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Saturday, May 25, 2013


(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (shortened list for Memorial Day Weekend):

Obama promotes State Department official who scrubbed Benghazi talking points of references to Al-Qaeda

IRS sued for seizing 60 million medical records

Neurosurgeon's study indicates that high tech gadgets are making people dumber

Non-deportation rate drops — to 99.2 percent [policy relating to childhood arrivals]


  1. The supply of nincompoopery will never be extinguished so long as we continue to allow ever more highly educated idiots pretend to represent us and make decisions for us.

  2. Speaking of nincompoopery, AOW, have you seen how Shaw Kenaw trashed you at her site?


    Her comments directed at you were gratuitous, grotesque and lecturing to the point of being disrespectful to you.

    She is a dictatorial progressive who feels a giddy tingle as her finger presses the censorship button at her blog, and she is disappointed that you do not do the same.

    You (as am I) are wasting your time over there. She needs conservatives to spice it up and keep it from descending into a choir of cawing cuckoo birds, chanting talking points from Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap.

    I made a comment defending you, but I am sure she will delete it.

    Keep up the good work. You are one smart and tough cookie!

    Harlan from LeftWatch (Somebody's gotta keep 'em honest!)

  3. Harlan, I made SEVERAL comments at Ms Shaw's latest post two of them mildly supportive and two highly critical of her thinking and the way she tends to handle opposition. To her credit she published all of them.

    I too defended, AOW, as a matter of principle, but AOW needs no defense. She's a big girl and knows exactly what she's doing. No shrinking violet she! ;-)

    Generally, unless giving a compliment, I try not to comment about the comments of others, Harlan, but I don't like remarks that appear to be designed primarily to widen gaps, aggravate tensions, and exacerbate ill will. It does NO ONE any good, and may in fact do great harm.

    If Ms. Shaw is willing to print responsibly-phrased remarks critical of liberal thinking, all I can say is BRAVO!

    In a fragmented, frightened, hate-filled world such as this we should all be grateful for whatever favors we receive, however small.


  4. Harlan,
    Yes, I saw the comments. Obviously, Shaw is angry because a few of my commenters responded to her in a way that she did not like -- never mind that Shaw's own blog posts in the body of those posts are often derisive and insulting toward conservatives in general.

    I answered over there, but there was a delay because of comment moderation.

    I deleted a comment here at my own site -- a comment that trashed me. That same comment appeared earlier at her site and was copied and pasted here at my site.

    BTW, I deleted the comment here at my site in such a way that I still have a permanent record of it.


    So, here's what I think....Just as "Eastis East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet," so Right and Left are deadlocked. As I said at Shaw's site:

    My blog is, well, MY blog.

    I rarely delete comments -- except in the case of trolls and copy-and-paste comments, of course.

    It seems to me that those of us with differing points of view are cemented in those points of view; in other words, we aren't going to change others' minds or our own minds -- no matter how much dialogue we engage in. Maybe that's human nature, but it ain't particularly pretty.

    Therefore, I conclude that you are correct, Harlan:

    You (as am I) are wasting your time over there.

    I clearly DO have better things to do that engage in exercises in futility. I do not consider this as surrender or defeat on my part but rather as a step which I need to take so as to make better use of whatever time I have remaining on this earth.

  5. AOW: It is far from a surrender or defeat.

    Recall the quote about arguing with fools.

    Ms. Shaw Kenaw is incapable of seeing the plank in her own eye, and her sanctimoniousness is grating, given how she daily trashes those who disagree with her.

    The left cannot stomach a free exchange of ideas without censoring, hectoring, reframing, shaming and controlling the entire debate. That is the only way they can stay in the game as they attempt to defend the indefensible.

    But what can we expect from people who voted for Obama not once, but twice.

    This we can expect from those who defend the most illiberal islamists as they ululate and cut off heads. It betrays how very un-liberal these American liberals are, that they would ridicule Christians while defend these detestable and most un-liberal followers of muhammad, pieces be upon him.

    Mr. FreeThinke,
    I meant no ill will, and I respect your sage words.

    A hearty Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you as well, kind sir!

    Harlan from LeftWatch (Somebody's gotta keep 'em honest!)

  6. Jack Whyte said...
    " Sam, it doesn’t take a medical degree to know that Shaw is seriously psychotic—a polite term for someone who is deranged"

    Good point Jack, let's face it, after reading her garbage, it doesn't take more than a few minutes to realize that she's a pathetic blowhard and a deranged Crackpot! to call out on those I disagree with. your so full of crap its bubbling out of your ears!

