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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Open Thread

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  1. First to honor our buddy Mr. AOW...how's it going this morning? Well, we hope!

    Second: Republicans have become used to leftwingers calling us racist bigots for not having fallen for everything Barack's done. I wonder if they feel that way seeing Ben Carson is polling so well. How can we be bigots? Or now as we really 'anti woman' because we'd rather they not have them kill their unborn babies, or is Carly's success showing them the truth that we totally embrace women onthe political scene and in business?
    Black LIves Matter makes sense...I can see why the killings of blacks matter to blacks. It's a heartache to me, even. Where's the slogan when so many more whites are killed by cops than Blacks..? What's the slogan when more blacks are killed by blacks then whites? But leftwingers can't extrapolate that ALL LIVE MATTERS and there are those who've had to apologize for saying that..that's SICK White lives don't matter?? Ask the Black Lives Matter bunch 'then what lives do NOT matter?"

    I'm rambling but am hoping for some talk on these topics.

    1. Z,
      Mr. AOW had no pain yesterday; now after almost 24 hours of amoxicillin, the abscessed area hurts. We're hoping for some drainage -- and no pain this evening, when we go to the funeral I mentioned several days ago.

    2. That'll be a very tough funeral, I'm so sorry.
      Am singing today at the Services for a mentor of mine....that'll be tough, too.
      I'm thinking that abscessed area will be tender for a while...and hope pain killers kick in.

    3. Z,
      Packed to overflowing, and that particular funeral home is HUGE. Not all could be accommodated, so the service was broadcast live in the web.

  2. Z,
    The Black Lives Matter movement was ignited by the Left. The flames will not easily be brought under control now.

    Last night in D.C.:

    At least seven shootings reported in D.C. after first night of ‘All Hands on Deck’.

    The last time D.C. saw this kind of crime wave was the summer of 2007.

  3. If THIS is true, the GOP really is the Party of Stupid:

    John Thune to GOP: No Talk of Illegals on August Recess...

    Senator John Thune (R-SD) issued the rules (talking points) for GOP Senators while home for August recess. Those rules DO NOT INCLUDE CONVERSATION ABOUT ILLEGAL MIGRANTS. ...

    Read the rest here at Maggie's Notebook.

  4. Parading around wearing those “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands Up Don't Shoot” tee Shirts is a load of hypocrisy ... How about a Tee-Shirt that reads “Don’t Break the Law.”
    Hopefully not all the Reverends, Pastors and Preachers like Jeremiah (“God Damn America”) Wright, and Al Sharpton might do some good instead of inciting these riots.
    Good luck with that

  5. Every time there is an act of terrorism committed in the name of Islam we are told we’re not supposed to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few Muslim crazies, but the acts of a few American crazies are enough for damned near the entire Liberal Left to condemn ALL Americans who own guns.

    Regarding the shooting today Hillary Clinton said, We Cannot Wait Any Longer to End Gun Violence. Well, OK Miss Know it All, just what do YOU have in YOUR little bag of tricks that will end gun violence?
    Can anyone besides me see the hypocrisy of that statement?
    Putting aside the fact that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt liar who is most likely to be indicted rather than assume the Presidency, it is no wonder her dishonesty spills over into gun control..
    Now Hillary Clinton isn’t stupid and she certainly knows that it is the individual behind the gun that is the problem, not a piece of steel called a “gun” And she also knows that you cannot protect yourself from crazies, sicko’s and criminals; or rely on law enforcement to be where ever you need them, when you need them? And there is one thing that I know and that’s you do not disarm a law-abiding, gun licensed honest American citizen, because of crazies, sicko’s and criminals!
    But the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday called for “More Gun Control”, Yes, Hillary wants to politicize the shooting in Virginia. She never lets a shooting stand in her way to campaign.
    Is Hillary that dishonest and gutless to recognize that we could reduce gun violence significantly by demanding that the thugs street gang and yes illegal immigrants who are responsible for most of these crime in this country be disarmed first?

    Or is that too radical a suggestion because it goes against the progressive socialist democrat culture of ignoring victims and treating perpetrators leniently as if they were “society’s victims?” Because it interferes with the progressive socialist democrat plan to create even more victims to be exploited for political purposes?

    How can we allow politicians like this to even be on the world stage?

  6. Very few people called Hillary Clinton out on her "Republicans are terrorists" comment from yesterday, so she appears to be doubling down on the inappropriate historical allusions.

    Today, though, instead of saying that Republicans were just like those guys in the Middle East who sell women into sex slavery, mutilate their genitals, gang rape them repeatedly and then sell their organs on the black market for cash, she noted that Republicans who oppose immigration reform are just like those Nazis who rounded up Europe's Jewish population in railroad cars bound for concentration camps.

