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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Never Forget

The class entering high school this year will be the first high school class not to have any firsthand knowledge of 9/11/2001, when jihad came to America.

These students will have only textbook knowledge.

For these young people, taking off their shoes and being run through scanners at airports, and elsewhere, as well as constant monitoring by security cameras — and all the rest of a world altered for the worse by Islamic terrorism — seem normal and ho-hum.

They have never known a world without Islamic terrorism. They do not know the freedoms we once had.

Worse, they consider 9/11 as nothing more than a National Day of Service.

In my view, 9/11 should be a day of solemn remembrance.

Boiling the frog is winning the day right now. Too many are too busy with their electronic devices to care about the future of the ideals of freedom and democracy.

Jean Raspail's The Camp of the Saints looms large on this fifteenth anniversary of 9/11.

[The novel The Camp of the Saints is online HERE. Read it!]


  1. AOW,

    We live in an age of egocentricity, and there are reasons for it.

    Many people older than this generation you speak of have blocked out the memory of this sad day, for many different reasons...selfishness and willful apathy being only two. Some were very traumatized at a young age and the only way to cope was to forget about it. As a result, society has moved in a direction that is more focused on the here and now, a food gathering mentality. No time to look at the bigger picture.

    Many are so busy with day to day life they do not have time to reflect on much of anything, so getting them to revisit trauma and analyze its significance is not easy to do. Even good people (who get it) are forced into this cultural and social mind-set because they have to survive. They have to raise their kids, they have to struggle for the necessities of life.

    Keeping some measure of the narrative focused on what happened and why it happened hasn't been made easy, because those who control the 20 second sound bite narratives have distorted the truth, so much so, that it is not recognizable any longer. These people only have time for short bits, because of the pace of society. Over time, it is easier to manipulate propaganda and influence thoughts and musings of time-pressed people, because they have little time to dig deeper. They must set to the next task, so they have to accept the skewed view of what amounts to a headline.

    The kids you speak of in your post, they will only know this lifestyle....so getting them to stop and reflect on the meaning of this day and the freedoms lost on that day will likely only be taught in school.....and you know who controls the lesson plans of those big government funded public school systems, don't you?

    1. LA,
      I can't disagree.

      But I refuse to like what's happened.

      The age of egocentricity is a horrible alternate universe as far as I'm concerned.

  2. I love this tribute! It's how 9/11 should be remembered.

    1. I am grateful to AOW for posting this beautiful choral transcription of Samuel Barber's ADAGIO for STRINGS. I just discovered TODAY, September SIXTEENTH, the eloquent musical content of this post.

      To me, because I have a profound musical orientation, Barber's MUSIC speaks to the terrible sadness and devastation left in the wake of 911 far better than of our poor words could hope to do.

      I wonder how many LISTENED to Barber's exquisite lament on this tragic anniversary?

  3. The past is of little interest to most, the future even less. There is only the present now, with the little toys of amusement for distraction.

    1. Bunkerville,
      The little toys of amusement are dumbing down the populace. The populace is then easily manipulated by whomever. **sigh**

  4. I just caught this watching the 9/11 event on Fox. Apparently Hillary collapsed, then her staff revived her and they took her away. They say she had a "Medical Episode" then fell to the ground.
    And She says Donald Trump isn't fit to be president?

    1. If her health wasn't really an issue before, it is now.

    2. Thersites,
      Yes, HRC's issue is now an issue.

      Just one comment from Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

      I have a good friend who has epilepsy and suffers from seizures. He always knows when he's about to have a seizure and excuses himself and moves to a safer area (without tables, chairs, things with sharp edges etc that could hurt him when he loses control).

      The way that woman was holding onto Clinton is exactly the way I have supported my friend through his seizures whenever I've been with him and he told me he was about to have one.

      The seizure doesn't hit him suddenly but comes slowly and when its in full force he collapses.

      Seems like that is exactly what happened with Crooked Hillary here. She removed herself from the ceremony and quickly made her way to her van. It looks like the seizure hit as she was about to be loaded onto the van.

      PS: Regardless of the weather this does not look like a heat stroke at all.

      Read the rest, the blog post and the comments thereto, HERE. And note the slo-mo video in the body of the blog post.

    3. Have to admit it's a concern. Damn, that looked like Weekend at Bernie's .


    1. Hillary Clinton Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia.


    2. Duck,
      HRC may have pneumonia, but those symptoms on the video from today look like something else.

    3. "Hillary Clinton Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia."

      Maybe so but as I know of it, pneumonia is a very serious, debilitating affliction so what's she doing out-and-about? I'm just asking.

  6. Her Thighness has been plagued with coughs, faints, overheating, shaking, look for Hillary to drop out soon. But these Neive liberals are still blaming Fox News.

