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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Learning the hard way ...

by Sam Huntington

I’m actually not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I have to admit that I do enjoy a good mystery. For example, I enjoy the puzzle surrounding the disappearance of a Boeing 777 aircraft. I mean, come on ... this 70-ton aircraft was there, and then suddenly no one had a clue about its location.  As I said, puzzling —but from a multidimensional standpoint. Not only is this airliner missing, but we also have college-educated journalists proposing, among other things, that possibility that extraterrestrials may have snatched it out of the air, or that the aircraft flew into a black hole. Admittedly, both ideas would be excellent grist for the History Channel.

I feel sorry for the people trapped on this aircraft. I feel sorry for the pain and suffering of their relatives. But maybe there is a lesson here, or at least an alarm bell for the tens of thousands of sheep inured to doing whatever the airlines tell them. Perhaps it is time that the people who pay to ride in these Goliath airbuses begin participating in their own safety. For example, what is the name of our pilot today? What? Zaharie Ahmad Shah? And his co-pilot is Fariq Abdul Hamid? Oh ... okay. Well, uh ... who do you have scheduled for tomorrow’s flight?

Last week, I argued that Islam is a cancer. We need to treat it as a cancer. Part of this could be common sense consumer decisions, such as “I refuse to fly any airline that places a freaking Moslem in the cockpit or anywhere within 100 yards of a parked aircraft.”

But now might be the time to wonder what this incident means within the cancerous society we call Islam. What are potential terrorists thinking about the fact that a huge aircraft can suddenly disappear —as if it never existed— and all of our modern technology cannot locate the aircraft, its passengers, or has any idea about where it might have gone? Honestly, all this talk about “dead zones” doesn’t give me much encouragement about flying to Asia any time soon. More to the point, everything I’ve seen about this missing airliner should encourage, rather than discourage, Islamic morons. I mean, let’s face it ... almost everyone wants their very own Boeing 777 —and there is much to recommend getting one from the Far East.

Let’s review: lax security at third-world airports. Malaysia may not be the only “Islamic” country that hosts a stolen passport kiosk inside the main terminal. It is possible to purchase one-way tickets in cash with no verifiable permanent address. “Yes, my name is Ahmad, I live in the desert —somewhere.” Also, if you plan a vacation trip but at the last minute decide not to go, yet wish to send you luggage anyway, this is not a problem in Malaysia.

Well, when satellites in outer space are unable to locate something as large as a Boeing 777, I no longer believe that business about reading license plate numbers from 200 miles in space. I now think this is an urban myth, a rumor started by Al Gore. I’m just grateful that if we insist on learning lessons the hard way, we at least have agencies here in the USA who are protecting us by reading my emails, listening to my cell phone conversations, and hopefully, reading this blog.

Post Script

Isn’t it time that our President retire his aging Boeing 747 and replace it with something nicer, such as a Boeing 777?


  1. I've heard from a friend who has been to Kuala Lumpur that the airport there is particularly primitive when it comes to any kind of security. "Worst security ever" were her exact words, and she visited Kuala Lumpur quite recently.

  2. Bill Clinton has been loving with an Alien for a long time, so he should know,

    1. Ed,
      Looking forward to Sam's response to your comment.

    2. We aren’t discussing the Hildebeast, Ed. We are discussing the more serious issue of whether consumers should take charge of their own lives, rather than allowing themselves to be herded onto aircraft piloted by people with serious mental issues. Please focus on that ...

  3. Always On Watch

    Looking forward to Sam's response to your comment."

    So am I........

  4. Although I agree that we all need to drop our naive credulity and stop automatically believing whichever talking authority head is talking to us, I think avoiding certain areas/countries is the most prudent action one can take.

    The C-5 that took us and our equipment to our undisclosed overseas location for Desert Shield was piloted by a man of Cuban descent and a man of Vietnamese descent.

    The doctor who took my appendix out at the Air Force Academy hospital was born in Iran. And I've served with many Iranians who were great people.

    A better lesson to draw from this is the further you get outside your zone of control, the more you must rely upon the smarts and goodwill of others.

    1. I would not expect an Islamic country to ban Moslems from flying state owned or state-subsidized aircraft. What I do suggest, however, is that before opting for Ahmed to perform an appendectomy, I’d want to know something more about him ... the same as I would want to know that Robert Jones MD did not finish last in his class.

      I argue that dealing with a personal physician is far different than getting on an aircraft whose pilot and co-pilot is unknown to you, whose credentials are unknown, or whose religious fervor is unknown. We generally DO want to know the qualifications of our surgeons; we generally DO NOT exhibit any interest in the pilot of the aircraft whose doors, once closed, becomes a prison that we paid for. Granted, we don’t know the religious fervor of Captain Robert Jones, either ... but I think we could say that the last time a radical Christian drove an airplane into buildings was, uh ... never.

  5. Yeah Right, and tomarrow he'll carry a bomb on a Airplane

  6. Conspiracy theorist- "Birch er"- the word 'mantel ' thrown over those of us who - after reading and studying HIStory- and current events- can see what is coming-
    The words are pejoratives - to silence and demean -
    Prophet - now that is a good 'mantel' -

    Orwell gave us a warning -by writing 1984-
    He had helped design some of the prototypes of "surveillance" -
    People rolled their eyes at his warnings-

    Baaaaaa- the sheep still flock - and are easily herded-


  7. When all the other theories have been eliminated it must be the scary Muslims.

    Didn't Sherlock Holmes say that?

  8. But Sam, that's profiling. Shame on you---and me cause I feel the EXACT same way!!! heh heh heh!

    1. Exactly AA ... if profiling saves lives, that should be a priority over hurting some wimp's feelings.

      Sorry Ducky, I didn't mean you.

