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Monday, December 3, 2012

About The Fiscal Cliff

Possibly of interest (hat tip to American Power):

Of course, WE THE PEOPLE are powerless in all this negotiation relating to the fiscal cliff. WE THE PEOPLE had our say on November 6 and will have to live with the consequences.


  1. We the people chose to support the policy of Obama and thus the obligation on Congress is to support the will of the people.

    Steve M


  2. The House Republicans are in a terrible baggining position and so whatever happensin this lame duck session, it is going to be bad for the economy in spite of what Tiny Tim says to the contrary.

  3. From Z:

    Did I really hear that Obama's considering raising the debt ceiling without congressional approval? ARE WE GONE AS A DEMOCRACY? WHAT THE.............??

  4. Mumble, mumble, blizza blizza blizza, as the Beatles so brilliantly stated on the White Album.

    I say, Ciscal Fliff be damned, leap over the bulwarks, onto the sharpened stakes, we must all suffer for the cause. As long as we keep spending $$$ Trillions, America will stay great. Borrow to spend, it's the Only Way.

    As Howard Dean would say. "EEEEEEEEYAAAAAHHHH".

  5. "We the people" in our infinite stupidity accepted this misbegotten, vengeance-prone, communistic-creep and would-be dictator as our president, and as a result are now being STAMPEDED en masse over the Fiscal Cliff to be dashed to pieces and die an agonizing death, or survive and remain maimed or hopelessly crippled for the rest of our existence.

    As usual the many must suffer endlessly for the sins and incredible stupidity of the arrogant, greedy, spiteful, hyper-aggressive behavior of the few who insist on trying to DOMINATE.

    Too bad we no longer have what it takes to identify the ROTTEN APPLES in our barrel and THROW THEM OUT before the lot of us get fatally contaminated.

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. As stated before that current pro-Islamic Marxist President that America is now stuck with, most likely has the wicked intention of pushing America off the fiscal cliff. Obama is a real danger to this nation. Thus he should be impeached and arrested for treason.

  7. Anonymous said......

    "We the people chose to support the policy of Obama"

    Hey, not so fast. "We the people" also chose to support the House of Representitives. Nevertheless, I'm willing to bet that [any] increase in tax will be met with B.O. trying to spend it on all manner of things other than servicing the Deficit/Debt. Romney wanted to create jobs, B.O. wants to create more unemployment compensation. It's high time to tighten the requirments to vote. Also, if more people actually had to PAY tax we might see more prudence at the 'Ballot Box'. B.O. and his minion supporters are taking us down the "Death Spiral"! NO, I'm not going to get over it!

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  9. We the people didn't vote only for president, so our Congressman is in D.C. to defend us when it comes to the fiscal cliff problem. And mine will need to do it, because Obama's proposal is simply a joke. Here's how I think Republicans should deal with it: http://conservativespecs.blogspot.com/2012/12/how-republican-congressmen-should-deal.html

  10. Didn't Mitt Romney premise that there are magical rich people perpetually 20 years in the future from now paying this debt as we speak?

    I never was any good at quantum bullshit mechanics.

  11. Yes, you had your chance.

    But fear not obama will make you learn fiscal discipline, not because he wants to, but because his masters will make him.


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