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Monday, May 20, 2013

Ah, The Irony!

(hat tip to Mike's America for the graphic below)

Mike's America also has a roundup post accompanying the above graphic.


  1. Reject the voices...From the lying SOB and his minions.

  2. If it looks like snake, slithers like a snake, injects venom like a snake, you know it's not bunny rabbit, right?

  3. I wonder how long and hard Obama will work to block the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to look into all this?

  4. NIXON was unable to block the appointment of a Special Prosecutor -- an entity created JUST for the purpose of "getting" Nixon -- so why should Obother be able to block the process?

    Oh wait! I forgot. With the exception of Blow Job Gate, which came to naught, "Special Prosecutors" only go after REPUBLICANS.

    Isn't that the way it's SUPPOSED to be? D'Rats should NEVER be held responsible for ANYTHING they do, right?

  5. Obummer does know where the danger lays, doesn't he?

  6. FT and Mike,
    Blocking a special prosecutor could be, at the least, a pr nightmare.

    Obama has to know that, right?

    Didn't he promise transparency in government?

  7. Yet another story in the cascade -- a story that I forgot to link above:

    AP Chief: DOJ Grab of Reporter Phone Records Unconstitutional.

    BTW, yesterday on one of the Sunday morning talk shows, Pfeiffer kept using the word irrelevant. At one point, the man apparently said, "The law is irrelevant." Something to keep in mind down the line, IMO.

  8. Not that we shouldn't try, but does anyone think anything will stick to this man?

  9. Cube,
    It depends on what you mean by sticking.

    I doubt that he'll be removed from office. However, his intended agenda may be curbed -- particularly if he loses enough of his supporters among the mainstream media folks who have been carrying his water ever since Obama's candidacy was announced in 2008.

    I've also noticed that a few Dem leaders are starting to move away from him.

    In any case, the Friday-afternoon-news-dump strategy of May 10 hasn't worked. More information came out anyway.

  10. Great comics, AOW. Now is the time to call Congress critters to let them know how mad we are. Some think it doesn't make any difference, but I believe it does.

    I have called my Rep's office a couple of times, and I have always gotten my point across. They need the input no matter how obvious things are.

    Plus, you can send the White House emails, too. I wonder if Big O would retaliate against those who do?

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  12. Black Sheep's continued snipes from a virtually unvisited blog kind of remind me of the Charles Johnson meltdown against Pamela Geller.

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