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Monday, November 27, 2017

We Don't Know What We Don't Know

Please watch this short video about one of Roy Moore's accusers, and read the accompanying article "New Court Docs Blow Massive Hole in Moore Accuser’s Story." Excerpt from the latter (emphasis mine):
...One of Moore’s accusers, Leigh Corfman, claims that almost 40 years ago, Moore tried to initiate a sexual relationship with her while she was still a teenager.

Her accusations hinge on two points: First, that she was left alone with the then-32-year-old attorney Roy Moore during a family court case… and second, that she lived with her mother in Gadsden, Alabama, when Moore allegedly harassed her.

Both of those points have now been called into question....


Let’s be extremely clear: We don’t know with certainty whether the claims against Roy Moore are true or not. Neither does anyone else, except the people directly involved.

That is the point: When an accusation is made, the first rule of our society and our laws is that the accused are innocent until proven guilty.

What we do know is that the timing of these accusations is extremely odd. After decades of Moore in the public light, these claims emerged with only weeks left in a key election that the candidate seemed to be winning.
Read the rest HERE at the Conservative Tribune.

In America, nobody should be tried in the media. Period. Full stop.

Judge Roy Moore is being tried in the media.

The media in all their various manifestations — more precisely the Enemedia — are engaging in media malpractice.

In a special election to be held in Alabama on December 12, 2017, it is up to the people of Alabama to decide whether or not Judge Moore will serve as a United States Senator.  Regardless of the voters' decision, that decision is not adjudication.  We must keep in mind that, thus far, the allegations levied against Judge Moore are just that — allegations, not charges.

Do we really want America to be a nation that accepts allegations as facts without adjudication?

Additional reading, with thanks to FJ: Power, Sex, and Politics.


  1. That Moore could go through a primary against Luther Strange and none of these issues came up shows that the Republican establishment is nowhere near as capable of ruining someone and their reputation as the Democrat establishment.
    And of course, when the Republican establishment would prefer a Democrat win over a Moore win, despite their protestations that a write-in candidate would prevail, shows their true allegiance.

    1. That is the piece that most makes me skeptical of this. I will note that I have "argued" both sides in various venues.

    2. Ed, you have a knack for getting straght to the point with very few well chosen words –– a talent you share with Kid, I might add. ;-)

      Needless to say I agree with your conclusions, and thank you for them.

    3. Thank you FT. I always appreciate your comments, especially when they agree with me. :)

  2. As to your point about Trial by Media, you are absolutely correct that this is a travesty.
    Let the voters of Alabama decide. The only cover that the establishment has is that the Senate itself is a National Institution.
    That Moore would face an Ethics Committee upon being seated. Let's see how the Franken case plays out before getting too worked up about that.

    1. YES SIR! One does not need to be burdened with a Legal Education or to take a LEGALISTIC approach in cases of this sort.

      Trust in one's own sound instincts usually leads to a right conclusion.

      From the moment this obviously hoked up, disgusting non-issue rose to public attention in the ENEMEDIA I began to get both dizzy and nauseated by the SMELL.

      This is not because I have been a particular fan of Roy Moore, though I certainly hope he wins the election next month. Judge Moore from what i have seen is a bit too fanatical in his, apparently, rabid devotion to Christian Fundamentalism –– an interpretation of the Gospel I cannot share, since I abhor LITERALISM.

      Nevertheless, I was COMPLETELY sympathetic to his act of CIVIL DIsOBEDIENCE in refusting to follow the U.S. Supreme Court's obnoxious exercise of judiicial Overreach when the high court demanded the removal of the TEN COMMANDMENTS from the Alabama State Courthouse where then-Judge Moore presided.

      Roy Moore is decidedly NOT a "Go Along to Get Aong" type, and in my never humble estimation that is EXACTLY what we need to see a LOT more of in govenment at all levels.

    2. I know that, Silver Fiddle. I'm only sorry that you mistook my profound disagreement with your point of view on THIS particular sorry subject as a lack of personal respect.

