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Monday, August 15, 2016

Refugee By Sabo

With a hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance:
Street artist crashes ‘Refugee’ art exhibit, includes terrorists and jihadis.

According to the YouTube blurb, the "REFUGEE" exhibit is showing at the Annenberg Space for Photography from April 23 - Aug 21, 2016, in Century City, California.

Additional information HERE.


  1. "Truth is treason in an empire of lies" - George Orwell

    1. SF,
      Never truer than in the 21st Century.



      This was very sad news, but I was not surprised. The McLaughlin Group has been a ritual that defined Sunday morning for me for the past twenty-two years –– ever since I stopped attending church. Can't imagine what life will be like without John McLaughlin, but he'd been looking peeked most of the past year, seemed low on energy, lacked his usual brisk, acerbic tone, and slouched in his host's chair as though exhausted during many of the recent episodes.

      Last Sunday –– just three days ago ––, I tuned in with my usual cut of coffee to watch the fur fly, and was genuinely shocked to see the announcement preceding the program telling us in Mclaughlin's own words that he would be absent for the first time in 34 years –– ever since the program began.

      Even so, he still managed to announce each change of topic in a series of recorded messages, but his voice sounded weak, his speech slurred, and I sort of knew he wouldn't be with us much longer, though naturally I hoped he'd be able to return for another round or two, and at least see us through the election.

      Alas! It was not meant to be.

      Luis Rukeyser's untimely death several years ago, left a big hole in PBS's programming. Losing McLaughlin may very well sound the death knell for the organization as we've known and loved it. The quality of programing has been going steadily downhill for several decades Downton Abbey notwithstanding.

      To lose Antonin Scalia, Downton Abbey and John McLaughlin all in one year –– especially THIS dreadful election year –– is depressing and discouraging.

      I think it may be safe to assume he suffered a stroke, but what difference does it take what finished him? He was a doughty old guy –– a lovable curmudgeon, –– an American Original, who had become an institution.

      He will be sorely missed, and we are unlikely to see his equal again in our lifetime.

      Bye Bye, John. We loved you.

    3. FT,
      Not a stroke, but prostate cancer that had spread.

    4. I read several obituaries about it, AOW, and not one of them mentioned ANY specific cause of death.

      How did you learn it was prostate cancer?

      By the way it's VERY rare for men to die of the "normal," non-acute form of the disease. It's such a slow-growing cancer that treatment is rarely recommended for men over sixty.

      At any rate McLaughlin had not been looking well for most of the past year. I attributed it to his advanced age, and his voice had lost most of its usual incisive quality –– always his stock-in-trade. I felt he was just doggedly going through the motions for quite some time.

      Even so, the news of his sudden death came as a shock.

    5. FT,
      I saw the information at the New York Times.

      Also see Wikipedia.

    6. FT,
      By the way it's VERY rare for men to die of the "normal," non-acute form of the disease. It's such a slow-growing cancer that treatment is rarely recommended for men over sixty.


      But prostate cancer can kill. My former employer died of prostate cancer in his 80s.

    7. There is more than one strain of prostate cancer. One is highly aggressive, and can claim a life n a matter of weeks, but that is not the normal prognosis. Both of my grandfathers lived to the age of ninety. My pagterbal grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age eighty-seven. He did not die from the disease. His heart just gave out. It was high time frankly.

      I'm sorry to have to say he wasn't a very nice person.

    8. FT,
      I wonder when McLaughlin was first diagnosed with prostate cancer.

  2. "This isn't even art."
    Hmm, he bit off quite a bit there and then goes on to label the show, "left wing art".

    He seems to believe that a more humanistic look at refugees is somehow crowding out his own biases. Or he looks at himself as a guardian of "truth". A "truth" which seems unable to accommodate the photos in the show.

    His own posters are ambiguous. He wants the poor benighted leftists to accept his vision which in some cases includes the very acts of barbarity that caused people to become refugees in the first place.

    It's also worth informing him that the people photographed for the show are far from exclusively muslim but I doubt that matters to him.

