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Monday, August 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Heroine: Eugenicist Margaret Sanger

Before proceeding, please take a few moments to watch this video:

Bust of Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery's exhibit  “Struggle for Justice” exhibit

From Black Pastors Ask Smithsonian to Remove Bust of Planned Parenthood Founder (dated August 7, 2015; emphases mine):

A group of black pastors sent a letter to the director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery asking that the bust of Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger be removed from the museum’s “Struggle for Justice” exhibit, citing her support for eugenics and the targeting of minorities by the nation’s largest abortion provider....“The obvious incongruity is staggering!” the letter states.


The letter also notes the current scandal surrounding Planned Parenthood with the release of undercover videos showing top medical officials in the organization discussing harvesting and selling the organs and other body parts from aborted babies.

“The fact is that the behavior of these abortionists, their callous and cavalier attitude toward these babies, is completely in keeping with Sanger’s perverse vision for America,” the letter states.


The letter also states that 70 percent of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods and provides a link to a map documenting this fact....
Read the rest HERE.

Hillary Clinton, of course, supports Planned Parenthood and, in 2009, clearly stated her admiration for Margaret Sanger (apologies for the sound quality of the video below):

From this YouTube blurb:
Hillary Clinton says she admires Margaret Sanger regardless of Sanger’s racist eugenics legacy...[A]sk yourself how much can Hillary Clinton possibly respect Black people when she openly admires and honors a genocidal racial supremacist the likes of Margaret Sanger?
So, who are Hillary Clinton's other heroes?  Those whom any person admires tell us a great deal about that person.

(with a hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the CNS article linked in this blog post)


  1. "So, who are Hillary Clinton's other heroes? "
    Well, obviously Saul Alinsky, who famously dedicated his book to Lucifer.
    Carl Oglesby (SDS) was another influence.
    She is also closely linked to the notorious Bill Clinton :)

  2. Did you know MLK was one of the first recipients of the Margaret Sanger Award?

    His wife accepted for him and read his speech full of praise for Planned Parenthood. That was back in 1966, so I don't know if their black baby extermination project was going full steam yet, but when a liberal smacked me in the face with that fact, it stopped me cold.

    I am in complete agreement and sympathy with you on this, but I've reached the conclusion that it just doesn't matter. The coalition is unbreakable.

    1. SF,
      The coalition is unbreakable.

      Well, I'm not yet willing to give up trying to get the word out.

    2. When so many teachers and many Hollywood writers/producers, museum curators, etc., are liberals, the coalition will stay unbreakable, you're right.
      They produce, they write, they teach; it's all very clear.

      Poor Dr. King, so many things are said and done in his name which most of us believe he'd never have approved of...killing black babies being on top of that list.

    3. Now that the GOP has Donald Trump poo-pooing political correctness in the name of making unsavory details acceptable, Trump being pro-abortion pro-socialized health care himself, what argument can we make? Character never mattered?

  3. AOW, great post. Margaret Sanger was an evil woman who needs to be exposed again and again. That powerful undertow continues to do its best to frame her as a moral angel. The courage of a wounded tiger my foot.

    She came up just this past week in a somewhat heated conversation with two progressive friends about the eugenics agenda in the US before and after WWII. I mentioned Margaret Sanger. One of my friends said that she was a hero who had done great things for the poor. I summarized some of Sanger's real feelings towards the "lesser evolved". This was greeted with sputtering denial.

    Amazingly Google came to the rescue. In their attempt to refute history, the two of them looked up various links and read them on their tablet. Their faces fell as they read. There was then dead silence.

    I don't think they'll ever think of Margaret Sanger as a hero again.

    1. Alec,
      In their attempt to refute history, the two of them looked up various links and read them on their tablet.

      Good use of the Information Age, huh?

      What is disheartening, however, is that your friend didn't think to look on her own.

      "Trust -- but verify"!

  4. Anyone want to bet she ends up on the ten dollar bill?

    1. Bunkerville,
      Wouldn't surprise me!

      We are living in the Age of Inversionism.

  5. At least the Trump/Kelly thing has given the left something to run on. God only knows they have nothing else.

  6. I've known for over 50 years who and what Sanger believed. We also have her to thank for contraception which started the ball rolling into the gutter.

    1. Boy, are YOU far out beyond the stratosphere of common sense thinking!

      WOW! So you think women should either be Baby Making Machines kept barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, or else they should remain content to live "respectable" lives as dried up old maids?

