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Thursday, April 10, 2014

1000 Years in Five Minutes

As a footnote, I want to say that the “bad old days” are still with us. We refer to the Cold War as a thing of the past, but it is still with us today. Conflicting ideologies continue to exist between east and west, we remain conflicted about what constitutes national interest, and we continue to suffer the plague of government incompetence. Our failure to learn any lessons from history is that we end up electing fools to high office, and they in turn somehow manage to murder our children. While this is going on, we the people look on and smile.


  1. "We refer to the Cold War as a thing of the past, but it is still with us today."

    Good point. One can make an even stronger case that WWI is still with us today. We're still paying taxes on it after all.

  2. It's been with us since we thought it was over; they just moved into our schools and indoctrinated, gingerly and effectively, with political correct nonsense which have resulted in the fact that American values and society are now almost unrecognizable. We are not standing up for freedom, for success, for real, true equality...........it's all 'diversity,' 'divisiveness,' honoring other cultures over ours, keeping our guard down and even paying for illegals, etc.......
    Obama's 'flexible' comment to Putin has made us more vulnerable and PUtin's not as naïve or nonsensical as Barack or Kerry, so..........he's invading again.
    Let the games begin. Except it's our LIVES.

  3. Are you saying that we should invade Ukraine to avoid war, z?

    In the 30's and 40's Ukraine lost over a quarter of its population to war and famine.
    They might not want us being so brave with their lives. They've learned the lesson.

  4. duck, Z is at 10,000 feet and as usual you're at 3' 4".

    Eventually, an entity simply cannot survive any longer with incompetent 'leadership' and a population of ignorant losers who beg the government to take more of their liberties by the minute. Can't go on forever anyway.

  5. Yeah kid, maybe we should elect Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.

    Buy a vowel.

  6. How about Allen West. Or better yet, let's dig up Cincinnatus.

    Y'all will be begging for him before too long but it will be too late.


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