  3. As you may –– or may not –– be aware, we have covered this subject extensively at http://freethinkesblog.blogspot.com/

    - an article that received 185 comments

    SECOND we published SEX EDUCATION, a short story by Dorothy Canfield Fisher

    To this we advised our readers: "Please read ths story carefully then use your imagination to tell us how it could relate to the plight of Judge Roy Moore"

    The advice was followed by an excerpt from the story, which I take the liberty of repeating here:

    “I know now that I had been, all along, kind of interested in him, the way any girl as old as I was would be, in any youngish man living in the same house with her ... I thought the reason I threw my arms around him was because I had been so scared. And I certainly had been scared, by my old cousin’s horrible talk about the cornfield being full of men waiting to grab girls. But that wasn’t all the reason I flung myself at Malcolm Fairchild and hugged him. I know that now. Why in the world shouldn't I have been taught some notion of it then?"

    I was disappointed to receive only 48 comments to that very moving, beautifully nuanced tale –– many of them frivolous, perfunctory, irrelevant or openly hostile

    THIRD we published a witty, beautifuly written, highly pertinent article from American Thinker entitled "A Fair Hearing by a Jury of His Pervs" by Clarice Feldman

    That received a meager 42 replies.

    THANKSGIVING mercifully intervened after that –– an event we attempted to honor and celebrate appropriately. with two consecutive articles –– a whimsical sonnet, and a short light-hearted essay.. Together they received a grand total of 50 responses –– pretty good for anything clever, kindly meant and affrmative.

    FOURTH on Saturday, November 25, we pulished a generously illustrated original piece we called SEXUAL HARRASSMENT – A FOOLISH, POSSIBLY FATAL - FAD.

    We have received a more gratifying 90 comments to that so far. The article will reamain "up" for at least another day.

    Needless to say, all [except Canardo and one or two others it would be best not to name] are welcome to post comments on any or all of these articles at my place.

  4. Here's an unsettling headline from The London Daily Telegraph


    Rise of the ‘digisexual’ as virtual reality bypasses need for human intimacy

    You can read the rest of the article, if you want, at DRUDGE.

    Is anyone hee SURPRISED at this latest revolting development?


    Roy Moore and the Fire This Time

    PJ Media,

    by Michael Walsh

    What began as a targeted hit on Roy Moore in his Senate race against a faceless Democrat with the generic name of Doug Jones has now turned into a blazing ammo dump, littered with the bodies of Hollywood celebrities and politicians in both the United States and Britain. And yet, despite the best efforts of Gloria Allred, Moore is not only still standing, he is probably again leading in the race. A pair of recent polls has Moore up over Jones by anywhere from two to seven points, and only Democrats will be surprised if Moore wins on Dec. 12 ...

    Read the rest, if you'd like at Lucianne.com News Forum Home page

    1. Comment at Lcom posted by dman:

      Alabama voters can see through all these Wile.E.Coyote tactics. I hope they send a "vote heard round the beltway".

      You can bet that if there truth to any of these allegations, Moore will not hold the Senate seat ..

      .. but the "mission" will have been "accomplished". Then another special election to have another Republican fill that seat, with pariahs like Allred sidelined. Pressure will be on to replace McConnell et al ..

      .. or else. It´ll be 2018.

      And that will be a very good thing. Mo Brooks for Senate???

      And if they cannot back up any of these accusations? Roy Moore will have been exonerated.

  6. In Defense of Masculinity

    American Greatness,

    by Ned Ryun

    The last month has been a whirlwind of allegations and accusations of sexual assault from the heights of Hollywood to the halls of Congress, Big Media, and beyond ... Most of these people have spent a lifetime—and a great deal of effort and money—sneering at and debasing the culture of practiced faith, respect for women, the institutions of traditional marriage and family, all the while portraying men of that “debased lifestyle” they disparaged as unenlightened peasants and troglodytes. Now it appears the men who mounted these assaults—both literally and figuratively—are nothing but patriarchal misogynistic perverts. But unfortunately we’re seeing commentators—including women such as ...

  7. This morning on FOX, I heard that some woman who was accusing Franken of groping her had also had a picture taken with another male politician who actually asked her "do you prefer my hand in this picture on your shoulder or waist?" I suppose that's a nice thing to ask, but have we really come to THIS?
    Though most of you who know me have heard me say many times "WHY do female politicians have to KISS their male cohorts? two men don't kiss when they greet each other on the capitol steps, why should men and women?"
    Maybe I've been right all along but I've had real kickback on that sentiment.

