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Friday, November 5, 2021

Stupidest. Government. On. Earth.

Silverfiddle Rant!
WASHINGTON — Thousands of migrant parents and children separated from each other at the U.S. border by Trump administration policies may soon be eligible for hundreds of thousands of dollars per person in compensation, according to three sources familiar with ongoing negotiations in a lawsuit brought on behalf of separated families. (NBC News)

We're in deep trouble when real news can no longer be distinguished from parody websites like the Babylon Bee. Ratfink America-hating lawyers have organized a lawsuit against the US government that would pay $450,000 to each person separated from a family member after trying to break into our nation.
That would mean that if a parent and a child were separated at the border, together they would be eligible for a combined payment of $900,000.
As the cheesy old infomercials used to say, But wait!  There's more!
The Biden administration established a task force to track down and work toward reunification for separated migrant families. So far, the task force has reunited just over 50 families. Lawyers representing those families hope many more may soon be reunited after the Biden administration agrees to allow deported parents to return to the United States on a permanent or temporary parole basis.
Ticks and bedbugs have embedded themselves in government and are hell-bent on "fundamentally transforming" our nation.

This will result in more and larger stampedes of people from all over the world to our southern border, a bonanza for the human traffickers and criminal gangs who control and sell access to our nation.

This after the revelation that illegal immigrant Fiston Ngoy--The Philadelphia rapist-- had previous convictions here in the US, including sexual assault, but the enemies within who run our nation's immigration racket decided it was all cool and we needed to cut him some slack.

Government's first imperative is to protect its citizens.  Our government has failed.


  1. Hmmm... and the DoD Death Gratuity is only $100K, speaks volumes.

    Yes. it's $100K... the $400k figure you hear about is SGLI, which service members can purchase for themselves at the cost of $24.00 a month.


  2. The "separation of families" was done due to a LAW PASSED BY CONGRESS that children could not be housed in facilities which contained adults.

    It was first done by THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, and was done due to his constitutional duty to enforce laws passed by Congress. It was continued under Trump due to his constitutional duty to enforce laws passed by Congress.

    So now, people come to this country, violate our laws, and get paid large sums of money for doing so.

    The President carries out his constitutional obligation, and gets excoriated by the media for doing so.

    This country is insane, and insanity does not survive for very long.

    1. And there's The Flores Agreement..."alien juveniles detained on suspicion of being deportable may be released only to a parent, legal guardian, or other related adult.".it's been interpreted differently by the Left and Right, but I remember Trump's people were afraid to release children to their accompanying adults UNTIL they were proven to be parents and not traffickers.... which took a while.
      Also, remember the 'cages' the Left skewers Trump with were started with Obama, and Biden had children piled 3 high in awful conditions which the mainstream media never showed on the air.
      We are insane......

  3. Time to burn down DC and start over...

    1. That's been the only viable solution for some time now. Most just want to games to continue.

  4. Jayhawk, there is no federal statute or regulation that mandates the separation of families nor did Congress or Obama implement the "zero tolerance" policy. This mess is entirely of Trump's doings.

    These arguments of Obama (who actually deported more illegal immigrants than any president in U.S. history)caging kids and the like have been factchecked and debunked more times than Trump lied while in office.

    Back to these $450K payments, it's believed that these payouts would be less expensive than costly litigations as well as paying out larger sums from court rulings.

    This is again a president cleaning up after his reckless charlatan predecessor who never should have been near the Oval Office pen in the first place only to see the propaganda machine spinning it into another culture war issue.

    1. ^^What insanity sounds like to the asylum's ahistorical inmates^^

    2. Are you paying attention? The 'mess' is Trump's doing? Is it Trump allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants in illegally without testing for covid and other diseases and then flying them around the country?


      $450K is a DEAL then, is that right? AH..."it's believed" by whom? :-) The ACLU is doing us a favor, right? :-)

      That 'reckless charlatan"...darn that charlatan!; I liked energy independence, tight borders waiting for better immigration laws, keeping small children thought to be with traffickers safe until parents are identified, ...is he the one under whom criminality has risen so badly? I wish I could ignore truths.

    3. Ronald,

      About the Obama cages. You are either completely ignorant of the facts, or you are lying.

      Which is it?

      The "cages" were built and use as temporary holding during the Obama Administration.


    4. Peep this:

      The man walking past the "child cages" is Jeh Johnson, Obama's Homeland Security Chief, and not a leftwing loony, apparently. Check out this quote from him:

      Jeh Johnson, a Trump-hating Democrat, also clapped back at the left-wing media and members of his own party, saying the sensationalized leftist talking point of “children in cages” did not start the day President Trump took office.

      “Chain link barriers, partitions, fences, cages — whatever you want to call them — were not invented on Jan. 20, 2017, OK?” Johnson said. Johnson also slammed Democrats’ proposals to decriminalize illegal border crossings, saying that “is tantamount to declaring publicly that we have open borders.”


  5. Lots to unpack there Z...

    On crime... crime continued a 30 year decline throughout the Trump Admin. During the Biden Admin, homicides are up, but other trend lines are flat, showing either small increases or small decreases.

    On Energy Independence... The US in 2020, like with crime, continued a long trend of decreasing use of imported fuels and in fact, driven by LNG exports, became a net energy exporter. Most analysts expect that trend to be true again in 2022 as global supply lines rebound, if not for YE 2021.