  7. The above was taken from
    The American Spectator, by Emily Zanotti

  8. Jorge Ramos should announce he's running for President as a Republican. No history of support for Republican positions required.

  9. Replies
    1. Ah, Infidel Bloggers Alliance, always a source of solid investigative reporting.

      This is all about Muslims but these three dirt bags all have extensive arrest records for public drinking and they were evidently at this friend's apartment to drink. But they must have beaten him because he is Christian.

      The only evidence they give is a hunch from a neighbor and a photo of a bloody bible. Of course Infidel Blogger Alliance readers are only interested in dumping on Islam and aren't going to ask questions like how those bobos got access to crime scene photos (Hint: It's a fake but you don't care).

      Maybe religion was involved, maybe it wasn't.
      But just what the facts of the case may be simply isn't important when a sensationalized blog post will satisfy readers biases.

    2. Maybe they beat him because moslems are savages.

    3. The title of the IBA blog post contains the word "appears" -- and the use of that word is a correct assesmant.

    4. Nostradumbass, a sane person would feel acutely embarrassed at the stupid rant you delivered.

      Guess that leaves you lost in the weeds.


    Della de la Rue

  11. What Obama should know:
    Gun Control, Schum Control, it’s still the old adage that Guns do not Kill people, and it’s people who kill people! It may sound corny, but it’s true.
    It is still the individual who decides to kill who is responsible; much in the same way it is the drunk illegal alien and not the car that is responsible for a Drunken Driver death.
    If Obama wanted to dramatically reduce the deaths due to police and gun-violence, he needs to tell the blacks, who he seems to protect, to obey the lawful orders of a police officer, keep their hands in plain sight, and do not challenge the officer’s authority by attacking the officer. Additionally, he needs to disarm the terrorists, no matter who the terrorists may be, gangs of Hispanic illegals and thugs no matter what color they may be to reduce the day-to-day gun violence in the inner cities that are governed by progressive socialist democrats and have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.
    You do not disarm law-abiding Americans (any more than weaken our Military) and create a larger pool of victims. There is no reasoning with crazies and criminals who break the law; neither can you reason with Islamic terrorists who will kill and maim without regard to the law.

    Bottom line …

    President Obama and his cadre of communists would like nothing better to make America and Americans more vulnerable to her enemies, both foreign and domestic. Be they an invading horde of illegal aliens, an invading horde of Muslims, or black and Hispanic domestic terrorists plaguing our nation.

  12. "Liberalism is a mental Disorder"
    -- Dr Michael Savage

    1. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      - Silverfiddle and Kid and anyone who is not a libtard.

    2. Liberalism would be cool except for the liberals.

  13. I'd love to live long enough to see every nattering nabob of negativism neutralized into nonexistence.

    1. I'd love to teach the world to sing in perfect harmoney.

    2. National Lampoon parody from the early 70s

      I'd like to buy the world a Coke, and slip in a drug or two
      Then pull its pants down to its knees and paint its butt bright blue.
      I'd tie it up with bonds and straps and check its purse for change
      Then leave it out at Moose Grin Hall with my cousin who's deranged.

    3. That's no jab FT, I just think of that parody every time I read or hear "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony."

    4. Warren,
      I just HAD to sing that tune you posted. LOL!

    5. AOW, its the real thing! (Coke is) and the way it should be (Coca Cola) what the world wants today, is the real thing.

      Either I spent way to much time in front of the TV (or) its amazing what kind of inane crap you can remember if you set it to music.

      Anyone up for a few choruses of the periodic tables of elements?

      New Version

      Tom Lehrer Version (circa 1967)


    6. Warren,
      its amazing what kind of inane crap you can remember if you set it to music

      It's a brain thing!

      As a child, I quickly learned my multiplication tables via rhythmic recitation by listening to some vinyl records over and over again.

      In Grammar class, I teach the lists of being and helping verbs via rhythmic recitation along the lines of chanting while moving one hand in rhythm to the words. Works like a charm, and retention is over 90%.

    7. PS: I liked this version better than the other one, but I needed the visual cues to keep up.

  14. .. Shifting to a better party is not Flip-flopping. Like Ronald Reagan, Rick Perry and many smart people like Donald Trump, who abandon Democratic Party. Congratulations for Flip-flopping from Democrat to Republican Party. I'm tired of the Democrats same old Crap. Democrat party is a party of no GOD, LIERS, BABY KILLER and LAWLESS. Sorry, I was a Democrat too, voted for Democrats but not this time, not ever again. Go Trump.