    If Shaw had an ounce of integrity she wouldn't be trying to bullshit these people by telling them how high and mighty she is. What she really is, is full of crap, like most Progressives, this hosebag piece of liberal shit created a shit rag of a Blog.. .

  7. Wasn't it enough that the two faced Free Stinker devoted a weeks blogging to show their hatred towards Shaw. ?
    And now we have this attack from AOW’s groupies!
    Don't these winger-assholes have any decency at all.

  8. FT,
    I too defended, AOW, as a matter of principle, but AOW needs no defense. She's a big girl and knows exactly what she's doing. No shrinking violet she! ;-)

    As Mr. AOW likes to say, "True 'dat!"

    And let me thank you for defending me. I appreciate it!

    When one visits a blog with an ideological orientation which is diametrically opposed to one's own views, then one should expect the flame throwers to come out. That's just the way that blogs are.

    I didn't frequent Shaw's site to stir up an argument. Rather, I visited her blog in the hopes that she could more clearly understand the conservative position and that I could more clearly understand the liberal position.

    I also find that visiting sites with positions other than my own helps me to clarify my own thinking.

    But here's the rub....Every time that I think that I can "get along" with those who old other views, sooner or later I get slammed, no matter how circumspectly I type in comments.

    In this case with Shaw, the problem occurred because she took such offense about something said to her on my turf. As you know, I do not typically moderate or delete comments here at my own site; furthermore how I run my site is my own business -- just as how Shaw runs her site is HER own business.

    Blogging, particularly in the past few years, has grown ever more antagonistic. I'm certain that I know why: the Left is empowered and emboldened by recent shifts in the political winds, and the Right resents and combats that shift in power just as the Left does when the Right feels empowered and emboldened when the winds shift in the Right's direction.

    But I think that something more is going on, too. This antagonism in a reflection of what our society is today. To put it mildly, we are not living in a time of gentility.

    So, if one is going to blog, one's needs to grow a thick skin. In the words of Bette Davis in All about Eve, "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night." In this case, however, the "night" will be several years long!

  9. Anonymous,
    Get a grip!

    I did not rally the troops (so to speak). I COULD have -- in which case Shaw's site would have been slammed by comments from "my side."

    As for FT's Hate Week, you have completely missed the point of what FT was trying to do. Sheesh.

  10. AOW, I am hoping you do not care what the communist Shaw thinks. She has her agenda, and you have yours. They are as different as night and day, IMO.

    Shaw can come here and accuse people of spreading lies, even when it is proven that they are not doing any such thing, but if someone goes to her blog and challenges her, she deletes them. Does that sound like the kind of censorship one used to find in the old Soviet Union? I think it does.

    I'd have to say that Jack was spot on in his analysis. That woman belongs in a mental hospital.

  11. Shaw once said, to the effect, that acts of perversion were "normal" as long as they were practiced by "consenting adults". NORMAL(?) well, maybe for her!

  12. Robert Sinclair said...

    AOW, I am hoping you do not care what the communist Shaw thinks...

    I agree, please don't let that commie POS get to you.

  13. Have an awesome holiday weekend hun and don't fret~! hugzzzzzzz:)

  14. As soon as you people realize that "Progressives" don't actually believe what they say, you'll quit arguing with them. Its all about their "superiority" to the rest of us.

    They actually believe they are the intelligent select and anything they say is unarguably to regarded as the last word in reality. They worship at the altar of the mirror.

  15. Oh dear, AOW, the conservative monkeys are all screeching and rubbing shit in their hair again.

  16. Once again, it's time for Nostradumbass to contemplate, (that means think about, Ducky) the reason you are known as "Nostradumbass".

  17. I can't possibly "take offense" when I know darned well I am arguing or commenting from a principled position.

    Self praise, as they say, may stink, but I know who I am, and what I am not, therefore when someone posts stupid remarks about me or my beliefs and motivations out of malice, prejudice or ignorance it doesn't faze me in the least.

    HOWEVER, I make it a practice to -- er -- FLUSH -- my blog whenever I see -- er -- WASTE PRODUCTS deposited there.

    Most of us on the Right like to think of ourselves as Christians. With that in mind it well behooves us to remember that Christ told us

    " ... Turn the other cheek"

    "A soft answer turneth away wrath."

    "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."

    And I try always to tell myself and others to remember first The Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." And how does that apply to scolding, mocking, insulting rhetoric and false accusations? Very simply it means DO NOT RESPOND IN KIND.

