's something mentally wrong with this guy.(wel in my humble opinion).The fact is the MSM will concentrate all their resources on this guy while avoiding like the plague the actions of Islamic extremists in the last 1.400 years.In my opinion he's just a simple madman and not worth to be written about, we as a sane people can never understand the rants of a madman.Lifelong hard labor is the best way to deal with such cases.

  8. The anti Jihad movement? Spin it.

    You were pretty up front about your support for Lionheart and the EDL when it looked like his punk arse might do a little time.

    You weren't as big a fan of Geert Wilders as z but he's well respected here. You link to the vulgar bigot Robert Spencer.

    Link to Pam Geller? Check. But this is the anti Jihad movement. Please.

  9. That's right Will, but there's nothing insane about the likes of Pam Geller, right?

    If someone misinterprets the hate the fringe right bloggers spew, well it happens, right.

  10. Ducky shows his ass again.

    Pam Geller, Robert Spencer... I don't think they've killed almost 100 people... But leave it to Ducky to somehow make that connection.

  11. Duck,
    I did say in my post the so-called counter-jihad movement.

    As for other allusions you made, you need to refresh your memory with something I wrote in 2007: "The Toxic Blogosphere."

    Lionheart seems to have a had a change of heart regarding the EDL, if I interpret correctly what he has written.

    I have supported Geert Wilders.

    And, yes, I've linked to and interviewed both Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller.

    If someone misinterprets the hate the fringe right bloggers spew, well it happens, right.

    I never said that -- nor will I.

    What Breivik did was an atrocity beyond words.

    But, to my knowledge, Spencer and Geller have never advocated any such measures. Their commenters? That's a different story.

  12. So where were the actual "targets" of his political point? That's right, completely untouched. Coward. Easier to target kids and young adults at a "Labour" party confab.

    Complete and utter coward.

    On the other hand, for killing 94 persons he'll be fed, primed and happy for 20 years, ready to emerge at roughly age 50.

    Unless, of course, the reins of Norway's government have been completely subsumed by Sharia. Uh-oh. He didn't think of that, did he?


  13. I ranted again yesterday..wonder what you may think of it AOW?

  14. BZ,
    Of course, Breivik didn't see himself as a coward -- but as the leader of a revolution that would free Europe from Islam by 2083.

    From what I can tell, he was completely convinced of the course he should take.

    So was Charles Manson, for that matter.

  15. Bob,
    You are correct.

    Still, "charges" need to be answered. Otherwise, the lies will become the truth.

    Did you see David Horowitz's essay today?

  16. Chuck said:

    It is possible though that this may start a conversation. The biggest obstacle we have had to slowing the world wide spread of Islamism is that everyone is afraid to talk about it.

    This evening, after a full day of online research (I now have the 1500 page manifesto to download), I've come to realize that possibility. The law of unintended consequences may factor in. See THIS, which I posted today at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

  17. Thank you for posting this. This mass murder will have a further chilling effect on free speech in Europe. Have you seen this Bruce Bawer piece?
    He puts part of the blame for the tragedy on the lack of open debate.
    There is something very pagan about the video: music, knights, the language of rebirth, etc. Breivik is basically a Nazi.


    I'm not apologizing. For Robert Spencer. For Pamela Geller. For myself, for that matter.

    Breivik is responsible for his own actions.

    It is the mainstream media and the leftists who are trying to force upon us some sort of Islamophobic guilt. Pffft.

  19. Edge of the Sandbox,
    I need to read that article. Thanks for the link.

  20. And one more thing....

    If Breivik was on steroids, no wonder he had the hypographia to write 1500 pages!

    He also loved video games. Maybe we should blame the video games, too.

  21. Silverfiddle,
    You day was far from lost. I pray for Mr AOW's continued recovery.

    Thank you.

    Our swimming pool adventure yesterday was such a success!

    I need to do another update post on Mr. AOW's progress. Progress has been so very slow the past several months, but yesterday he accomplished a lot of "therapy" in that swimming pool. We are encouraged!

  22. Brooke, if you had been paying attention you would know that the perp followed several fringe right hate groups on Geller's site and there is some conjecture that he is that he has been a frequent poster.

    Geller is big stuff in the Muslim hate movement and also big in blaming the left.

  23. There is a way to keep America from ever likely experiencing another Tim McVeigh, and Norway another Anders Breivik.

    Step #1 - Never again raise the debt ceiling creating a "Constitutional Cap" on spending and a de facto "Balanced Budget Amendment" that will prevent out of control Do-Gooder Government from bankrupting us, AGAIN...

    Step #2 - Enforce the borders, preventing politicians from importing/buying "easy votes".

  24. usually don't do this-
    from my post-
    Dispelling the image of Timothy McVeigh as the bombing mastermind, Nichols resolutely confirmed that the decorated Gulf War veteran had numerous liaisons with men of Arab extraction,


  25. I fully agree with Silver that your day was not a waste at all, in fact all the more important.

    Though tempted, I have already expressed my opinion about "owning" some element of Norway both on another thread and especially on IBA. You have expressed your view clear enough and we will have to agree to disagree.

    All the best.


  26. Dear AOW,

    Just finished reading an article about the famine in Somalia, where a food crisis has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people and is putting nearly 12 million more lives at risk.