  15. This war against cops is REAL. And it is DANGEROUS. And NO LIFE of a criminal thug that has failed to do ANYTHING positive with his life is worth the life of a professional, law abiding, good, hard-working, police officer that is fighting the good fight AGAINST evil and IN SPITE OF the unjust and unfair persecution, rotten and misguided views of law enforcement, and the evil scum that promotes the annihilation of all those who dare wear a badge.
    This is the day that I take a stand. This is the day, and this is the event, that turned me into a warrior and advocate instead of just a quiet supporter.
    I am taking a stand against those who would wage war against those who have sworn oaths to protect and serve us. They may have their hands tied by the rules of political correctness, but I do not. I will advocate on their behalf for more protection for them. For higher salaries. For less political correctness regarding the public disclosures of information regarding race. For better support against those who would press charges unjustly after committing crimes. For longer sentences for violence against law enforcement. And finally, for automatic life sentences or the death penalty for anyone convicted of killing a member of law enforcement.
    If you consider me a racist regarding this, and if your delicate sensibilities are “offended”, I encourage you to unfriend me and slither away. I make NO APOLOGIES for this stand. The black community has taken their stand, and we will take ours. I will always side with the good of the world, and I will always side with what is right. The complete moral bankruptcy of the black American community has resulted in this, and the culture that they promote and breed encourages the actions that occurred tonight.

    It seems to be open season on cops lately......if someone will kill a cop, that K*ILLER will kill anyone....it’s as simple as that.. The Black radicals call for random executions of cops, and 2 days later...a pathetic sob executes a cop from behind as he pumps gas.
    Yeah..there’s no connection there is there!.

    A Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot execution style at a gas station while reportedly in full uniform. The deputy was filling up his patrol car. Witnesses told Breitbart Texas the shooter shot the deputy in the back of the head and then three times in the back. This tragedy comes within days of a group of Black radicals calling for “lynching whites and killing cops,” as Breitbart Texas recently reported. Witnesses also told Breitbart Texas that the shooter was a black male.
    The shooting occurred late Friday evening in Northwest Harris County just outside of Houston. One witness who spoke to this writer said he knew the deputy personally and had just spoken with him about five minutes before the shooting.
    He said he saw the man shoot his friend and speed off in a red pickup truck. He said he followed the truck for about two miles until he lost it at a major highway intersection. The truck turned onto Highway 6 from West Road and disappeared.
    Two teenage girls told Breitbart Texas they saw the shooter fire one shot into the back of the head of the deputy who was simply getting gas for his vehicle. After the deputy fell, they heard three or four other shots. According to the first witness, those shots were fired into the deputy’s back.

    I didn’t write this piece, I found it on the page of a Facebook friend and he didn’t have a link either, so, it is presented *as is* and I am guessing that it was inspired by the recent LARGE volume of Police Officers death at the hands of *street thugs* like the incident in Houston where a Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth was executed by a Black thug. The moment I lost sympathy for the plight of the poor black male, the moment I lost my compassion for any woes or disadvantages they might have experienced, the moment I lost any semblance of hope that the “poor black victims” needed a helping hand up rather than judgment, ALL of that ended tonight when a black male, identified as “dark-complected”, walked up to an unsuspecting officer of the law and shot him in the back of his head as he pumped his gas.

    I am done with political correctness. I am done pretending that race doesn’t matter. I am done living in a world where we must deny reality all for the sake of being non-judgmental or discriminatory.

    We have a massive, undeniable issue in America. We have an epidemic of black people spewing hatred against whites and against members of law enforcement. We have a massive epidemic of black criminals, black violence, black mob violence, black on white crime, black on black crime, black on elderly crime, black on law enforcement crime, and black abortion (murder) at staggering rates.
    I'm done with these hopeless Liberal Bleeding Hearts who defends these pathetic bastards.

  17. A black will never say “ALL LIVES MATTER”! Or POLICE LIVES MATTER”! What these politicians did to our police forces is pathetic. The police cannot uphold the law in fear of a lawsuit or jail. Then these same politicians want to take away our guns leaving us as open targets for these criminals . Then we have cities like NYC changing their laws to satisfy these hoodlums. An example taking away “Stop & Frisk” which is now backfiring because crime is going up. We also have a bias President who caused this division, starting with the Cambridge Massachusetts case with that nutty black professor Henry Louis Gates and Obama going against the police saying they “Acted Stupidly”. We also had to put up with that racist pig in the DOJ Eric {CONTEMPT} Holder. This is how we ended up in this turning point with blacks against the police, because our Gov’t condones it.

    1. Look all you bleeding heart liberal's NOBODY deserves to be shot in the back of the head or any place at all while their innocently doing their job. This just doesn't happen in a civilized society and it's further proof some of these animals don't belong in society. Are there bad cops? Yes, but you don't go around randomly shooting people because of it. If you can't grasp that I don't know what to tell you

      Thank You!

