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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Humor

With a hat tip to 1389 blog:


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  2. I sure hope Michelle doesn't see this. She will mandate a diet for him. Nice one!

  3. Anonymous,
    Your 9/11 truther material has nothing to do with this post. Therefore, the content of your comment has been removed.

  4. Yeah. i know how the cat feels. My wife has me spoiled too.

  5. I do the same thing with my McDonald's French fry container's,,,lol,,,just love'em!

  6. Too cute. Thankfully our older cat doesn't have bowls like that or she would probably do the same thing. She does have that look down though. The one that says "are you going to fill up my bowl or do I have to bite your ankles to get your attention" look. Our younger kitteh is way more polite...

  7. Cameo, our Siamese mix, bangs her food dish if it's not full enough to suit her. Of course, before she starts banging her food dish, she's already stolen the food from the other two cats' dishes. Piglet!

  8. Bunkerville,
    If Michelle Obama saw my cats, she'd definitely call in the food police.

    But I'm glad that two of my cats carry some extra weight. Those two cats have been ailing this summer, and they needed that extra weight to draw on as their illnesses naturally caused some weight loss.

  9. Our cats act like this when their bowl is half empty. You would think we are staring them.

    One of them has figured out we keep their food under the sink and we will hear her out there trying to open the door to get it.

    As to Bunkerville, that was funny. I suspect what happens is that Michelle takes this food a way from everyone else so they can eat it. We are constantly seeing one of them eating the foods she has "banned".

  10. It must be a Siamese thing!

    Every morning I feel a paw tapping my arm or face. Then, Amy/Spike (the kids named her) pushes the other cat aside until she's had her fill.

  11. Brooke,
    One of our cats is part Abysinnian. She doesn't bang her food dish, but she does scoot the water dish around. I think that she wants the water to slosh -- or something.

  12. That is one smart cat!

    Keep it up till everyone notices! I like that!

    These days that is just what one needs to do with the leftards! Maybe bat them around a bit!

    AOW make more noise then the loony media!

    We can learn from this cat!

  13. Pitiful....

    I could almost hear what that kitty is saying ..."Quit the darn filming and give me some friggin' food!" "Hello, can you hear me??"

    Poor baby.

  14. Poor cat! Why don't those people FEED it instead of videotaping the poor beast?

  15. Leticia and Mike,
    I couldn't hold out that long as the videographer. I'd have to feed the little beastie.


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