      Sex was designed by God every bit as much for recreation as procreation.

      The Great Dissenter

    2. Anonymous:

      Don't be such a simpleton.

      I urge you to read about the great contraception debate of the early 1960's. Everything the opponents of "if it feels good do it" predicted has come to pass:

      Increased abortions, degradation and objectification of women, rampant immorality, increased divorce, increased single motherhood., and increase in pleasure-seeking and self-serving men, etc.

      All brought to you by the social marxists who decoupled sex from marriage.

    3. Penelope,
      Everything the opponents of "if it feels good do it" predicted has come to pass...

      I was quite young at the time the great contraception debate, but I do recall snippets of what I heard. It all seemed too much of "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

      Finally, of course, the sky did fall. **sigh**

    4. Quite right, AOW!

      I do believe we have a right to control our own bodies and decide when to have children, or not have them, but those look how it has all turned out.

      It's a serious topic that has no simple answers, and false either-or statements pitched by the likes of Anonymous actually subtract from the conversation.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. Great Dissenter,
      You are, of course, entitled to your opinion of Adrienne's statement.

      I must inform you, however, that Adrienne and I are friends. Please refrain from using language such as simplistic, rigidly moralistic, wooded headed statement. Instead, construct a cogent rebuttal.

  7. Completely off topic, I realize, AOW but I think you will find this essay very pertinent to the current educational environment.

    Your students might benefit from a reading.

    Don’t let the source trouble you

    1. Duck,
      I glanced at the article and will read it in depth later.

      Thanks for the link.


      Virginia Woolf, argued that nonfiction consists of half-truths and approximations that result in "a very inferior form of fiction.”

      In Woolf’s terms, reading ambitious fiction isn’t comfortable or easy. Far from it: “To go from one great novelist to another—from Jane Austen to Hardy, from Peacock to Trollope, from Scott to Meredith—is to be wrenched and uprooted; to be thrown this way and then that.”

      The illuminations that fiction offers are gained only with considerable effort. “To read a novel is a difficult and complex art,” Woolf wrote. “You must be capable not only of great fineness of perception, but of great boldness of imagination if you are going to make use of all that the novelist—the great artist—gives you.”

      Thats almost exactly what I tell those who resent and resist exposure to "classical music." HOWEVER, though love Virginia Woolf's work –– particularly To the Lighthouse and Orlando
      –– I disagree that reading good literature is all that much of a challenge. I read all of David Copperfield before I was five, and found it thoroughly engrossing, then went on to Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. I have no idea how i learned to read. Looking back it seems to have been a thoroughly natural process.

      After David Copperfield I just kept going and never looked back. With each passing year my love for reading grew stronger.

  8. Once again I can only point out that Sanger's life was complex and not dedicated to eugenics.
    Her advocacy for birth control came from a much different intent.

    It's a pithy video that is largely deceptive but without ever doing even a cursory study of her life or motives she will be condemned as evil.

    I did get a kick out of the video starting with a complaint that the National Portrait Gallery actually mounted a show at tax payer's expense (the horror!). Or was he just concerned about the cost of including Sanger rather than pretending she had no influence on American history.

    The simple life of conservatives. No shades of grey. No ambiguity.
    I think it goes to a larger inability of conservative to be creative.

    1. And Hitler did really lovely little water colors and built much needed autobahns...

      I'm so glad you're dead wrong about creativity and conservatives.

    2. I'd be careful about playing the Hitler card, z, when part of the thesis is conservatives' lack of originality and creativity.

      At any rate, Sanger was opposed to any forced contraception and had no influence on Hitler.

    3. I played the Hitler card, as you call it, very intentionally.....I can't believe that you missed my point!
      How you can stand up for anyone who said any of the above is beyond me....but so's Hillary, so....

      Let me know where you read I thought she influenced Hitler...or likewise. Thanks.

    4. Z,
      Good response @ August 10, 2015 at 12:42:00 PM EDT!

    5. Because I the social period that she lived in was steeped in the eugenics movement that certainly partially grew from the conservative social Darwinism movement.

      It certainly wasn't unknown in America to advocate for forced sterilization, something Sanger adamantly opposed.

      She was also opposed to the euthanasia move:
      "We do not believe that the community could or should send to the lethal chamber the defective progeny resulting from irresponsible and unintelligent breeding."

      In other words she lived in a very conservative time and to single out Sanger for anti-human social policies advocated and applied 70 or 80 years ago, always just strikes me as rather ignorant.