  7. In a video of Hillary's departure just after her so called "over heating" event from the 9/11 event at Ground Zero in Manhattan, it shows her clearly stumbling, with Secret Service agents helping her into the van in the motorcade.

    Leaving her daughter’s apartment a little before noon, Clinton told reporters she was “feeling great.”

    “It’s a beautiful day in New York,” she added, while smiling and waving to supporters on the street before getting into her motorcade.

    BUT! Whet was the Secret Service? Where was Huma? Since when would the allow Hillary just walk down the streets of New York, or anywhere ALONE ? It just won't happen. Especially just after having one of her attacks! Something just wasn't right there.

  8. There are too many incidents that haven’t been explained and inquiring minds want to know.,,, Such as why does Obama bring people to our Country that want to kill us?

  9. Absolutely agree AOW.

    PS - I remember reading on one of the young people websites that most of their readers think things have never been better in the world than right now. This was probably 8 months ago.
    90% of that sentiment must have to do with technology.

    I left a comment that the technology was fantastic but the people are **

  10. Posted elsewhere are well, but I'll always be in awe of Rick.

    Rest in Peace, COL Rick Rescorla, a true American hero.

    For those who hadn’t heard of him before: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=58624

  11. I'll never forget the atrocity nor deny the ideology that underwrites evil acts of this nature. I'm glad to see we're still remembering. Andrew McCarthy has a good article today on National Review about those who are still in denial.

    1. Jason,
      Hello, my good friend!

      The denial DOES run deep, doesn't it? But many of us do still remember 9/11 and its greater significance.

      I'll check McCarthy's essay. Thanks for the recommendation. My web rounds have been curtailed because of my ongoing kidney ailment.

      And thank you for leaving your blog site on the web. Your site is a valuable resource!

      Hope that all is well with you and yours.

    2. I've been away too long and haven't heard of your health challenges. Hope your procedures go well. Get well, soon.

    3. Jason,
      Thank you.

      Hydronephrosis with complications is hell on earth.

      But I'm still standing!

  12. Tonight's rumor: Democrats may hold emergency meeting to consider replacing Hillary Clinton.

    BTW, today is the 4th anniversary of Benghazi.

  13. Meditation on a Tragic Anniversary

    A radiant cloudless morning
    _____ air fresh and clear
    __________ sky the brightest blue
    _______________ mood mellow
    A lovely young day bright with promise ––

    And then a gleaming silver shell appeared
    _____ mirroring beautifully the morning sunshine
    __________ A Thing of Beauty –– but horribly out of place
    _______________ like a spacecraft from an alien planet

    Dipping crazily far too low upon the skyline
    _____ before anyone could feel the menace ––
    _________ it smashed directly into a gigantic upright construct ––
    _______________ one of a pair ––

    Twin monuments to Greed and Vain Ambition some were quick to say

    But sudden violent death eradicated an entire investment firm
    _____ in one horrific instant ––
    __________ dozens of bright young lives incinerated –– gone!

    Before dazed onlookers could begin to understand what was happening
    _____ another silver shell acting as a missile
    __________ crashed into the second of the giant pair.

    Ugly buildings! A hideous blot
    _____ on the once-graceful Manhattan skyline!

    “Ada Louise Huxtable might secretly rejoice at this,”
    _____ part of me though wickedly, for I had always resented
    __________ the overbearing, outsized twins ––
    _______________ bounders, interlopers, invaders!

    But before that ruined day was halfway through
    _____ three-thousand innocents had been
    __________ burned alive, brains and eyeballs boiled
    __________ skulls pulverized, skeletons crushed
    _______________ between twisting, white hot girders
    _______________ pelted with falling rubble midst the flames
    _______________ caught, crippled, crumpled, smashed to bits ––
    __________ Smothered in collapsing stairwells and buried alive
    _______________ in a torrent of red hot cinders and debris

    In so many ways the scene must have mimicked the final hours
    _____ of the residents of Pompeii and Herculaneum

    And then there were those hideous echoes
    ––––– of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire ––
    Where so many jumped to their deaths
    _____ to escape being burned alive ––
    In an instant smashed skulls, broken bones and bloody pulp
    _____ were all that remained of their vibrant young lives ––
    __________ and locked inside the ruined sweatshop ––
    _______________ cinders –– ashes and soot.

    And just a year ago in Benghazi –– to mark the anniversary
    __________ of this Great Triumph of Barbarity over Civilization
    _______________ our young, handsome, well-meaning,
    _______________ hopelessly naive, ambassador to Libya
    _______________ was surrounded in his quarters,
    _______________ dragged out into the streets
    _______________ beaten, sodomized and brutally murdered.

    But what does any of this matter? What difference does it make?
    _____ Let’s just forget about it, and MOVE ON.
    __________ Might as well.

    We are privileged to live in interesting times.

    Kyrie eleison!
    Kyrie eleison!
    Christe eleison!

    ~ FreeThinke


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