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Monday, November 15, 2021

Recommended Reading

It looks to me as if Pete Buttigieg could be the Democrat Party's next nominee for President of the United States. So, what's this guy all about? Forewarned is forearmed. 

For starters, see Secretary Pete: ‘Remove City Highways To Fix Racial Inequities’ (November 9, 2021, at Bunkerville's blog).  Excerpt:
...Some cities, such as Syracuse, N.Y., want to tear down portions of urban highways, restore old street grids and redevelop neighborhoods. O’Toole is skeptical, saying highway demolition could increase traffic congestion in local neighborhoods and lead to other unintended consequences. 

“I’m afraid what we’re going to see with this $20 billion is anti-road people tearing out roads,” O’Toole said....
Read the rest HERE at Bunkerville.

These "true believers" in racial equity are dangerous, IMO.


  1. I am at a loss as to the charm so many find with Pete Buttigieg. It reminds me of my Mother and her sister who found Liberace so charming which was totally confusing to me a youngster. Otherwise they were rational individuals.
    What a plan, ripping up our roads. Thanks for the linky.

  2. If you want to understand the red-diapered former Mayor Pete, you should start with understanding his father.

  3. You have to give Pete some credit after all he was the mayor of a major US city with a huge population of over a hundred thousand and whose primary industry is religion. He has many accomplishments as transportation secretary, he has vastly improved our supply chain issue, has made it more owner operator friendly for truckers and kept the price of transporting goods and people more economical. Oh no wait, that is what he hasn't done but should. His biggest accomplishment is he was the first male cabinet member to take maternity leave.

    If you oppose pete for president because he has no qualifications then you will be labeled a homophile. Labels are the democrats best friend.

  4. I read that over at Bunkerville when it ran. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the policy of "Build" that encompasses destroying roads.

    1. Seems to me in perfect line with "We have to pass it before we can know what's in it."

    2. Jayhawk,
      I'm still trying to wrap my head around the policy of "Build" that encompasses destroying roads.

      No kidding! It doesn't make sense!

  5. Mayor Pete's example of that "racist bridge on Long Island" understands nothing of the stupidity of Robert Moses' design of Long Island's Southern State Parkway. Not only are the bridges "low", but it's also the curviest- needlessly "snakey" highway in the world (as opposed to San Francisco's needfully snakey "Lombard Street")

    Racism wasn't Moses goal. He hated all non-millionaires as the road was PURPOSELY MEANT to be windy so that rich people would have a fun and leisurely drive to the Long Island beaches and the Hamptons (kinda like how motorcyclists enjoy travelling the "needfully curvy" Pacific Coast Highway 1. People who drive the road at 65 mph bumper-to-bumper on the Southern State Parkway today struggling to stay in their lanes wonder "What the heck was he thinking?"

    1. A similarly "racist" road with slightly "higher" bridges is the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (BWI) that runs between Baltimore and DC. It was built to "National Park" standards. In the winter, they used to not plow it... and as soon as "park maintenance" took over, traffic would come to a near-complete stop.

    2. If there's a poorly designed road out there... the architect must have had racist intentions (view of the world through the goggles of racism). :P

    3. Joe,
      Excellent link! Jones Beach was, after all, supposed to be only for the elites. Is that still so? I don't know. I haven't been there since about 1975.

      Building higher bridges and overpasses does cost more, of course. Just sayin'.

    4. Joe,
      Racism wasn't Moses goal. He hated all non-millionaires


      But didn't he do a lot for Harlem?

    5. Jones Beach is very middle class today. Trump was going to develop it for "the wealthy" but he ran into too much opposition, and hurricane Sandy finally doomed his plans by flooding the site.

      As for Harlem... there was a "Harlem Renaissance", but I don't know how much Moses had to do with it. :(

    6. ...and I say "middle class" when the homes in the area start at about $500k... so you have to take that cum grano salis.

    7. Apologies for the off topic, but Farmer, can you direct us to a link to the video Gosar made?

      I think I saw it, and I did not understand it or even see what they were talking about.

      I think Gosar is an idiot, but I also wonder if the left and the press (same thing) are doing what they always do and blowing this way out of proportion.

    8. It might not be the video in question (since I find nothing offensive in it) but I think it's this.

    9. OK, thanks. That's the one I saw too. Democrats really know how to capitalize on trivial GOP stupidities...

    10. Please, they are unappeasable and will make up fake Republican hate crimes as and whenever necessary. They did it for five years with "Trump-Russia". Now they're trying to maximize profits and maintain their fingernail hold on Congress before being flushed out with the Herculean Labour sized DC tidal-basin cleaning election wave coming in 2022.

  6. That man is NOT smart...just listen to his pressers.
    And now Beto O'Rourke is going to give Gov Abbott a run for his money as governor so I guess our Southern Border will NEVER be closed. ...God FORBID Beto gets in....what a nightmare we're living.

    1. Z,
      what a nightmare we're living

      And that is exactly why I'm spending a limited amount of time reading political stuff. Too damn depressing!


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