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Monday, August 8, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton's Laugh Of The Lunatic

With a hat tip to Adrienne of Adrienne's Corner:

Read Is Hillary Clinton sick? Insane?...

Also see Hillary Clinton freezes in fear over a heckler.

Is it any wonder that she regularly disappears from the campaign trail for a day or two?

My own anecdotal "evidence":

When I first saw the prism on Hillary's eyeglasses — during the Benghazi Hearings, no less — I knew without a doubt that she had suffered some kind of TBI. Mr. AOW had to wear prisms like that because his hemorrhagic stroke damaged at least one nerve controlling equal tracking of the eyes.

I can't prove it, of course, but I suspect that Hillary's outburst during the Benghazi hearings was directly related to steroids prescribed for brain swelling.  I know something about steroids as prescribed for brain swelling: Mr AOW had to take large doses of steroids after his brain surgery in 1993.

As for what's going on right now with Hillary's health, I have little personal frame of reference other than to say that her abdomen appears bloated. I've seen that kind of bloat in family members who had congestive heart failure (my grandmother, for example, and she wore tunic tops to disguise the bloat) and in acquaintances who were late-stage alcoholics.

Recent photo of HRC being helped up the steps


  1. It seems like stress can cause Hillary Clinton to have seizures, which is why her medic ordered all the Secret Service to get off the stage, in order to calm her down and end the seizure she was having.

    Stress also caused Hillary to have a seizure when multiple reporters were talking to her at once:
    Check it out on Google yourself if you don't believe me.

  2. The photo making the rounds of a large black man who appears not to be of the S.S. who seems to be always around her, carrying something in his hand has been tentatively identified as an injectable form of diazepam used as an anti-seizure medication,

    1. Bunkervillle,
      Diazepam? YIKES!

      Where did you read the information you provided?

    2. I did a post on it with much hesitation. I never thought I would get down and post to this level but apparently its every man and woman for themselves in trying to save our grand Republic.

  3. Hellary Clinton is a walking, talking haunted house with bats in the attic.

    I agree with you: She probably has some serious health issues that require serious meds, and I wouldn't doubt she's an alcoholic. How could such an execrable creature stand to live with herself?

  4. That's a great production.

    Here's a shorter one: Hillary's Greatest Hits

  5. Gads. We now know the drug soup JFK was on, including anti-psychotics, and the side effects ranging from depression to meglomania. This isn't wise in a leader. Good call, AOW. Rational and not hyperbole.

  6. Meanwhile, the rabid wingnuts are diagnosing Hillary Clinton from their keyboards and calling her mentally unstable with symptoms of everything from brain seizures to congestive heart failure. They're really outdoing themselves in wingnuttery and hysterics. I actually feel sorry for the poor dupes, they're really too blind stupid to see Donald Trump the way the rest of the world sees him. Trump is a full 10 points behind Hillary and its only August. I assume the dregs over at the Stench Trench are on suicide watch.
    Just because she stutters a lot, falls down stairs on occasions, and has a few convulsions now and then, there is no need for jumping to conclusions.

    1. Who left the gate to the nut house open?

    2. Hillary is called mentally unstable based on her behavior that has been visible to all or written about by eyewitnesses over the past 25 years. While people always speculate about the health of candidates, the prize for mental health speculation goes wholly to left wing Democrats. My word, even professionals who should have known better - and without a shred of evidence - pronounced darkly on Richard Nixon's mental health when they really 'meant' to say 'I disagree with him.' Which I did, too. We heard it long and hard about Reagan, Bush and now Trump. But never about Carter or Obama and rarely Bill Clinton. Just seems to be a favorite leftie swipe so they don't have to stand up arguments and defend positions rationally.

  7. There are none so blind, as those who WILL NOT SEE. "I'll start singing, Bye-bye, Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry..."


  8. I'm sure that I heard Shrillary say, to paraphrase: 'I'll raise the taxes on the middle class' a few days ago. I just heard her say that she wouldn't raise taxes on the middle class. Which, if not both, of these statements were "short circuits" or just plain lies?

    1. Jon,
      She did say that.

      Freudian slip? Short circuit? A combination of both?

    2. ECONOMICS 101: No economy can tax itself into prosperity. There are, at least, two problems with Shrillary and DemocRAT supporters:

      1) Their economic acumen doesn't extend past the next government hand-out.

