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Monday, August 29, 2016

Special Snowflakes Get Slapped

(Note: this blog post is rich with links and will remain here for several days because I'm still dealing with this miserable nephrostomy. Before commenting, please read at least a portion of each link.  Thank you)

A protected group a group of whiners just lost their protected status at the University of Chicago.

The University of Chicago, of all places!

Yep, snowflakes, it's time to grow up.

Deal with it.

Freedom of expression has triumphed over the insane "doctrine" of micro-aggressions and trigger warnings.

Here is the University of Chicago's Welcome Letter for this year's incoming freshman (Click to enlarge, or go to THIS LINK):

How did we get to the sorry state of worrying about micro-aggressions and trigger warnings in the first place?

In my view, via the self-esteem movement, which, in my own experience as a teacher in a small private school, dates back to at least the 1980s. Overnight, or so it seemed at the time, teacher-parent conferences included parents whining about how their children's disobedience and refusal to do assignments resulted from "poor self-esteem." The parents were, of course, releasing their children from self-discipline and accountability.

By the late 1990s, the push was on for all children to receive awards, whether or not the children had earned said rewards.  In 1996, the private school where I had worked for eighteen years closed — in part, a reaction to the self-esteem movement: the school's director refused to compromise the standards which she had upheld for over twenty-five years.

Believe it or not, there has been a National Association for Self-Esteem since 1986. The idea of such an association was introduced by California State Assemblyman John Vasconcellos.

The National Association for Self-Esteem's web site is HERE. Take a look. It has lesson plans.

Today I teach classes for groups of homeschoolers. The past few years, the self-esteem movement has been rearing its ugly head in that venue, too, and I see fewer and fewer homeschool families interested in the courses I offer. I'm glad that I have relatively few more years before retirement.

Additional reading...Virginia Tech’s Welcome Mat: Diversity Edu. DiversityEdu is a for-profit company and lists these contributing scholars. The organization's home page is HERE.


  1. __________ AHA! SYNCHRONICITY! __________

    Once again we prove that GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE.

    See this very theme approached in verse with humor from an entirely different direction at


  2. "In a crushing blow to special snowflakes and Social Justice Warriors around the nation, the University of Chicago has issued a clear directive on the subject of free speech to the incoming class of hopeful students. There are no safe spaces or trigger warnings at this university and the exploration of ideas –– even those which may be disagreeable or even offensive to some –– will not be suppressed.

    Let's give three cheers for the University of Chicago which appears to have experienced a highly-effective Reality Check.


    Don't be a wimp.
    Straighten your spine
    And your wrist hanging limp.
    Embrace all that's fine.

    ~ Unohu

  3. The actual meaning of "DIVERSITY," –– as applied by Academics, Blacktivists, and Enemediacs in recent years ––, would be SUPPORT and EMBRACE DIVISIVENESS.

    the primary goal of the Maarxian Left has always been to DISUNITE us, DIVIDE us into warring splinter factions, preach Confusion, foment Chaos and thus render us ripe for CONQUEST –– and always in the names of Justice, Mercy, Tolerance, Understanding and "Equality."

    This is what Servants of Satan always do –– subvert the Truth by mocking it, then twisting and perverting its meaning.

    1. FT,
      Yes, the term diversity promotes DIVISIVENESS.

      The Balkanization of America.

      The Melting Pot is in serious danger of failing.

    2. The MELTING POT in now the SMELTING POT thanks to the machinations of the Left.

  4. Nice to see the pendulum swinging back...

    1. YES! And we can HELP it by expressing vigorous support for what-we-believe-to-be Right and True.

      Succumbing to Doubt, Fear, Anxiety and cynical Distrust is the perfect recipe for producing Discouragement, Dejection, Depression, and Despair all of which lead to Mental and Moral PARALYSIS –––– exactly what The Enemy most strongly desires.

      TRUST GOD (Truth, Love and Principle), read His Word, PRAY to HIM for GUIDANCE, and LISTEN to the ANSWERS He is sure to give. –––– Not always what we WANT to hear, but certain always to be exactly what we NEED.

      Be well. Be strong. Be of Good Cheer, and above all Vaya con Dios, amigo!

    2. SF,
      The pendulum is swinging back in some places, but still swinging the wrong way in others.

      Parents need to choose their children's college(s) carefully.

    3. More like "shocking", isn't it....who would ever think anybody'd have the GUTS to go against the Leftwingers and actually suggest kids should THINK, and be able to defend their views, and even like someone with opposite views?
      Shocking.....I wonder how many college administrators are saying they wish they'd had these guts...or will this guy be fired by America's Left?

    4. Oh dear! We're back to double posting again. What a nuisance!

      ----- The Gallant Gadfly

    5. The pendulum is swinging back in some places, but still swinging the wrong way in others.
      Isn't that always the way?

      I'd say this is hardly shocking. Push back has been inevitable for a while against this SJW nonsense. It's interesting that there is a blanket condemnation of the left at the same time that the right complains about being stereotyped (especially because of Trump). We spend so much time trying to define the other side that we miss the wider view.

      It may come as a surprise but these enfants terribles have their serious critics on the left who would be much more forceful if this were much more than kids with too much money and time on their hands.
      There are real issues being masked.

      I got a kick out of your praise for S. I. Hayakawa the other day, Z. He's the kind of tough leader you crave but in fact he totally caved and started the country's first ethnic studied program at San Francisco State.

