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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Recommended Reading

See the letter Scholars working on the Middle East…have denounced well-founded scholarship as ‘Islamophobia by Jeffrey Herf (Ph.D from Brandeis, 1981), Professor, Department of History, University of Maryland College Park. Excerpt below the fold:
...Ms. Hirsi has had the courage to say unpopular things about the religion of Islam and the ideology of Islamism....

...Your decision reflects a now-widespread double standard of broad criticism of Judaism and Christianity combined with fear—yes it is fear—to write and speak with equal critical spirit about Islam....Once a proud alumnus, I will be forced to disavow my relationship with Brandeis in the future.
Read the rest HERE.


  1. I suspect that any suggestion that our colleges and universities maintain some level of integrity is fantasy at its core. There is one simple truth: the people who run colleges and universities aren’t in the business of education, they are in the business of indoctrination; they don’t provide anyone with an education, they instead sell degrees. One of these days, foolish parents who shell out the big bucks to send their kids to college will wake up to this reality and then, perhaps, something can be done about it.

  2. Marvinus Mefistofelis said:

    The universities are still the only place to get an education in the hard Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, Medicine, etc. the rest of what they offer probably is agenda-driven BS. Today, you have to beware of the Armed Services. My neighbor's son went into the Navy a serious conservative like his parents, got stationed in Okinawa, and was converted to liberalism in less than two years. The power of Groupthink is terrifying. The need to feel like you belong, though perfectly natural, is almost as dangerous. And intelligent people still have doubts that our minds have been perverted by intellectual insurgents? PLEASE!

    1. Marvin,
      Some of the courses you mentioned are now polluted with agenda-driven assignments too. The Humanities courses are even worse, of course.

  3. Replies
    1. Thersites,
      As far as I know, the University of Maryland is not a bastion of conservatism.

  4. The first two coments are spot on. Liberals ( they hijacked our educations system years ago) are not interested in integrity or free thinking or critical thinking. They are only interested in getting their students to conform.

    1. Jim,
      If students don't conform, they are unable to receive passing grades.

      Or sometimes a professor just targets someone.

      Once I was challenged by a professor, who didn't want a senior in his freshman-level class. He said, "I'm going to create tests that you can't pass."

      I said: "Be my guest."

      First test: multiple choice. I aced it.

      Next test: fill-ins and true/false. I aced it.

      He said: "I know what kind of test you won't be able to pass. An essay test."

      I tried not to smirk. I was a Spanish Literature major. Whiting essay answers was my strength.

      I aced that test, too.

      Believe it or not, the professor then apologized to me.

      BTW, the only reason that I had enrolled in his course, American History Part One, was that getting a teaching certificate in the state of Virginia required taking that course -- never mind that I already had multiple credits in various history courses: Western Civilization (6), Russian History (3), and Latin American History (6).

  5. Wow, there's someone upset about the Brandeis decision.
    I'm shocked.

  6. Sam typed in:

    I suspect that any suggestion that our colleges and universities maintain some level of integrity is fantasy at its core.

    Without divulging confidential information, let me relate something that I learned last week....

    One of my former students is in college. Last week, she dropped a course -- not a freshman course -- after the drop date because the professor kept changing the parameters of and the rubrics for various assignments. Of course, her grades were suffering. The same was happening with other students; class enrollment had dropped from 30 to 8 over a period of several weeks.

    When this former student went to her adviser to inform him that she had dropped the course, he said -- as if it were the most normal thing in the world: "I wish that you had come to me before dropping the course. The only way that students can pass his course is to bribe him."


    No definition of "bribe" was offered.

    And the professor has been teaching at that college for quite some time.


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