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Saturday, May 11, 2013


(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

Woman accused of using ambulances for free rides (for seven years and 100 trips)

Gov’t Spending $152,500 for Voice Therapy for Transgenders

Women using so much Botox it's stopped working

Egyptians grab ancient land of the pharaohs to bury their dead: Archaeologists fear for pyramid sites as illegal building gathers pace in wake of Arab spring

Qatar Insists Ancient Greek Statues Depicting Nude Men Wear Burqas

Old news but still absurd: Teachers advised not to use red ink because the color might upset students (Make to read some of the comments to the article)

Parents let children use the internet aged three with many already spending two hours a day online before they start school


  1. You thought ADD was bad now... just wait until those three year olds grt IPhones.

  2. I can see you were working hard on the material, AOW. Some beauts here.

    I like the one from Qatar. Reminds me of John Ashcroft having the statues in the Capitol rotunda covered.

    I'll leave it to the class to figure out why it took 100 calls for South Carolina to figure out Audrey's little game.

    Still, this was a pretty strong grouping.

  3. Woman uses ambulance for transportation at taxpayer expense.

    This happens all the time, they use the ambulance service like a taxi service. Those things don't come cheap either, when you look at the medics, the training, the vehicles the equipment, the time away from those who might really be having an emergency.

    Reimbursement is pennies on the dollar, if at all.

    As you know AOW, my hubby is a long time physician, ER physician, head of the local ambulance authority for years and years (until just recently when he resigned that position) The tales he could tell of ambulance abuse.

    Right Truth

  4. Another two servings of Ducky’s intellectual dishonesty; the first being, “Oh yeah? Well John Ashcroft did it … nah nah nah.” And the second is that he didn’t even provide an accurate report of the incident. According to USA Today and a Justice Department spokesman, the decision to erect the curtains was made in consultation with television crews who complained that the brass statues interfered with camera reception. DOJ spokesman Shane Hix indicated that Ashcroft didn’t even know about the decision to put up the curtains.

    Well, I suppose Hix is a rotten liar, eh Ducky?

  5. Botox certainly stopped working on Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry ...

  6. What did happen to John Kerry and his face. He had a bizarre face to start with. Just asking.

  7. What? You aren't blocking comments? Wassamatta, losing too many of your fringies? Or did you think I'd gone away? Both, no doubt.

    Your posts get more boring with each one. Good thing you have a die-hard following of obsessive types. Speaking of that, have you ever read Ducky's bio, where he says that one of his favorite pastimes is cheesing off the far right fringe? But you keep biting at the cheese, don't you?

    I'm beginning to appreciate his sense of humor, considering what a total lack of one you have, Sam. Truth is, even though you think you make such clever snipes at Ducky, he's the one who's laughing.

    You're an idiot, Sam. You have no social sense at all and you never got past the age of 5 emotionally. It not only shows in your pointless insults but also in your choice of them. When DID you quit wetting the bed, old man? It obviously embarrassed the hell out of you or you wouldn't consider that to be such a prime insult now.

    Come on, don't be shy. Tell us when you quit wetting the bed.


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