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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Video: Harvey Weinstein, Eminem, and why the left can't stop losing

From Candace Owens's vlog series The Myth of the "Coon":

Here's another, this one about the NFL:

Quite a refreshing dose of politically incorrectness!

There is also this:

Article (Newsbusters): Weinstein Dropped $100K at 2017 Planned Parenthood Gala. The pledge, however, went unfulfilled.


  1. Quaint ideals like principles and morals are smothered by ideology in pursuit of power and control, and that is what politics is all about.

    Harvey Weinstein is a pig on hind legs, but there's a little Harvey in all of us. Give the average person enough money and power...

    The NFL players, starting with the failed QB from San Fran, committed a tactical blunder borne of dimwitted thinking. Sure, take a stand, but don't disrespect our patriotic symbols when you do it.

    We suffer a lack of charity.

    "The sleep of reason produces monsters"
    -- Francisco Goya

    1. Why doesn't anyone mention Ailes and O'Reilly in the list of predators?

      Men in power have been molesting women for ages. The fact that it is finally generating outrage is a plus.

    2. ...but only amongst those without the good sense of getting all their past indiscretions silenced under non-disclosure agreements.

    3. Something to get outraged at...

      ...as Lacan said, " Il n’y a pas de rapport sexuel (there is no sexual relation)"!

    4. Everyone's cashing in their blackmail chips.

    5. Criminalize all failed passes at women!

    6. ...because successful ones bear their own rewards!

    7. Canardo asks: "Why doesn't anyone mention Ailes and O'Reilly in the list of predators?"


      FIRST: Just as in the case of Roy Moore, there is no tangible, incontrovertible physical evidence that the two men to which you refer are guilty as charged. We have only the dubious "word" of ambitious women who may very well be nothing more than vicious. ciniving, unprincipled, money grubbing, attention whores.

      SECOND: For the same reason that YOU and all YOUR kind are loath to mention the PROVEN SINS of Woremasters-in-Chief JFK, and LBJ, the Senate's Pet Murderer Ted "Chap-My-Dick-Quick" Kennedy, Rapist-in-Chief Bill Clinton, or any inclination whatsoever to probe into the Alleged Adventures of Bathhouse Barry ππ or anything ELSE about Barry-O's shrouded, still-unexplored past. Hell! We still don'teven know what GRADES he got at Columbia or anywhere else he 'allegedly' went to school.

    8. FT,
      Upvotes for your paragraph beginning with SECOND: For the same reason.

  2. GREAT POST! It all speaks for itself; I can think of nothing to add. I'm shearing the videos with many.

    1. Jon,
      Thank you.

      For several reasons, I'm not posting frequently these days, so I really do try to compose some good blog posts.

  3. Got a kick out of Candie's gun facts:

    1. Gun deaths have been declining:
    From the Center for Disease Control -

    "The rate of gun deaths in the United States rose to about 12 per 100,000 people, the second consecutive increase after a period of relative stability.

    2. The NRA is your friend:

    No member of the NRA has committed a mass shooting.
    So what? Fact is that the NRA is behind the idea that guns should be available to everyone. The Texas shooter and the recent northern California shooter both had records of spousal abuse but they were able to load up on guns and play with them in the backyard at all hours. Thanks to the NRA guns are readily available in most stats.

    3. We need to be armed against an oppressive government:

    Frankly, this one is too stupid and doesn't deserve a response.

    1. Fact is that the NRA is behind the idea that guns should be available to everyone.

      If you think your argument is just, why do you need to lie? The NRA has no problem with a prohibition on firearms ownership for convicted felons and the mentally ill. How dare they want equal access to a Constitutional right for all other Citizens?

      And by the way, I'm sure you meant that inept bureaucracy and a reluctance to prosecute those who knowingly attempt to purchase a firearm and fails NICS check.

      Or maybe you're just lazy and fell back on the script.

    2. Leftards only have one mode... blackfaced anti-Trumpisms

    3. "Frankly, this one is too stupid and doesn't deserve a response."
      Here's one anyway. All oppressive regimes first take the guns.
      Your denial is stupid.

  4. Who edits her videos? Horrid use of jumps and the shift to B&W must be meant for emphasis but it only distracts.

    The crappy production fits the "facts".

  5. Gun deaths trended way down, with suicide by gun remaining steady. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/10/21/gun-homicides-steady-after-decline-in-90s-suicide-rate-edges-up/ (2014)
    Then ... the streets of Chicago addd a nice hefty increase in the past year.

    The fact that oppressive governments worldwide and historically seek to confiscate firearms is ample demonstration that totalitarians believe they have good reason to worry about having their citizens armed.

