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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

To all who stop by this blog:


So, do YOU have any New Year's resolutions?

My resolutions for 2013: (1) spending less time on the web, (2) spending more time reading novels, and (3) spending more time practicing the piano according to workable schedule.   The past few weeks, I've returned to one of my favorite pastimes, a pastime that I gave up after 9/11: working the crossword puzzle in my daily newspaper;  I'm going to continue to enjoy that pastime in the new year.

For once, I don't need to make a resolution to lose weight.  Over 40 pounds lost in 2012.  Yeehaw!

Do YOU have any specific wishes for 2013?

I wish for continued health for myself and for every living creature in the AOW household.

Do YOU have anything specific that you're looking forward to in the new year?

Mr. AOW and I are looking forward to a January visit from Tammy Swofford, journalist, author, and fellow blogger; she will be staying with us for a few days, and we'll be cramming as much fun as possible into those few days.  In the summer, Mr. AOW and I hope to take our first road trip since his brain hemorrhage in 2009.

(hat tip to Conservatives on Fire for the above video)


  1. A celestial show coming in 2013? Excerpt:

    The comet coming in 2013 can possibly rival the "Great Comet of 1680," according to astronomers. ISON, as it's called, was discovered in September. On its current path, the newly-discovered space rock will dazzle the skies and possibly outshine the moon.

    Based on a Dec. 28 report from Space.com, 2013 promises to be a delight for stargazers. While the moon and Jupiter will make a close pass, mercury will be visible in February, a partial lunar eclipse takes place, an annular solar eclipse or "Ring of Fire" occurs, the comet coming in 2013 could be the most memorable....

  2. I wish that each person can find their own space in which to to love life. Have a great year, Mr. and Mrs. AOW!

  3. Wishing you and the Mr. the best life has to offer AOW.

  4. "My guess: she had a CT scan or an MRI, and thereby the clot was discovered. She probably has a dural venous sinus thrombosis."

    You mean, YOU MEAN TO SAY, that you believe that? That she actually did have a concussion, that she actually does have a blood clot somewhere? Oh heavens to Murgatroyd, AOW. It's a story. I don't care how many "witnesses" they drag out from under their rocks, the whole thing is a fabrication to keep her out of testifying. This is the White House of Black Lies, nothing has changed since the election.

    Yes, Happy New Year to you Mr. AOW and I hope he makes great strides in his recovery in 2013, and you lose another 40 pounds, this time off your stress load.

  5. Black Sheep,
    I do believe that it is very possible that Hillary fell and hit her head. Even a minor concussion can lead to a dural venous sinus thrombosis. Maybe I'm too trusting, but I do believe that she is actually in some sort of medical crisis. Such a medical crisis involving the brain might well put an end to her running for POTUS in 2016 and/or being appointed to the SCOTUS.

    On the other hand, I also believe that Hillary will never testify about Benghazi.


    Thank you for your kind wishes about the reduction of my stress load. I think that some of my 2013 plans will help in that regard. Anyway, I'm going to give those plans a try!

  6. Happy New Year!!!

    All the best to you and Mr AOW.

  7. AOW,


    While you may be spending less time on the internet, I will still be looking forward to insights on this blog.


  8. Happy New Year to you, your family, and your fine readership, Mrs. AOW.

  9. A Happy New year to you AOW.

    Wish you happiness and strong health to in 2013, both can't be bought and i hope God grant you both.


  10. Jon,
    I'm not quitting, but I am going to take more time "for myself." I love blogging, but life is too short for me to spend so much time on pursuing this activity as an obsession.

  11. All the best to you and Mr. AOW. For me, reading and self reflection on enjoying more in life is my goal for the year. Or shloud it be the plural are? My grammar is slipping!

  12. Yes, you're too trusting. You can't believe anything any of our media says. Like I say, you have to read between the lies.

    But at least ("On the other hand, I also believe that Hillary will never testify about Benghazi") you aren't gullible. :-)

    AND I should be cheering on the idea, since you're right, a brain fartation would keep her from ever having any power in government again. I could say that I wish her no ill, but I'm such a poor liar... I would never make it on CNN.