    As for immigration... as you've pointed out, the Obama admin built the cages used by ICE. However, the very article you cited also notes a key difference in how they were used. The Obama admin primarily used the cages for unaccompanied minors, as to the Trump policy of separating kids from their parents and then using those cages.

    In the end on immigration, we are now seeing businesses and our economy suffer because we do not have enough workers qualified to fill positions on many job sectors. It's not a political statement, it's a fact many demographers, economic analysts and others are noting and studying.

    Conservatives and the GOP have always said they are for legal immigration. And yet during the Trump Admin, even legal immigration was severely curtailed.

    We need immigrants. To fill jobs, pay taxes, marry, have kids and become valuable citizens. Why not expand immigration from countries with similar cultures, primarily here in the western hemisphere to help fill those positions?

    Wouldn't that be a good thing?

    1. Dave,

      See my answer and links on "Child cages" to Ronald above. Thank you for being honest and admitting Obama build and used the enclosures. Your editorial gloss is pure propaganda. However you dress it up, "caged children" is still "caged children" and both admins did it. One more leftwing talking point that turned out to be BS.

    2. We need a very brusque policy at the border. We catch you crossing illegally, we take your biometrics and identification and immediately deport you. Catch you again we jail you and you are on a permanent list of people who can never legally enter the US on any type of program or visa. Yes, we do need walls in places as well.

      We take a very hard line and this shit stops. It is cruel and inhumane to conduct this Hunger Games style of immigration and it is a financial bonanza to the human traffickers and criminal gangs who now de facto control who comes into our country.

      Do that, then we can talk legal immigration and guest worker programs for our friends to the south, which I support.

    3. Well Silver... we had a system designed to be cruel and inhumane, and it did in fact lower the numbers of illegal immigrants. But, and this is where conservatives then fell short, they never increased legal immigration, in spite of our need for additional workers.

      Why? Considering how much I hear they do support legal immigration.

      BTW... ppl deported get at least a 5 or 10 year ban on reentry and a much more difficult process should they decide to try an enter legally.

  6. SilverFiddle, sidestepping the rhetoric and selective context, we need to talk about what precisely what we're talking about.

    Yes, the Obama admin constructed fenced enclosures (aka "cages") in 2014. Happy?

    But the reasoning and need for it is entirely different than what Trump used them for.

    In 2014, thousands were crossing the Rio Grande from Central America escaping mainly from gang violence. Most were seeking asylum and openly surrendering to boarder agents. Holding quarters were overwhelmed and crowded in the desert heat with poor ventilation.

    Obama, being President, not only had to address it but was being attacked by right wing propaganda outlets such as Breitbart who quickly published photos and such in order to depict Obama as cruel and inhumane.

    In response to the gross overcrowding and inhumane conditions, Obama had warehouses partitioned using chain link fencing. This was cheap, well ventilated, and easily guarded because of visibility. And it's a common practice in such urgent overcrowding situations.

    And these confinements didn't separate families. There was an area for unaccompanied teenage boys, girls, another for mothers with young children, and others for entire families.

    And these were meant for short term while processing was occurring.

    What Trump did through his zero tolerance EO was a totally different animal and there's no comparison on any level.

    To continue to use what has been factchecked and established as truth is either being willfully ignorant or just flat out dishonest.

    1. Thanks Ronald for providing additional context.

    2. SO, in summary, both presidents cage children. Thank you for the clarification.

      See my comments above. We take a zero tolerance at the border and this crap stops. If someone in Mexico needs asylum--and that should be exceedingly rare--the US isn't where to protect them. Mexican criminals can reach into this country with impunity. Same for Central American gangs.

      Indeed, it is a great tragedy that parents escape Central America, arrive her, and then their children fall prey to Central American gangs.

      So, in summary we have the Stupidest. Government. On. Earth

      Thanks for playing

  7. SF, you're defying reality.

    During the Holocaust, we turned away Jewish asylum seekers only to be returned to their deaths.

    We should not have.

    I do hope you agree with that.

    What we should have done then is exactly what Obama did in 2014 or at least, something to the nature of what we had at our disposal of that era.

    The last thing we should have done was what the Hitler loving leader of today's so-called conservative party did.

    1. The most terrible thing going on to our south is in no way comparable to the Holocaust, so yours is a false analogy.

      It is an indelible stain of shame on our nation (and the NEw York Times) for not providing refuge to European Jews. They had nowhere else to go.

      The people Obama let in were not refugees.

      Sounds like you are a big supporter of giving refuge to persecuted ME Christians and Yazidis, and farmers being killed in racially-motivated attacks in Zimbabwe. Those are people who qualify as refugees.

    2. I don’t know who you’re referencing as “the people Obama let in” (even though he actually deported more illegal immigrants than any President in history) or what qualifies as refugees to you but I was referring to the 2014 crowd who were escaping violence, rape, and murder from their country.

      Fast forward to 2018 to Trump’s politicized “caravan” who were even in a worse situation.

      If you don’t think they meet the refugee criteria, so be it. But the handling of it along with the endless lies, the Hitler “infestation” invoking, and the inhumanity from the vagina grabber in chief is yet another mess left for the Biden admin to clean up.

    3. There are very narrow criteria for assigning someone asylum. Refugee is a different category. If you have crossed multiple countries to get here, you're not really a refugee, you're looking for an upgrade.

    4. Escaping rape, murder, violence does not entitle you to enter the United States. We're at otherwise, we would have over a billion people here conservatively speaking

    5. You lose all credibility with cheap invocations of Nazi Germany and Hitler. I don't like it from the left right or anywhere else