    AOW, your post title is why I commented here at all (I don't know what happened with Moore and we'll never know, I just greatly mistrust THE TIMING)....But "We Don't Know What We Don't Know" stopped me in my tracks. A great way of describing how dangerous our largely leftwing media is when they cover up SO much, mischaracterize, blow up every detail to make Trump look ROTTEN, for example. (and I AM NOT A FAN, believe me...just happy it's not Hillary)

    We Don't Know What We Don't Know......Americans vote on untruths...that's PRAVDA, that's our leftwing media...watch FOX ANY minute of the day and they're covering stories...put on CNN and it's yet another HATE TRUMP PANEL of 99% liberals...you know, the 'open minded, fair channel' which calls FOX BIASED? Laughable.
    (and for you covering the CNN International flap of Trump's, another thing I've often side on our blogs is how much MORE LIBERAL CNN Int'l is than ours even is....Oh, brother, is it)

    Hey, AOW, have you recovered from your 32 Thanksgiving dinners? :-) So happy to hear on FB that you'd been feted so well! You both deserve it! XXX

    1. Hi, Z!

      How nice to see YOU! Your appearances are all too rare these days.

      I have called this Sexual Harrassment thing a FAD. It just seems to be THE thing to talk about right now –– as though nothing else of any importance were happening. Ho Ho Ho! §;^}

      I wonder if you, –– who naturally would see it from a woman's point of view ––, might not agree with my contention that the issue provides a convenient DISTRACTION frtom the REAL business of the nation?

      I mean isn't it EASIER for congress to go into high dudgeon about Roy Moore, Al Franken, John Conyers butt-patting, bosom-peeking, lewd innuendoes ––, and heaven knows what all else? –– than to grapple with Neutralizing Kim Jong Un ––, Getting Rid of Obamacare ––, Lowering Taxes ––, dealing with sensibly Illegal Immigration ––, Building the Border Wall ––, dealing intelligently with the Muslim Threat ––. Defending our Police Forces from being MURDERED by Lefti Activists, etc., creating a sensible, helpful foreign policy towards Venezuela, Cubs, Brazil, Sub-Saharan Africa and a thousand OTHER stricken areas of the world?

      I mean how could what MIGHT –– or might NOT –– have happened to a few women –– NONE of WHOM have claimed they were ever BRUTALIZED –– take up SO MUCH time and energy in the National Conversation when we are faced with all those OTHER things i just enumerated?

      Ducky has often said, "We are a sorry people."

      I don't think that, but at the rate things are going I have to conclude that we are a people no sane person could take SERIOUSLY. We seem totally consmed by TRIVIA and PETTY GOSSIP.

      Oh well, the sun will still rise in the east and set in the west, and the tides will cebb and flow for hundreds of thousands of years long after we have gone.

      Maybe we should stop fretting and just go along for the ride? Do we REALLY have any other choice? ;-)

    2. "dealing intelligently with the Muslim Threat"
      And just how do we do that without admitting the massive blunders of the Bush era? Most Americans know nothing about Islam or have a blinkered knowledge they obtained after being whipped into a lather by hate jocks after 9/11.

      I point you toward Garry Wills excellent recent work, What the Qur'an Meant: And Why It Matters . Now should I use a capable scholar like Wills as a guide to "We Don't Know What We Don't Know" or should I join the right and use Spencer/Geller?

      Knowledge is an article thrown up on any old web site that supports our preconceived notions. There is NO spirit of inquiry.
      We are a sorry people because we are an ignorant people and there are very few prophets to guide us out of this mess.
      Hint: Fox News ain't one of them.

    3. Keep pretending you are intelligent and well-informed, Canardo.

      Maybe someday, somehow, somewhere someone will come along who's stupid enough to believe you.

    4. @FT November 27, 2017 at 3:00:00 PM EST,

      That's the BEST analysis of this subject and its redundancy that I've heard/seen/read yet. BRAVO ZULU!

    5. Brilliant retort, FreeThinke and Berg falls right into line.

      An example of American close minded ignorance that is so insecure that when the cracks start to show you panic rather than adopting a healthy skepticism.

      Again, absolutely brilliant retort.

    6. Nostradumbass weeps:
      "Brilliant retort, FreeThinke and Berg falls right into line."

      Then, (holding his own hand) sings, "You and Me Against the World".

    7. Free Thinker...I think the sex scandals are diverting attention from important things but I don't think it's made up with that intent in mind...you don't, do you? Conyers and Franken would rather DIE than let this stuff out...

