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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Break From Politics

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

The Sad Cat Diary is guaranteed to make you smile:


  1. What's funny is this, AOW:

    I received this very video the day before you posted the last one about black and white Henri, the Existentialist Cat. I was gong to send it to you, but I don't think I ever got around to it, yet here it is today.

    Great minds ... ;-)

  2. FT,
    Wanna take odds as to how few comments this particular post will garner?

  3. My hubby loves Grumpy Cat. The family that own him/her have done a great job. That is probably the best cared for cat ever

    Right truth

  4. Darn, my tablet won't load the video.

  5. Jack Whyte said...

    "You mean Cats are democrats?"

    No, Jack. This is a common mistake. Most cats are radical Libertarians.

  6. Lol! You know how I love me those kittehs ;-)

  7. What? You aren't blocking comments? Wassamatta, losing too many of your fringies? Or did you think I'd gone away? Both, no doubt.

    Your posts get more boring with each one. Good thing you have a die-hard following of obsessive types. Speaking of that, have you ever read Ducky's bio, where he says that one of his favorite pastimes is cheesing off the far right fringe? But you keep biting at the cheese, don't you?

    I'm beginning to appreciate his sense of humor, considering what a total lack of one you have, Sam. Truth is, even though you think you make such clever snipes at Ducky, he's the one who's laughing.

    You're an idiot, Sam. You have no social sense at all and you never got past the age of 5 emotionally. It not only shows in your pointless insults but also in your choice of them. When DID you quit wetting the bed, old man? It obviously embarrassed the hell out of you or you wouldn't consider that to be such a prime insult now.

    Come on, don't be shy. Tell us when you quit wetting the bed.

  8. , he said to the adulation of the audience in his head.

  9. Okay, AOW, since I'm not babysitting Her Imperial Highness, The Grand Duchess, Poo-Poo...I may have to give up and get my own cat. Just to torment...as is my duty by protocol...

    No, I'm NOT back, we just talked about it on the phone...

  10. TMW,
    I knew that you'd love this video.

    I know that you love catsitting Her Imperial Highness, The Grand Duchess, Poo-Poo. When does she return for a visit?


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