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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Sources Of ISIS-Supporting Tweets

The United States is Number 4 on the list. Click directly on the graphic below to enlarge it:

Note the following:

There are more Tweets originating from the United States than from some of the Islamic countries.


Because Muslim know what strict adherence to strict shari'a really means. ISIS certainly advocates and practices strict shari'a — including, but not limited to, the stoning of gays and women?

Meanwhile, in "moderate" Malaysia: Malaysian parties chase Islamic vote with 'death by stoning' law.


  1. On the US pro-ISIS Tweeters:

    Triangulate and eliminate

  2. The Planet of the Apes in reverse. They are here and among us. When does the Coup occur?

  3. AOW,
    You and I discuss these issues constantly because we care about the future of our own nation.

    A couple nights ago I was following the Twitter feed of a legitimate Islamic State news feed. What I was viewing actually caused a current of fear to run through me at one point. The hatred was almost palpable against the West.

    Here is a statement followed by a question. I always felt we sent our military abroad under President Bush as both shield and magnet. They shielded the homeland by functioning as a magnet for those who wished to destroy us.

    What does it mean for us as Americans when our military is now threatened with beheading on home soil? If these things are possible, then the battlespace has shifted to us.



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  5. "What does it mean for us as Americans when our military is now threatened with beheading on home soil?"

    It means that we must get rid of the fraud passing as a Commander-in-Chief, forthwith. Never has the vile Moslem scum been so embolden as it has since B.O. began his program to destroy America and our way of life! Those who elected him, at least for the second time, are a clear and present danger to the rest of us as well as themselves, although most of them are oblivious to that fact.

  6. False flags trying to phish for responses?

  7. Disagree with C.I.

    We have no real means of discerning when the individual has developed their alter ego, hence, when they will formulate a plan. We catch some. I am worried about the ones we don't catch.

    Yes, I understand we also run our counterterrorism ops with honey pots. But we are playing a rather dangerous game, one which we do not fully understand when it comes to religio-neuroscience applications.

    The next attack on U.S. soil may possibly be someone we have tracked for months, yet they slipped through the net. I prefer that we engage active denial systems on social media platforms which scrub the message traffic completely.


    1. We've been more effective at catching/killing terrorists by the patterns obtained from social network analysis, than most other means. Active denial seems to imply both a denial of freedom of speech, and the means of exploiting digital communications.

    2. I agree; they have no freedom of speech here....not when it's planning the killing of Americans. It's like reading the Miranda's on the battle field..the worst idea I ever heard for our poor soldiers.

    3. Z,
      they have no freedom of speech here....not when it's planning the killing of Americans

      Not necessarily -- in practice: Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video.

  8. What we have to realize is it will always be WE who are going to get hit; they're not wearing uniforms, they have no 'bases'...where do we hit even if we had the will? Drone strikes are a joke, of course. They kill one or two possible 'leaders'...who cares? We are afraid of collateral damage to their people because our media will give US HELL.
    And, of course, the goal of islamists IS the collateral damage of Americans...the more the better.
    Our goodness; our laws, simply don't permit us to strike. They have absolutely nothing holding them back.
    We have hearings televised which condemn our own, make us look in total disarray, not agreeing on anything...they do not.
    We can do nothing. And Islamists know that. ISIS is HOT today...they're 'freedom fighters'....our kids are buying that for many reasons; they've been sold a ridiculous bill of goods and they're acting out.
    So we have to just wait.

    1. We aren't striking?

      What have all those bombing runs been about?

      It's turning into quite a thorny problem. Shia militias drive ISIS out of a Sunni village and immediately start slaughtering the inhabitants.

      The Yazidis get rescued and take the opportunity to slaughter Sunnis.

      It is true that there isn't much we can do to resolve this. Especially if we continue to wear blinders.

    2. Hmmmm... US Marines have done a much better job with the Sunnis than the current Iraqi government. During the Surge we helped and protected the Anbar Salvation Council with great results.

      But I thought we were racist militarists who didnt care about Arab civilians. This doesnt jive with the stereotype...

      That is because the stereotype is propaganda.

  9. AOW. We talked of Todd Starnes the other day and I just saw the headline on this and pasted here something so sad. He's so right on this:
    "So that brings us to an incident that occurred last week, when a sailor in Modder’s (the pastor who's under suspicion of being anti gay) previous unit unexpectedly died.

    Liberty Institute attorney Michael Berry tells me Modder was about to reach out to the sailor’s grieving family when he was stopped by a member of the command.
    He was slapped with a “no contact” order – the Navy’s version of a restraining order – banning him from providing counsel or ministering to any members of his unit.

    “This Navy official is using the ‘no contact’ order as a weapon to punish and humiliate a decorated military chaplain,” Berry said. “To deny Chaplain Modder of the ability to minister to a grieving family and other sailors is deplorable.”

    The Navy went so far as to banish Modder from the base on the day of the sailor’s memorial service. The chaplain said that was adding “insult to injury.”
    This is quotes...this is information Americans need......
    Starnes seems to be doing a great job of getting info out even if only conservative venues find a sailor's family denied consolation from a member of his faith important.

    1. It sure looks like a set-up - just like couples who set-up wedding photographers, bakers and florists. That young officer who filed the complaint was a ringer.

    2. I'm shocked that Starnes tells one side of the story. Shocked I say. /sarc. Modern was relieved for cause after complaints were filed against him, to which Modder replied "he will not follow Navy policy if it conflicts with his faith".

    3. Baysider....it is definitely a set-up. he's served with dignity and decorum for many years. Odd that we've heard of this happening to chaplains lately, isn't it? I've posted other stories on the sadness of soldiers missing out on religious comfort.
      Don't you just hate a man who tells a young sailor she shouldn't be pregnant and unwed? Of course, if she doesn't have those beliefs, all she needs to do is walk away.
      It's called "Chaplain" for a reason.

  10. So the "racist/bigoted" US and the UK are in the top 10. We are tolerant of these traitors and the Left doesnt appreciate it. So much for their beloved "police state"...

  11. "Once more unto the breech, dear friends ..."




    Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


  12. Dean Obeidallah, one of the Left’s favorite Palestinian-American Muslim failed lawyer and TV Comedian begs the media NOT to call Boko Haram an “Islamic” terrorist group
    dean-obeidallahYes, this is the same Boko Haram that has killed thousands of Christians in Nigeria, abducted hundreds of Christian schoolgirls, forcibly converted them to Islam and turned them into sex slaves for Muslim men, and just recently declared its allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS). But Dean Obeidallahinsists that “Boko Haram has nothing to do with Islam, and it’s grotesquely irresponsible of the media to suggest it does.”

  13. Well, let's hope these tweeters aren't serious, because otherwise Zayn Malik will be taking over the world any minute now!


    1. You must be scared, because you know that your head would be one of the first they'd hack off slowly and painfully with a dirty kitchen knife, don't you?

      ...... Castoria Fletcher aka Cascara Segrada ......


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