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Monday, December 3, 2012

IED Detonated At Arizona Social Security Office

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[Pictured at the left: Abdullatif Aldosary, arrested for detonating the IED on November 30, 2012]

The major mainstream media outlets continue to ignore whatever doesn't contribute to the agenda actively promoted by our so-called leaders. Thus far, only local media in Arizona have reported the name of the man arrested.

From Pajamas Media, dated December 2:
Iraqi refugee arrested for bombing Arizona Social Security office with IED, media silence ensues

The typically quiet town of Casa Grande, Arizona, was rocked by an explosion at the local Social Security Administration office early Friday morning of what appears to an improvised explosive device (IED). No one was hurt in the explosion, which occurred shortly before the office was scheduled to open. The explosion was reportedly heard and felt all over the area.

While the little town of Casa Grande and the nearby Phoenix area are talking about the incident, virtually no one else is. In fact, the only reason I was following the story is because I’m presently in the area and saw the initial reports on the explosion and continued to look into it .

Within 90 minutes of the explosion, police had a suspect in custody. But you wouldn’t know it from reading the establishment media reports this past weekend. One reason might be that the suspect is 47-year-old Abdullatif Aldosary of Coolidge, AZ, an Iraqi refugee.

On Friday, federal agents served a search warrant on his home. Aldosary has been on the radar of the Department of Homeland Security for at least the past couple of years.


...[T]he FBI is saying very little and and will prosecute this as a simple explosives and arson case because of “the political sensitivities involved.”
With the people of Casa Grande and Phoenix abuzz about the information above, there is no way that the mainstream news media can be ignorant as to what happened and the name of the man arrested!  Aldosary is due to appear in federal court today.

I haven't been able to ascertain if Aldosary is a Muslim.  Not everyone with a Middle Eastern name is Muslim.  Nevertheless, it is probably that the mainstream media will not publish Aldosary's name because it is quite likely that he is indeed a Muslim. 


  1. Explosive devices of this nature explode all over the country on a near daily basis. The MSM covers nearly none of them.

  2. There was no fatality and the motive has yet to be determined thus there is no reason to push it above any other main interest item. If that status changes then the importance grows. By his being an immigrant from an Arab state is only important if the status of the investigation increases.

    As for the linked item, just quoting un-named sources makes for a pretty heresay journalism. I can understand why it is no big media deal.

    Steve M


  3. "Aldosary has been on the radar of the Department of Homeland Security for at least the past couple of years."

    "the motive has yet to be determined"


    Wow, it's really comforting to know that the Department of Homeland Security is on-top-of-it!

  4. Didn/t I read somewhere that the US is in a war on terror? I must be confused on that.

  5. Could he be the perp? Sure.

    However, we have learned (some of us, anyway) that mistakes are made if you jump to conclusions.

    The FBI is saying he is unlikely to be charge and the only evidence is a witness who somehow managed to get his plate number in the confusion.

    I don't see what he has to gain from this minor explosion and I'd be having some serious chats with the witness.

  6. Brilliant looking fellow and that orange jail jumpsuit really goes well with his complexion. Very stylish!

    The SS office is part of government and he wanted to attack our government. Good thing for us that he came from a long line of sons of 9-year-old first cousins or the timer would have been set to go off AFTER the offices filled with people.

    Why this very high quality human was allowed to infest our country to begin with is a mystery. The Japanese have a saying, "Fix the problem, not the blame", and the problem here is leaving the gates open.

    Stupid is as stupid does, Forrest Gump's mother always used to say.

  7. SF took the words out of my mouth.

    Z from GeeeZ

  8. Regulations were loosened and application expedited for many Iraqi's in the first few years after the invasion.

  9. "I'd be having some serious chats with the witness."

    AH-HA, Just as I thought; the "witness" did it!

  10. Don't want the sheep to realize that nothing under Obama is under control...

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Yeah is'nt it great that this piece of excretement was allowed to flow here from the Middle Eastern sewer pipe ?

    Blame Bush for that.

    And Obama "The Lawless One" is increasing Muslime Immigration even more...just brilliant !
    And it will only get worse, the new immigration czar is a Muslime.

  13. "And Obama "The Lawless One"

    Don't you mean the Communist fraud that wants to take total control of our Government? The one that's "Frog Boiling" the ignorant just as Hitler did the desperate! Wake-Up or pay the price! It took over 70 years for the USSR to wake-up, why start? SOCIALISM SUCKS!!!!! It's been proven over and over.

  14. Some updated information about Abdullatif Aldosary:

    ...Although a federal complaint doesn't accuse Aldosary of activity related to terrorism -- nor does it define any other possible motive -- the probable-cause affidavit was penned by an FBI agent in the Phoenix division's Joint Terrorism Task Force, and does include a few instances of the word.


    Two witnesses -- one of them apparently being the police officer -- gave federal investigators a description of the man leaving the SSA office, and his vehicle. One of those witnesses also caught the license plate number.

    SSA employees also caught a glimpse of the car, and told investigators it was on fire "with flames emitting from the front of the vehicle," as it sped away from the office.