      "We are a sorry people" from Ducky, if I can go by experience, usually means ".....a people who could be anything but leftwing" so I don't take it too seriously.
      Warren's right..as usual! (good to see you, too, FT)

    8. Z,
      Waaaay too much to eat! We loved all the food, though. And we have plenty of leftovers.

    9. Do you think overeating might help prevent Sexual Harrassment?


  8. @Z,

    "I just greatly mistrust THE TIMING)...."


  9. CBS Boss Told Me to Sleep with Co-Workers to Get Ahead: Suit

    New York Post,

    by Julia Marsh

    It’s another black eye for Black Rock. A week after CBS host Charlie Rose was outed as an alleged serial sex harasser, one of the network’s former associate directors says she was told by a boss that she would have to sleep with coworkers to get anywhere in the company. “I was in a state of shock,” said Erin Gee, 44, who worked for CBS for 17 years and recently filed a Manhattan federal suit alleging rampant sex discrimination at the network. Gee said one of the most offensive incidents occurred in 2011, when she was talking with her boss ...

  10. On the other hand, we're supposed to believe the ineptly managed party of Donna Brazile prepped and readied nine women to come forward to demolish Roy Moore before anyone knew he'd win his primary race? That's gonna require some relentless crack smoking.

    No, this is an in-house matter, of women coming forward to confirm long-held rumors and suspicions about Roy Moore from within Alabama Republican circles. No Democrats required.

    In a world where Donald Trump often gets falsely accused of being right-wing, I guess you can squint and spit and call a twice disbarred law-breaking judge a "conservative," but that just doesn't fly with those of us that don't smoke crack.

    Do I believe Roy Moore molested a teenager? I have no reason to doubt it. Is Roy Moore's salacious past enough to vote for a Democrat? Not when there's 3rd party candidates and a write-in option.

    AOW's linked video makes much of Alabama colloquialisms. I lived "around the corner" from my school in Alabama, but it was still a 3 mile walk. I live "right down the street" from my parents.... I can get there in 8 minutes at 90 miles per hour.

    Roy Moore ain't the hill worth dying on.

    1. Speaking of colloquialisms, "Roy Moore raped me" must be the new, "said hello!"

    2. I wonder if Lolita ever had any Middle-aged regrets...

    3. Since Humbert is an unreliable narrator, we'll never know.

    4. I'm sure the tale gets juicier with each telling. :)

    5. TC,
      Thanks for the inside information about Alabama colloquialisms.

      As for Moore, I just don't understand why his behaviors weren't outed until recently.

    6. "As for Moore, I just don't understand why his behaviors weren't outed until recently."
      No money for them.

    7. As for Moore, I just don't understand why his behaviors weren't outed until recently.

      He's never run for a legislative position before. When's the last time ypu saw a political campaign for a state judge?

    8. Here's another thing to consider. When my aunt and uncle divorced in Alabama in the 1970s, their kids (my cousins) that were 13 years old or older were given a choice as to which parent they wanted to live with. And, they could (and did) change their minds as they wished. The other part of AOW's linked pro-Moore video misses that idiosyncracy of 1970s Alabama parental custody law.

      All we have to go on, really, is that Moore claims he never dated anyone "without their parents' permission" (as if it's the parents' fault he sexually assaulted children...)

      I guess the days of "Republicans shouldn't take our votes for granted" are over, huh?

    9. He primaried against Luther strange and nothing was brought up then. Only when running against the Democrat did he come up against these allegations.

    10. TC,
      All we have to go on, really, is that Moore claims he never dated anyone "without their parents' permission"

      I'd like to know if they really did give permission -- not to assign fault but rather to determine if the parents and the "child" were gold diggers.

    11. TC,
      Perhaps you can answer this question...

      What was the youngest age for marriage with parental consent in Alabama back then?

      At one time, the youngest age for marriage with parental consent in North Carolina was age 14.

      Laws change, of course.

      For example, I wanted to marry Mr. AOW at the age of 20 here in the state of Virginia, parental consent for that age (below 21 years of age) was required in Virginia. I think that the law has now been changed to age 18.

    12. Another thought:

      Maybe the parents weren't gold diggers. It could be that these 14 year old females were quite physically mature -- or even intellectually mature.

      Just sayin'.

    13. He primaried against Luther strange and nothing was brought up then. Only when Trump supporting women came forward did he come up against these allegations.

      Fixed that for you.

    14. AOW,

      The age of consent in Alabama is 16 currently.