      If you play the Hitler card, z, you are certainly implying a link.
      I await your response.

    6. It's so obvious what I meant....You single out the few good things about Sanger you find meritorious above ALL the terrible things she did to Blacks, etc., so we're supposed to stop pointing out the terrors of her actions and motivations.... and I point out that it's similar to admiring Hitler because he painted well.

      She lived in a conservative time so that means she couldn't be 'anti human' in wanting to kill black babies or keep them from being born?
      Oh, and she opposed euthanasia...and, so...........??

      It seems so odd to ignore all the quotes that paint her as such an ugly soul while trying desperately to stand up for someone like that. Nobody's ALL bad, Ducky...You said above that conservatives see only in black/white......I find it just the opposite.

    7. But, other than promoting killing babies, Sanger liked dogs and walks on the beach.

    8. Ed, YOU got what I was saying!..Bravo!

    9. Z,
      I'm so Ed weighed in and offered you some affirmation. I meant to do so, but got caught up in some other matters.

      I will also add this....

      The trend today is to look upon our Founders' warts. Why isn't the trend to do the same with Margaret Sanger instead of enshrining her?

    10. Believe it or not I agree with you, Ducky. This LUST to CONDEMN by shallow, small-minded people who know little or nothing –– this incessant zeroing in on every pimple, wart, blackhead, freckle, and bead of sweat while completely ignoring the aggregate impression innocent eyes untainted by tendentiousness receive of an entire physiognomy –– is a frankly disgusting trait that's tearing our culture to blooding shreds.

      It's a trait I usually ascribe to the Left, of course, because institutionalized fault-finding is what nearly ALL leftists are about, but captiousness is deplorable everywhere we find it.

      I've heard this same rather stupid argument used against George Bernard Shaw by Glenn Beck. It caused me to step back, reexamine Beck with more of a weather eye, and eventually become disenchanted with his approach.

      This business, you see, of LYING with FACTS –– i.e. using SELECTED FACTS to "prove" a tendentious theory –– is IGNOBLE and ultimately DECEITFUL whether employed by either the Left OR the Right.


      Stirring up condemnation by using the technique of harping on a ONE-SIDED VIEW is the genesis of the LYNCH MOB mentality.

      It's particularly offensive when employed by The LUNCH Mob, n'est-ce-pas? ;-)

    11. Z,
      Make that I'm so glad Ed weighed in...

      I can't get used to this iPad.

    12. FT,
      To be clear...

      I don't have a problem with looking a historical figures via the method of warts and all.

      What I object to is that certain heroes of the left are not held to that same standard.

  9. She was a most interesting, thoughtful, highly creative,provocative thinker, wasn't she? Right about everything on that list, except the last two observations.

    The Great Dissenter

  10. No wonder you posted this as 'anonymous'. Your comment deserves no more than that.

  11. Great list Z. Really gives you the flavor of her character. Plus, Sanger admired Herr Hitler when there was enough known to NOT admire him. But, she was an ardent totalitarian who would have loved to order things about like he did.

    1. Baysider,
      Sanger admired Herr Hitler when there was enough known to NOT admire him.

      Because of certain shared goals?

      From this link:

      ...Margaret Sanger was also strongly anti-Semitic. She started a similar birth control organization with a man named Henry Pratt Fairchild, who wrote The Melting Pot Mistake, in which he accused "the Jews" of diluting the true American stock....

    2. Thanks for sharing that AOW. I had forgotten how anti-semitic she was. A real winner.

  12. From this 1992 letter to the editor of the New York Times (emphases mine):

    In that Ellen Chesler is apparently quite devoted to Margaret Sanger, starting with the title of her biography, "Woman of Valor," it is not surprising that your reviewer, Daniel J. Kevles (June 28), uses but a few sentences to dismiss the contention that Sanger was seriously involved with the eugenicists of her day. For insight and details, I suggest "The Legacy of Malthus," by Allan Chase. For all her ingenuity in the field of birth control, for which she deserves proper credit, and for all her understanding of the role of choice in a woman's life when it came to abortion, Sanger's great failing as a eugenicist did her in.

    Sanger constantly reminded the world that she had two purposes in mind: to avoid the economic burdens of unwanted children and to avoid the ugliest of morbidities and deaths as a result of "back alley" abortions. Her first clinics were among the ghettos of Italian and Jewish Brooklyn, and her fliers were multilingual. But a decade later, in 1925, her leftist journal The Woman Rebel had given way to The Birth Control Review, and she wrote: "More children from the fit, less from the unfit -- that is the chief issue of birth control." ...