  13. Happy New Year's to you and the Mr., and many returns!

    Enjoy your visit with Tammy. I'm sure it will be lively!

    As for resolutions, I never make a promise I can't keep... ;)

  14. Maybe they'll drill hole at the base of her brain so some of the bullshit an come out?

    Hope springs eternal.

    ................ Rotten Ralph

  15. Ugh:

    Welcome to 2013: Shameful scenes of booze-fuelled New Year's chaos in cities across Britain

    Images from Swansea, Newcastle, Birmingham and Liverpool reveal antics

    A drunken girl in Swansea seen dragging an uprooted plant along street

    A man in Newcastle bleeding from mouth and a girl slumped against shop

    A man passed out in Birmingham and being helped by a friend

    A man lying bleeding after a fight before being taken away by ambulance

    West Midlands emergency services received five 999 calls every minute

  16. Happy New Year to us all here on AOW's blog. But continue to keep your eyes on the prize, It´s going to be a very bumpy ride in 2013.
    I can´t begin to express the rage that I feel over this "Deal" they struck last night.
    Because once again we were stabbed in the back by the Good Old Boy’s in the Senate with the help of that Grinning Chimp Joe Biden .
    These morons who voted for this dynamic duo go to the voting booth with an intellectual deficiency! They probably spend more time watching Football yesterday than worrying about the Tax situation ..Because THEY ARE REALLY JUST PLAIN and SIMPLY STUPID! How many of these morons who voted for Uncle Joe know that their payroll tax will go up two percent in this so called deal? I’d bet NONE, all they care about it that the “Rich” guy is gonna pay more taxes!!
    Well, a pox on them and their spawn, and that includes, Obama, the Grinning Imbecile Biden, everyone that voted for these creeps and the House Speaker John Boehner as well. If "Mr. Speaker" wants to get reelected, he better turn his back on this travesty of a “deal”. And how about that stupid speech Obama made in front of that P:ANTED crowd of Homeless idiots yesterday! If he wants to crow victory if everything goes his way, or blame Biden/McConnell if it goes the wrong way. After all he don’t have Bush to kick around anymore. What a farce him coming back to Washington after spending a week in Hawaii! He probably just misses the free booze in the White House cabinet. And what happened to Obama’s BIG spending? Where are the cuts?
    This entire so called process is a travesty. There was never a fiscal crisis. Never a so called “fiscal cliff” this was all a dram show. The entire Congress is made up mostly of self-serving spineless wimps, worried only about their re-election, and us stupid idiots keep putting the back time and time again,.. The entire lot of them should be replaced, but that’s never going to happen because the American voters really don’t care ot don’t listen. All they want is Free Goodies. .
    I am keeping close track on those Republicans who voted for this deal. I hope they enjoyed their time in office because our Tea Party movement will do everything possible to replace their heartless un-American ass’s. This isn’t sealed in concrete yet maybe their hope , please, please House Republicans: do NOT vote for this crappy deal. It is time to be responsible to your constitutes, because if you give in now, it will only get worse later.
    And Pshaw! These are the socialist and commies that got us into this mess by spending more than we took in, and by raiding social security and Medicare all for boosting their own political prestige and personal gain. Now we are supposed to fall in line and in lock-step to their late-night closed door agreement? I say no! Don’t do it House conservatives -- NO tax increases on anybody! Any putz can go in there at the 11th hour and raise taxes, where is your true courage? Any Joe American who loves his country can go in there and raise Capital Gains, and inheritance tax or estate tax’s! Where are the spending cuts? Why not cut Congressional and Executive perks by at least 50 percent? Why not make these politicians do what the rest of us have ot do?

  17. Radical Redneck,
    It´s going to be a very bumpy ride in 2013.

    I agree.

    I can't help but think of these words from "Riders on the Storm":

    Riders on the storm
    Riders on the storm
    Into this house were born
    Into this world were thrown
    Like a dog without a bone
    An actor out on loan
    Riders on the storm

  18. Radical Redneck,
    Why not cut Congressional and Executive perks by at least 50 percent? Why not make these politicians do what the rest of us have ot do?

