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Monday, December 17, 2012

Dangerous Travel Destinations

According to Travel and Leisure, the following are the top ten most dangerous travel destinations (hat tip to Debbie of Right Truth):

1. Pakistan

2. The Sudan

3. Georgia

4. Lebanon

5. North Korea

6. Syria

7. Yemen

8. Uzbekistan

9. Iran

10. Algeria

The above are dominated by Islamic law or socialism.


  1. I suppose those listed are even more dangerous to females... Ah, Sharia!

  2. Well, thank goodness none of those places is on my travel list.

  3. Gee, and these were on my bucket list of places I must see!

  4. Interesting. I wonder how the defenders of the Religion of Peace would explain this list...

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  6. ...why am I not surprised? Georgia gave me a scare though- I didn't know a country had that name, I thought they meant the state. Humph, in a few years, who knows at this rate...

    When, whenwhenwhen will people realize the 'religion of peace' practices terror (intend does not matter... actions do!) and that socialism will never work on this world? My guess: never.


    (Ps off topic... I've actually started a blog... needed somewhere to rant ;) )

  7. Hate it when I hit the wrong key. The above comment is mine.

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  9. Liberalmann,

    Regarding your last comment: I must say that I'm flattered beyond imagination; in consideration of the source! You have, certainly, "made my day"! Now, that's all of the attention I'm going to give [you] today. AOW and Warren it's not my call but I hope that you leave this display of left-wing childishness, on the part of this perpetual juvenile, intact for all to see.

  10. Jon,
    My apologies. I did not seen your request until I had deleted Liberalmann's comment. I don't even read what he says; I just see his name and delete his comment.

    However, I have a permanent record of all comments filed. For the record that you requested, here is what Liberalmann said to you:

    JonBerg said..."With the proliferation of "Liberalism" and its Godless consequences, [nobody] is "safe in the USA"! "You're a friggin'" HYPOCRITE!"

    Wow! This dumbfuk is cuckoo for cocoa puffs! Lol!

  11. DAMN!! I wanted to visit a frigging SCUM SUCKING third world country this year just to see how the other half lives. Where else can I go now? Oh, never mind, I see that Afghanistan missed the list. That'll work.

  12. Average America,
    Yes, there are still a lot of SCUM SUCKING third world countries to visit. **wink**

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