    15. I don't know. I was learning how to load, shoot, and clean rifles at age 3.

    16. The women charging Moore for having roaming hands-was in the good ole days where the Young Moore was a DemocRAT. As were most of the southern States Political persuasion.


    17. According to the table, per the link below, the age of consent in Alabama, in 1920 was 16 as it is today. So it can be assumed that it was 16 at the time of the alleged occurrence(s).

  11. OH BOY! Now the fat is REALLY in the fire. A SPOILER enters the far at the Events hour. GETALOADDA THIS

    Late Breaking News!

    Marine Colonel Announces He’s Running Against Roy Moore. Lee Busby has launched a long-shot bid 15 days before Alabama chooses its next senator. ‘Alabama is not happy with the two choices we have down here. They are not appealing.’(AP)

    When retired Marine Col. Lee Busby read it was too late for a write-in candidate for the Alabama senate race, he said, “Hold my beer, we will just see about that.”

    It's gotten to the point where ya don't know whether to laugh or cry.


    1. Someone for the Never-Trumpers to assuage their consciences in the voting booth with.

    2. Lee Busby describes himself as a pro-life Republican-leaning centrist that voted for Trump.

      Does "Never Trumper" mean "actual conservative?"

      Yes. Yes it does.

    3. Ed,
      Only pull from Moore.
      Ross Perot.

      Huh? Clarification, please.

    4. Actual conservatives are globalists? I thought that they were the NEO-conservatives. The PALEO variety hated NAFTA & other similar conservative "heresies".

    5. "Globalism" is the cry of commies too timid to say neoliberal / laissez faire.

    6. key word: Neoliberal

      Who knew that neoliberalism was conservative?

    7. As opposed to the multicultural approach of not opposing Communism, Fascism, Islamism, or anything that might present American values abroad, like paleo"conservatism" lol

      What else does Putin tell you to say?

    8. Tell us more about the glorious Russian Revolution, lol.

    9. AOW. This guy is never going to win the election in Alabama but only pull votes from Judge more just like Ross Perot did from Bush giving the election to Clinton. Democrat wins.

    10. Ya gotta love the Federalist Papers, especially Federalist 106 - "We must become an empire and police the world."

      Now, THAT's good old fashioned " conservatism"!

    11. As opposed to seeking the Presidency with a Communist running mate and writing books about how America should have left Hitler alone?

    12. Just keep propping up FDRs economy, beamish. The world still needs a Marshall Plan, as there are still billions of people making under $1 a day. And Das Kapital states that a salaried bourgeois beats a petite one eight days a week!

    13. Das Kapital was also written by a deadbeat dad with severe hygiene failures symptomatic of untreated cognitive difficulties and psychological illnesses. Go sell stupid somewhere else.

  12. FYI...

    I was barely on the web yesterday because I spent hours decorating the house for Christmas, including putting a Christmas arrangement on our narrow mantel -- only to have to take down everything.

    Shortly after I finished, Minxy was walking along the mantel and about to knock off everything! Breakables, of course. Our mantel is only 5 inches wide, and how Minxy managed to get up there without falling, I'll never know.

    Conclusion: no Christmas tree here this year! But that's okay. Minxy is a winner! Another Cameo type!

  13. Here a thought:

    How about codifying a STATUTE of LIMITATINS on ALLEGATIONS?

    That would mean if a so-called "victim" waited more than –– let us say TWO YEARS –– to speak on his, her or its own behalf, then he she or it would LOSE ALL RIGHTS to make "ALLEGATIONS" in the future?

    Wouldn't that greatly simplify and clean thungs up? The courts are always overfullwith frivolous lawsuits filed wither for SPITE or for POTENTIAL PROFIT. (A lawsuit is a form of "SHAKEDOWN," you know.)

    We desperately need TORT REFORM.

    1. Certainly worth considering FreeThinke. Although 2 years might be a bit slim.

      Perhps starting at 10 and each year reduce by 1 year until the statute is 3 years.

      Seems education, starting at home at a very young age as well as reinforcing with targeted training in the workplace might be part of the answer.

      Just sayin...

    2. Nothing is stopping Roy Moore from suing for libel and slander, except the truth.

    3. You mean the truth that Roy Moore had his accuser's son removed from her custody by labelling her an "unfit mother"? THAT truth?