    If some one sidless up to you and says, "You stink," and you know you do not, because you've just stepped out the shower after shaving, shampooing and scrubbing your body parts with Yardley's Olde Englysshe Lavender soap and shampooed your hair with Herbal Essence after you've flossed vigorously between all your teeth, brushed scrupulously with gentle-but-firm circular motions on the front of your teeth followed by vigorous swift upward strokes of the brush behind all lower teeth and equally vigorous short swift downward strokes on the back surface of the upper teeth. A thorough rinse and gargle with a high quality mouthwash like Lavoris or Vademecum should gently remove any fermenting food particles that might tend to cause halitosis, and you may proceed to dress with a clear conscience and enter the social arena with confidence, knowing full well that anyone who might tell you that you stink, is simply an ass -- a person of no account, who doesn't deserve so much as a rapid sidelong glance in his or her direction.

    Whenever you detect a deposit of horse buns or animal macaroons in your atelier, or drawing room don't panic, don't show so much as a trace of annoyance or consternation. Instead, simply glide ever-so-gracefully towards your utility closet, pull out a long-handled dustpan accompanied by a small brass shovel and matching hearth brush, and cart the offending macaroons away with head held high, a deadpan expression, and never so much as a backward glance.


    A little sangue froidcan come in night handy when undergoing periods of minor duress.

    When someone's acting like a bore
    The antidote is to ignore.


    I appreciate your concern!

    But the truth is that I actually laughed about this incident.

    And I learned a lesson, one that Warren pointed out above:

    As soon as you people realize that "Progressives" don't actually believe what they say, you'll quit arguing with them. Its all about their "superiority" to the rest of us.

    They actually believe they are the intelligent select and anything they say is unarguably to regarded as the last word in reality. They worship at the altar of the mirror.

    I've been told something along those lines by various of my conservative friends for many decades, but, once again, I had to find out for myself. Lesson learned! I shall return to the way that I learned from my father (Dunkard background), albeit neither he nor I ever used this practice in the strictly religious sense.

  19. There a distinct difference between telling the truth to the American public and telling us a lie.
    Liberal/Progressives bloggers, especially the Pieces of Shit like Shaw Kenawe, collect Republican/Conservative commentators like AOW and Free Thinke as their “Token commentators” to show how “fair and balanced” they are and when they are done with their circus act, or when these “tokens” get too vocal about their opinions or if they dare to say anything about the Liar in Chief they don’t have any problems throwing these commentators under the bus! What she did to AOW was so obvious, after all, she dared to speak about Benghazi, the IRS, the AP scandals and other irrelevant things! And Bingo!
    The only remaining question is... Who is next to be thrown under the bus? Could it be FT? Hummm, a rhetorical question!

  20. The Teabaggers party cant even cheat enough to win elections anymore with these imbeciles base taking over the thinking processes of the party.
    The stupid party has stupified itself. AOW’s idiotic nonsense was getting to be boring anyway. Obviously she never had a visit from Dorothy and her friends from the Wizard of Oz! LOL....
    I have not yet learned how to articulate the anti-American Teabaggers, aka The Hate America crowd.

  21. Hopefully AOW has learned a lesson form this, this is just another example of "the chickens coming home to roost"! (Where have I heard that before)?
    What this is all about is another case of the left spewing their never ending hate for anyone who doesn't believe the same as they do.
    You disgust me Shaw, you filthy lying racist monger!

  22. Anonymous @ 7:43,
    Please see my comment at 4:03.

    But you know what? I just HAD to try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Besides, I never requested that Shaw moderate or delete any comments against me at her own web site. Her site, her rules.

    AND THIS IS MY SITE AND MY RULES. I moderate and delete comments as I see fit.

    In fact, in both the recent and the distant past, I've seen insults hurled here at my site; only under the most egregious circumstances do I take action of any sort. I've stepped on a few toes by employing this policy. Oh, well. Blogging requires a tough skin -- as I said above.

    An interesting experience -- and my feelings aren't hurt at all. Blogging requires a tough skin.

  23. Twas I who notified AOW of Shaw's Shrew-like attack, but I lament that others have taken the opportunity to unleash vulgarity-laced rants.

    Shaw is a progressive. That does not make her a "POS" or any of the other foul names slung at her. Equally, we are not defined by vulgar epitaphs hurled by the grubby, stinking leftist rabble that regularly howls in chorus at her weblog.

    They think they are superior to everyone else, but they are not.

    AOW's weblog features solid information every day. Interesting items we can learn from, while Shaw Kenaw's yellow broadsheet is one long screed of hysterical leftist opinion, presented at The Truth, The Final Fact, and so there!

