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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Something Pleasant — For A Change

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I had a surprise visitor this morning: a former piano student from some forty years ago. He came bearing flowers (Angelonia).

He stayed for over an hour so that we could do some political yodeling. LOL!

Tonight, our helper TJP, a classroom student and a piano student from some thirty years ago, will transfer the flowers to the antique flower pot at the front side of our house. These flowers attract butterflies.  I hope that butterflies are still around this late in the season.

Funny how the comforters and helpers are all men.  I guess that the boys found me unforgettable. Heh.

More below the fold.

I'm miserable with this nephrostomy, which, if all goes as planned, will remain until at least the Monday before Thanksgiving. Pain management is a huge issue. I developed a respiratory allergy to Tramadol, which I took for two months with great success. The urologist/surgeon switched me to a different medication; after about a week, I developed a rash. I will be trying a new medication today.

Now for some additional pleasant news....

Chinese Cooking Sleeve
Thanks to my Chinese client, I now have a decorative sleeve to cover this hideous urine bag that I will be carrying around for about three months.

Now I can go out in public! I am the height of fashion!

The release process from the hospital was very unsatisfactory. Inadequate supplies for the care of the neph tube and the foot-long urine bag were provided!  The bandage has to be changed every other day, and the tube flushed with saline at least every other day.  Instead of a leg strap for the bag, the hospital released me with one safety pin attaching the bag to my clothing.  Because the bag is a full foot in length, it was hanging out for all the world to see.  Gross!

A visiting nurse will be coming tomorrow.  I hope that she brings the necessary supplies!  I don't want this ailing kidney to fail because of infection!

Tonight, TJP will try his hand at changing the dressing and irrigating the tube.


  1. Lovely to get flowers and a nice visit....you've been a blessing to many, Ada....that's clear! Praying for you. Z

  2. I like angelonia. It can stand up to the heat and keep on flowering. Though it's a bit late in the year to plant it.

  3. So nice. Yes, I am taken with how it's clear you've blessed many lives. I'm glad they show up at your doorstep from time to time with some sunshine.

    1. Baysider,
      One particular homeschool mom has brought us several meals.

      I'm not much on cooking under the best circumstances.

      And under these circumstances, if I cook something I'm too worn out to eat a bite. A helluva way to lose weight!

  4. "Funny how the comforters and helpers are all men."

    I always knew you were a Femme Fatale AOW..

    Anyway, good stuff regardless.

    1. Kid,
      Femme Fatale? Hardly. But most of my boy students, especially back when I taught elementary school, had a crush on me. **smile**

      I've been told by adult men that I'm "earthy." Probably so, but I'm not intentionally earthy.

  5. TJP's first try at changing the bandage was a trial. Unforeseen circumstances, so to speak. But he got that bandage on there! Reminds me of this.


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