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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recommended Reading

See This Beheading Should Be a Seminal Moment in Our Tolerance of Islam by Mark Alexander, author of The Dawning of a New Dark Age: A Collection of Essays on Islam. and webmaster of A New Dark Age Is Dawning.


  1. I see that Western Hero's post today dovetails nicely with Mark Alexander's essay linked in the blog post here at Always On Watch.

  2. A few more links before I head out to work....

    Machete attack horror at Accrington barber's shop
    (in the Lancashire Telegraph, dated May 28, 2013)

    Joggers attacked in Fridley, Minnesota, apparently by Somali gangs [more information about such gangs in Minnesota HERE]




    Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


  4. Suspect arrested in the stabbing of the French soldier:

    PARIS — French police on Wednesday arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with the stabbing on Saturday of a French soldier in a Paris suburb, with officials describing the suspect as a fairly recent convert to Islam....

    Of course, nothing to see here. Move right along. So goes the official narrative these days.

  5. It is interesting how so many of these attacks are related, how the players are connected. Ten how have been arrested in connection to the beheading in London. A reader at Right Truth left an interesting link to documents "Benghazi linked to Boston marathon bombings"


    The French knife attack is considered connected too. This may be a new tactic by the muslims, attack soldiers one-on-one in the streets of their own country.

    (p.s. I tried several times to post a comment yesterday, but could not get the comment link to open. Could be a problem on my end, but everything seems to be working now)

    Right Truth

    1. Yes it is. There is also Deborahzsong e-mails sent to Director Jay Fallon warning of several YouTube channels making terrorist revenge threats on the evening Osama assassination was announced. The threatening channel was connected to a whole network including the Saudi student and the Tsnaerov brothers.

  6. It doesn't take much to get the sand monkeys screeching and raising hell, does it? I made this point several months ago, and the leftist puke who frequents AOW took exception to my comment. He was offended. NOT offended by animals cutting off people's heads, but offended by my use of the term "sand monkey."

    Which is what they act like. Still, it seems to me Ducky's priorities are askew.

  7. Sam, excellent point.
    And I stand by my suggestion at my place yesterday that the mindset of many leftwingers makes it so they're more outraged at supposed torture at Gitmo than what happened to a soldier in the UK.

  8. How do I tweet Ben Franklin?

    Off topic, AOW but everything is getting a little heavy anyhow. This may be a failed pun but I enjoy the shot. It never stops. I have nearly enough for a book.

    I invited Jen(aka Pinky) to join you and me in the Society to Crush Excessive Texting. It's a grassroots movement with no hope of success.

  9. ...but ducky, w/o testing, how are you going to identify the elite vanguard of university "experts" that will be charged to answer all the "liberally democratically elected" totalitarian utopian government's questions as to "what" will be "sustainably produced" and what will be "un-sustainably eliminated"?

    "Dedalaus to Icarus, Dedalaus to Icarus, your ceiling is 10,000, OVER!"

  10. Farmer, did you confuse te(s)ting with te(x)ting?

    At any rate, AOW and I agree that, at the current growth rate, texting will soon reach an unsustainable level.

  11. Unfortunately, people will see this as an isolated incident and one crazed Muslim.

    Muslims have infiltrated every nation, and they are here and there to stay, and their population continues to grow.

    My fear, the violence will escalate.

  12. You have much more to worry about with the crack and meth dealers next door, Leticia.

    That population is growing quickly also.

    Like I say, I'd rather have my Muslim neighbors.

  13. "Like I say, I'd rather have my Muslim neighbors."

    "Muslim neighbors"

    Is that PC for cockroaches?


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