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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Musical Interlude

A few days ago (What an eerie coincidence!), I queued up the following music and video for a musical interlude August 7. I'm posting it today as we pray for Norway in the wake of the mass murders committed there yesterday.

Music by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg:


  1. this is very beautiful, haunting...it really fits a memorial to those poor people who died....
    yes, quite an 'eerie coincidence'!

  2. A true tragedy.

    I noticed AOW you commented on Geller's typical disasterous posting on the subject of Norway. As soon as the bomb and shooting came out I was 1OO per cent sure she would do the usual trash of calling it Jihadi and bingo there was her posting. Now she uses the excuse that "they claimed it" which is naive to say the least considering that there was 12 claims which is typical.

    Experts in terrorism, avoided by the self-proclaimed anti-Jihadists, will tell you that these far-right bloggers do not actually attack radical Islamists but use them as an excuse to push political-hate which in turn feeds the crazies like this guy.

    Reality bites hard and the unacceptable, condemnable and hate-filled nastiness from all sides simply have gone overboard.

  3. Damien,
    I don't comment very often at Atlas Shrugs.

    I heard about the horror in Norway yesterday, but didn't follow up on the information last night because of the heat wave here and the necessity of getting food prepared elsewhere (carry-out "Chinese").

    This morning, of course, I checked my email and various other updates -- and came across the information at Pamela's site.

    In fact, I did post a little something today at Infidel Bloggers Alliance: "About The Slaughter In Norway." You won't agree with it, probably. But the thread is interesting, IMO, and does express some of my frustration, as well as the frustration of others at that site.

    I'm going to turn off my computer now. It's getting too hot for me to sit upstairs in my office as the heat index soars once again.

  4. AOW that was very beautiful, and much needed with all the bad news here and in Norway,

  5. Thanks for the link, I made a comment on that point. There will be fireworks but regardless I believe my comment had to be made.

  6. Beautiful and tranquil.

    I am sorry it comes after a day of such sadness.

  7. Damien,
    There won't be "fireworks" as many other posts have been made since I wrote that essay.

    Other facts have come to light since then as well.

    At this tribute post here at my site, I'd rather not get into responding to your scolding.

    If you want a discussion, go to Infidel Bloggers Alliance to see if a discussion of the topic is ongoing at other threads.

  8. OAW, that is why I mentioned I refered to it on that link and not here, clearly this thread here is a tribute which I respect.

  9. Damien,
    Thank you.

    At some point, when I have enough data for a cogent discussion on the topic here at my site, I'll probably post about it. If "real life" permits (You know what I mean).

    Know that I'm in a state of evaluation on this. When I fall silent, I'm thinking a researching.

  10. Thank you, AOW-- this is not only beautiful music, but a lovely tribute to the victims of the Norway massacre.

    Hope you don't mind, but I borrowed this idea and mosted another Grieg piece (giving you credit for the idea and linking you, of course).

  11. Karen,
    I'm quite fond of Grieg's music.

    I'll stop by to see which piece you posted.

  12. An excellent piece. God be with those victims and their family.


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