    Because the oligarchs are going to be sure to get their rake off -- and to hell with the rest of us. **sigh**

  19. Best of EVERYTHING to you, Mr. and Mrs. AOW!

    (Looks like Black Sheep and I are TOO much in agreement. There comes a time when the cry, "Wolf!" just sorta looses its impact... ESPECIALLY with Bath House Barry and his team of slugs.)

  20. Best of New Years to the AOW's.

    Resolution 2013: Improve my night photography (might actually keep that one).

  21. I never make resolutions, I would only break them, ha.

    Have a great year AOW and Mr. AOW

    Right Truth

  22. I gave up on New Year's resolutions. After all, they are sort of like the Dem's reaction to a mass shooting, a bunch of political posturing on gun control which completely ignores the real problem and the whole effort blows over in a month.

    Happy New Year to you AOW, Mr. AOW and your readers. It's going to be a tough year. Lord give us the strength to get through it!

  23. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, dear Mr and Mrs AOW ..... SF's right; you're a kind of leader and we appreciate you!

    May this year include someone coming forward and telling the truth about the Left. And may a majority of Americans say "WHAT? REALLY? How'd this happen? We need to get back to the constitution and self reliance!" I can dream.


  24. For what it may be worth I wholeheartedly approve of your list of resolutions, AOW, and hope you will be able to keep them -- for your own dear sake.

    For myself, I am resolved, as the old song says, to make every effort to:

    "Accentuate the positive.
    Eliminate the negative.
    Latch on to the affirmative,
    And don't fool with Mr. In-Between."

    Too much negativity -- even when it seems fully warranted -- can become self-fulfilling prophecy. Constant moaning is just poor practice -- and our enemies LOVE it.

    Though long-retired, I still set goals and try my best to to reach them just as though a teacher -- or a supervisor -- were making demands on my time.

    Maintaining a blog, and trying to keep it interesting, informative, amusing and focused on items of high quality is a small part of my routine.

    As you know, I too have a lifelong interest in the piano, and despite periodic problems with tendonitis, arthritis, and some awful thing called "focal dystonia," which sometimes causes the fingers on my right hand to curl toward the palm involuntarily, the first thing I do every day -- just as soon as I get out of bed before getting my coffee -- is practice at the keyboard for at least one full hour, then I have coffee, listen a bit to C-Span, work with the blog a little, then return to the keyboard to learn part of a new piece. Even if it's only a few measures, if I make myself learn something new each day, it does me good. And it WORKS! I'm still adding to a repertoire I started building more than sixty years ago.

    Blogging takes up more time than it probably should, but it's very difficult to resist the opportunity to "shoot my fingers off" registering advice or an opinion. ;-)

    I try also to write one or two new pieces of verse every week.

    Being able to do things you think worthwhile just for the sake of doing them is a great privilege -- and gives me much more pleasure than wining and dining, buying lots of clothes, and going on cruises, etc.

    I do love to go to the opera, which I do at least five times a year, and to see a play, if it's a good one, which happens rarely these days.

    The daily exercise of counting my blessings is beneficial. It helps keep a sense of perspective and avoids getting mired in thoughts of gloom and doom.

    As I said to another good blogging friend the other day:

    "I hate the world, but I am high on LIFE, even so, and I like to think that if they ever come to throw me into a dungeon, I'd still have a fine time entertaing the rats." ;-)

    So, I say:


    ~ FT

  25. Freethinke,
    The world is not a pretty place.
    I know one just have to be less negative and be more positive and hopefully have more time thinking for our closest and dearest.

  26. Duck,
    Thanks for your well wishes for new year. Things are still rough here in the AOW household. But definitely better than a year ago!

    I will check your Photostream regularly to see if you're working on your night photography.

  27. FT,
    I'm nowhere close to the fine pianist that you are.

    Let's see....What pieces will I work on first? First up, I think that I'll work on Bach's French Suite in B minor. That's work! And perhaps a few of Grieg's smaller pieces.

    For fun, I play arrangements of movie themes: Brian's Song, Nicholas and Alexandra, and The Thorn Birds.

    But no way can I practice before getting my morning jolts of caffeine!

    In a few weeks, I'm going to treat myself to a concert at the Washington National Cathedral. I'm not much on opera, but I do love Baroque and choral music.

    As for maintaining a blog, the task is work!


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