    Just another right winger who thinks he has an easy answer to complex questions. That's how you get candidate Trump.

    1. Duck,
      Sabo is a right winger?

      What do we objectively know about this man?

    2. Culturally decaffeinating "the other" is typical Left wing tradecraft. Leftists profess a deep love for immigrants, then buy residences in gated communities with armed security guards.

    3. FJ,
      Leftists profess a deep love for immigrants, then buy residences in gated communities with armed security guards.

      So typical of the Left. They protect themselves, but inflict hell on the rest of us. All in the name of social justice.

      "Some animals are more equal than others."

    4. Herr Salamo said

      Why can't you just say these things in plain English, Farmer, instead of digging up perplexing abstruse terminology that few-if-any will ever bother to look up?

      Do you really want your messages to remain obscure and incomprehensible to all but some mysterious "in group" whose identity must stay shrouded in mystery?

      Your fancy French term just means to REVERSE or OBSCURE the MEANING of terms in common parlance.

      YES. That's EXACTLY wha Leftists do ALL the TIME. They change the meaning of things everyone has known all their lives, and then deem normal, perfectly respectable terms like NEGRO "offensive, " and therefore taboo.

      It's a well-known method of intimidating normal people into SUBMITTING THEMSELVES to LEFTIST DOMINATION. It's why we now must wrote BEIJING instead of PEKING, and MUMBAI instead of BOMBAY, and why we must use clumsy, "INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE" dreamt up by power-crazed FEMINAZI's, instead of writing in good standard English.

      Resorting to mystifying, esoteric terminology does not make ANYONE any smarter. It just magnifies the already impenetrable fog of CONFUSION generated by ACADEMIA and the ENEMEDIA.

    5. Herr Salamo,
      Now, now. It's Farmer's style.

    6. Funny, I thought that I said everything that Herr Salmo said, but in only nine words instead of two hundred.

    7. Herr Salamo said

      I'm sure you believe you "said it" in fewer words, Farmer, but you did not say it in ENGLISH.

      You choose most of the time to speak in recondite jargon –– a form of CODE incomprehensible to most of us poor peons.

      Why this should be the case I have no idea, but I didn't mean to condemn you for it. I only urge you to call a spade a spade instead of a beche or a spathé.

      IF I had suggested calling it "a forged metal , flat-bladed digging implement with a long wooden handle attached," I'd have no choice but to agree with your assessment that I am prolix, verbose or excessively loquacious. ;-)

      I ask only for clarity and directness nothing more.

  3. Perfect quote, SF.

    Beautifully done. The message blends well with the actual exhibit - they're coming here among us. It balances the hearts and flowers propaganda with a reality check.

  4. "the people photographed for the show are far from exclusively muslim"


    Objective investigation by SNOPES reveals that [they] are mostly Evangelistic Finnish Lutherans!

  5. His contention that the 9/11 attackers were refugees also demonstrates how completely removed he is from any balanced idea.

    Berg, don't be a dope. You can go to the source for an overview of the show or you can trust a bigot to make up your mind for you.
    I know how it will go but you might take a little initiative.

    1. "Berg, don't be a dope"

      It appears that I'M being requested NOT to respond, in kind!

    2. No, you are requested to discuss why an photography exhibit which presents refugees as human beings is suddenly labeled as "leftist" and "not even art".

      Is that something the right sees as subversive?

    3. It's rawr like a Scandinavian metal album cover.

    4. OK, you win. Everything portrayed in the video is art, everything. If you had actually read my first comment it's obvious that "art" wasn't even an issue. Now, that's the last bit of attention you get today.

    5. Jon,
      Duck shouldn't have insulted you like that. Grrrrr.

    6. AOW,

      I've noticed that he blows his cool when someone points-out his absurdities. Since no one takes him seriously I wonder why he continues.

    7. Judas Maccabeus said

      CANARDO should have a stake driven through his black perverted heart, then be sealed in a lead-lined coffin and BURIED in the CITY DUMP.

  6. Sabo's art

    Kind of a no talent Banksy.
    His photoshop skills are best described as "primitive".

