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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yes, It's Servergate

Less than two minutes in length and a good summary of Hillary's failure to obfuscate how much trouble is looming for her:


  1. Go ahead an have your fun, but in the end HillRy will be the next Presidend of the United States of America,
    Trump's not gonna win, man! Nothing to worry about. There are millions of decent, God-fearing republicans in our fair land. Millions more who identify as republican that come from a moral upbringing.

    Trump is just a sideshow. The bearded lady.

    It doesn't really matter exactly who the republicans nominate. What matters is that it is not Trump. Have some faith. I hope the republicans have sense enough to nominate Fiorina. It's already thirty years too late. She might actually win.

    I mean, it's a given that Trump will never be president. Just like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity will never be president. Like Pat Buchanan will never be president. Women do have the right to vote.

    1. What a fusillade of fatuous, petty partisan rhetoric! You have expressed nothing beyond a projection of wishful thinking –– and more than a hint of FEAR that your assertions against Mr. Trump may prove false.

      Tell us , PLEASE, what it is that makes you believe Mrs. Clinton has anything POSITIVE to offer. List her virtues, if you can, I BEG you.

      So far no one I've asked has come up with any kind of answer at all to that perfectly reasonable question.

      What is GOOD about Hillary Clinton?

      TELL us, please. I DARE you! ;-)

    2. FT,
      What a fusillade of fatuous, petty partisan rhetoric!

      It's one manifestation of the panic mode now overtaking the Democratic Party.

    3. "The People for Hillary Clinton" is now down to Huma Wiener and Cheryl Mills, and even that is now in question...

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  3. Great find AOW, says it all. Maybe we will finally be done with the Clintons after all these years.

    1. Bunkerville,
      Thank you.

      I had another post up for today, but pulled it back to draft form as soon as I found this video on Facebook.

  4. _______ "Me And My Server" _______

    (Sung to the tune of Me and My Shadow)

    Shades of night are falling and I'm lonely
    Scheming on the hustings, feeling blue.
    Voters wanting fun
    Leave me one by one;
    Guess I'll wind up like I always do
    With only

    Me and My Server
    Opening state secrets to
    Enemy agents
    Giving bucks to me not you
    They see me as a rock
    For them I’m there
    They needn’t knock,

    For their dreams I share.
    So, Me and My Server
    Open doors so they’ll come through
    And when we’re deep in hock
    They’ll climb your stairs
    And knock

    Then liquidate your stock
    So, Me and My Server
    Will really put the screws to you!

    ~ Anne Animus

  5. How can any woman in her right mind support the woman who consistently supports Planned Parenthood and voiced support for partial birth abortion?

    Perhaps it is the women who find their sleep unaffected on finding that Planned Parenthood does not mind taking scissors to a small face, starting at the jaw and moving to the skull - to seek an intact brain to offer up in an organ trafficking scheme.

    Do these societal monsters use the scissors women use to separate a Cornish hen into two pieces? Garden shears? Scissors made in Germany?

    This is now Generation anti-Abortion. I do not think Hillary has a huge following amongst this new generation of logical and humane thinkers.

    Hillary the Liar cannot be trusted. Whether it is her sham tale of dodging bullets on the tarmac in Bosnia or destroying the life of an obscure YouTube film maker to cover a 9/11 terror attack in Benghazi - the woman lies.

    What bothers me the most is her arrogant posture. She believes she cannot be touched. We don't need another arrogant POTUS. The current one has done substantial damage to our world standing.

    The Last English Prince

    1. Obviously no one who supports Mrs. Clinton could possibly be in his or her right mind. ;-)

      I do have one question for you, Tammy:

      You seem to be saying Planned Parenthood facilitates the abortion of fully-formed BABIES, and deliberately MURDERS them IN their mother's womb –– an actual BUTCHERING operation for the PRIMARY PURPOSE of SELLING their BODY PARTS for PROFIT.

      Is that a fair appraisal of what you meant to say?

      If so, Planned Parenthood –– whose OSTENSIBLE goals I support, by the way –– has taken up where Josef Mengele left off, and should be prosecuted for the hideous crime of literally SLAUGHTERING INFANTS for PROFIT.

      Naturally, I hope my interpretation of your vivid statement is a huge distortion of what ACtUALLY goes on in this organization.

