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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Recommended Reading

See Leftist Propaganda and Modern Society, a fine essay by my good friend Mustang.  In his final sentence, Mustang states the following:
This crusade is so pervasive and so successful that I do not believe it is possible to return to a time when America was a great place to raise a family.
Grim but, in my view, realistic.

Please take a few moments to read Mustang's entire essay.


  1. To repeat my previous response: Yes, I can’t imagine trying to “raise a family” today. No matter how hard one could try, extraneous forces would stifle it at every turn. It’s gut-wrenching that this situation is, at least in part, supported by our tax money (think Public K-12 and beyond) ! Even my late mother saw this coming, years ago. I’ll say it again: We are very lucky to have LIVED (past tense) in the best times ever! It’s so hard to understand how that has turned into such a path of destruction!

    1. Jon,
      We are very lucky to have LIVED (past tense) in the best times ever!

      Sad that it's over, isn't it?

      We've been on the road to serfdom for decades -- and have now reached critical mass.

    2. Yes, of course, BUT I well remember my Aunt Alice, who had been a highly successful elementary school principal for 42 years, saying EXACTLY the SAME THING more than FIFTY-FIVE years ago, when her beloved Superintendent of Schools with whom she'd worked happily all her career, was forced to retire, and was replaced by an arrogant, abrasive, highly obnoxious "PROGRESSIVE" son-of-a-bitch so determined to make my aunt's life a living hell that she felt she had no choice but to take early retirement.

      I imagine from things she's said over the years that AOW would have no trouble relating to THAT story. What we writhe in agony over today has been with us since LONG BEFORE many of you were BORN.

      Senator Joseph McCarthy tried desperately to warn us what was coming, but Alas! his clumsy approach proved to be no match for the demonically clever devils I usually refer to as Cultural Marxists.

  2. I thought electing the one guy that could figure out how to lose money building casinos was gonna make America great again?

    1. TC,
      MAGA is political theater.

      But improve America from where she was? Yes, indeed.

      Were we under the boot of HRC with a Dem majority in America and we'd have no possibility of ever making America great again.

    2. TC,

      Reminds me a bit of the original Teddy bear. But I would be stunned if Trumpy Bear became a best seller.

      On the serious side:

      Trump Economy, Like the Trucking Industry, Is on a Roll. Maybe Warren will tell us if he's noticed that effect.

    3. Nothing like a stuffed toy made in China to show support for Trump's economic policies.

    4. ...or a rebuff from Sheldon Adelson! :)

      Where's AIPAC when you need them?

    5. ...must be all off on a junkett to Macao.

    6. I'm confused about Bannon. What does Leninism have to do with backing a child molester?

    7. As the late, not-too-geat Gertrude Stein might have said:






    8. What does Leninism have to do with backing a child molester?

      Lenin wanted to destroy the State, too! :)

  3. Politics... the new opium of the masses...?

    Finding "meaning" where there is none.

    1. I think ti's called –– or USED to be called –– NIHILISM, Joe.

    2. The problem is certainly nihilism, FT. But you've got to move "through" it to move "beyond" it. You can't just start giving G_d CPR.

    3. Next to HUMAN NATURE, itself, GOVERNMENT is certainly the worst thing mankind is forced to endure, n'est-ce-pas?

  4. Been pondering the "Great" again era. I suspect it may have been our youth. I grew up in the Eisenhower years
    (that was me in the background of 'A Christmas Story'.
    WWII had ended, the Greatest Generation returned and got
    to work, there was a grocery store on every corner and taxes were really high: but we built the interstate and the largest peacetime army in the world. Where did we go wrong? VietNam? the Citizens United decree? Years of CIA
    messing in the Mid East? Hah, it was the invention of the
    gol-dang I-phone! (I think. I'm so old I suffer from CRS)

    1. BB,
      Hah, it was the invention of the gol-dang I-phone!

      I won't disagree.

  5. @BBI,

    "WWII had ended, the Greatest Generation returned and got
    to work"

    Absolutely, but how did the following generations get so screwed-up?

  6. Thank you, Mustang! You've eloquently stated most of the things, I, myself, have been trying almost desperately to communicte for many years, though I notice you avoid citing the deleterious influence of Cultural Marxism on our morale and our awareness of what is and is not right, true, good and real.

    The insidious influence of Cultural Marxism on our Eductional System and Popular Culture is one of the Root Causes –– if not THE Root Cause ––
    all the depressing, infuriating things you catalogued.

    I don't beieve that anything happens merely by chance. I believe our nation –– and all of Western Civilization for that matter –– has been subjected to a form of MASS HYPNOSIS that has CONDITIONED huge percentage of us not only to ACCEPT –– but to EMBRACE –– policies that will ensure our DOOM.

    We've been attacked, and deeply CORRODED through the impressionable minds of our CHILDREN who have been the primary targets of the propaganda campaign you described so well.

    In this regard the Cultural Marxists have followed an idea put forth by the JESUITS, if you would believe, who say something to this effect:

    "If we can get them while they are still YOUNG, VULNERABLE, and IMPRESSIONABLE, they will be OURS FOREVER."

    Chilling stuff!

  7. Off Topic but Important news. Trump did it. The prisoners, who stole sunglasses, and spend 3 days in jail and are now out on bail and boarding a Delta flight headed back to the United States. This is an international success.

  8. Back in May 2008, I worked a media conference regarding end time prophecy and the dangers of Islam. One of the speakers was Retired Israeli Military General Shimon Erem, the first Military General of Israel when it returned as a nation in 1948. General Erem blasted former President Jimmy Carter, calling him the worst President the USA ever had to date. General Erem told the audience what blunders Carter committed during his tenure as President and how it affected National Security to the present day. General Erem stated that President Carter continued to interfere with international matters to the present day, causing nothing but trouble to the USA. Under Carter, the Taliban and other Muslim groups spread after he got rid of 30 years of ground intelligence from 1945 onward. Carter's blunders resulted in the taking of hostages that lasted until the day President Reagan took office. In late 2009 after 0bama had been in office for 9 months, I happened to work another media event with General Erem speaking at the event. My radio job allowed me to speak privately with General Erem. I asked him if Barack 0bama had already surpassed Jimmy Carter as the worst President the USA ever had, judging by 0bama's blunders. General Erem spoke to me in code, knowing that I would read between the lines of what he said. Instead of saying outright that 0bama already surpassed Carter, he mentioned some serious concerns he had about the Middle East and the rise of terrorism that was about to happen under 0bama's tenure as President. His worst fears came true under 0bama's regime.

    1. Yes. "Peace through strength." and "Trust but verify" are he ONLY ways yet discvered to run a successful government.

      We have to balance that, of course, against Eisenhower's famous warning against the "Military-Industrial Complex," and the ever-present threat of Internationalist Intrigue.

      Our "Enemies Within" may be even more powerful and detrimental to our best interests as American citizens than any of the perceived Hostile Foreign Forces militating against us.

      The Dumbing Down Process to which we've long been subjected by Cultural Marxism's Domination of our Educational System from Top to Bottom is probably THE most harmful enemy we've ever faced, because it has very subtly through insidious infiltration managed to POISON the MINDS of a too-large percentage of young people since the trials at Nuremberg, which happen too to coincide with the Birth of the United Nations.

      To say achieving "Proper Governenace" is a highly complex, interminable WALK on a TIGHTROPE across a long series of FLAMING CANYONS, ROCKY RAVINES and JUNGLES full of PREDATORY BEASTS would be a vast undefrstatement.


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