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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekend Humor Break

One of my recent Facebook finds:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Cute little fellow, but what's "Mexican" about him?

    1. Trevor,
      It's a Chihuahua, apparently named after the Mexican state Chihuahua.

  2. Sure, the little feller looks cute here, but give him half a chance and he'll bite your toes off. (True experience with chihuahuas.)

    1. Euripides,
      My mother, whom all dogs loved except for her best friend's chihuahua, had the same experience. That little creature jumped up and, out of nowhere, bit my mother on the knee. He did that to everyone except my mother's best friend, the only person he loved.

  3. I love dogs (as I've said before). They're such clowns and they don't care if you laugh at them. Some will even clown more for the attention.

    I've always owned a dog, sometimes two or three at the same time, once a coydog (dog/coyote mix) . Some highly intelligent and a few as dumb as a rock. But even the dumb ones could read my emotions and try to comfort me when I was sad.

    Dogs are not programed machines and each has its own personality. The way they act and behave is determined much more by your interaction than by genetic predisposition.

    1. Warren,
      Yes, most dogs are indeed clowns. The one exception I encountered: the Doxie we had when I was growing up. That little low-rider girl hated to be laughed at.

      Cats, of course, hate to be laughed at. Too proud, I guess. Of the many cats we've had, only one loves to play the clown and actually enjoys being laughed at: our sweet tortie Amber. She just adores everything about her forever home.

      The way they act and behave is determined much more by your interaction than by genetic predisposition.


      It helps if the owner is a dog talker -- as you are.


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