    2. Tammy and FT,
      I will be posting about human gestation tomorrow. And, yes, the blog post will include the latest video exposé of Planned Parenthood. However, my blog post will not consist solely of that video; my blog post will also include the Carnegie stages and the photo of a baby delivered at 19 weeks' gestation.

    3. Thersites,
      I have watched the entire video. What ghouls these Planned Parenthood abortionists are!

    4. They've been largely un-regulated since Roe. It's time to make the abortionists catch up with and adhere to the same standards the rest of the medical profession must follow.

  6. The primary tactic employed by the Left –– and that of course, includes, the Enemedia, the Entertainment Business, the Pop Music Industry, the Publishing Industry, the Legal Profession, the Courts, the Campus, the Public Schools, the RINOS, and the Democrats –– is to render themselves IMPERVIOUS to REASON –– to DISMISS FACTS that don't support their aims –– to STONEWALL and show profound DISRESPECT to any and all who QUESTION them –– to MOCK, SCORN, DERIDE, DISMISS and attempt to IMPUGN the MOTIVES of all who OPPOSE them.

    This utter refusal to cooperate with citizens groups and authorities who try to take them to task seems to work like a charm.

    Kenneth Starr, Darryl Issa and Trey Gowdey have gotten NOWHERE, and have been ignored or vilified so regularly in the enemedia they have become almost a laughingstock.

    I hold the RINO's primarily responsible for this. Their failure to ACT as an OPPOSITION to the Democrat's agenda makes them COMPLICIT in all the wrongdoing and arrant stupidity perpetrated by leftists.

    Since we appear to have abandoned the Rule of Reason altogether in the political arena, I can't see that any serious attempt to UNDERSTAND what's happening will do the slightest bit of good.

    We can sit here day after day sharing facts to support our theses, while expressing our contempt and resentment over what's going on on, –– as well as our abundant lack of appreciation for one another ––, but, except for "letting off steam" I can't see that all this huffing and puffing and railing and roaring is accomplishing anything of material value. In fact an excess of bilious rhetoric may make us physically ill, if we don't temper it with humor, and show an active interest in positive accomplishments in other fields of endeavor.

    1. "Kenneth Starr, Darryl Issa and Trey Gowdey have gotten NOWHERE, and have been ignored or vilified so regularly in the enemedia they have become almost a laughingstock."

    2. Ducky: The only error committed by those good men you mention is that they are on a fools errand of going after people who are above the law.

      I realize you leftwing progs don't like the potemkin opposition getting all uppity and rankling the politburo...

    3. FT,
      except for "letting off steam" I can't see that all this huffing and puffing and railing and roaring is accomplishing anything of material value

      I must disagree. Something has shifted in the past few months. I'm not sure why. Will explain in another venue instead of in this thread.

    4. http://leninade.realsoda.com/

      Well, since someone brought up POTEMKIN and POLITBURO, I couldn't resist linking this hilarious drink ad!! It's REAL, too!

    5. AOW, thank you for responding to MY statement instead of letting Canardo get away with draining all the attention away so it can be focussed on his ceaselessly obnoxious little self.

      The duck doesn't irk me half as much, however, as those who never fail to ENABLE him derail intelligent conversation by taking the bait he dangles.

      I can only conclude from the depressing PERSISTENCE of this repugnant phenomenon is that most participants in the blogosphere PREFER to spar with Canardo and his ilk over his snotty little irrelevancies and petty trifles than to engage in SERIOUS, POLITE, genuinely THOUGHTFUL conversation.

      The shallowness of this approach is pathetic.

    6. FT,
      I do sometimes take the bait he dangles, but for my own amusement.

      It is difficult to keep posts from being derailed -- unless one blogsits a great deal. I don't have time to do so, so I use intermittent reinforcement/punishment.

  7. At the end of the video a talking head reporter asks, "Does she really think the American public is so stupid?"

    Uh, yes, the American public left and right has shown their true colors again and again and again. Many are so demoralized that they are happy to bounce wherever the official channels lead.

    FreeThinke nailed it. Since we appear to have abandoned the Rule of Reason altogether...

  8. All well and good, but the sad fact remains she could survive this and ride her broomstick to the White House.

    Firstly, the political class protects their own, but there are also political battles. Whether she is indicted or not depends on who is for her and who is against her, and that is not clear yet.

    If she and her cronies all lawyer up and dummy up, she could survive it, but there are some wild cards: the IT companies involved, the ability of the FBI to recover erased data, etc.