    Her smugness is so outrageous, at first I assumed she was doing it on purpose, baiting righties in for a good debate. But to my "shock and awe," I realized she was serious. She really did believe she was crafting Final Pronouncements that closed the case and sealed it shut! That is where her arch indignation comes from.

    I marvel at the lack of self-awareness.

    I have indeed wasted my time there, as she deleted my last comment where I showed her that her commenters were vile and vulgar in their characterizations of people on the right. Hypocrites all. But aren't we all?

    The difference between us and them? We know we are fallen.

    My apologies,

    Harlan from LeftWatch (Somebody's gotta keep 'em honest!)

  24. Gotta love the hypocrisy...

    All though I can’t say that I didn’t expect this, I am expressing my disappointment in this entire Shaw/AWO situation.
    This all would have been well and good except that she (Shaw) dragged everyone else into this shenanigan .

    But then again this particular person is hypocritical about so many things it really doesn't surprise me. Too bad the only ounce of respect I had left for this woman was crushed under her double standards and outright lies, name calling and her hypocrisy. I can't wait until she stabs herself in her own foot at some point....and believe me, she will.
    Sorry but I’m not dumb enough to fall for her crap.

  25. Harlan, you have not described “Miss Shaw” correctly.
    Sorry but she IS a Crafty, Smug, Outrageous, Hypocritical "POS"!

  26. As usual... I'm late again. Joe Conservative beat me to it.

    I'll just sign off, for now, with what's beginning to be my call sign...


  27. Anon at 8:51:

    I believe in the utility of calling something what it is, but gratuitous name-calling can become rude, and it detracts from the debate.

    I posted this at Progressive Eruptions, but it will never see the light of day.


    Jerry Critter said:

    What is said on other blogs about Shaw says much more about those blogs than it says about Shaw. She is right to stay above such pettiness.


    The point I and other have been making is that Shaw Kenaw ridicules and derides conservatives daily in her weblog missives, cowardly deletes comments she cannot rebut, then swoons upon her fainting couch, playing the martyr when someone becomes upset with her.

    I condemn the vile name-calling against her in the strongest of terms. I also condemn the hate speech that emanates from her commenters. It is ungentlemanly and rude.

    I don't understand how Shaw Kenaw can expect to throw poisonous darts at a group, day in and day out, without getting a response?

    At first, I thought she was being intentionally provocative, like a radio shock jock. Only later did I realize she was undertaking this project in all earnestness.

    And she is surprised at the reaction?

    Harlan from LeftWatch (Somebody's gotta keep 'em honest!)

  28. Just read Shaw's cop-out saying that she "never" attacks her commenters, I'm here to say that she is Full of Crap.

  29. The total sum of Shaw Kenawe’s existence appears to consist of running helter-skelter through the blogosphere, attacking people directly, and then scurrying back home again, feeling as if she somehow achieved some Marxist/leftist victory over the heathen. People like this are indeed in need of mental health counseling.

    Shaw’s premises are all wrong, and even sad. Shaw is certainly entitled to her opinions, but not entitled to them without the expectation of some rebuttal. For myself, I wonder why she doesn’t stay home. Why come to AOW’s blog at all, unless she is seeking attention she doesn’t get from her own family—and this too is understandable from someone so filled with hate that she begins to stink.

    As to the pansy that continues the drive-by commenting, get a life Nancy-boy and leave decent people alone.

  30. Why do Progressive bloggers always resort to name calling?
    Liberal Progressive Democrats are not smart enough to defend their political beliefs with logical and rational arguments, so they resort to name calling instead. That's called liberal tolerance. In the case of Shaw Kenaw this is not only true but it is true 10 fold. In a nutshell, some extremist women can get angry, and again in Shaw Kenaw’s case this is a prime example.
    I have read her blog many times ( though I haven’t in a long time) and whenever i did, I would see her insult, and belittle people from the opposite side to no end. Iv’e seen her respond to people like a drunken Sailor. Her “Distasteful” language was so bad that I refused to read her trash any longer, and frankly, I’m not fond of being labeled as a racist.. Secondly, and even more important, if anyone dared to say anything negative about Barack Obama or Michelle Obama, she would go off the end and all but throw the kitchen sink at them. So this recent thing here with AOW does not at all surprise me. The truth is that liberals/progressives, like Shaw Kenaw are only tolerant of people with whom they agree.

  31. Thank you all for identifying Shaw Kenaw for what she is, an angry, lying, sick, obnoxious unbalanced, Psychopathic POS.