    ...Sanger praised the infamous anti-Semitic and anti-Italian Immigration Act of 1924, which she said had "taken . . . steps to control the quality of our population. . . . While we close the gates to the so-called 'undesirables' from other countries..."

    Isn't it ironic that so many open-borders people adore Margaret Sanger?

  13. AOW, I think people she targeted for elimination through birth control sense that at some level. It's too bad they don't make the clear connection to HER.

    An overhead conversation in the late 60's, in the big push for birth control clinics, among 2 black women: one said "I'm not doing any of that birth control. There's power in numbers." or something to that effect. And since the gov't was paying for the babies at the same time..... whew! What a mess. Thank you LBJ!

    1. Baysider,
      The Great Society has become the Great Nightmare.

  14. How many future "George Washington Carver" have been aborted by the Promoting Abortions Providers?

    The organization does seem to have racist leanings involving culling the "herd" in Margaret Sanger manner.

    Where is the voice of advocacy for "Black Lives Matter" on this issue?


    The forensics show an organization which has consistently courted minority women for their abortion services. There is a certain cold calculus at work that scares me.

    I marched against Planned Parenthood in college, I have stood against their dogma for years, written against abortion for media organizations, and now, I find myself aligning with Donald Trump. If it takes shutting down the government to shut down Planned Parenthood, I will suck it up.... that as opposed to having one more baby sucked up into a cannister, chopped up into body parts, and/or shipped to labs for research.


    1. "Where is the voice of advocacy for "Black Lives Matter" on this issue?"
      How can even a liberal argue with that one?
      Well said, Tammy.
      What do you know about the mammogram situation? The "Women's HEALTH" advocates are so panicked about women not having pap smears, mammograms, etc., if PP was shut down, BUT I thought Obamacare was supposed to pick all that up......
      so is this an agenda item from libs again, to make the Republicans honestly look like we do have a (ridiculous) War on Women? or....

    2. Where is the advocacy? With the living?

      But if you haven't been paying attention let me point out that abortions and single parent births are coming down in the black community.

      How was that done? Not with that idiotic "abstinence only" crap that Bristol Palin and the state of Texass are pushing.

      Better family planning from organizations like Planned Parenthood may just be a little more effective.

      Ain't that difficult , Z.

    3. I do know that the Black community's abortions are coming down....have never seen any indication that single parent births are...never. I'd love a link on that. It would be a welcome sight.
      Don't know when the State of TX or Palin last talked about abstinence only, but I don't see it as progress that so many high school girls are pregnant; there are even schools for them....one principal called it "like a charter school,"...isn't that NICE? (Sarcasm)
      nothing wrong with that abstinence 'crap' but the liberal lack of morality's pretty much wrecked our kids (therefore, our society)...so it's a little late for a generation of thoughtful, careful kids anymore.

    4. Z,
      pap smears, mammograms, etc., if PP was shut down, BUT I thought Obamacare was supposed to pick all that up

      I saw this information on the Planned Parenthood web site:

      If you don't have insurance, you may be able to get covered under Obamacare. Open enrollment is over. See if you can still get coverage. With or without insurance, you can always come to us for your health care.

      The information was followed by a list of insurance plans.

      Apparently, Planned Parenthood's services are not free:

      FPBP is a New York State Medicaid program that provides family planning benefits to women, men and young people with family incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level to prevent unintended pregnancies. For those who are eligible, FPBP pays the cost of birth control, STI testing, PAP tests, pregnancy tests, gynecological exams, and more at PPHP. There are no co-payments, monthly payments, or deductibles


      Abortion services and pregnancy services are not covered under this program (see "What happens if I become pregnant?" below). Other services that are not family planning-related, such as dental care, are also not covered under FPBP


      FPBP does not cover abortion services or prenatal care. However, our Entitlement Counselors can help you enroll in another Medicaid program that does cover abortion services and all pregnancy-related services. To find out more, please call 1-800-230-PLAN or email us at freebirthcontrol@pphp.org and make an appointment with an Entitlement Counselor. If you live in Yonkers or White Plains, and are between the ages of 10 – 21 years old¸ you can call 914-220-1055 to get personal assistance with your questions from our FPBP Coordinator.