    4. FJ,
      Roy Moore had his accuser's son removed from her custody by labelling her an "unfit mother"?

      WOWZER if true!

    5. What about the Project Veritas reporter that Roy Moore raped and forced to get an abortion? ;)

      If theae allegations are true, Roy Moore should resign himself to suing everybody lol


    When mad man come through door, good sense jump out window.

  15. APPARENTLY NOT, so we'll try again.

    With CHARLIE ROSE and now MATT LAUER TERMUNATED in the STRENTH of MERE ALLEGATIONS, could ANY MAN now consider himself SAFE from the relentless march into unadulterated VAGINACRACY?

    NBC fires ´Today´ host Matt Lauer
    for ´inappropriate sexual behavior´

    Associated Press, by Staff

    NBC News says longtime "Today" show host Matt Lauer has been fired for "inappropriate sexual behavior." Lauer´s co-anchor Savannah Guthrie made the announcement at the top of Wednesday´s "Today" show. Guthrie read a statement from NBC News chairman Andy Lack, stating that the company has received a detailed complaint from a colleague Monday night "about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace" by Lauer. Lack´s statement said the company found that after a serious review of the complaint it represented "a clear violation" of the company´s standards, and Lauer was terminated as a result. Lack added in his statement that it

    1. She said-He said, NO! She said-He's guilty, PERIOD! Is it time to walk on EGG SHELLS, guys?

    2. Sure looks like it, Jon. Soon we'll have to learn to be VERY careful even when transacting business with The Enemy even over the phone or the 'outer. The Enemy might decided to take exception to the TONE of ur voice, or pur CHOICE of words.

      This Sexual Harrassment thing ––along with all the other PC Claptrap dreamt up by the rotten Dictocrats –– has turned life into a virtual MINEFIELD for all of us.

      What a shame! The Left has managed to utrn men and women into bitter enemies over their natural, biological differences.

    3. One of the participants my blog said this about the Lauer item:

      Why is all ths happeningh now?" I hear so many ask.

      This may be the answer.

      The left has seen their Russia BS backfire right in their faces essentially taking Hillary out in the process. Their new battlefront is the resumption of the sexual harassment charges against Trump.

      They are desperate and for once, clearly willing to accept casualties. They are preparing the battlefield purging the open plane of all potential stumbling blocks, stones and fallen trees. The charge is coming and it will be relentless.

      They absolutely in no way shape or from are willing to accept Trump as POTUS. They are emboldened by the Establishment GOP who like the Scottish Nobles in Braveheart sit proudly on their horses as if they are ready to take a stand while in reality they simply turn away and let the carnage commence.

      It wouldn't surprise me if this turns out tp be perfecty true. Sure sounds plausible.

    4. Jon,
      She said-He's guilty, PERIOD!

      That's the reality. Ugly reality.

      Any man who has ever worked with a female colleague could be accused at any time, IMO. How can a man prove innocence.

    5. FT,
      "Why is all ths happeningh now?"....They absolutely in no way shape or from are willing to accept Trump as POTUS. Sure nuff. Remember Scream at the Sky Day? Sheesh.

      All along, I've thought that all these alleged sex scandals are some kind of distraction -- and/or a possible soft coup.

      Their new battlefront is the resumption of the sexual harassment charges against Trump.

      I'll agree -- on my gut level.

    6. WOW, this cause du jour seems to override all else in the news, this morning. FT, addressed this well in a previous comment. While I don't wish to completely dismiss [legitimate] complaints, blowing such out-of-proportion, overriding serious World problems, bespeaks a society with such misplaced priorities that are a clear and present danger to itself. Matt Lauer, Matt Lauer, Matt Lauer, Matt Lauer....................................



      Assaulted staffer during Olympics?


      'Multiple Victims'...


      GUTHRIE: 'I Am Heartbroken'...

      Kathie Lee Gifford Ready To Forgive...

      Who should replace?

  16. Row Moore's accuser had a beef with Roy Moore.... as he wrested custody of her (Johnson's) son away from her and gave it to his accuser's (Johnson's) mother.

    1. As did some other "accusers" and members of the Washington Post editorial staff who did the Moore hit piece.

    2. I can't WAIT for all the "DIRT" to come out on the former FOURTEEN-YEAR-Old who now claims to have been "tramatized"by Roy Moore THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS AGO.

      I have a feeling she probably flirted with Judge Moore [he was good-looking, well-built young man back then], and he wouldn't giver her a tumble.