  32. Ain't karma great?
    For all these years, all we've heard from this Loud Mouthed, Feeble mind, Obnoxious Liberal Jackass was that disgusting name calling, and insults. Now it’s just great to finally see Pay Back Time!

  33. Mindy,

    It has been my observation that while Liberals may develop physically and attain academic achievement, they otherwise seem to be trapped in perpetual addlescence. Their efforts to feign emotional maturity are overshadowed by their overt disdain for reality or responsibility. One need look no further than their comportment when they assemble to whine or make excessively exuberant demonstration of their causes and then, like children, they leave monumental messes for OTHERS to clean-up!

  34. It's a very sorry event when a teabagger like AOW has to do to you what FT did to you a few weeks ago, ...AOW is doing the samething now...she's hosting a Shaw...hate-fest...you rightly took AOW to task for allowing...people to trash you...and she allowed her a-hole groupies..to lie about it...and turn on you...she loves to think of herself...as some kind of saint.. SHE allowed her rightwing...haters!...to slander you...she gets off on it...don't kid yourself...i hope you learned your lesson...I've never read such filth on a blog...as i read here on AOW's...she is shameful as FT and what he allowed...and encouraged...for a week! shaw...when will you learn...we're your liberal friends...they delight in...tearing people down...sorry friend...it is true...stay away from the devils...they only know destructive talk...ugh! They are both pieces of shit.

  35. OH!
    Big bwave Annony-mouse commenter all upset that poor wittle shaw got called a name. Gonna cry now? Want some cheese to go with your whine?

    Teabagger huh, what's that sticking out of your mouth? It might look like a cigar but it don't smell like one. Let stupid shaw fight its own battles and don't show your face around here again until you brush your teeth and find enough backbone to sign in with a username.

    When you so-called "Progressive" pansies throw shit, don't act surprised when it splatters back in your face!

    If you and shaw are too delicate to take the heat, you'd best leave the Internet.

  36. @ anon (5/25/13 - 5:26 PM) ... "Ms. Shaw Kenaw is incapable of seeing the plank in her own eye"

    Above Written by Harlan from LeftWatch (Somebody's gotta keep 'em honest!)

    One who lives in a glass house should refrain from throwing stones.


  37. Warren (and other interested parties),
    As you know, several people warned me that my engaging in dialogue with a self-proclaimed Progressive would lead to no good end -- as evidenced by the little storm that has erupted.

    I had to learn for myself.

    And, actually, I find myself amused by this little storm.

    This venue is the blogosphere, for pity's sake! Fragile souls should not embark upon blogging, especially political blogging.

    Those on the Left CLAIM that those on the Right do not understand nuance. Why am I bringing up nuance? Because FT's Hate Week was not about what the Lefties think that it was. THIS POST at FT's site provides a major clue.

  38. Warren said...

    Big bwave Annony-mouse commenter all upset that poor wittle shaw got called a name. Gonna cry now? Want some cheese to go with your whine?

    Teabagger huh, what's that sticking out of your mouth? It might look like a cigar but it don't smell like one. Let stupid shaw fight its own battles and don't show your face around here again until you brush your teeth and find enough backbone to sign in with a username.

    When you so-called "Progressive" pansies throw shit, don't act surprised when it splatters back in your face!

    If you and shaw are too delicate to take the heat, you'd best leave the Internet.

    Amen to that Warren. Thank You for what needed to be said.

  39. My Conservative Thoughts,
    As you can see, Warren takes no prisoners!

    He is the friend of a lifetime. As far as Mr. AOW and I are concerned, Warren is FAMILY!

  40. I see that Shaw HAS PROCLAIMED "End of discussion."

    Works for me.

    And now we go back to our regular programming.

  41. Rational Nation USA, YOU are yourself a prime example of what I would call a “TOKEN” none Liberal commentator on Shaws blog. YOU fill the role of a token perfectly.
    No matter how many times SHE insults you, calls you names, puts you down, you keep coming back like a unwanted bad penney. I wish I had a dollar for the amount of times that I’ve read where YOU said that your were “through here and weren’t coming back”
    How many times have you been insulted there? Yes, how many time have YOU said that YOU were never coming back there to that Snake-hole!
    YOU fill the role of token “none Liberal commentator” more perfectly than anyone else here on this thread.
    So don’t give us that old line “One who lives in a glass house should refrain from throwing stones, Toddles”..
    Because YOU are a Total Hypocrite!
    There's only one problem with commenting on a blog, . Once you've written it, and posted it, and allowed others to read it, you can't escape it. It's your word. Like a promise, its an indication of your intention and credibility, and YOU Sir have none of the above. You are a total whimp, you let Shaw and her buddies crap all over you and then you come and tell us about “refraining from throwing stones”? Get your head on straight before you start castrating others. .In this case, the lesson is simple, when Shaw gets her feathers ruffled she attacks like a hungry Tiger. . But don't worry, you won't be next, Shaw needs a pansy like you to kick around. So stop your slobbering in Shaw’s defense, no one cares!. .

