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Monday, September 26, 2016

Political Commentary...And Commentary On Tonight's Debate, If You Wish

The definitive word on politics, particularly during during an election year:

Another version of Mencken's erudite statement:

This thread is this blog's thread for weighing in on the September 26 debate between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump.

For tonight's debate:

Clinton’s Complete Lack of a Funny Bone Could Cost Her Monday’s Debate: Hillary Clinton is one angry comment away from being the SNL parody of herself.


Fifty-six years ago today in Chicago, Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon squared off in the first televised presidential debate.

Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon flanked the moderator, Howard K. Smith, in the first presidential debate on Sept. 26, 1960. Credit Associated Press


  1. What no one seems to have addressed so far are the large segments of our population who are innately UNGOVERNABLE. It started in the so-called Inner Cities – and you know what THAT means ––– millions upon millions of ENWORDS.

    Progressives –– i.e. LEFTISTS –– some of them possibly well-meaning –– have sponsored permissive policies that effectively encouraged laziness, shiftlessness, hopelessness, anger, dereliction of duty, and despair.

    How could rendering huge segments of the population –– most of them ignorant, unlettered, backward, unsophisticated, deracinated, alienated, and lacking the basic skills one needs to function even minimally in the larger society –– how could rendering these people helpless and hopelessly dependent on government "programs" and government "handouts" help them to develop into useful, productive citizens?

    If the Left had deliberately set out to destroy the chances of the American Negro population to advance, they couldn't have done a better, more-efficient job. WORSE even than that: in the wake of all these bogus, totally ineffective government policies purportedly designed to aid in "the Advancement of Colored People," much of the REST of society has been degraded, devolved, coarsened, cheapened and led astray. Like it or not THAT is the corrosive process the Left has foisted on us.

    The results, as all sane people certainly must realize, has been the debacle we experience and suffer with now. What the Left calls "progress" is in truth a REVERSION to BRUTE SAVAGERY after a long slow process of artificially-induced societal degeneration. And "they" will call ME a "hater" for saying this. GREAT DAY in the MORNING! To THIS we've come!

    1. Professor Phyllis Angers-Rackley, PhDSeptember 26, 2016 at 9:46:00 AM EDT

      What, pray tell, does this racist rant have to do with the blog post?

    2. The rant is relevant.

      Lately on the campaign trail, each candidate has been addressing the matter of our inner city problems.

    3. Liberals never fail to find the Truth highly objectionable unless it happens to support their narrative, don't they, AOW?

      If you don't say WHAT they want to hear, and don't say it in precisely WAY they want to hear it, you're treated like dogs doo doo.

      Pretending not to understand what you've said, so they can accuse you of prevarication, not knowing what you're talking about, or talking out of turn in one way or the other is yet-another standard ploy in their repertoire of vexatious, obfuscatory, diverting, and endlessly irritating tricks.

      I resent my statement being categorized as a "rant," a highly pejorative term, when all I did was present a series of facts.

      As you, yourself, have used as a motto:


    4. Janice Cramball-Huffman, Certified Resolution CoordinatorSeptember 26, 2016 at 10:53:00 AM EDT

      "Negro" and "colored people" are archaic terms and considered racist when used outside venerable historic institutions such as United Negro College Fund, or National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

    5. I never have –– and never WILL buy that Horse Puckey, Janet, Old Girl. Wresting control of our language to foster and implement purely political aspirations –– usually masquerading as Humanitarian Causes –– is one of many utterly objectionable tactics the Left uses in their ceaseless quest to exert ever greater measures of Power and Control over those who disagree with Leftist Agendas.

      NEGRO is not, never was, and never should be put in the same category with NIGGER, JIGABOO, PORCH MONKEY, and other intentionally demeaning and insulting epithets.

      The attempt to take perfectly legitimate terms used for many decades and DELEGITIMIZE them in order to get a firmer grip on the levers of power is IGNOBLE, and entirely illegitimate in its own right.

      So, kindly ZIP YOUR LIPS, Janet, baby, be still, and go peddle your papers elsewhere, 'cause I ain't buying 'em.

      And as for your spurious implications concerning my consistently excellent use of standard English, go stuff 'em where the sun don't shine, babycakes.

      "What's a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

      And don't you ever FORGET IT, sweetheart.

    6. Professor Phyllis Angers-Rackley, PhDSeptember 26, 2016 at 12:23:00 PM EDT

      You, sir, are a boorish anachronism who is positively steeped in white, male privilege.

    7. That was a very important point.

  2. If we decide to watch the spectacle of political theater tonight....instead of doing something more productive, like arranging our sock drawers....we might make a drinking game out of it. Every time one of the lies, we take a shot. Might not make it past Trump's opener before passing out.....

    - CI

    1. Your sarcastic, wholly negative attitude is about as helpful as spiking the punch with muriatic acid at a wedding party. If you thought you were being funny, I'm here to tell you your sick joke has gone over like the proverbial lead balloon.

      Don't you have any positive thoughts in your mind? What passes for realism these days is nothing but nihilism. Stupid and entirely destructive in its impact.

    2. Aww.....somebody has the boo-boo lip....

      Indeed I do have positive thoughts....whoever wins in November merely hastens the eventual destruction of the Republic. Perhaps when we begin again, we'll get it right this time. Lock and load.

      - CI

    3. CI,
      Begin again?

      With a Hillary Clinton SCOTUS?

      I think not.

      whoever wins in November merely hastens the eventual destruction of the Republic

      Our Republic has been seriously eroded since at least FDR.

    4. With a Hillary Clinton SCOTUS?

      David Souter, John Roberts...the is goes on. I trust neither wing of the duopoly...they're both intent on managing Leftist programs without end.

      - CI

  3. Love the H.L. Mencken quote.

    Our nation suffers--and our corrupt banana republic political establishment thrives--due to a paucity of skeptical, adversarial, acerbic, witty and literate journalists like Mencken who attacked cupidity, stupidity, corruption and hubris wherever they found it, regardless of party (because there is plenty on all sides).

  4. You know why they didn't invite Candidate Ron Burgundy to the Big debate? Because he would win, that's why!


    Big debate, big deschmate!

  5. Not voting for either of these douche canoes.

    I'm watching for Trump to get puss-crushed by a woman with brain damage.


    2. I haven't seen a beat down like that since Reginald Denny tried to drive through a riot. I wonder how this debate would have gone had someone who doesn't want Hillary Clinton to be President had participated.

  6. I saw a movie on the Nixon-Kennedy debate of 1960 in 1970 when I was in 8th grade, and Nixon was still president. I found it curious that radio listeners perceived that Nixon had won the debate, whilst television viewers gave the win to Kennedy.

    1. Thersites,
      I think that we might have seen the same movie, but I was in college in 1970. Yeah, I'm an old woman -- still alive, still kicking.

    2. What's a few years amongst friends? ;)

    3. Thanks, FJ.

      Until this kidney malady, I certainly didn't feel or look my age.

      Coloring my hair helps. **smile**

  7. Watching the debate and just about fell over....

    HRC has no room to criticize DJT with regard to lack of financial disclosure.

    Unlike Romney, Trump came back with his retort. His retort could have been stronger, IMO. But a stronger retort runs the risk of looking like bullying.

  8. I was reading her face a few minutes ago. She looked sad!

    Not angry.


    And tired, maybe groggy.


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