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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

In America?

(hat tip to Deplorable Bloggers Alliance)

Blurb for the video below (emphases mine): 
Scottsdale, Arizona mom Amanda Wray discusses the contents of the ‘dossier,’ which includes hidden camera conversations, bank records, phone numbers and addresses [and more].
Worth your time:

Similar outrageous shenanigans are ongoing all over our nation.


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  1. This is part of a larger issue at all levels of governance in which the term "public servant" has been turned upside down, a world in which people feel they have been elected to positions of power and elected officials are in a position to dictate to those over whom they rule.

    Note that in the federal government system they now refer to when one political party or the other "took power."

    It goes down to organizations as small as a homeowners' association. The Board itself supports a Board President who rules the association as if it was her own fiefdom. I am now an "enemy of the state" for having had the temerity to publicly disagreed with a couple of her decisions to engage in profligate spending. One Board member told me to sell my house and move.

    1. Jayhawk,
      One Board member told me to sell my house and move.


      The word fiefdom fits perfectly.

    2. AOW, Indeed.

      To reiterate and clarify my original point, when did the word "power" (which is inapplicable in any democracy) come into use in application to American governance?

      When did we begin to refer to "the party in power" for instance? When did we begin to say that a president "took power," as Nancy Pelosi recently did?

    3. Our representatives do wield power. We elect them to do that.
      Unless they steal it.
      But they are to wield that power on our behalf, not theirs.

    4. So glad my HOA charter expired and the neighbors refused to renew it or create a new one. Got a neighbor at the end of the street from drives a 18 wheeler tractor supply railer in and out of there three to four times a week that absolutely ruts and destroys the gravel road. The HOA divided maintenance costs of the road by the face of whose property it runs past, so trucker driver at the end of the street was destroying the entirety of the street, but only paying to re-gravel maybe 5% of it if that. Revolution came and now truck driver pays for the entire street to be re-gravelled once a year and patches it as necessary.

      Had another bozo neighbor upset with all the junk work trucks and broken down Caterpillar bulldozer on my land, crying that I was "lowering his property values."

      He never did thank me for his property tax cut lol.

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  3. With Veggie Joe as the President, and Kamala Harris as the Vice President, it seems like Having a Brain is NO LONGER a requirement for the job!

  4. I bet we only know the half of it. One thing I look forward to is the 2022 election when hopefully the GOP can hold hearings and maybe this time people will pay attention to what is happening. Let's explore what the Utah Data Center that keeps all info on us and for what the purpose is.


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