  42. Always On Watch said...
    "I see that Shaw HAS PROCLAIMED "End of discussion."

    Oh really? Isn't that just Too, Too, Bad!
    Is that what she said? Too bad that Progressive Creep didn't use a little compassion' when it was needed. Not after she got her ass whipped.
    Would someone please tell her “We will have to Vote for it so that we could read it”

  43. She meant "end of discussion" on her part, I guess she feels defeated and sees that her butt got whipped. What a Narrow-Minded Bigoted Ahole she is and has always been.

    Thanks AOW for standing up to that *&^%%$@^

  44. Harlan,
    Here is the comment I mentioned above:

    Ms. AOW has stated that she runs her blog as she wants to. It is her decision to allow people to slander and slur me. That has never happened to her here.

    Those are her values, not mine. But I do give Mr. Free Thinke credit for not allowing his blog to sink to that level. I think I understand what he tried to do when he had his Hate Week for Shaw.

    People have the right to run their blogs as they wish.

    And we have the right not to visit those blogs that allow and encourage others to engage in calling people vile and filthy names.

    End of discussion.

  45. Always On Watch I have said this on numerous occasions. But it is needed to be said here today and now, because of the course of events that have just been revealed.
    An person of an untrustworthy nature and highly questionable alliance to America has tried but failed to bring you down in the eyes of your peers. But once again your determination, tenacity and refusal to give up is a sign of great personal fortitude and true conviction. I have always admired you for these qualities.
    Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of yours. No other person so consistently points out the contradictions, lies, and dirty tricks the Obamanista administration as you do and I am thankful to your for that. Your adversary Shaw Kenawe and her idol Barack Obama says that any and all who question Barack Obama’s policies are un-American and of course a racist. I personally am so tired of these absorb and ridicules name-calling progressive imbeciles that I can no longer even look at these people, or listen to their 'ranting and ravings'. As for Shaw Kenawe, keep ranting your vile propaganda, ... No one is listening, no one no loger cares..

  46. Couldn't agree more with what Exposing the Hypocrisy of the Liberal Left said...
    about Rational Nation USA.
    Once again we see him kiss Shaw’s behind, in fact so much that she invited him to tour Boston with her. Good luck with that!!
    Just another example of Shaw’s hypocrisy, but I guess when you need an friendly ally, you take whatever you can get, even if they are anti-Semitic, immoral and unethical.

  47. Democrats, Liberals, and especially Progressives are always hateful and mean spirited.
    Some people are hateful and mean-spirited at one time or another and disagrees with others. But it seems as if liberals are for the most part generally hateful and disrespectful.
    Why is it that every republican I know sincerely believes that all Americans have the right to voice their opinion. EVERY republican I know will stand up and defend the right of a person to respectfully voice an opposing opinion.
    But most of the democrats I know think people with opposing opinions should "shut up and sit down".
    Liberals regularly call conservatives vile and hateful names and one has only to look at their blogs and see that it’s true with out any doubt. And it’s also true in the media and on the TV screen. Just take a look at the David Letterman show as an example!
    I won’t say that there are no Republican who act that way, yes there are some conservatives who are hateful and disrespectful. But ALMOST ALL LIBERALS THAT WAY?
    Look even at Obama himself. He runs around giving anti-Republican speeches all the time. Like "if they won't do their job, I'll do it for them!". Hey, news flash. They ARE doing their job! They are representing the people who elected them! They just have an opposing view and want you to come to the table with options.
    I want every liberal reading this to know, I am not just spouting words here. I really do want to understand why liberals are so hateful and mean spirited. I want to know why Shaw Kenawe, would rather tear America apart then get along with the other side!
    Did anyone ever read Shaw Kenawe’s blogging buddy’s’ blog. Give it a look-see!


  48. Omigod, some liberal gave you a taste of your own medicine. How dare she?!!

    You have no problem attacking anyone you feel like, at any time and for any reason no matter how ridiculous. Read your own remarks.

    What a bunch of hypocrites you are. You fish for comments by dragging people into fights rather than discussing issues. You think Shaw's is a hate blog, it pales compared to the hate spewed constantly on this one.

    Don't worry about her place, clean up your own yard.