      2) There are way too many of them.

  9. Review, dated January 2, 2013:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose globe-trotting tour as secretary of state was abruptly halted last month by a series of health problems, was discharged from a New York hospital on Wednesday evening after several days of treatment for a blood clot in a vein in her head.

    The news of her release was the first welcome sign in a troubling month that grounded Mrs. Clinton — preventing her from answering questions in Congress about the State Department’s handling of the lethal attack on an American mission in Libya or being present when President Obama announced Senator John Kerry as his choice for her successor when she steps down as secretary of state.

    “Her medical team advised her that she is making good progress on all fronts, and they are confident she will make a full recovery,” Philippe Reines, a senior adviser to Mrs. Clinton, said in a statement.

    Mrs. Clinton, 65, was admitted to NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital on Sunday after a scan discovered the blood clot. The scan was part of her follow-up care for a concussion she sustained more than two weeks earlier, when she fainted and fell, striking her head. According to the State Department, the fainting was caused by dehydration, brought on by a stomach virus. The concussion was diagnosed on Dec. 13, though the fall had occurred earlier that week.

    The clot was potentially serious, blocking a vein that drains blood from the brain. Untreated, such blockages can lead to brain hemorrhages or strokes. Treatment consists mainly of blood thinners to keep the clot from enlarging and to prevent more clots from forming, and plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration, which is a major risk factor for blood clots.


    The fact that Mrs. Clinton had a blood clot in the past — in her leg, in 1998 — suggests that she may have a tendency to form clots, and may need blood-thinners long-term or even for the rest of her life...

    More at the above link.



    "I'll get you, and your little dog too."


  11. The creature clearly has health problems. But we all know tha tdemocrat supporters will vote for a dead squirrel, so...

  12. Holy cow. If Hillary becomes disabled, we'll have to bring back Handicapped Bathroom, that along with Transgender Bathrooms, a normal person would have nowhere to go!

  13. She even Lies About Her Lying!

  14. Hillary is about ready for the taxidermy consult....


  15. Fascinating is the disappearance of your liberal readers when there's an article pointing out Hillary's health....because the evidence is becoming undeniable?

    1. @Z,

      As you know, liberals live in a total fantasy world. When the BOOGIEMAN called truth comes along they scramble for their hiding places.

    2. What undeniable evidence?

      It ain't over till Breitfart says it's over.

      There is some circumstantial evidence here but the fringe right seems to have no freaking idea how to report it.
      Jim Hoft? Give me a freaking break and find a site that can do some reporting.

    3. Duck,
      Observe for yourself.

      I have -- and I reached my own conclusions without consulting Breitbart and Jim Hoft.

      A doctor I ain't, but I have enough life experience to see that something isn't right with Hillary's health.

    4. My own mother suffered a TBI in a car wreck a few months ago, a pretty serious one requiring a bone flap to drain hemorrhaging. Her ADLs are improving but we're looking at years of recovery if she ever truly fully recovers.

      So, I'm pretty emotionally invested in the topic of TBI recovery.

      If my own mother could do again the things Hillary Clinton seems capable of doing now, I'd be grateful.

      But perhaps Hillary's injury isn't / wasn't as severe as is it being bandied about to be by admittedly hostile and non-neutral observations.

      As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, my judgement of her fitness to be President does not include unqualified medical assessments that seem borne of tastelessness and cruelty rather than a tangible concern.

      Let's see Hillary Clinton mistaking a napkin for food or something truly alarming.

    5. Beamish,
      I know more than I ever wanted to know about TBI's -- as you are aware from following my blogging venture.

      Various factors apply for all of us as we consider how to vote on November 8, 2016. Neurological health capacity is but one criterion.

    6. Indeed. Maybe it's fair to be concerned about Hillary's brain injury. But I only have a severe, extreme TBI to compare with, so in that perspective I guess if Hillary has a TBI, the damage is negligible in comparison.

      It just seems to me this election isn't lending itself to policy discussion but rather wild innuendos, slanders, and name calling.

      It saddens me.

  16. Pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli was once called the most hated man in America for raising the price of HIV drug Daraprim over 5000 percent. Well, he now has another person — presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — hating him, this time for revealing what he thinks is behind her recent health problems.