    I still believe even if she is caught red-handed, they can twist it around to where it cannot be proven that she actually put her eyes on the e-mails, she had underlings do that for her, she relied on them to verbally relay information, so she never saw the e-mails, etc.

    IF she is not indicted, she's on the road to the White House.

    I am a little more hopeful now that a good GOP candidate could beat her.

    1. SF,
      IF she is not indicted, she's on the road to the White House.

      Maybe, maybe not.

      I do well remember that in the early days of the Watergate investigation nobody even dreamed that Nixon would be forced to resign.

      In any case, the next several months will be interesting. It is a long way to the Democratic Party's national convention next summer.

    2. There are times I actually believe the GOP might be happier with a Hillary as president than a non-GOP Republican like Cruz or even Trump. shudder

    3. It is the RINO'S like ALL THREE of the BUSHES, and the entrenched leadership of the GOP that have ossified and befouled the party to the point where I have not been able to support it in over ten years. What you dismiss and deride as "non-GOP" is the ONLY HOPE we have of EVER restoring the country to the SANITY its founding principles.

      Mindless adherence to the thoroughly rotten status quo in upper ranks of the GOP is even more ruinous than an all-out embrace of MARXISM.

      It was not DECOROUS allegiance to PLATITUDES that won our independence from Mother England, it IMPUDENCE, ROWDINESS, great PASSION, VIOLENCE and SELF-SACRIFICE.

      Prettified Garden Party Politics is strictly pour les oiseaux.

  9. Our local homosexual community (as witnessed on Facebook) thinks this is all nonsense ginned up by Republicans, which does make them stupid. However, they remain firmly in Bernie's corner.

    1. Adrienne,
      Of course they say that this is all nonsense ginned up by Republicans. Believing so is a sign of being out of touch with reality.

  10. While not a Hillary supporter, my only comment is this... we have too many "Gates"

    Somehow, after the real one, Watergate, every scandal is a gate. Dems use it to slam the GOP and the GOP does the same.

    While many of the "Gates" were/are important, rarely do they rise to the level of the original. Like movies, sequels are rarely the equal of the original. People just hate to admit it.

    I'm guessing this is about like that...

    1. Dave,
      Agreed. This is way worse than Watergate.

    2. Dave,
      Using the suffix -gate is a shortcut.

      Yes, This is way worse than Watergate!

    3. WAY WORSE is right.....sad, but true.

    4. Dave, the reason for this is based on the democrat obsession for rewriting history and min control. By calling everything a gate, it creates the illusion that the Nixon watergate incident was not only a serious incident but the Most serous incident involving an American president.

      In reality, Watergate wasn't even a righteous college prank.
      In reality, clinton and especially obama activity eclipsed Watergate by a factor of from 100 to 10000. Solyndra for example was 10000 time what Watergate ever hoped to be.
      The list of gate which far eclipse Watergate is almost endless now. Chinagate. Benghazigate (no one died at Watergate), Solyndra, many many more.

    5. just shows what happens when a country's media is in the bag for one side or the other and won't stop ragging on the one they hate and cover for the one they like. Very scary times.

  11. Free Thinke.

    Yes. Yes, and Yes...


    I know what Digoxin does to a heart. I would think introducing Digoxin to fetal tissue would be malpractice with a capital "M".

    I have been involved in the anti-abortion movement since the 1980's. My first ever letter to the editor was in response to a column by Nicholas Von Hoffman in September of 1984. January 19, 1985 I loaded up and went to Austin, Texas and attended a pre-march rally at Waterloo Park, marched to the Capitol carrying my sign which stated, "The Death Penalty is alive and well in America." I championed parental notification for minors seeking abortion in Texas. I was an active member of a pregnancy crisis center. The list goes on. But perhaps, if AOW will allow me the space - let me included a letter written to Dallas Morning News July 21, 2001. It was this letter, which opened the door for me to later proudly serve as a columnist.

    My Stem Cell

    I have a 225 pound stem cell living in my home. Granted, he did not get to this weight overnight. He was a stem cell back in November 1984. When I brought this little stem cell home in July 1985 he weighted seven pounds.

    Over the course of nearly sixteen years I have done my own (as yet unpublished) stem-cell research. I have found this stem cell to be uniquely human. He has powers of reasoning, can make decisions and can also laugh at the irony of situations. My research on this stem cell has cost me countless hours of sleep, loss of tremendous freedom and all of the financial gains I might have made, had I not embarked on this noble path.