    But that's why the "leftist" artist has a one person show at a prestigious museum and he's reduced to vandalizing bus stops.

    1. No, the actual show is filled with naught but Left-wing "decaffeinated" photos of others. Sabo "sabo-tages" the show with a few more "caffeinated" photos of the "real" others.

    2. He returns to the viewer the "real cultural jouissance" substituted out by the photographer in the original photo (vulnerability to violence)

    3. Sabo takes some stock news photos and vandalizes bus stop benches.

      There is no creativity in his screed art unlike a graffiti artist like Banksy who has considerable talent.

      The guy just feeds into your bigoted fears.
      The only place he returns the viewer is either to:

      1. Bigotry
      2. Fear
      3. The cause of the crisis

      Nothing much to see.

    4. Peoples of the left do not like have their blinders removed. The mental squirming of people like Ducky is embarrassing to watch.

    5. You forgot 4. Sexism. It would appear that "Sabo" is crimping the hypocritical Left's style... :)

    6. Brilliant as usual, FreeThinke.

      You seem incapable of realizing that the "Refugee" show is removing blinders and that is what this jackie is reacting to.

  7. Wait. I thought the photo of the vandalized bus stop wad the art.

  8. Farmer wins the thread. Poor Ducky threw both shoulders out swinging at the wind.

    Farmer, you nail the very essence of fetishizing leftwingers. Their childish stupidity would be funny if the rest of us didn't have to live with the consequences.

    1. A little sugar for the coffee, Zizek is trying to get the Left to recognize it's own shortcomings. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Leftists have fallen prey to their own forms of cultural capitalism, and have become tone deaf to truth.

  9. Missing from the conversation is something a man once said to me, the thought is forever in my mind. He is a risk taking globalist who travels to the darkest and most corrupt nations of the earth:

    "Tammy, most of the world does not look like America."

    He followed through with examples, but one will suffice. In Calcutta men "own" busy intersections and lease the boulevard to women who have bought children for the purpose of begging. The children are deliberately malnourished. When a child dies the corpse is left out on the pavement for several hours because of financial reward.

    Life is incredibly cheap and values harsh in much of the world. What about the American women raped in South Sudan, the journalist killed by marauding military troops? This is not an anomaly. It is a daily fact of life.

    The mass immigration of the Irish during the potato famine brought in families who had a shared civilizational value system. A massive import of individuals who live under the shadow of institutionalized violence and life-is-cheap perhaps does not serve us well.

    I maintain it takes a minimum of three generations to change mere cultural nuance. Will our next Sudanese immigrant be one of the men who gang raped our American women near Juba, South Sudan?

    Societal health depends on female sense of well-being. How well do we imagine the psychological health of the women who were gang-raped in the Sudan? The street artist is a humanist. The soft images otherwise displayed are the work of propagandists.

    1. Tammy,

      Well-stated. As Paul Harvey used to remind us, "It's not one world."

      Society is a thin veneer, and the society we enjoy today (and watch with horror as a million rats, cockroaches and batwinged goblins slowly destroy it) didn't just magically appear. Man's natural state is a Hobbesean all-against-all, where life is "nasty, brutish and short." Hundreds of millions of fat dumschitts squatting on western soil with their heads firmly planted in social media have no clue...

      The only saving grace is that if it all tips over, they will go first, and they'll go quickly. Then we can concentrate on the feral among us, but once the easy prey is gone and the stores all looted and burned, they will dwindle as well...

    2. The mass immigration of the Irish during the potato famine brought in families who had a shared civilizational value system.

      Families purposely starved by the English and the Corn Laws.

    3. Who knew that ducky was such a "free trader"?

      You must LOVE Hillary Clinton!

  10. We are all familiar with the Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire, but I wonder...

    Is Western Christendom the first civilization to willfully and happily import poverty, illiteracy, innumeracy, obscurantism, misogyny, superstition and simmering hatred for its cultural achievements and its standards of morality, virtue and tolerance?

    1. SF,
      In answer to your question: maybe.

      But is there really anything new under the sun?