    There was a cache of documents hidden behind a photograph on a wall in the house, including "materials and equipment needed to make RDX...homemade nitroglycerine, ammonium nitrate from homemade chemicals, how to make a bomb from homemade chemicals, and recipes from the Anarchists Chemical Cook Book," the complaint says. There were also handwritten notes labeled "Materials Needed," which included a list of things included in the aforementioned recipes. Additionally, investigators found receipts for a nitric-acid solution, and a scale from a chemical-supply store in Phoenix.

    Elsewhere, investigators found what appeared to be notes on how to obtain ammonium nitrate -- "a common precursor used in the making of explosives" -- as well as a handgun, a rifle, and varying types of ammunition totaling around 1,200 rounds.

    "Extended capacity rifle magazines with approximately 200 rounds of Russian[-]made ball and hollow point ammunition were located within the residence," the complaint notes.


    Several types of acids and other chemicals were also found at the house.

    Although the feds haven't publicly said what type of explosive was used outside the SSA office on Friday, the federal complaint notes -- with no context -- that the explosive named RDX "is stable in storage and is considered one of the most powerful of the military high explosives. RDX is believed to have been used in many bomb plots including terrorist plots."...

  15. Duck,
    Please see the comment I made just above this one. More details have emerged -- rebuttal to some of what you typed in.

    BTW, you will note that I did not jump to the conclusion that Aldosary is a Muslim. I haven't been able to confirm that he is or is not a Muslim.

  16. Steve M,
    I can understand why it is no big media deal.

    You might want to take off your rose-colored glasses.

    From Breitbart:

    ...On Friday night, both CNN and Reuters reported the bombing, but neither identified Aldosary or mentioned his Iraqi roots. It seems Aldosary is getting the same benefits the MSM gave Major Nidal Hasan, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, and innumerable other individuals with Middle Eastern names when they committed terrorist acts in our country.

    The bombing of a federal office is a very big deal -- even if nobody was injured.

  17. Constitutional Insurgent,
    Regulations were loosened and application expedited for many Iraqi's in the first few years after the invasion.

    True. The vetting clearly needed to have been more intense.

  18. FJ,

    According to Obama, we've got the terrorists on the run. What a Pollyannish view!


    1. Don't entertain wild beasts in your house or feed them in your yard.

    2. Don't play with scorpions, tarantulas and poisonous snakes

    3. Don't hire known pedophiles to babysit your children

    4. Don't ...

    Well if you haven't gotten the idea by now, you deserve to be victimized by your own stupidity.

    ~ FreeThinke


    ~ FT

  21. Well it does turn out that he's a pretty likely the perp and the reports make it clear he's an Iraqi.

    Don't see any reason to complain that they took time to get it right.

  22. Duck-wad, I believe the story here is many of us didn't even know this happened. The MSM didn't report it because it put a bad light on Big Sis and the Pantload in the White House.

    To call it anything other than terrorism is too PC for words.

  23. Says he is an Iraqi refugee, Also that the Daily Kos blamed Right Wing Extremist, and highly unlikely that Aldosary will be charged with any terrorism offense.


    Right Truth

  24. I guess you can't terrorize an ostrich... or throw a bum out of 1600 PA Ave if the press won't report.

  25. I lived in Arizona for a couple of years and visited Casa Grande several times. It is well known for the ancient mud buildings there that were built by Indians centuries ago.

    It is my opinion that all Muslim immigration into the USA should cease without apology.

  26. Well, maybe he was just your typical one man protest that turned into a riot!

    I'm sure that Suzy Rice, President Jug Head and Nostradumbass agree with me.

  27. I don't speak Arabic, but I think Abdullah means servant, as in servant of Muhammad, and is an Islamic name.
    I'm curious when he came here from Iraq and how.

  28. Warren,
    I long time ago, Beak said that Duck had denied for three days who had perpetrated the 9/11 attacks. Maybe you recall that denial?

  29. BZ,
    Aldosary is very likely a Muslim. I haven't been able to so confirm, however.

  30. Let us be blatantly obvious here.

    His name is a Muslim name, Arab Christians tend not to use names that are clearly from the Islamic texts.

    Names are names though, he could be a Christan convert, an athiest or whatever.

    The authorities obviously already know and speculation on our part is basically a waste of effort.

    Additionally, he could be a Muslim but not active and his actions were for personal or even basic criminal reasons. Also, FBI data showed that extremist acts by Muslims in the US and in most other Western countries is about 50 per cent Islamist and 50 per cent politically motivated (ie not actually part of the Al-Qaeda, wage war on the West, Caliphatism, etc). The FBI considers, and probably correctly, that acts such as against Jewish-Israeli targets via groups linked to Hamas, Hezbollah, etc are simply politically motivated.

    Personally, I would rather wait to find out the facts from the authorities before going any further down this track.

    Steve M

  31. Hey Steve,

    It's probably just Nicolas Cage doing some sort of promo. What do you think? OMG-pleaseeeeeesssss!

  32. He was likely just protesting some video on YouTube.

  33. Some additional information about Aldosary:

    Arizona Bomber Had Citizenship Rejected by Homeland Security for ‘Terrorism-Related Activity’

    Details at the above link.

  34. Maybe when the social security checks stop coming people will take notice.

  35. I put this on my facebook page linked it to yours..

    Thanks i never saw this..
    i heard about the explosion and i suspected it was a bomb..

    But never saw one news article on this or the muslim connection..

  36. Anonymous,

    Any way to get the word out!


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