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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Musical Interlude


Information about "Carol of the Bells," composed in 1904 by Ukrainians Mykola Leontovych (music) and Peter J. Wilhousky (lyrics).


  1. A far superior place to have one's mind than on the senseless killing of children at the Shady Hook school.
    Thank you!

  2. Yep, very nice, no dead bodies. I was saddened like most of us by that awful tragedy but there's nothing else I can say about it that would matter at all. The media are still pulling long faces and making trite speeches and lots of money over it. Silence works better for me.

    That was a real nice Christmas song, I only have one question. Wasn't the title supposed to be "Merry Holiday Season"? You're so non Politically Correct. I bet "they" are watching you. :)

  3. Black Sheep,
    Let "them" watch. I don't care.

    The media are still pulling long faces and making trite speeches and lots of money over it.

    I am disgusted by some of the media coverage I've seen.

    The talking heads are wallowing in this tragedy but without any meaningful emotion.

    The so-called news networks are sticking microphones into the faces of children, whose parents apparently approve of their children garnering their few minutes of fame.

    All the talk in the world won't change what happened.

    And, really, NOW is not the time for talking. Now is the time for grieving -- particularly for those in Newtown. The rest of us are on the periphery, after all.

  4. Conservatives on Fire,
    It's the Christmas season.

    Only the Lord can bring peace to the bereaved in Newtown. Yes, their Christmas is spoiled. But the rest of us must remember that it is THEIR Christmas that is a time for THEIR grief.

    Pray for them, yes. Isn't that really all that we not in Newtown can do?

  5. It's always a great pleasure -- and a great help -- to be exposed to musical material of high quality.

    It's time to stop dwelling on morbid, distressing things we have no power to do anything about.

    The true victims of tragedy must find strength within themselves to cope with their loss.

    We can't do it for them anymore than we could eat their breakfast for them.

    It would not only be stupid, it would be morally wrong for those of us not directly involved to let someone ELSE'S problems -- however acute -- to spoil OUR celebration of the Birth of Our Holy Savior.

    Indulgence in BATHOS is not a worthy substitute for constructive activity.

    Life is ALWAYS fraught with tragedy. It's ever been otherwise. Wallowing in sorrow and anguish does no good whatsoever. In fact it's a way of deferring responsiblity for doing what we could to improve our own life and character.

    And THAT is EXACTLY what LIBERALS do. Notice how incapable they are of rejoicing or feeling satisfaction -- EXCEPT for the infuriating SMUGNESS they exhibit at the belief in their own MORAL and INTELLECTUAL SUPERIORITY.

    Don't act like the liberals. REJOICE and be GLAD regardless of whatever dreadful things may occur.

    It's a sin NOT to be GRATEFUL for LIFE even the worst of terms.


  6. Sound advice, as always, FT.

    ...and a beautiful rendition of the carol.

  7. A beautiful carol, AOW! Thank you; it is a balm.

    Here is one of my favorite versions. I hope you like it.


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