  49. The political left has betrayed America since the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. Roosevelt gave away half of Europe to the Soviets, Eisenhower gave up on China and sold out our ally there, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson let us to defeat in Southeast Asia, Clinton signaled America’s weakness and led us to overt terrorist attacks, Rino Bush killed our troops and wasted our national treasury on Iraq and Afghanistan, and Obama –the first overt communist, openly invited terrorists to attack us here at home. Will the American people ever wake up to these realities? I doubt it.

  50. Just Saying,
    Whatever Shaw gets she brought on herself so don't come around giving us your Bull Shit because it just ain't gonna fly!

    So NOW your asking for civility ? This is all your fault! Your hypocrisy is truly breathtaking.

    You Liberals are incredibly arrogant, rude, obnoxious and hateful.
    It is also my observation that SHAW is a hateful, obnoxious blogger and a poor excuse for a Lady.
    Just Saying!

  51. Just Saying (#1),



    Show me one rude comment that I made at Shaw's place.

    I was never on a fishing expedition there. At no point, did I try to entrap her. I never even signed in their with as Anonymous or with an alternate identity in an attempt to do anything untoward or surreptitious. Furthermore, Shaw and I had many lengthy discussions.

    I shouldn't bother answering you. You're going to believe whatever delusion you choose to believe. But, being the kind of person that I am, I will try to reason with you -- when I have the time (as I do now for a few minutes).

    Don't worry about her place, clean up your own yard.

    It is MY yard here at this blog, and I'll tend it as I see fit. And other blog owners do the same. Get used to it.

  52. Now I'M Just Saying,
    Yes, it is truly mind boggling!

    And you know what? I'm laughing so hard the past few days that I can barely type in comments. Maybe I should feel sad that the Left and Right are at such an impasse, but I can't help but laugh.

    Here's why....Shaw got her feelings hurt by a comment or two here at Always On Watch. But she CANNOT EVEN SEE that she basically called Sam a liar when she wouldn't accept his own experience as evidence related to the point under discussion.

    When one person calls another a liar, the one doing the name calling is likely to get slapped. Oh, well. This is the blogosphere!

  53. Sam,
    The political left has betrayed America since the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

    I'm not the political historian that you are, so I didn't realize the damage that Woodrow Wilson did until I read Liberal Fascism.

    Upon reading that book, all of my mother's rants about Wilson came back to me in the sense that I recall Mom's ranting but not all the content thereof. I wish that I had listened to Mom more closely back then.

    Also, I recall my father saying something like, "It's a shame that the last President born in Virginia was Woodrow Wilson." Dad got it about Wilson, too -- obviously.

  54. Well, AOW … you are getting a lot of traction from this thread. Personally, I’m beginning to lose track of all the anonymous commenters, so I’ll just say that I followed the recommended link to “The left in me” … and rarely have I ever seen a better example of functional illiteracy.

  55. Robert,
    It was never my intention to seek out traction. But it is what it is. They can pile on over there as much as they like. These are BLOGS, after all.

    And, now it's over and out for me today. I have a novel that is calling me to read it and a busy day tomorrow (doctor's appointment and car repair, the latter a recall matter that needs immediate attention).

  56. It doesn’t sound like it’s “Over and Out “ for her!
    Found on the slimly liberal hypocrites blog. In case you missed it.

    “As for Miz A missing the point, she's been getting worse at that for awhile now. It's like she's either getting Alzheimers, and I'm serious, or she deliberately obfuscates and spins. I would post about something and she'd comment about anything except the actual point of the article, and likewise during comment exchanges. She twists everything totally out of recognition.

    Frankly, I do think her mind is going. She's well along in years and has been hammered by personal, health and financial blows. She used to come for me for advice back when we were still on good terms, so I know about her problems. I think it's just gotten to be too much”

    That commenter really went off on a rambling rant there, didn’t she

  57. @ Exposing the Hypocrisy of the Liberal Left --

    Your face looks so familiar... ?

  58. It's Monday, and Shaw is still bleating on about this.

    The right is so far under her skin...

    It's like Rush Limbaugh says. The right lives in her head, rent-free, 24/7.

    Notice how often she copies and pastes broadsides, smears and slams against the right? And how seldom she posts anything thoughtful defending her precious liberalism, other than cornball worship of President Obama or the First Lady?

    She's even repeating what others have said about her, like calling others "Passive/aggressive." I feel sorry for her and her yapping minions.

    Speaking of which, she's picked up another token: Blacksheep! Who gives Missy Shock and Awe a soothing tongue bath.

