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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Open Thread

So, what's on your mind?

Here is your chance to opine within the parameters listed below:

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A link to get this thread started...Serious case review slams police failure in serial abuse of Oxford girls: Some of the 300 victims were exploited for more than eight years despite repeated calls for help to authorities.


  1. ___ CAUSE for CONSTERNATION ___

    Naught could be a greater cause of dread
    Than the prospect of an Open Thread.

    When we're not told about what we should talk
    My mental faculties begin to balk.

    It's too much like the curse of Open Borders
    Where none in power dare to give Stop Orders,

    Or stepping out onto a barren stage
    Not knowing whether to feel joy or rage.

    Is the captain of this ship just being lazy,
    Or so cruel she'd truly like to drive us crazy?

    ~ Bea Devlin };-)>

    1. Bea,
      Is the captain of this ship just being lazy,
      Or so cruel she'd truly like to drive us crazy?

      Never lazy!
      Crazy, maybe.

      BTW, I gave up on Nincompoopery posts because there is just too much nincompoopery for me to narrow down the choices to a mere five.

    2. YUP! Whenever I scan DRUDGE, absolutely EVERYTHING he posts for our consideration is an example of "Nincompoopery" or WORSE.

      And that is why I now spend time
      Writing, as I do, in rhyme.
      When things are bad and getting worse
      I feel much better writing verse.
      I could never tell you why,
      But it beats complaining till I die.

    3. Poets look
      oddest in
      the public
      eye, they
      always set
      their eyes
      in little
      things of
      none value
      to ordinated
      eyes; a passerby
      would see no
      sense of life
      alike, a sitting-by
      would spite a laugh
      and seek a reason
      to say a curse;
      they always know not
      about the coming
      storm and the poet
      is there always
      for that reason.

      Melikhaya Zagagana

    4. YUP! As Thornton Wilder said through the character of the Stage Manager in Our Town, when Emily returns to earth from the Grave to relive one day out of her life, and asks him a question very like this:

      "Doesn't anyone understand how wonderful life is while they are living it?

      "Only the saints and poets -- they do some," is his answer.

      I've always believed Wilder fully intended The Stage Manager to be a stand-in or symbol for God, though like all truly signifiant authors he leaves that open to speculation, and doesn't ever permit himself to ask-let-alone-attempt-to-answer the question.

  2. The Ferguson PD should take over the DOJ, NOT the other way around!

    By taking over the Ferguson PD, "bully" Justice is atempting to take over every PD in America!

    1. Thersites,
      The goal appears to be to take over every PD in America. Sheesh.

  3. Replies
    1. The Buffalo story is funny. Has the world been taken over by Colbert, SNL and The Onion?

      Here is my comment in the thread, answering absurdity with absurdity:

      "Platypus Falls, NY and Mastadonia, Wisconsin better be on guard..."

  4. Replies
    1. FJ,
      I saw that article in The Atlantic. Quite something to see an article like that in that particular publication.

    2. "Libs Petition City Of Buffalo To Change Its “Racist” Name"

      Who knew that Buffalo Bob was a racist?

    3. DIDADIN



      Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

      "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

      ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


    4. Silly. ISIS was caused by Global Warming!

  5. Ah Spring is in the air, you can tell be the Marches, and Protests, tying up traffic, and Race Riots, the knock out games, and all those good ole things, to celebrate “SELMA”
    I don’t know about anyone else, but Im so tired of hearing about blacks bitching and moaning about how they don’t have this or that or whites are always trying to suppress them and how whites just don’t get it. Well you know what this is not the past this is the present where blacks have been getting along in life just fine.
    Just look at where these “Black” have got . We have a Black president, a Black Attorney General, the majority of teachers in the major cities are Black, as are the attorneys. The hospitals aer filled with Black Doctors. The richest women in the world is Black. The Blacks have gotten every opportunity in the world to better themselves if they would only take advantage of it.
    You can criticize bad cops all you want, but police do important work under immense stress and pressure. Why is it that we are supposed to “understand” and empathize with looters and rioters, but we can’t give even the slightest bit of slack to men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to keep peace and order in our society. And very few of them are “Bad”

    Today Oprah will be earing he newest $1000.00 Hat parading around Selma Alabama. , Barrack wall be wearing his new White suite and I’d bet that Moosheel will be wearing her latest African Garb that she got from “Target”

    BUT this won’t just be celebrate in Selma, it’s going to be celebrated ALL over the USA and especially in Brooklyn, NY where the good old Rev Al will lead a march across the Brooklyn bridge. I wonder how many liberal shitholes in America will skip going to the "Veteran's Day Parade?"
    Pardon me, but I’m really getting sick of all this black marching a protesting, I’m sick of being blamed for all of the racial problems in America and especially in Ferguson
    I’m sick of listening to the old slavery same stories and their movies. I’m sick of being told about things that happened over a hundred years ago and was not my fault or the fault of any one that I know. I’m sick of living in a society where people don’t understand the rule of law, and would rather blame the police for their actions.
    I’m tired of walking on “Egg-Shells” to get along so that I don’t make Black people feel uncomfortable. I’m tired of hearing Blacks say things that Whits are not allowed to say. .
    Please wake me up when this crapola is over.