    My stem cell eats enough food to feed five hungry refugees and has a size 13 foot now. But the benefits I see of allowing this stem cell to continue along his path far outweigh any "potential benefits" that could have been obtained from stopping his early growth. My stem cell has a face and a name: It is Daniel Wayne Swofford. Think of that, the next time you weigh in favor of creating a life and then destroying it for stem cell research. Tammy Swofford

    *Free Thinke: Last night the video link had 221,603 views. Check out how many views in the last twelve hours.

    1. Tammy,
      One has to have a strong stomach to view the video. If one doesn't have a strong stomach, one should take some kind of stomach settler first.


    2. http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2015/08/19/cmp-video-7-whistleblower-says-aborted-babys-heart-was-still-beating/

      I see. Horrible! This must be vigorously prosecuting.

  12. This anti-Hillary focus must stop. Surely Donald Trump can find a midget to juggle to get the attention back on destroying the GOP.

    1. Beamish,
      I'm not so sure that Donald Trump is going to destroy the GOP.

      I know that you and I won't agree on that issue, but I do have my reasons for stating what I just stated -- and those reasons are based on some conversations I had a few days ago with non-bloggers.

  13. A HopefulCynicalAugust 20, 2015 at 8:57 AM
    While Hillary Clinton is trying to claw her way out of her lies and more lies It is getting to a time where she not even viewed too favorably by her own pary base.
    Hillary is the clown at the circus that delights the audience by continuing to drop the balls that she is trying so desperately to juggle.
    So far as the media is concerned, the press is so chock-full of Marxist ideologues that they probably believe America will drop her like a brink and turn to either Biden or Warren. But after 8 long years of Obammunism, if we get either one, Biden or Warren against either Trump or Bush in 2016, either Trump or Bush would win easily

    But who really knows, we're going to see a lot of folks that look a lot like Cruz in the GOP primary, and each one's going to be just different enough on one or two issues to fracture the electorate, because even the American people aren't stupid enough to have forgotten how badly Obama and his gang screwed this country up. They'll need to be distracted by candidates like Trump or Cruz, so that they don't notice ol' Jeb walking away with it. At least, that's the way that I perceive it.

    As for me, I'll be voting in the primaries for Donald trump and all, he's about the only hope we have left. And he's high visibility enough to have a chance of pulling a majority of the vote. Regardless of what you idiotic Lefties think about him. Lets not forget that you lefties put Obama into office. So you can't have any pudding.

  14. Need a good reason why a modern Tea Party conservative should not be allowed anywhere near the presidency?
    Just ask a 5 year old!

  15. Tammy,
    What bothers me the most is her arrogant posture. She believes she cannot be touched. We don't need another arrogant POTUS. The current one has done substantial damage to our world standing.

    I couldn't agree more with those statements!

  16. @PR,

    "Just ask a 5 year old!"

    If you have always wondered where the Lefties get their level of thinking it's just been exposed.

  17. Is the smell of guilt in the air?

    Clinton aides’ BlackBerrys likely destroyed

    State Department BlackBerry devices issued to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin have likely been destroyed or sold off, the department said in a court filing on Wednesday.


    The department, however, “has not located any such device,” and believes that they would have been destroyed or removed from the department's control.

    That actually makes good sense.


    In the same court filing, the State Department confirmed its previous claim that Clinton used a personal BlackBerry during her time in office that was not issued by the federal government....

  18. Heres an idea one would expect to hear from someone who is hopelessly clueless, and brainless.
    But come to think about it, the twenty-five percent of the rethuglican party are convinced that trump will beat whoever is the democrat nominee in a nationwide contest...laughable...i guess math isn't a strong suit for wankers...but they're convinced "hitlery" will be frog-marched to some far-away prison for doing what other politicians have done before...they are the real "dreamers"... Hillary in 2016!

  19. There is no way to reform the Liberal party Ducky, it's too far gone. Lies are the norm When Hillary speaks, fiscal responsibility means spending like a drunken sailor, giving whatever it takes to shut the blacks up and personal responsibility means blaming everyone else for Hillary's missteps, individual liberty means that " you didn't build that" and the list goes on.