    5. Z,
      Obtaining birth control from Planned Parenthood may cost the patient a fee. See this.

    6. WOW, we all think it's free at PP, don't we??
      Good information, AOW.

      Imagine someone not willing to pay $9 a month for pills.... we have a society where AMERICANS must pay for sex for teenagers now....what a great advance, huh?
      So sad. And they think pushing abstinence is silly? Look at the heartache not at least talking about abstinence has caused; poverty babies, babies without fathers, foster care, emotional problems after an abortion...
      and they say waiting to have sex is bad?

    7. Z,
      I, too, thought that Planned Parenthood's services were free. So, I decided to do some checking and found out otherwise.

      The issue about encouraging abstinence is even more complicated than you suggest. Most parents with whom I speak automatically assume that their young girls will be sexually active way too early (way too early, IMO). And there's another side to this matter, too: guys expect girls to be on the pill and, therefore, to be ready, willing, and able.

      The only certain way for a fertile girl or young woman not to become pregnant is indeed abstinence. Furthermore, pregnancy without a marriage partner makes rearing the child so much harder; I've seen that problem more times that I care to count; in more than one case, child services has to take custody of the child(ren) -- and this has happened in my own family. **sigh**

  15. About Planned Parenthood and mammograms (Snopes):

    It is true in a literal sense that Planned Parenthood health centers do not themselves conduct mammograms (a procedure which requires specialized equipment and expertise to use it). Planned Parenthood offers comprehensive breast health care management, which includes manual breast exams as well as patient education on breast health. That care management program includes providing women with information about mammograms, referring them to health centers where they can obtain mammograms, and assisting them in covering the costs of the procedure by referring them to government programs that provide free mammograms or by using grant funds to reimburse the medical providers who perform the mammograms. (Referrals for mammograms often require the patient has undergone a breast exam within the previous year.).

  16. Regardless of whether or not birth control is free (I'm thinking of the teenage girl who has her birth control paid for by a parent or grandparent), a lot of teen girls get pregnant. I've seen such cases several times: the girl is on the pill, yet still gets pregnant. In on case of which I have personal knowledge, the girl got pregnant three times! Three babies before the age of 20!

    Why is that? Failure of the pill -- or failure to take the pill because or forgetfulness or because having a baby gives the girl special status with her peers?

    The girl of whom I spoke above got a lot of affirming attention from everyone, including the family. I watched all this unfold with my two eyes -- THREE TIMES.

  17. Ducky,

    I am not against family planning nor birth control. But once there is conception we are dealing with a separate issue: Constitutional rights of a human being. Women do not abort a bug, some little insect. They are terminating the life of another human.

    Both of our sons came to us by adoption. The eldest, is a tall drink of water - six feet, broad shoulders, dimple in his chin, and he looks like me. He did, in fact, start out as a lil' clump of stem cells. Minus the vast courage of his mother to ferry him safely to the shore of humanity, he would not exist.

    Most of us who are anti-abortion have great compassion for the women. Invariably, abandonment precedes abortion. The men walk - the women abort.

    Abortion is a societal ill which is a reflection of a greater issue which plagues our nation: the disappearance of men who gratefully assume their role as a father.

    Tammy Swofford

    1. as you know, the trick for leftists is to accuse anyone who's anti abortion to be against family planning of any kind.
      Saul Alinsky rules again.

    2. Sorry Tammy but the Supreme Court disagreed with you and in our system of government, they count, you don't.
      Not all believe "life" starts at conception.

      Z, when did you read Alinsky? Oh, never?
      Well, let me inform you that one of the most skilled practitioners of Alinsky's method is Roger Ailes.
      The idea that Alinsky's tactics are only employed by the left is ridiculous.

    3. Ducky, Does it feel good to fight so hard for the killing of fetuses? What do you think they're going to become, an Amana refrigerator? A Buick? They are human beings....but we won't argue that here, what's the point? What stumps me is the zeal to continue to stand up for someone like Sanger. Of course, she was also an anti-semite, so maybe that appeals to you.

      Rules for Radicals is, basically, a guide to encourage leftists (please learn his background) to gather, organize and develop a strong and bullish plan to spread the socialist agenda.....nothing much more than that. And it's worked pretty well.
      Roger Ailes? Ya, in a way....He certainly practices getting people angry, setting up enemies, etc, as does MSNBC....Not as well as Obama, but not bad at all. Thank goodness we can hear two points of view through his enterprise.
      The idea that Alinsky's tactics have been mostly employed by the left is factual....and widely understood.

  18. She took abortion and liberalism to a whole new level. She would decide who may live and who should die ... what a gal and hero to Hillary.


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