    2. AOW,

      There was a time when we needed immigrants, and I give progressives of the old days some credit: They set standards for our common culture and our nation and they demanded people learn them and adhere to them. That was a major driver of public schools, to herd the progeny of immigrants and semi-civilized backwoods newcomers to the cities and teach them civility and make them fit to weave themselves into the nation's fabric.

      It's also worth noting that we had no government public assistance at that time. You had to make it on your own, and that is a wonderful motivator as well as a great filter to screen out deadbeat immigrants and attract only the industrious.

  11. We knew it already, but thanks to hacktivists, we now have documented proof:

    George Soros is Evil

    George Soros is a batwinged international supervillain bankrolling a sovereignty-destroying globalist agenda.

    If you support George Soros or take money from George Soros, you are an America-hating traitor.

    1. SF,
      It just figures that Soros is the lead for the "cash for refugees" scam.

      The man is the epitome of human evil.

  12. Ducky,

    I am always glad to see you respond to something I write. You are thoughtful and well educated.

    But I stand by my contention. The civilizational differences between the West and the Muslim world are immense. I would share about my bathroom experience two days ago but perhaps "what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom".

    Superstitions and tribalism are not kissing cousins of the West. They are the dragons we began to slay during the era of Jean Jacques Rousseau and beyond. Medieval practices are retrograde dark energy political forces which seek to challenge enlightenment: a disinfectant for the human condition.

    1. And I will stand by mine.

      The value system at the time of the Irish famine consisted of valuing grain profits at the expense of mass starvation.

      Now, we play a major role in creating a horror in the mideast and refuse to accept the results of our values.

      To say that we are not also guilty of tribalism seems to me, naive.

    2. Are you and The Last English Prince using the same definition of "value system"? I don't think so.

    3. I think that they are, AoW, but in different "subjective" senses... TLEP from the Irish Emigre's perspective and ducky of the English oppressor's subjective perspective.

      ...and Ducky's right in the sense that our free-trading 'corporatism' keeps the ME an economic sh*t-hole, but perhaps if they reformed Islam to permit 'corporatization', they could more "fairly" compete in a "free-trade" environment. Otherwise, they should develop and apply their own "corn-laws" and keep Western goods OUT.

    4. "...Otherwise, they should develop and apply their own "corn-laws" and keep Western goods OUT."

      It's not like they haven't the money...let's let the Saudis champion their own people and capitalize to the MAX...open businesses, put people to work and keep out our goods (and CHina's) NO PROBLEM. GO FOR IT. Just leave us ALONE....when it's all calm again, let's talk trade. Heck, I'm down with vetting US better coming into the ME, too :-) tit for tat.

  13. Some background on the reasons for the historic absence of Islamic "corporations" for my comment, above.

  14. “Like most left-wing art, it only tells half of the story — a kinder, more genteel half. It challenges nothing."
    That really caught my attention....It's true; there CAN be no challenges about anything the Leftwingers admire or champion...that's sad and really so...DUMB.

    To think people are driving by pictures of terrorists with Christians in orange suits about to be beheaded and that they see REFUGEE and don't question that is hard to believe...No women, no children...REFUGEES? (As I keep asking "who's paying for all of their cell phones?"...think about it).

    Ah, well....the new AMerica: DO NOT THINK, JUST FEEL. Thanks, lefties.

    1. Is art tasked to "tell the whole story"? Is that even possible?

      I still don't see what makes Sabo's agitprop "art", even in a conceptual sense,
      It doesn't even pass as photojournalism. Taking a stock photo (almost certainly without permission) and slapping the Annenberg trade mark on it (illegal) is problematic as well as the fact that he's defacing advertising space that Annenberg purchased.
      Count the conservative values in his art.

      He also has a Ted Cruz photo that he slaps on the back of busses along with a phone number.
      The number happens to be the Gagosian gallery in Beverly Hills. They are currently in the middles of an Ed Ruscha show so I doubt they handle Sabo.
      The purpose of Sabo's little jape isn't clear.

      So it's nothing but cheap agitprop in my opinion. But is that image of his one that didn't achieve prominence? Is the conception of "refugee" in the Annenberg show the majority opinion (I don't believe so).

