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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Holy Shades of Science Fiction!

Posted by Warren


Biohackers are using CRISPR on their DNA and we can’t stop it!

I didn't realize that genetic modification had become so advanced that it is now possible to change your own DNA.

This could be a boon to those suffering from genetic diseases but will it become possible for the freaks that think they're a man trapped in a woman's body to actually become a woman? 

What about unintended consequences and mistakes that have the potential to, literally, create monsters? Would it be possible to eliminate or alter the gene(s) that cause the dreaded mental disease known as "Progressivism"?  



  1. Somehow, this technology will be abused. We can count on that.

    And will one or more governments use this new technology for nefarious purposes? Given time, yes. Lois Lowry's The Giver?

    1. Brave New World is where we are headed. Huxley was a brilliant and prescient man.

      Figuring out how to make human beings without romantic coupling and gestation in the female womb will open up the Brave New Word, with all its glory and all its evil.

    2. SF,
      Knowing what I know about human nature, I predict the latter: all its evil.

  2. "To continue reading this premium article, subscribe for unlimited access."

  3. Like fire, handguns and sex, this has the potential for both good and evil, but could very easily slip beyond human control.

    Here are a few Nat Geo articles on the subject:



  4. Using duckduckgo (because I hate google), search body modification. The freaks are already here.

  5. Not only Dolly (the Sheep), but King Arthur.
    The Next One World Order "Ruler"!
    Not only that, but, pandemics and epidemics. World Wide.
    The U.N. has a resolution that the World Health Org. is using for the U.S.A. to keep it's Open Borders Program, to let in these Super Soldiers to slip in not only our Country but every Country targeted for take over; using our Health Care System for an easy invasion here.
    And the Angel revealed the (?) Seal that unleashed PLAGUES.
    Are you ready for the return of King Arthur? The Anti-Christ. Probably around 2035.
    That is when Regulis (the star between the feet of LEO the Lion) and Jupiter --- Align. That occurrence happened around 3 B.C. The birth of Yahusua; and around 550 A.D. The time of King Arthur.
    And again around 2035. Regulis (the King's Star) - and Jupiter (The King's Planet).
    And not only that - but to produce the Red Heifer = Unblemished > to fool the Jews. Maybe not - just an other possibility.
    We have entered ~The Age Of Aquarius~. The God of the Air -Zeus. The Information Age.

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    1. Isn't The Machine Stops more a cautionary tale of social media and the internet than anything to do with robotics?

    2. @ Nostradumbass:

      Uh, you screwed the pooch. The Machine Stops (1909) by E. M. Forster

      No Social Media, no Internet.

    3. Read the short story Warren.
      It's science fiction concerning a culture that sits around messaging all day while a machine supplies its needs.

    4. I have.
      And it's never crossed your mind that it's about dependence on machines and false utopias? You know, like Socialism and the government.

    5. Not likely. The social welfare state was tiny in England before the war.
      He never spoke out against the welfare state in his later works so I'm going to say it's not a concern in this story.

      More likely the concern is an over dependence on technology.

  7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here. The possibility of the AI robot's knowledge growing expoentially as they essentially "teach" themselves is very real.

    The possibility of man becoming subservient to machines is not that far fetched.

    Should that happen neither another ice age or a great flood will reset the clock.

    Just saying...

  8. "Would it be possible to eliminate or alter the gene(s) that cause the dreaded mental disease known as "Progressivism"?" Probably. But they wouldn't go voluntariy: need to be rounded up by government police.
    Then, there is the problem of genetic alleles and crossover phylogenetics. Perhaps the new non progressives would have a third eye, blue hair, only
    three fingers, etc. So, if they get rounded up, best to
    give them lobotomies, eliminate their bleeding hearts
    and do-gooder mentality; turn them into pouting conservatives and and Make America Grate again :) As for
    CRISPR, be assured that the anti-vaccination types will
    protect us from its effects.

    1. @ BB-Idaho, true dat, but there could be a problem finding enough prefrontal lobe to remove and their bleeding hearts seem to be more a case of virtue signaling to the herd than actual benevolence.


  9. Meanwhile AI progresses BB Idaho. The possibility that all this other stuff won't make much difference is no longer science fiction. It could very well happen. Even some scientists are beginning to warn (argue against) further development of AI.

  10. Personally, I think we'd all be better off if a cure for the dreaded mental disease known as "Conservatism" were developed. Unfortunately it seems to be getting worse, what with the development of a much more virulent strain some are calling "trumpy Conservatism".

    1. I'm sorry, it's hard to take the opinions of a Bernie Bro as worthy of anything other than ridicule.


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