  9. I agree with you, Sam. If people continue traipsing through life as though they personally have no responsibility for their safety, or the safety of their loved ones, then we cannot, in the long term, solve this problem with radical Islam.

    I wonder ... if you called Camel Air and asked for tickets to Abu Dhabi, and wished to inquire into the names of the pilots as part of that negotiation, if the airline would provide you with that information. I think not. I think your point is that you have the option of flying British Air or some other quality carrier.

    By the way, I used the term “radical Islam” for two reasons: first, it causes Ducky to drool on his shirt, which I find hilarious, and also because while I do not think that every Mohammedan is a terrorist, I do think every Mohammedan is potentially a terrorist. One cannot make this charge with most other religions outside of Northern Ireland.

    1. Believe me, I won't be flying to Abu Dhabi, and I won't be taking Camel Air.

  10. Excellent article, Sam. I have often felt guilty with our fascination of wrecks, wars, explosions, and crashes. As you suggest, sometimes it is the puzzle involved. I think it is also the curiosity of the who and the why things happen out of the ordinary.

    Also, every time I hear a promotional for a History Channel presentation of Ancient Aliens, I want to vomit. It is stuff like that that belongs on the SyFy channel, or the Opra Network. History, indeed!

    1. Thank you Bob.

      Now, if you like watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, you'll positively love The Adventures of Honey Boo Boo on ... yes, that's right, THE LEARNING CHANNEL.

  11. Well mustang,

    1. You have no forensic evidence whatsoever.

    2. The airline has not had a large aircraft crash in the last several decades.
    It is a quality carrier.

    3. Strange terrorist attack. Usually someone wants to take credit not stay anonymous.

    But it hardly matters in the strange warp of right wing thought.
    There were scary Muslims involved so that precludes rational thought.

  12. SAM...your quotes about flying the next day upon hearing the name of the pilot is so funny! We flew out of Kuala Lumpur twice and I never noticed anything unusual, but I had my ROCK with me and never feared for much with him by my side, actually.. but I digress.

    he did alert the flight attendants once, in Berlin, that two men had got OFF the plane (We entered the plane from the Tarmac after having identified our luggage, which one does occasionally in Germany...) and off two guys got! We both saw that and when we mentioned it, EVERYBODY had to get off the plane....Not sure what happened later, but we were all allowed back on in about 30 minutes...this was about 13 years ago. Always good to report when people have got off a plane once they've been ON.
    I thought Mr. Z was right in having done so. Taking control, as Sam says.

    I hate to think that every muslim pilot's going to be looked at with fear and mistrust from now on.....Silverfiddle's right; I also know MANY Persians who are fantastic people. Sadly, I know many Iranians here in L.A. who are not. But I'm real sure they don't want me dead! But, I know Israelis and Hungarians I'm not nuts about, too. Don't we all? it's THEM, not their nationality!

    Anyway....I'm afraid that, these days, if you need to get somewhere, you can't take much control. Mustang's right...I'd much rather fly BA. Or ROYAL THAI, for that matter. But they won't give you names, I'm sure of that.

    1. I understand flying united is a lot of fun, where legal.

  13. I couldn't add a thing to this one Sam. Are there non-moslem pilots in these countries? Egypt Air 990 comes to mind, some mulsim whackjob flying a plane out of the USA, some number of Israeli soldiers aboard. Result: whackjob co-pilot yelling kaluha snackbar while pointing the nose of the aircraft towards the ocean halfway across the ocean.

    I think the passengers of that thing would have appreciated being appraised of their situation prior to boarding.

    Well, fortunately for me I am long since a road warrior for a company, have no interest in flying to any other countries and have driven completely across the US several times in both directions. I can do without their services.

    I feel for those who don't have this luxury.

  14. Anyway, I certainly don't know what happened to 370. My best guess is it did crash somewhere and was either swallowed up by the ocean or a jungle somewhere. Choice 2 is the pilot sold the plane to someone who intends to use it as a weapon at some point. The pilot and everyone involved on the delivery side of things is dead if that's the case.

  15. If I may comment on your first two paragraphs... About liking a good mystery...

    You're right. A huge (expletive not intentionally used) jet just does not disappear... But it "did", per the untrustable news media.

    My ILLOGICAL thought process says it couldn't disappear so terrorists did take the plane but we know exactly where it landed (not where we are led to believe). The terrorists disposed of all innocents and intel showed they were rigging the plane. Someone's elite special ops team took them out, blew up the plane as best possible then got the hell out. Think about it. The only fact we have is it disappeared.

  16. Kid and P47koji,
    Relevant or not -- you decide: OBL's death date is May 2.

    1. Mustafa Kamal Pasha said



      Yoo varry smart laydee!

    2. His death date is May 2? I'm an idiot so that needs some explananation - I'm a product of this California liberal-led school system, Lol.

      But one other observation: the airlines are kicking arse in business right not. Also hiring like crazy. Best time since 9/11. If the pilots were the hijackers and it got out, the airlines won't be able to absorb it nor the travel businesses.

    3. AOW, I'm not sure what the question is. IWas obl was killed on May 2?

      I don't know. I wasn't there and never saw the body or the pictures even.

      I wouldn't bet a whole lot of money on it personally.

  17. I'm curious: what is the relevance of bin Laden's death, and this post?

    1. Mustang,
      I've heard it posited that the Malaysian flight will come roaring out as a missile on May 2 so as to wreak vengeance for the death of OBL. Now, I can't say that I subscribe to that hypothesis (not any evidence to warrant the term "theory"), but we all do know that Moslems are fond of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."

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