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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The U.S. National Debt Visualized (With Addendum)

With a hat tip to Will of MFS - The Other News:

Where do we go from here?

Please make time to watch the following short addendum (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

Did you hear what Harry Belafonte said toward the end of the above video clip?  He has actually advocated imprisonment of opposition to the Obama agenda and that Obama "work like a Third World Dictator"!


  1. A new Parthenon... the original was a "Treasury" filled with gold and other valuables...

    ...very appropriate symbolism. Great vid.

  2. Fine if Obama assumes the powers of a third world dictator, that will provide the justification of his overthrow. Then we can exile him to Cuba where he will be happier among his fellow Marxists. Maybe we can send Commie Belafonte with him.

  3. Belafonte's ignorance is acute, as he apparently doesn't realize that when a Republican is again elected as POTUS, his exact argument about a mandate - and pushback, will relegate him and his fellow travelers to the same paradigm in which he accuses those who oppose Obama.

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  5. Hairy Bella Phony!

    A contemptibe figure if ever there was one.

    My God! He was popular in NINETEEN-FIFTY-TWO.

    Shouldn't he be DEAD by now?

  6. Oh, sorry! I forgot:

    Only the GOOD die young.

    Guess we'll be stuck with Bella Phony for good long while.

    Oh well, I hear they have infinite patience down there in hell.

    Don't worry, Hairy, the fires will be hotter than ever by the time you make your entrance on the brimstone stage.

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  8. Stogie,
    There would be justification. But do Americans have the guts to follow through and get rid of a dictator? I used that think that Americans WOULD have what it takes; now I'm not so sure. The parasites want to keep Obama in office forever, I think.

  9. Constitutional Insurgent,
    I doubt that Belafonte has any political astuteness at all.

    Isn't he a Communist? See THIS.

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  11. Harry Belafonte is a TURD!

    He needs to FLUSHED. The STINK he makes is unbearable.

    Helen Highwater

  12. In a rational society this old socialist 'burn out' would be nothing but a laughingstock. But in a society that would elect/re-elect B.O. he is probably considered a 'wise elder'!

    CI:"when a Republican is again elected as POTUS,". Well I sure hope so but in the direction that we are headed (straight down the toilet) I wouldn't hold my breath!


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