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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Update On Cameo

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In early June, I wrote about the health problem that was plaguing Cameo, our beloved Siamese-Russian Blue mix. The ultrasound of her bladder indicated a mass, at first thought to be a tumor but later turning out to be bladder stones (urolithiasis).

What weeks of ago Cameo and I went through! Agony for me because Cameo kept urinating outside the litter box, and agony for her because she would pass a stone on occasion. Stoic girl that Cameo is, she didn't cry out, but she did pass blood along with passing the stones.

Beyond the pain, Cameo also suffered from sleep deprivation, I'm sure. At one point, she was making trips to the litter pan every five minutes, sometimes trying to catch a few winks by sleeping next to the litter pan. For weeks upon weeks, Mr. AOW and I gently shouted to her around the clock, "Hurry, hurry, hurry! Put your butt down!"

No way could Cameo get enough rest!

I, too, suffered from sleep deprivation. Cameo wanted me next to her most of the time.

Several times, the home-care vet stopped by just to give her an injection from pain. Cameo's appetite had dropped off considerably just because of pain levels. A terrible way for her to lose weight even though she did need to slim down.

Fortunately, Cameo didn't need surgery (cystotomy). Instead, the veterinarian prescribed special food, the cost of which is little more than the food I was already giving her.

Within two days of getting that special food (hand fed to her as "Treats!" several times a day), Cameo began to show signs of relief. Even so, she was still too sick for vaccinations and spent most of her time dashing to the litter box. "Hurry, hurry, hurry! Put your butt down!" Female cats with bladder stones typically stand to void, so for a while, I, too had to dash to the litter pan to push Cameo's butt down; she did learn to put her butt down with intervention from me. Hurray!

Finally, by July 17, some six weeks after the acute stage of urolithiasis had set in (six weeks for a cat equals about nine months in the human calculation of the passage of time), bathrooming and sleeping habits returned to normal. Cameo now has the run of the house — including the master bedroom, the only carpeted area of the house.


  1. I hope she gets well soon. As you remember from the other blog, we are cat lovers and she is clearly a lovable cat.

  2. Cameo did have a few accidents overnight. **sigh**

    I suspect that me have passed a stone or two. That is to be expected as the bladder stones disintegrate.

  3. As a cat lover as well,I appreciate that this must have been a rough ride. Happy to hear you both are doing better.

  4. So happy for Cameo (and you, too! ;-)

    Cameo is so beautiful!!

  5. I'm glad that Cameo is improving!

    Dave and I once had a pet with a similar problem, and it can be SOOOO difficult.

    Our old Sheltie/Beagle mix, who is no longer with us due to old age, once had calcium bladder stones. She was an impeccably toilet trained dog, so when she began having frequent accidents we treated for infection to no avail. When the vet's x-ray later showed that her bladder was distended and had no storage capacity due to stones, she had to have them surgically removed, as the special food similar to Cameo's would have taken months to work.

    Like your Cameo, Jessie never cried, not one time!

  6. That is a beautiful picture. I love the stories you tell me about your cats. I know how it is to worry about our darling pets.

  7. That's neat. We have two cats like look like your Cameo, only the hair of one of them is a bit longer.

  8. So glad to hear it! She is a beautiful cat. Scratch her tummy for me.

  9. Thanks, Stogie.

    Cameo is truly back to her feisty self after so many weeks of being laid back.

  10. I have three black cats and they all eat the $$$ UR diet.

    It si better for them.

    Wet in the AM and dry in the evening.

  11. Oh, Poor little Cameo, what she went through!
    I'm happy you found the special food that cleared up her horrible problem.

    I hope you all continue in great health!
    Give Cameo a treat from me!

  12. Bunni,
    Cameo suffered so much last summer! And she was so stoic about it.

    And so did I -- with all the necessary cleanup. I went through two gallons of white vinegar.

    Thank God for hardwood and linoleum floors.

    I'll definitely give her a treat from you.


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