      Oh, when you drive by the image, how do you know the condemned are Christians not Muslims? Just curious.

      But really, you have some serious artistic skills, just what makes this crap "art"?

    2. What makes Andy Warhol's soup can art?

      from Wiki:
      Another important notion developed by the LI, was that of détournement, a technique of reutilising plagiarised material (literary, artistic, cinematic, etc.) for a new and usually radical purpose. The defining LI text here was the 1956 "A User's Guide to Détournement", by Debord and Wolman, from Les Lèvres Nues no. 8. They argued: "In truth, it is necessary to do away with the whole notion of personal property in this area. The emergence of new demands renders earlier 'great works' obsolete. They become obstacles, bad habits. It is not a question of whether we like them or not. We must pass them by."[5] These techniques were subsequently used extensively by the Situationists. In addition, such characteristically situationist concepts as the construction of situations and the supersession of art were first developed by the LI.

      The Left invented this crap (French "Beat" Generation) so scream ALL you like. Like most things in life, what goes around eventually comes around. :)

    3. Comparing Sabo to the Situationalists doesn't quite cut it.

      Comparing his "oevre" to a rediscovery of the anarchism and goals of dada is clearly not Sabo's intent,

    4. Cultural capitalism is a Left wing "product". Sabo is simply a "new" Situationalist. :)

    5. DUcky, I didn't call it crap. The photos aren't bad.
      I don't see how they can be mistaken, it's not Christians standing over Muslims reading to behead, is it? MANY of them look like jihadists...and to call them REFUGEES belittles the plight of true refugees and glamourizes them, too.

      It sort of reminds me of a Benetton ads that were in Paris when I first moved there...REALLY REALLY handsome mostly black men on billboards telling how much time they had to do in prison...but NOT THEIR CRIME. It looked like these model-types were being held for fun...really dishonest message on Beneotton's part. Not sure they were wearing Benetton clothing, I don't think so..just a liberal "aren't we so cool?" , misleading ad campaign.

    6. So let's recap ...

      ISIS has not executed Muslims. They show Shia muslims nothing but brotherly love.

      In this case it is Sabo how insinuates the executioners are refugees.

      If you want to advance this, why not drop in on the show at Annenberg. I'd like to read your review. I doubt it resembles the Colors of Benneton campaign but your mileage may vary.
      One of the contributors is the photographer who started the People of New York project.

      Leads to the question of why these photographers have had several shows but Sabo is relegated to defacing benches.
      It is a legitimate question.

    7. Sunnis and Shias rarely show each other brotherly love Heh.

  15. Replies
    1. Yeah, we're ALL rascists, right ducky? Cruz fell for the old "get the Republican to denounce him cuz he used the 'n word" scam. Trump won't. It's got no power over "thinking" people.

    2. ps - The "box" on the New Blank Panther Party epic "Birth of a Nation" remake is going to be toast. No woman in her right mind will go see the rapist movie, now. :)

    3. Sabo is a provacateur, and has certainly gored a sacred cow. Reminds me of Piss Christ or Holy Virgin Mary (in dung). At least he's not a copraphiliac. :)

    4. Lena Dunham is considered a soft target.

      That's this clown's best game?

    5. She could always hire Donald Glover for a "token" black bodyguard again.

  16. YUP!

    Stepanfetchit said

    Hooebber dat wuzz, hee sho got DAT rite. Ain no doudaboudit. DAT man spoke de TROOF.

    Hoowuzzit? Kriss Rock?

  17. Not surprised that there's an exhibit meant to romanticize the plight of refugees and whitewash the truth about what is really happening. All part of the plan to hoodwink low information Americans who won't know the truth until they hear someone shout ALLAHU AKBAR before attacking with a machete or blowing themselves up.

    1. Not in South Carolina, Mike.

      More likely to be blown away in church by a Neo-nazi.
      You're probably safe.

    2. Duck @ Mike,
      Not in South Carolina, Mike.

      More likely to be blown away in church by a Neo-nazi.

      Or in Olympia, Washington?


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