      Hell hath mo fury like a woman scorned –– even when she is still considered a CHILD in the eyes of the law.

      I like Mae West's Rule, myselfL

      "If your're big enough, you're old enough."


    3. FT,
      I have a feeling she probably flirted with Judge Moore [he was good-looking, well-built young man back then], and he wouldn't giver her a tumble.

      Very possible -- especially if a broken home was involved.

      Personal information....

      By the time I was 14 years old and with the same figure I have now.

      I wasn't flirting, however. I had too much of a crush on a few Hollywood stars.

  17. Dr. FreeThinke's EXPERT DIAGNOSIS:


  18. WOO HOO!

    GARRISON KEILLOR of Lke Woebegone fame just BIT the DUST.

    1. Read the Huffington article.
      This is a particularly weak charge.

      The practice of firing on the basis of accusations alone and no due process leads to dark places.
      But you seem to be concerned with whose ox is gored rather than ethical principle.

    2. Mr. Ducky regrets he's unable to lunch today, madam
      Mr. Ducky regrets he's unable to lunch today
      He is sorry to be delayed
      But last evening down in Lover's Lane
      He strayed, madam
      Mr. Ducky regrets he's unable to lunch today

      When he woke up and found
      That his dream of love was gone, madam
      He ran to the man who had led him so far astray
      And from under his velvet gown
      He drew a gun and shot his lover down, madam
      Mr. Ducky regrets, he's unable to lunch today

      When the mob came and got him
      And dragged him from the jail, madam
      They strung him upon the old willow across the way
      And the moment before he died
      He lifted up his duck-billed head and cried, madam
      Mr. Ducky regrets he's unable to lunch today

      Mr. Ducky regrets he's unable to lunch today

      ~ Cole Porter (emended)

    3. yes, indeed, FT...read HUFFINGTON for facts! :-)

    4. and WHY did you ruin a fabulous song for me? :-)

    5. The Huffington article is a good place to start, Z.
      This whole affair is curious.

      1. MPR's official statement states: "Based on what we currently know, there are no similar allegations involving other staff." No particulars of the incident were given to contradict Keillor.

      2. NPR is notoriously image conscious. When they were punked by Project Veritas they folded like a cheap suit. They could easily throw Keillor under the bus in the current environment especially after he recently wrote a defense of Al Franken.

      3. Keillor is notoriously indemonstrable physically.

      4. I'm biased because "The Writers Almanac" is as much an essential part of my morning as my onion bagel and large iced coffee. I will really miss it.

    6. Straining Out Gnats While Swalloewing Camels.

  19. John Conyers Is the Albatross that Democrats Deserve

    National Review Online,

    by Rich Lowry

    John Conyers, the Democrat from Detroit who made his congressional office an adjunct of his libido. The evidence suggests that Conyers believed that as a 27-term congressman, he was entitled to the Washington, D.C., equivalent of the Ottoman imperial harem. He routinely hit on his female staffers, and his office was a den of sexual intrigue — allegedly featuring a jealous wife and a vindictive mistress — that properly belongs in a Bravo reality show if the network ever extends its franchise to Capitol Hill. A political party is rarely provided ...

    1. Good LORD! The fatuous creature is EIGHTY-EIGHT years old.

      Instead of PERSECUTING him at THIS stage of his life, don't you think it might be better to gfive him an AWARD and pensiin him off to the Neverlands?


    2. FT,
      I have zero sympathy for Conyers -- especially if he didn't fund his own "happy party" and was using a taxpayer-funded slush fund.

  20. FT...you asked above if I thought (or I think you were talking to me?) gov't could prevent sexual harassment.....Don't WORRY, they're going to have training on how to act! Someone's presented a BILL. As if every man doesn't know not to drop his pants in front of women? There's nothing more stupid than sensitivity training...gad.

    1. AMEN to that, Z!

      It's all rank hypocrisy.

      But I stil thin;k that "SEX" is being deliberately USED to mask a far more nefarious agenda i.e. gpreparing to impeach President TRUMP by first throwing a large number of their own crowd under the bus] – OR - to DISTRACT us from congress's shocking incompetence or willful determnation to UNDERMINE and DISCREDIT President Trump..

    2. How so? This is taking the spotlight off of Trump and his tax bill.

      Note that the accusations of sexual harassment against Trump (far, far more serious than the accusations against Franken) have been ignored by the right wing hypocrites.