  18. I really enjoyed doing this for several years. I made a few friends from meeting you on this blog and still have contact with some of you over on Lisa's or AOW's where I am spending most of my time and energy. It is a little difficult for me to learn stuff there, too, but they have not intimidated and irritated me as much as blogger has. So I will be hanging more over there.

    I may come back here and repost some of my stuff from over the years… maybe update them a little. We shall see.

    1. FT,
      It seems to me that acerbity in our society has taken a sharp upturn the past few years. The problem exists elsewhere -- that it, in many venues outside the digital world.

      For example, in the grocery store this morning, one young woman became exasperated because somebody else's cart was temporarily blocking the young woman's way down that particular aisle of goods. Bizarre reaction! For a long time, people have inadvertently blocked other people's way like that, but nobody got in an uproar about the situation; after all, all of us grocery shoppers are trying to get the task accomplished.

      What has happened to Americans' spirit of good will toward one another?

    2. I may be indulging in fanciful misremembering, but 9/11 is the dividing line for me.

      Sure, the groundwork was laid in previous decades, our foundations sapped, but post-9/11 was when the destruction became apparent, we openly became a proudly crude society of buffoons, idiots and vulgarians.

      Historians will mark 9/11 as the beginning of the end of America.

      Social media is not to blame, but it propagates the stupidity, allowing what used to be a localized dumshittery now metastasize and turn into a full-blown suicidal pandemic of cultural insanity.

      Think of what people in the 1940's or earlier would have done with social media... It would have been filled with people playing musical instruments, artists, poets, obscure talents sprinkled through withe the random oddball expounding upon his pet theory (and using wonderful grammar and sound logic)...

      But today people social media to launch vulgar fusillades at enemies, moon us, and jackhammer all that is good and holy.

      Add to the varying levels of anxiety tens of millions suffer because of uncertainty, economic distress, fear for personal safety, zero job security, beloved neighborhoods transformed into an unrecognizable monstrosity in less than a generation...

      The world is going through an epochal shift, and we in the US cannot escape such zeitgeists.

  19. The minute we state anything except "All American lives matter" we are creating a caste system.

    Black lives have "mattered" to many Americans for many years, no differently than the lives of Vietnamese who are now Americans, Koreans, Hispanics, etc.

    Our republic has a strong modern history of reaching out, welcoming, embracing and accepting our fellow Americans. But lies released from the spindles of vignettes do not fully reflect on the fabric of our nation. For every dark thread, there are many threads which are brilliant in color and they more adequately convey what it means to be an American. For every hateful American (include our POTUS), there is a rank of 100 who stand in their way and keep guard over our nation. We only hear about those who break rank. They are the ones who drive the news.


    1. Tammy,
      Yes, it is, in effect, creating a caste system.

      I am very concerned that we are heading for a race war -- one driven for a purpose different from equal rights.

  20. I thought I'd take a break and think of nothing today.

  21. Breaking, and if you can't believe it as I couldn't, check it out , it's true.

    Obama threatened to take military action against Israel not to let Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attack Iran.


    1. This had better not be true. If it is, this antichrist needs to be impeached and prosecuted immediately! This stupid fool had better understand that Israel is our BEST ally in the middle east, and if they bomb Iran, they are doing the world a favor.
      But I wouldn't be surprised if he did say that.


    2. It is true, I saw it also. Obama is a Traitor to this Nation and to Israel , Congress had best not let this Happen !!!! Grow some Balls , What the Hell is your Breaking Point Congress , Stop Kissing this Traitors ASS !!!!!

    3. I saw something along the lines of this story a few months ago, but not today.

      Is there a new link for today -- or for the past few days?

  22. Obama Threatens War on Israel If It Attacks Iran

  23. http://www.jewsnews.co.il/2015/03/10/obama-threatens-war-on-israel-if-it-attacks-iran/

    1. That's the story that I saw last March. I may also have seen the same information at Newsmax.

  24. What side is this guy on? He needs to get his priorities straight. Hey Obama news flash, Israel is our friend and Iran is our enemy.

  25. UGH!

    Obama Changes The Name Of Tallest Mountain In U.S., Mt. McKinley, To The Original Native Name, ‘Denali’:

    President Barack Obama on Monday will officially restore Denali as the name of North America’s tallest mountain, ending a 40-year battle over what to call the peak that has been known as Mount McKinley.

    The symbolic gesture comes at the beginning of a three-day trip to Alaska where Obama hopes to build support for his efforts to address climate change during his remaining 16 months in office.

    The peak was named Mount McKinley in 1896 after a gold prospector exploring the region heard that Ohioan William McKinley, a champion of the gold standard, had won the Republican nomination for president.


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