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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One Cat's Views On Christmas

Henri Le Chat Noir:


  1. That was fantastic! I can see our Siamese taking that attitude.

    An aside, I have this shirt. Heh.

  2. My husband's family use to have a can when he was young, all white, didn't know she was a cat I don't think. She was very sociable.

    Right Truth

  3. AHA! Henri, The Existentialist Cat, strikes a sullen, aloof, world-weary, cynical, mildly disdainful -- utterly Sartresien-Beauvoiresque -- attitude for the cameras once again.

    God bless you, Henri! He loves you in spite of yourself -- and so do we.

    Are you sure your name really is "Henri?" I thought, perhaps, it should be "M. Canard."

    Il est ne, le divin enfant. Joyeux Noel!

  4. I hope you and Mr. AOW had a Merry and blessed Christmas.

    Loved the cat video!

  5. Cat (that's the name of my cat) is settling down again after failing to endure the overnight stay of friend. I got her at the local animal shelter, she was hiding under a towel that had been put in her cage for the purpose.

    She's deathly afraid of people yet is housetrained and knew what a litterbox was for. The gals at the shelter thought she was feral but I'm sure she wasn't. She was just really badly treated.

    She accepts me as her sole companion, though, and won't even socialize with the neighborhood cats. It must be my animal magnetism. :-)

    I'd rather have a cat than a dog. Most cats make good companions. Few dogs do. Cats pick up on things quicker than dogs do, and are quick to learn the rules and respect my home. All but two of the dogs that I've had were just plain stupid, dirty, crapped everywhere and chewed up more stuff than I can list. When they weren't barking constantly at nothing.

    One cat at a time is my rule and while I take good care of them, the longest one ever lived was 9 years. They get run over, neighbors put out poison, or they just plain disappear, and it's always a real loss when it happens. A good dog is a joy to have but a good cat will never chew up your shoes.

  6. Black Sheep,
    I've "owned" many cats during my lifetime. Every single one knew how to use a litter box. Must be instinctual.

    The only times that I've known a cat to soil the house: illness, typically kidney trouble, or senility. We did have one cat that lived to be so old that she developed the feline version of Alzheimer's. In the end, a stroke disabled her -- at the age of 20.5. That cat, Sheba, was a rescue from an alley -- literally from an alley, where she was sleeping with the winos. When the weather in November 1988 turned cold, she ventured out of the alley and "chose" Mr. AOW. Sheba was about 4 months old at the time and the only cat I ever had to teach to use a litter box. I wasn't really the one to teach her about the litter box; the other cats in the household used the litter box, and Sheba observed. Sheba wasn't much of a hunter once she moved in with us. As I think back, we should have named her Scarlett O'Hara because Sheba vowed "As God is my witness, I'll never me hungry again." And she wasn't ever hungry again -- that's for sure. That cat could eat more than a human, and she did so every day.

    Mr. AOW and I live in the hub of the universe, and letting our kitties go outside results in an early demise from road, the foxes, disease, etc.

    I, too, prefer cats to dogs -- mostly because dogs have to be let outside for bathrooming. Here in Northern Virginia, it used to be safe to leave a dog outside in a fenced yard. But now somebody might well steal a friendly dog right out of the yard or somebody might file a law suit if a watch dog rightly protects the yard.

    As for your reclusive cat, well, many cats are naturally reclusive or skittish.

    One thing that I like about cats: you can't buy their affection. Cats CHOOSE whether or not to bestow their love and dedication on a human (or any other creature, for that matter).

    Cats are notoriously independent, and, well, so am I. **wink**


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