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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mr. AOW And Amber Settle In For Their Long Winter's Nap

I couldn't resist lifting this post from Mr. AOW's web site (Click directly on the images to enlarge them):
After all the Christmas goodies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Amber, the kitten that Mrs. AOW and I got a few months ago, and I have settled in for our long winter's nap:

Amber has celebrated her first Christmas. What a hoot!

On Christmas Eve, she freaked out when she saw those big flakes of snow flying around.

On Christmas morning, Amber got so excited about her Christmas present - a catnip toy - that she flipped up in the air and came down in her water dish! Mrs. AOW couldn't grab the camera in time, of course. Amber was off and running to get away from all that spilled water.

Amber in her kitty hut:


  1. Our pets do have personalities, don't they?

  2. Oh how cute. Reminds me of Penelope the Beagle, she loves to snuggle on the comforter at the end of the bed, or on the blanket if one of us is laying on the couch. Pets are so wonderful. I saw where Golden Retrievers were sent to Sandy Hook to help comfort the mourners. I saw some video, people could not help but put their hand down on the dog, pet his fur as he/she snuggled it's head on their leg.

    Right Truth

  3. Our furry friends make life so much more wonderful!

  4. I myself haven't been much in the mood for the blogosphere ever since the feasts that Mr. AOW and I enjoyed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The weather yesterday and today has also been the kind of weather conducive to napping; yesterday was snowing and sleety, and today is cold, dark, and windy.

    In fact, I'm thinking about taking yet another nap right now! I think that I'll shut off the computer right now and read The Hoosier Schoolmaster (a free gem that I downloaded to my Kindle yesterday) until I doze off.

    Besides, so much of the news is gloomy and dire.

  5. Amber and I have been snoozing soundly for two days now!

  6. A cozy domestic scene.

    Enjoy the peace and comfort while it lasts.

    God bless you all!


    ~ FT

  7. My cat Missy likes to take naps with me in the same place on the bed. Cats are so adorable!

  8. My cat Raven, just now 5 months old, sleeps on my feet. He keeps watch over me at night LOL!

  9. Beamish,
    I'm guessing that Raven is a black cat.

  10. Stogie,
    Amber doesn't often sleep with Mr. AOW and very rarely with me. She prefers the first bed that I gave her -- a furry bed placed in a cubby in the master bedroom. From there, she can keep a close eye on her people.

    Mysti, however, does sleep on the bed. And she wants no other cats on the bed with her! In fact, we humans are lucky that Mysti will even allow us on the bed! Part of Mysti's love of that bed is the electric blanket, of course.

    Cameo used to sleep on the bed in the master bedroom; but now, good "mother" that she is, she has given to Amber the bedroom as a private den. Once Amber grows up, Cameo may take the den back!

    I must say that Amber's arrival has mellowed out Cameo to quite an extent. Cameo is still feisty, but her priority now seems to be setting good examples for her baby, Amber.


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