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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BREAKING: Active Shooter(s) On Fort Hood Army Base

Right now, at the time of the publication of this blog post, Fort Hood is on lockdown with shelter-in-place instructions.  At least one is dead, and there are multiple injuries.

The Huffington Post has some good coverage.

Also see WTOP.

As of this reporting, the official position is that there is no connection with this recent story: "U.S. Army Recruit Accused of Plotting Jihad."

The situation in progress right now has been officially deemed a "soldier on soldier" incident.  Major Nidal Hassan's jihad attack on Fort Hood in 2009 was also a "soldier on soldier" incident and was repeatedly called "workplace violence" by the Department of Defense.

Let us remember that this attack today is second attack on a military facility here in the United States in 8 days. On Monday, March 26, there was a killing on Norfolk Naval Base.


  1. Local Dallas news has named the shooter as Ivan Lopez.

  2. Nothing but some. "Work Place " problems,so move along , nothing to see

  3. Let us remember that this month's attack at Fort Hood is the second attack on a military facility here in the United States in less than 10 days.

    On Monday, March 26, there was a killing on the Norfolk Naval Base: Jeffrey Tyrone Savage. His name wasn't released until Thursday, March 29. No digital footprint found. That lack of digital footprint seems strange to me — as does the delay in the release of the name.

    On Wednesday, April 2, SPC Ivan Lopez killed at least three at Fort Hood. How much digital footprint do we have on SPC Lopez.

    A pattern?

    BTW, there was another Ivan Lopez — also military (or former military).

    See "When A Soldier Brings War Back Home," dated May 26, 2011.

  4. No digital footprint on Savage? The guy is a convicted felon with a couple drug convictions.

    Terrorism isn't the frst thing that comes to mind here.

    1. Duck,
      By digital footprint, I mean various social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.).

      As I said above, it seems strange to me that there was such a delay in identifying Jeffrey Tyrone Savage as the shooter on the naval vessel. Furthermore, that particular story got little-to-no coverage until the name was released.

      Terrorism isn't the frst thing that comes to mind here

      Why not? Two attacks on military installations here in the United States in less than 10 days is astounding.

    2. Why not? Because when a convicted drug dealer kills someone there is a real good chance a drug deal is involved.

      The most recent Fort Hood shooter has been identified as having mental health issues.

    3. Duck,
      Please study the information available on Jeffrey Tyrone Savage. Do you see any evidence that what he did on the naval destroyer had anything to do with a drug deal? As far as I've been able to discern from the little available online, he knew nobody aboard that ship.

      That savage was able to board that ship is astounding in and or itself.

  5. Does TERRORISM always have to mean ISLAMIC TERRORISM?
    I keep thinking how when someone shoots up a lot of people that's TERROR, no matter WHO does it...but I get the feeling lots of people only consider the term TERRORISM if it's ISLAMIC.

    1. Z,
      Does TERRORISM always have to mean ISLAMIC TERRORISM?

      No. But often terrorism is Islamic terrorism.

      Also see my comment below this one.

  6. Let's consider for a minute the following:

    1. The Navy Yard shooting -- September 16, 2013. Shooter was a civilian.

    2. The shooting aboard the naval vessel in Norfolk, Virginia -- March 26, 2014. Shooter was a civilian.

    3. Fort Hood shooting -- April 2, 2014. Shooter was an active member of the U.S. military.

    I don't recall such events ever happening that frequently here in the United States at military installations.

  7. Policy change at Fox News or on only the one show that I was watching at the time? I heard Megyn Kelley say last night that Fox News would no longer mention the names of shooters.

    Whatever happened to the inverted pyramid?

    1. Look like megan and fox have cowed to CAIR - even though she state that she would not--

  8. Excerpt from this recent information from ABC News:

    records showed no sign of "likely violence either to himself or others" and physicians had planned to monitor and treat him for his issues as they deemed appropriate. The gunman had a clean record in terms of behavior

    More at the above link -- including photos.

  9. The Ambien defense??? Surely not. I saw where one article said while the shooter did not see combat and was not injured in combat .... he had once reported a brain injury, though the military has no record that he was ever wounded.

    Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1198922/fort-hood-shooting-gunman-taking-ambien-once-self-diagnosed-brain-injury/#gsfcyZU9FbfccFcc.99

    I think this is a play on words perhaps. Wounded? Injured? Different words, trying to avoid any responsibility on the part of the military? He was a truck driver? A soldier can't be injured or have brain injury unless he is in combat? I don't think so.

    We do not know the full story by any means yet. Any terror ties? Just an angry man? Just evil? We don't know yet.

    Right Truth


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