    6. P.S. -- Not surprised that it's U. Chicago, Milton Friedman's base of operations that finally said enough.

    7. If you ever stopped SNEERING, Canardo, might be able to entertain your opinions and give them some serious attention, but because you are inveterately SNIDE, SARCASTIC, CAUSTIC, RUDE, DISRUPTIVE, and CONTEMPTUOUS in your general stance toward others, I find you OBNOXIOUS and INTOLERABLE.

      Why ANYONE would want to even to try to make conversation with you is beyond my comprehension,

      I admit that you are intelligent, but the USE you make of this Gift is PERVERSE and almost invariably DISPIRITING and DESTRUCTIVE.

      Long ago it reached the point where I can longer respect those who still bother with you. Sadly, this includes many I regard as friends.

  5. OFF-TOPIC but significant:

    May I ask that your prayers and good wishes be offered to my lifelong friend and mentor Kathleen who is scheduled to undergo hip-replacement surgery today at 10:30 AM EDT.

    Kathleen, a wise, very brave, strong-anded person celebrated her NINETY-THIRD birthday this February 12.

    Thank you.

    Naturally, our prayers and best wishes go every day for the recovered good health and strength of our friend AOW. That should go without saying.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! So far, you are the ONLY ONE who bothered to respond. Thanks again, but I find the general lack of caring –– and resultant rudeness –– both alarming and depressing.

    2. Most would much rather chastise, castigate, condemn, complain –– LAMPOON and MOCK –– than make the slightest effort to take a positive, encouraging, possibly helpful contribution to someone in difficulty.

      In so much as Ye have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, Ye have also done it unto me.

      ~ Christ Jesus

      We do harm only to ourselves when we fail to take notice of and express concern for the needs and feelings of others.

      Egocentrism brings endless suffering to those so afflicted.

    3. FT,
      When do you think you'll find out how Kathleen's surgery went? She is of an advanced age to have major surgery.

    4. I won't disturb my friends tonight with questions, but we should know more by tomorrow afternoon. I wish everyone could know these people. They have a cultivated approach to life that nips any tendencies they might have to express anger, resentment and anxiety in the bud. I've never known anyone else so well-versed in the art of practical application of positive thinking.

      I talked to Kathleen last night, and she seemed remarkably serene and in control.

      They have excellent doctors, so 'm fairly certain this will go well, it may take a few weeks –– or months –– to get back to normal. But WE know ALL ABOUT THAT, don't we? ;-)

    5. FT,
      Please let us know when you find out how Kathleen is doing.

  7. My parents taught us the concept of self respect. In other words, you do thing which then allow you to look in the mirror each day and respect yourself.

    Self esteem is an escape hatch for those lacking character and discipline.

  8. Off topic, but since someone mentioned the self esteem guru "Carlos Danger" - did anyone else notice that Huma apparently does not know about bleach in the washer? Even if it is laundry a la maid, shouldn't those clothing items be just a bit brighter? Isn't that the dingiest set of briefs ever?

    O.K. Done scratching the post about Carlos "I am a danger to myself".

  9. I'll confess to only having read the link to to U of Chicago, to which I can only say "Bravo"!!!

    Having spent decades tiptoeing around the delicate sensibilities of college students, I think it's long past time that someone admonished them to grow the F' up. Not everyone thinks as they do, and they should have no reasonable expectation that the rest of us should.

    Allowing them to persist in believing that their "view" of how the world should work, as opposed to exposing them to reality, does them, us, and their progeny a disservice.

    "It is what it is is" may be a trite cliche, but only up to the point that reality bites them on the ass. We can only hope that it becomes an axiom for those capable of learning the lesson. As for the rest???

  10. I don't even know what a trigger warning is and I'm not even going to look it up and don't tell me.

    Yea kids. WAY past time to grow up. WHo the hell is going to create a 'safe space' after you complete the easiest part of life?

  11. A small but important step toward the light. I would LOVE to be a gutsy frosh taking OSU's diversity course and respond to this: "Discuss the importance of diversity and inclusivity at OSU. "Woohoo! I'm right at home with this inclusivity. In this liberal state you are putting out the welcome mat for me, a conservative Christian who teaches gun safety classes to the underprivileged and volunteers at my local police action league. Lay it on - I love hearing how much you value diversity."

    Um, You can wake up now.

  12. And a PS to FT. Yes, it's a hard step at that advanced age. She must have been in great discomfort, or facing a wheelchair. They really know now how to get people moving and up and around quickly now. It's amazing, and I hope that's her experience.

    1. Thank you, Baysider. I have faith that Kathleen will mend well, but also realize it will take time and probably lots of PT to get back to a semblance of normal living. She decided to go through with this procedure on the advice of her doctor, because her husband is not as string as she, and needs lots of care. She wants to be sure SHE is the one to care for him. These dear people still live entirely on their own in a large modern house on acreage in the Smoky Mountains –– do all their own shopping, cooking, cleaning up, laundry, etc. –– and still ENTERTAIN friends from near and far for lunch and dinner parties. They finally gave up giving joint recitals after celebrating their ninetieth performing to a packed house.

      They've been a great source of inspiration –– and wonder –– to me for the past 67 years.

  13. It's charging large sums from students that brought us here. The customer is always right.

    1. Jez,
      The tuition rates certainly have something to do with this special snowflakes craziness.

      But why are parents so willing to pony up those outrageous tuitions?

      Keeping up with the Joneses?

      Feeding their self-esteem image and their children's self-esteem image?

      This blog post focused on that last one.


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