    In an interview, Shkreli, the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, said that his experience with the pharmaceutical industry has led him to believe that the Democrat nominee has been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

    1. What experience with the pharmaceutical industry?

      The guy's a corporate raider with no medical experience.

      Like I say, there may be something here but it merits quality in depth reporting not the word of a Wall St. sleaze.

    2. Duck,
      I've read that Hillary has been taking Coumadin (Warfarin) long term. I think that information is well documented.

      Over time, Coumadin is toxic.

      Rat poison.

    3. I don't doubt the possibility that she has a problem with clots.

      It is a significant issue but leading with the Gateway Pundit isn't going to get it noticed and considered.

    4. Duck,
      Again, I drew my own conclusions before Gateway Pundit started discussing the matter.

      AS for problems with clots, my grandmother had those for some 20 years. I know only too well what effects those clots had on her thinking capacity. Were she here, she'd not hesitate to say, "I should never be President. I'm no longer sharp enough in the head."


  17. A Clinton Foundation official pressed Hillary Clinton´s top aide Huma Abedin to give special State Department access to a major donor who was accused of laundering money from Nigeria, according to emails released on Tuesday. Doug Band, a top official at the Clinton Foundation, emailed Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin in April 2009 and asked her to connect Gilbert Chagoury, a billionaire Lebanese businessman who pledged $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative, with the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman. Chagoury, a former confidante of brutal Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha, was convicted in 2000 of laundering Nigerian money to Switzerland in


  18. Shillsry was PROVEN a liar by Comey, and she still says she wasn't.

    There are Many other examples, it you look for them,,
    But, you Keep sucking up, to her Shaw? It fits you fine..

  19. Parkinson's instead of a TBI? I've watched a few recent Hillary videos, and her movements seem quite Parkinsonian.

  20. Beamish,
    In the ongoing discussion here and with my own personal concerns about upcoming surgery on my kidney, I have neglected to say how sorry I am the your mother has suffered a TBI. I understand the situation -- you KNOW I do. Don't sell your mother short. Recovery from a hemorrhage is slow, but the recovery is better than from blockage.

    As for this election cycle, I can't say if it's worse than other election cycles. I wasn't paying attention to the down-and-dirty aspects of elections until 2004. I, "the upstart" as Beak dubbed me, have not been a lifelong follower of politics.

  21. The REAL reason polls show Hillary is ahead, is because Republicans are out Working, NOT taking Polls

  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqbDBRWb63s&sns=em

  23. Any of the dupes who still believe Sicko, Hillary the Crook would make a good president is as SICK as she is. But now knowing that she is really a Sicko, in all ways scares the hell out of people in this this country and wold be enough to keep me and most people awake at night, knowing that a shaking sicko has the ability to push that button .

    Hillary cannot, will not be the next president, No freemen way.

  24. Hillary's health issues issues includes balance, dizziness, assembling cogent thoughts. Coumadin and her hypothyroid issues equal prolonged periods of treatment via Thyroxine and a varied amount of side effects, and lets not forget her constant coughing. And lets not forget that Doctor who follows her around and carries a Diazapam pen- Diazepam is used to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or muscle spasms.But to even question Hillary’s health issues is shameful! LOL...
    These symptoms are FAR from normal. There is something wrong with this woman…aside from her deviousness, lying, cold-hardheartedness, raging like a lunatic, the fact that she's a bitch, and so on. She is medically not fit to become our PRESIDENT, no way, no how..


  25. Rational Nation USAAugust 12, 2016 at 7:41 PM
    What ever happened to seeking truth, justice, and the American Way?

    Personally, I am beginning to believe more each day Americans have NO idea what all that means anymore.

    WHAT HAPPENED? Obsma was elected! That's what happened!

  26. The Clinton foundation is being used to hide money given to the Clinton's..........and in a sane world there would be major investigative reports from every major news network since a Presidential candidate is using this foundation to accept money from mega donors...and did so while she was Secretary of state......

    And they stole money from Haitian relief efforts...you know....starving people in desperate need of help.......but Hillary is running for office and needs the cash for that....

    But Trump was accused of being mean to a baby

  27. Isn't it Funny how Misses Piggie aka Hillary is always Bitching about "Millionsirs, and Billionairs, in her Campaign Pledges, but has No Problem With taking money from Billionaires If They Are On Her Side!


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