    But my thoughts are constantly about the Valhalla Hu Akbar "show" in Norway and the "wounds" YOU are licking for the past 48 hours ! I'm really worried about you !

    The "Oslo Maniac" did what maniacs usually do. Unfortunately he was more then successful in what he did, and I'm absolutely convinced that right now as I'm typing this line, another Freakoid or Jihadist is loading a Semi-trailer with "Fertilizers" or making his last Video clip...

    60 Km from my home, another butcher finished killing 22 of his own people today using tanks and Helicopters ! Did you hear about it ? Of course not ! Because he is smart!... he never excides the "magic" number of 30 per day!... Capish?

    Take care my friend . Go to the swimming pool with your husband.
    ( Don't forget to take Cameo with you, Cat love swimming... )

  27. Yes, AOW, I think the propaganda by the MSM will make it hard to get an open discussion and debate. The Internet will still be a haven for those who can discuss the problem of Islam. Sadly, however, a healthy open debate is less likely now. Bogus charges of bigotry will shut down any critical examination of Islam.

    But the problem won’t go away. Reality can’t be evaded for long.

    Already I notice the MSM dropped the claim that Breivik was a fundamentalist Christian as you pointed out at IBA. The 1500 pages shed light into his deranged thinking. It brings back memories of the mindset of leftists I knew in high school in the last 1960s. I find the psychology of political violence interesting.

  28. I have to agree with Will. A 1500 page manifest is a sign of some significant mental disturbance.

    Sadly, this guy is a useful idiot, not intentionally, but he is giving the left a rationale for slamming anyone who opposes Islamic radicals.

  29. It's not going to change a damn thing with me. No apologies. No regrets. No explanations. No shit.

    Pamela Geller/Robert Spencer 2012

  30. I've never been one to apologize for that actions of supposed "Christians" or madmen and I'm not about to start now.

    Bite me Duck! Show the courage of your convictions and strap on a suicide belt in solidarity with your ideological buds!

  31. Alex,
    I'd love to take Cameo swimming. Unfortunately, my cousin who has the swimming pool has a bull dog. But I am going to another pool today as the heat wave here has finally broken.

    Don't worry about me. I'm not licking my wounds. I'm researching and thinking. I do a lot of my out-loud thinking at IBA.

    This morning I went through Breivik's lengthy manifesto. Sheesh. He even has a section on sexuality!

    I've arrived at a conclusion or two about Breivik and plan to post something here at my site on Thursday.

  32. Matt,
    he is giving the left a rationale for slamming anyone who opposes Islamic radicals

    He is. However, if one reads through his hypergraphic screed, one can see that he is truly a nut job. I didn't think so at first because I hadn't read through much of what he had written.

  33. Jason,
    Reality can’t be evaded for long.

    True enough.

    Those he has referenced in his hypergraphic screed must answer. I understand that. And I'm sure that a lot of people will never read what Breivik wrote; instead, they'll be satisfied with sound and sight bytes. The curse of the Information Age as there is so much information that one simply doesn't have time to absorb it all!

    I did point out that Breivik was not actually a Christian. I wish that I could get that information disseminated more widely.

  34. For those who haven't seen it, Jason Pappas has written a very thoughtful piece on the origins of error in Breivik's thinking in the "revolutionary" rhetoric of the Left... and is something mr. ducky should read before he goes off on bloggers like Pamela Geller. For as the saying goes, "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks."

  35. I read somewhere that stroke victims can benefit from being in a pool and doing some walking, but I wondered if we could actually get my Mom into one safely, glad to hear you were able to get Mr. AOW into one, and that it was good for him!

  36. Tie a can on it, Farmer. Pappas is just that cheap bigot Geller with a better vocabulary.

    The biggest threat facing u is Islam. Bore me later and wake up.

    Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer

  37. C'mon Ducky. You're capable of better. I know you can give thoughtful criticism ... which I doubt I'll agree but at least you'll raise substantial questions. Being dismissive is cheap.

  38. You may be right AOW, but I'm not convinced yet. I think with some time and the more that comes out about this guy, people will see his reading and beliefs were all over the place. No where do they actually fall into the "Christian or Conservative" category.

    Yes his supposed reason was Muslim immigration, lack of integration, and the government's failure -- he attacked pro-Palestinian students, anti-Israel students, and he copied/pasted quotes from all spectrums of thought. Time will show he was a confused and troubled individual, problems with women and mommy, lack of male role model in the home (hadn't seen or spoken to his father for 16 years), with a capacity to kill randomly.

    Right Truth

  39. Duck,
    Please note header I have at the top of the comments box:

    Caveat: Continued invectives and personal attacks will result in deletion.

  40. Stogie, who has a great series of posts about Breivik, was kind enough to send me a pdf file and a Word doc of Breivik's written manifesto.

    Breivik is indeed all over the place.

    I spent all morning reading and reading -- and got quite the complete picture of Breivik's thinking. Sheesh. I think that his lawyer is correct: Breivik is insane.

  41. I'm not going to say a damn thing bad about the guy. For one thing I'm never going to say or do anything to make the left think that I think I owe them an explanation. They can all go to hell.


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