      Stop your complaining and enjoy his retweets of Jayda Fransen's unverified videos. I'm sure you join David Duke in praising the tweet.

    3. Nostradumbass said:
      Whaa, whaa, whaa, whaa, whaa.

      Sauce, dim-bulb. I do find it strangely touching how you Cadillac "Progressives" intercede for each other in your degradation in front of the general public. I do admit your, figurative, group autophagy gives me a case of the warmies.

      Conflicting emotions, I guess.




    Russia Rejects US Call to Cut North Korea Ties: Foreign Minister Lavrov
    (Agence France-Presse)


    Now isn't this more significant than MATT LAUER'S ––– or anyine ELSE'S –– sexual idiosyncrasies and indiscretiins and the PHONY OUTRAGE Ginned Up by SHRIEKING Feminazi Power Whores?

  22. Both Men and Women Can Be Sexual Predators

    American Thinker, by Fay Voshell

    Men accused of sexual taint continue to be beheaded by the media, falling like aristocrats trundled to the guillotine. The latest in the tumbrel full of miscreants to go under the blade is Matt Lauer, ... Apparently, Lauer’s tribe numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Or more. But just as it seems every man is a predator and every woman has been wrongfully fondled, there is a small cloud on the horizon that augers a storm. The cloud may portend a new revolution. Revolutions often begin with questions about truth and ...

    Comment #1

    If one sex had a nickel for every time the other sex insulted, cynically manipulated or emotionally damaged them, who would be richer - men or women? How many feminists of "metoo" fame openly supported sexual harasser/rapist Bill Clinton and his harassment/rape enabling "wife"? There´s your answer.

    1. Comment #2

      I´ve worked with several women who harassed coworkers - one hit on a male coworker for months, and another hit on every single woman in the office (including me).

      Coment #3

      What about Cleopatra, who is said to have had sex with over a thousand men?

      Comment #4

      What about Pamela Smart and Mary Kay LeTourneau?

      Comment #5

      What about Queen Elizabeth I and Raleigh and Essex?

      Comment #6

      What about Catherine the Great of Russia?

    2. FT,
      Comment #2

      I´ve worked with several women who harassed coworkers - one hit on a male coworker for months, and another hit on every single woman in the office (including me).

      I'm certain that such things have happened. But in the present #metoo climate, those cases will not get any traction.

      As for historical figures you mentioned, such things were expected during those times. Women rulers during those times were rarities, not the norm.

    3. Just goes to show how fearfully dangerous it is to give women supreme authority over men in any capacity outside the home. ];^}>

  23. Sexual Harassment? Depends on the Victim

    Jewish World Review, by Alicia Colon

    It seems as if every day, another celebrity is being charged with sexual harassment ranging from several decades past to just a few months ago. Although I am a ´Me Too´ since childhood, I´m not that quick to lump myself in with those women making these charges, and it would be prudent to examine carefully the circumstances of these incidents. I´ve never been a fan of Al Franken but I´ve noticed that those photos showing his groping of women also show those women smiling as if the're in on the joke. Arianna Huffington and Joy Behar didn't seem to be traumatized by ...

  24. If this is true, Matt Lauer is finished (unless a Clinton-like "pardon" is invoked):

    the reason that he was fired so quickly by NBC News is that the messages, saved by an NBC employee whom he approached while they were in Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Winter Olympics, “showed incontrovertible proof of inappropriate sexual behavior on his part.” . Read the entire link.

    IMO, NBC News is trying to minimize the news corporation's liability -- especially regarding the time that he used a special button under his desk to lock a woman in his office, then sexually assaulted her. That locked door is huge legal no-no.

  25. Because Blogger is acting the fool, Tammy has requested that I post this on her behalf:

    It seems the downfall of some of the celebrity industry tycoons is also predicated on their known ability to threaten to squash women like bugs, after their misdeeds. I can just imagine it. Matt Lauer shows me his junk. Then he threatens my career if I tattle on him. This seems to be the larger looming issue - how powerful men view their sexual targets. Use 'em, abuse 'em, and walk on.

    Better to sleep in a cardboard box on the street than work with some of these men.

    -- Tammy Swofford

  26. Personally, I love what's happening to Weinstein, Lauer, Franken, et al.

    "Rule 4 - Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." - Saul Alinsky, "Rules for Radicals"


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