    1. Baysider, my quote was from a Nov. 4, 2017 article in the New York Times and the uptick is not due to suicides.
      Chicago may be an unsolvable problem in the current environment. Gun laws are strict but they just get shipped in from easy purchase states creating a lucrative black market.
      The gun has become the way to settle all kinds of arguments. The deaths aren't simply gang and drug related.
      It's as much a manifestation of the macho gun mentality as anything else. The gun manufacturers find it good for business.
      All kinds of secondary economic stimuli like surgical costs and more cops (wicked expensive). The economy isn't too granular about the source of economic growth.

      As for armed insurrection, violent overthrows lead to economic and social destruction and in the last couple centuries have seldom been beneficial.
      The increased militarization of the cops in America is doing jack to promote freedom or social mobility.

    2. ...of course, out-of-wedlock births make no contribution to the problem.


    3. All the more reason to make sure you have guns readily available, correct?

    4. The argument of nearby States sales of Firearms - easier access is as simpleminded as the war on drugs. Drugs are moved from State to State for the sale to targeted communities with the most easily distribution--as are GUNS running the same route as are the human smugglers, heroin and crack (or what ever it is named these days) due to OPEN BOARDERS.
      How many mass deaths are due to Heroin and other HARD drugs near you on the Eastern Seaboard. Not counting the Western LEFT COAST- WHERE THE NUMBERS ARE ALMOST AS NUMEROUS.
      You must want a Chinese or Russian AK47 for yourself and the other wackoo lefties you admire and hang out with.
      This easy gun access from nearby States is a red herring.
      And yes there is a down side in the short term for a uprising against a Hitler or other Dictator (s). But what has to be done has to be done. Nothing is easy when it comes to your FREEDOM. You love to-to spout off as you do.try the same thing you do here in the USA in another Country that has a demented RULER such as those you desire. But then again those Countries are the kind of inhumane conditions you desire.

    5. And, yes guns are necessary to settle a dispute.
      We thought ATTORNEY GENERAL Jeff Session would be a Dirty Harry---but now looks like a Barney Fife.
      Where is Andy Taylor when we need him?
      When Aunt Bee was visited by a new suitor, Sheriff Taylor payed the new Suitor a visit, Andy strapped on his side arm.
      Did you forget that ellipsoid?

    6. Ready carefully. The point is that the numbers have gone way down. Suicides used to account for half; now it's two thirds. They've remained steady, other deaths by shooting are way down in the trend. Several hundred additional killings in Chicago alone (not to mention a few other major urban centers) are enough to cause an uptick. See SF below at 9:41 pm.

    7. Baysider,
      Thank you for responding. I'm having trouble finding time to respond. There's a kitten in the house!

    8. The New York Times, –– a dirty Communist rage–– is an UNRELIABLE source. PERIOD!

      Anyone who doubts this must either be a fully-indoctrinated Marxist, or brain dead.

  6. From FBI, 2011, but I've seen similar numbers from other years:

    "Gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions and up to 90 percent in several others, according to NGIC analysis. Major cities and suburban areas experience the most gang-related violence"


    1. SF,
      I wonder what the gang-related crime stats are for Northern Virginia. We have a two no-go areas within 2 miles of my house. **sigh**

      And the theft rates here? They have soared.

  7. More fun facts...

    66% of gun deaths are suicides


    Here's a racial breakdown. Surprised they haven't declared the statistics racist...


    1. When the cold hard facts fail to support the most favorable view of minorities, those facts MUST be deemed "racist."

      That is now a given."

  8. When the cute litle girl stated with a twinkle in her eye, "Rape is now perfectly acceptable as long as it's performed by a high powered globalist," I felt like standing up to cheer, because it's so SO true.

    The corollary of course, would be, "But if a CONSERVATIVE so much as OGLES a young woman, or dares to COMPLIMENT HER APEARANCE, he should be brought up on charges of "Gross indecency,""Insensitivity to Women," Sexual Harassment," and WORSE, and God help him if he should caress her gently on an arm, pat her on the shoulder, or (GASP!!!) ask her for a KISS, because he would then be subject to a charge of RAPE."

    This analysis is hardly an exaggeration.

    The Age of Reason has been replaced long ago by a New Age of Madness.

    1. FT,
      And that's the way it is.

      We are indeed living in a New Age of Madness.

  9. I think they can't stop losing because they are constantly jumping the shark now and there just aren't enough terminally stupid people.

    1. Kid,
      they are constantly jumping the shark now.

      No duh!

      But, IMO, there may be enough terminally stupid people. So many special snowflakes running around!

    2. Unfortunately, "The masses are asses." They always have been and always will be.

      Most people are like sheep. They will follow ANY leader who stands up and promises to lead them out of whatever wilderness they think they are in as lng as he has "CHARISMA."

      It's not enough to be SMART, if one hopes to avoid the vicious cycles that lead nowhere.

      If the SMART peple are not ALSO throughly MORAL, highly PRINCIPLED and motivated by LOVE, the rest of us are DOOMED to repeat history with only the most superficial changes in each revolution of the cycle to make us believe we are making "progress."

    3. FT,
      As long as the masses remain uneducated, they will be sheeple.


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