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Friday, November 10, 2017

More Photos Of Minxy

(For politics, please scroll down)

Blogging is taking a back seat at the moment.  We have a kitten in the household!

Minxy is about two months old in the photos below:

Just like Cameo, Minxy owns the recliner!

After playing, Minxy falls asleep in my arms.

"Look at me!  I'm gorgeous!"

Minxy is so happy here that she's laughing (yawning)!  Photo taken at Mr. AOW's side as he's napping.

What of Amber? She's already accepted Minxy as a member of the family. Maybe because we lost Cameo and Mysti within the last seven months.  The obvious fact that Amber has accepted Minxy: last night Amber deliberately left two pieces of kibble for Minxy. Cameo used to do the same for Amber.

When Minxy sleeps with me, like Mysti she grooms my hair.

More photos to come as Mr. AOW and I enjoy Minxy's kittenhood. I'm taking photos like a madwoman, and last night, I upgraded my iCloud storage for my iPhone!

Note: all links in this blog post go to posts at AOWS Photos and feature the kitty whose name is hyperlinked in this blog post.


  1. Glad to see her fitting in with the family!

  2. AAAAAAAAAWWWW! She's adorable.

    So glad things are working ougt so well.

    I would mke a point of giving Amber some exra attenion, though, –– just to mke sure she doesn't think she has any reason to feel "dispossessed."

    1. Amber has, unfortunately, developed a case of diarrhea! I'm unsure, as yet, about what's going on.

      I had occasion to be down in our cellar today. The mice have been busy! I hope that Amber hasn't picked up coccidiosis from eating mice. Amber hunts in the cellar every morning and eats her kill.

      I doubt that Amber's ailment is caused by emotional upset. She seems genuinely fond of Minxy.

      Amber is very healthy overall, so I'll keep a close eye on her to see if I should summon a vet on Monday. My vet is out on sick leave at the moment -- and that's truly unfortunate. I have great confidence in our vet.

    2. Pussy-cat
      What are vices?
      Catching rats
      And eating mices!

      ~ Spike Milligan

      Do they make Immodium for cats? Catopectate, maybe? ;-)

  3. Erica kitteh sends meows, head bumps, and purrs to Minxy (and sincerely hopes she grows into those huge ears ;-)

    1. Adrienne,
      Her ears really are huge, aren't they?

      Her paws a fair size, too.

  4. Aaaah. Her personality shows through.

  5. I miss my Raven being just a spoonful. Now he's the whole cake pan. 17 pound half-Maine coon that still acts like a kitten.

    1. The problem with a kitten's that
      Eventually it turns into a cat!


    2. But adult cats require a lot less work.

    3. TC,
      Weighing in at 17 pounds is quite hefty!

    4. Raven tore his ACL and had to get a miniscus pad removed in a leaping accident back in June so I had to cut back his food to make him lose weight, but he's still a big boy. Can't get the Maine coon out of him. That breed can make 50 pound cats that are your whole armspan long!

    5. TC,
      Raven tore his ACL? What in the world did he get into?

    6. His leg got caught / tangled while leaping off my couch and he was hanging by that hind leg and twisting / thrashing to free himself and it tore his ACL and flipped a miniscus pad that had to be removed. $1300 surgery and 5 months later he barely has a limp. Gotta keep him on joint supplements and fish oil to stave off arthritis, but he's a healthy little big boy.

  6. She is absolutely gorgeous. And she is going to be so much fun.

  7. ____ Free Cat ___

    a loud crash
    shocks me from sleep
    that damn cat
    knocked my stuff in a heap

    what to throw
    for a lesson to teach
    anger just grows
    cause my pillow won't reach

    with a taunting me-ow
    it exits the scene
    but alas, no return
    to my x-rated dream

    I stare at the ceiling
    aware of a loss ––
    my comfy pillow
    which I had to toss

    so that cold, cold floor
    I eye with a glare
    and who do you think's
    on my pillow, out there?

    free cat, anyone? please?

    ~ Chuck Audette

    Poor Mr. Audette obviously doesn't share our unconditional love for felines –– or maybe he thought he was being amusing, and was just kidding? I hope the latter!

    1. FT,
      I've had many a treasure destroyed by a kitten's crepuscular antics. **sigh**

    2. Hmmmm... You should have known Mim Alexander, retired Madam, of a Baltimore whorehouse, who spent her last years as the proprietress of a large, dusty, pleasantly disorganized Antiques Shop at Five Corners in Laurel, Delaware.

      Mim rather carelessly displayed genuinely valuable treasures –– many of them museum-quality pieces of porcelain from China and Japan –– some of them hundreds of years old.

      At any rate, Mim, a devoted cat fancier, had three cats to whom she gave the run of the place 'round the clock every day. It was not unusual to pop in and see a well fed, self-possessed feline curled up snoozing inside a Presentation Bowl from the Ming Dynasty priced at $2,500.00. (!)

      I asked her once if she didn't worry that one of these fragile treasures woud get broken if a cat got startled and made a sudden move, as cats sometimes do.

      Her answer might be cinsidered startling to those with ordinary bourgeois values. S

      he said, "Those cats are my dearest friends, Each one of them is worth far mora to me than any item I've ever owned. I've had cats around me all my life, and never did a one of them break so much as a thug from the five-and-ten. I have a lot m/ore to fear from my so-called customers than I do from those cats.

    3. FT,
      Mim the Cat Lady!

      I do miss my cut-glass fruit bowl. Cameo destroyed that one -- and she was well out of her kittenhood, too. About 11 years old, I think.

      Amber has destroyed nothing. So far.

  8. The Cat Is Free

    The cat is free;
    No tether he
    Will wear in circumspect.

    Ah but the eyes
    And jealous cries
    We hold in dire respect.

    Disdains the call,
    A prison wall
    Will never him attract.

    Yet he betrays
    His freedom's ways
    For akind word and a pat.

    ~ Adeline Foster

  9. Minxy's adventures continue to amuse us, Always On Watch.

    1. She keeps us busy because she's into everything all the time!


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