    The choices are bad to terrible, and getting worse daily . It's gotten so bad that I hate to put on the news in the morning because I just know that Hillary screwed up again sbout something last night .
    Maybe I'll just become a black guy and get everything for nothing,

  20. No, I haven't quit. Just needed a break from this insanity and was so hoping an unmentionable creature from Trollville might have become tired of waiting and moved on - or, even better, taken Trump’s imaginary brain tumor and moved in with the great surgeon in the sky. Alas, he's still among us dropping his turds.
    Right now the GOP has given itself such a dreadful beating that it will be a long time before it recovers fully from the Tea Party spasm. Indeed, what we're seeing is the product of a Faustian bargain. Rich corporate-minded donors such as the Koch Brothers thought that they could foster and thus control the Tea Party crowd, only to discover that they can't. The GOP is suffering a civil war within its own ranks, Jeb Bush hates trump, Chris Christy hates Paul, Carson hates Cruz, and everybody hates Trump.
    The Democrats have a good bunch of potential presidential candidates for 2016 , But I remain skeptical of Hillary Clinton's chances for reasons including her age and health and the dreadful mess she and her advisers made of that email sandal.
    I think the baggers are their own worst enemy and that their monumental arrogance will be the death of them.
    The GOP has the same collection of clown-car idiots, but so far with no sign of a serious adult in the room or even half-an-adult. And the party's schismatic character suggests that any adult or even half-an-adult who tries to run will be sorely weakened by a divisive, bitter, vindictive, and ridiculous campaign that will make the eventual nominee the leader of a suicide mission.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Anonymous,
      I agree with your evaluation. However, Leslie's comment will remain for now because the comment is that of the useful idiot.

  21. I am a Clinton supporter...but this year I haven't made up my mind yet but am leaning toward Liz Warren. The more I listen to her the more impressed I am and I kind of think Clinton is carrying a lot of access baggage with her. But in either case, I’m a liberal voter. Warren would be my own first choice to be President, but my assumption is that Hillary might run if she does, the nomination is hers for the taking. If she doesn't, it will depend on how close the general election looks and how electable Warren looks in light of the general mood of the country then. My highest priority has to be to make absolutely sure a Republican doesn't win.
    A Clinton/Warren ticket might be ideal -- and just think of all the Republican exploding heads. And as much as I'd like to see a woman at the helm, my top priority is to get the most qualified person in there we can find - man or woman. But if the TPGOP keeps alienating everyone in sight who isn't old, white, rich, and male, we could run my dog and probably win.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Anonymous,
      Leslie served the purpose of the useful idiot. For now, the comment stands.

  22. Lets fact the facts, Hillary Clinton is a complete fraud -- a shameless fraud, and to put her anywhere near the White House again would not only be a travesty, but would put America at risk on many fronts.
    Honestly, how does anyone take Hillary seriously, for anything. The notion that this nasty, lying hag is a legitimately qualified candidate for POTUS is absurd..Every time I hear or see what she says and how she says it--and how she says it, I’m not quite sure that she’s even sane, the way she looks and acts....They don't call her the PIAPS (i.e., Pig In A PantSuit) for nothing.--I cannot believe that her running for anything, let alone the highest office in the land, is actually, really happening. It's a disgrace. We're the laughingstock of the world. I cannot recall any presidential contender from either party over the past 60 years as fundamentally undeserving of such a distinction as Hillary Clinton... even Barack Obama!

  23. AOW: Noticing the leftwingers are coming out early this election cycle? Remember I mentioned it was coming sooner than later? We'll now see commenters with no blogs and doing nothing but name call and mock and sound silly.......
    I am almost convinced some get paid to do this.... more and more will show up before next November, then, VERY SUDDENLY, we'll not see those screen names again. Happens every time. Kind of funny to read their comments, actually!


    1. @Leslie,

      "we could run my dog and probably win"

      That would sure beat the heck out of Hillary!

  24. WOWSER!


    For months, the U.S. State Department has stood behind its former boss Hillary Clinton as she has repeatedly said she did not send or receive classified information on her unsecured, private email account, a practice the government forbids.

    While the department is now stamping a few dozen of the publicly released emails as "Classified," it stresses this is not evidence of rule-breaking. Those stamps are new, it says, and do not mean the information was classified when Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner in the 2016 presidential election, first sent or received it.

    But the details included in those "Classified" stamps — which include a string of dates, letters and numbers describing the nature of the classification — appear to undermine this account, a Reuters examination of the emails and the relevant regulations has found.

    The new stamps indicate that some of Clinton's emails from her time as the nation's most senior diplomat are filled with a type of information the U.S. government and the department's own regulations automatically deems classified from the get-go — regardless of whether it is already marked that way or not.


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