    Rational Nation's tongue must have been worn out.

    Blacksheep and Rational Nation can play the good little pseudo-conservatives over there now.

    Meanwhile, I look forward to many more informative posts from you, AOW!

    Harlan from LeftWatch (Somebody's gotta keep 'em honest!)

  59. AOW -- it's good to know that there WERE folks like your parents, that 'got it!' back then.

    Up until a few years ago, I didn't realize how bad Wilson was until I did some research. I sure don't remember hearing anything derogatory about these people in any history classes I had -- high school OR college.

    We did have a Texas governor ("Pappy" O'Daniel) who was a conservative Democrat and went to DC as a junior U.S. senator. He came back to Texas in a few years saying something to the effect that he was outnumbered and couldn't fight the communist by himself any longer.

  60. A.C.,
    I neglected to respond to your comment.

    I'm guessing that you are the A.C. whom I knew several years ago. If so, it's good to hear from you!

  61. Marine4Ever,
    There were many in my parents' circle of associates who got it back then. That generation is gone now, of course; and most of their children have little or no interest in politics.

  62. Rational's nose gets browner and browner every day.

  63. Looks like the wicked Bitch from the left has run out of allies, so she imported a new little ASSWHIPE "Blackie Sheep" and by the way, who's opinion is ignorant is trying to promote her own little PUNY blog by reporting to the Wicked One.

    Looks like the Wicked One, has slowed down her BOOOSH Bashing and her MOOCHIE praising and is in some sort of a depression....
    As for this topic, shes running out of excuses, so she's buttering-up her surrogates the 2 slobs Blackie Goat and irRational Les...

    On another note, What an absolute pussy Bathhouse Barry is is. he can’t handle a bit of drizzle. It should be noted that Male Marines NEVER EVER carry an umbrella in uniform, for any reason.
    When it rains, a MAN (Like George Bush) carries HIS OWN umbrella AND serves the troops on Holidays. The Liberal sissyboy has others do it and disrespects the Marines as well.

    I guess that the the Court Jester really thinks that he's the King.

  64. Can you believe these incompetent boobs over there at the foul-mouthed Progressive blog that I prefer to call the Concentration Camps for illiterates.

    Truly a great group of American Haters.
    Progressives = Socialists = Communists = Left-wing Radicals = Anti-capitalists = Un-American, sound familia? Good description of Progressive Eruptions?

  65. Kudos to the Conservative blogger AOW who opens her blog to everyone and does not delete anything , unlike the Progressive Blogger Shaw what's her name who not only deletes but Monitors and screens her comments.
    Nincompoopery, indeed.

    Thank you AOW for being the Open Blogger, and who believes in Free Speech and opinions like ue Conservatives are.

  66. Ari,
    Actually, the other administrators and I delete certain comments here that violate the information on the sidebar or the information at the top of this comment form. The deleted comments either do not follow the few parameters that I set or are vile droppings from trolls. Or both at the same time!

    I want to emphasize that at this blog we do not consider most of those who hold political views contrary to our own as "trolls" per se. So, in that sense, I do run an open blog.

    We here at Always On Watch occasionally employ comment moderation. But not often.

  67. Spidey,
    Ah, well.

    For now, I'll keep my own counsel regarding some of what you have said -- particularly with regard to "new friends" over there.

  68. If this is an example of what of what conservatism has become then the country is certainly in for a long and very divisive ride.

    Attacking the person and their character rather than the specific positions for which they post on, as so many have done here, is NOT cool. But then I guess conservatism has lost it's cool.

    Toddles folks...

  69. @ Rational Nation


    Excuse me while I get my sackcloth and ashes.

    Now, put on your big boy pants for a second and read. Blacksheep represents about 1/2 of the anonymous posters above, (both sides, blaspheming and butt whining.)

  70. Rational Nation USA you are a Pompous Idiot. And a Shaw Ass Kisser.

  71. Blacksheep needs some blog traffic, hence the DUMB comments on MISS SHAW'S blog.

  72. The irony of this thread is this title "Nincompoopery." Hehehe.

  73. Of course, my wry comment above doesn't refer to friends and allies.

  74. This Maddening World said...

    Rational Nation USA you are a Pompous Idiot. And a Shaw Ass Kisser.

    Mirrors This Maddening World, mirrors. Try using one...

  75. Rational Nation,
    You are one who is enjoying stirring the pot -- even at an unrelated post at Infidel Bloggers Alliance as you tried to drag another blog into this "blog war."

    Look in the mirror yourself -- particularly with regard to your trolling over at IBA. Sheesh.


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