  6. I believe that commemoration of the Selma protests is a good thing as it's the 50th anniversary.
    I do not compare in any way Ferguson to Selma, as this administration is doing, as it cheapens Selma so horribly. Selma's protesters were good people who were dignified and honorable and nonviolent.
    Ferguson's are a reflection of the left's entitlement mentality and lack of dignity. Good Black Americans don't break windows and steal....they have lost their bearings, some of them, because of race pimps like Jackson and Sharpton and, now, Holder and even Obama, who has been so wrong on so much and now has another opportunity to look like the big hero in Selma.
    I'm embarrassed for Dr King and particularly for his Republican family members who love LIFE and are still fighting for it even as this Black president supports abortion so his little girls "don't have to be punished."
    May the memory of the Selma protesters live on in the best of ways....as Dr King would have preferred.

    1. I might agree with you that its s "Good Thing". If everything they do and say wasn't all sbout them,
      Are we gong to be hearing about Slavery for the next hundred years as well?
      Will we be seeing Slavery movies for the next hundred years?
      And if we do get sick and tired about it, will they be boycotting , protesting, marching, burning , looting, and God only knows what else?
      Yes, I'm sick of it as well.

      As for Jersey, if he don't like it here , there's another blog around that would welcome him. Oh Wait that place was already knocked to oblivion

    2. If race pimps hadn't become involved in the Black community,we'd probably not be hearing about anything that apparently makes you uncomfortable.
      I'm sick of being made to feel guilty, believe me, but I have too many Black friends who wouldn't dream of bringing it up to think all Black Americans are bent on anything other than living their excellent lives I see.

    3. But to hear speakers there say that voter suppression is still a threat demeans the impact of any remembrance and only invites dismissal of the whole event.

    4. Ed, well said....as I've been saying, what a totally DIShonorable situation when they lie and mischaracterize. It DOES dismiss the whole event as invalid. Lies don't ever help


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    1. You've taken away his only weapons, which are incredibly blunt, btw...

    2. If you ask me; [ignorance] isn't much of a weapon to begin with!

  8. Two recent items I found interesting.

    Obama having to defend the DOJ's obvious decision to not seek prosecution against Darren Wilson. That must have rankled him something fierce.

    And the circular firing squad against Ben Carson, essentially calling his nascent candidacy dead, for making an idiotic comment about homosexuality, and then recanting.

  9. I'm disgusted over our media's continued water carrying for Obola's blatant lack of transparency over... oh, everything and Clinton's lies about Benghazi and shady emails... for starters. There's more... way more *sigh*

  10. I would go as far as saying that Hlllay Klintoon will NOT run,

  11. Regarding the link on the petition to change the name of Buffalo to something less "offensive":

    If we are offended by a city named "Buffalo" I believe we should immediately burn Toadsuck, Texas to the ground. We cannot be too careful in our quest.

    An uncomfortable truth is that ISIS uses the same soft-brained logic. We just degrade the whole concept to a whole new level whilst seeking to appear intelligent.

    How is removing an offensive phrase or word (Washington Redskins.... buffalo...) any different than what ISIS is doing? Both - denote acts perpetrated by the thought police.

    I challenge anyone to tell me how our current political correctness is any different than the form of political correctness practiced by ISIS.

    The Last English Prince

    1. Toadsuck?

      Well, I just had to do a Google search of that one. I found this:

      The area's original settlement dates to the 1850s. After the Civil War a townsite was surveyed a half mile SE of present-day Collinsville. With no local heros around and hardly any geographic features, they looked around for a name and saw the Toadsuck Saloon. This apocryphal story is as good as any other. The name had already been in use as a town name in Arkansas - a place where the residents might have indeed resorted to such amusements.

      It was supposed to be a reference of drinking until one swells up toad-like....

    2. At least our PC doesn't behead, but you do have a point!
      I hadn't heard anything about changing Buffalo's name!!!?

  12. Cleavon Little for new Ferguson Police Chief.

  13. Possibly of interest...

    Flashback: Barack Obama’s 2007 Fact-Challenged Selma Speech:

    ...The main fabrications in it. Obama spoke of Robert Kennedy’s “ripples of hope’ speech as seeming to include the Selma march, that the Selma march was one of the reasons that he, Barack Obama came into existence. According to this version, Selma inspired Kennedy who made his speech, and inspired the Kennedy White House to begin the airlift from Kenya. Obama’s father came over from Kenya thru the airlift was able to meet his mother, Selma inspired the integration of their get together, et voila, the rest is history. All because of Selma, which is wonderful of course because it gave us Barack Obama, Jr.

    Except, it wasn’t exactly history. Not really any kind of history.

    Problems? Barack Obama Sr. came over in the airlift in 1959, before the Kennedys were involved in it, and certainly before the Kennedy White House. Barack Obama Jr. was born in 1961, long before the Robert Kennedy’s speech about ripples of hope in 1966 and the Selma march in 1965. So his birth pretty much had nothing whatever to do with Selma or anything he claimed. It had to do with his father wanting to study in the U.S. and wanting a woman to hang with while he was here (although he was already married). By the time Selma rolled around, Barack Obama had already divorced Obama’s mother and was gone....

    More at the above link.

  14. History teaches that when the Progressive finally win and take our guns away (and they will) , that only the criminals will have guns,

    1. You're right, of course, and it rather reminds me of MONEY....take away all the money from those who have it and give it to the poor and where are we? Everybody'll be up to their necks in debt to say nothing of our country.
      WHY can't liberals understand this? It's so easy.

  15. The POTUS is just a dream weaver who thinks that we should swallow and not spit out, everything he says. I am with you, AOW, I refuse to swallow the lies and his carefully crafted legend. Thank you for spitting out a few facts.



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