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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Selective Reporting

From Nice Deb:
On Sunday night, December 16, 2012, a man went to the China Garden restaurant in San Antonio and opened fire. The gunman intended to kill his ex-girlfriend but as she wasn’t there, so he continued on to the movie theater next door where he fired on panicked moviegoers, sending them to the exits, and ducking for cover.

Witnesses said the shooting reminded them of the Dark Knight theater massacre last July that killed 12 people and injured 58 in Aurora, Colo.

The story was covered locally, but seeing as it happened just one day after the Sandyhook massacre in Connecticut, you would think it would have gotten more airplay in the MSM. Don’t stories like this one play right into their anti-gun hands?

No – not this one....

As long as the mainstream media hold sway, public opinion will be ever skewed to the Left.

As Thomas Jefferson said:
If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be...The People cannot be safe without information....


  1. Oh, my! How DARE that off-duty cop still be carrying a gun?! Stopping that whacko ruined a perfectly good libtard excuse to ban guns. She needs to be fired!

    Can you say "sarcasm"? Stupid libs actually think just like the above.

  2. Armed citizen stopping a gunman does not fit the agenda.

  3. What would Piers Morgan say? *SNORT*

    I've made a post excoriating him at my site.

    This is what Morgan said:

    "After the shootings at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado, in July – where 70 people were hit, the worst victim-count in such an incident in US history, and 12 people died – sales of guns in the state rose by a staggering 41 per cent in the following month as people bought into the theory that if everyone in the theatre had been armed too, they’d have stopped the shooter. Can you imagine the scene as 200 people pulled out guns and started blazing away in a dark theatre?".

    See? The leftist media IGNORES a responsible gun owner in a very similar situation diffusing said situation without 'guns a- blazing," but with use of a firearm!

    Once again, the MSM shows their agenda and hypocrisy.

    Excellent post, AOW!

  4. So, the shooter survives. I wonder what's next?

  5. Limousine liberals have no vested interest in reporting a story that doesn't support their point of view. They want the power with the Federal Government and NOT the people.

  6. Expect the Libtards to call for the off duty officer to be fired. She should have called 911 and waited twenty minutes untill on duty officers arrived.

  7. In the San Antonio incident the shooter had already fired at a squad car and uniformed officers were on the scene.

  8. "uniformed officers were on the scene."

    So, what did they do?

  9. ... in other words the off duty cop probably went to the scene and didn't arrive any sooner than uniformed police.

    We probably won't know but rather than trying to dig out the truth we'll have the fringe right spouting cliches and displaying their love of truth by calling anyone who disagrees with their cliches, libtards.

    And you wonder why you aren't taken seriously. You wonder why our pop culture and news media have been reduced to spouting pablum?

  10. Odie said it perfectly. That IS the way it is.

    Until we Americans realize that the ENEMEDIA is our biggest and most powerful ENEMY, we will get NOWHERE.

    It's important to find out who OWNS and OPERATES the ENEMEDIA?

    These fiends should be hunted down, exposed and NEUTRALIZED by any means fair or foul.

    Just take a look at the opinions blandly, blindly, wildly and politely expressed at "Aggressive Corruptions" ;-) and you will see manifestations of the immense power and influence the Marxist-Fabian-Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-D'Rat Brainwashing Machine has amassed.

    Highly intelligent, talented, sensitive, perfectly decent, supposedly "well-educated" people over there -- and of that ilk everywhere -- have been so skillfully indoctrinated to adopt this suicidal, "Neo-Tyrannist" point of view they actually believe they are thinking for themselves when in fact their thought processes have been usurped, corrupted and then conditioned by the immense power of the Government-Education-Entertainment Triumvirate.

    The Enemedia is a CANCER on the body politic.

    ~ FreeThinke

  11. What Canardo calls "clichés" are in fact FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES.

    Leftist don't believe in having PRINCIPLES, unless you say Having No Principles is a principle unto itself.

    Leftists -- like lawyers -- love to obfuscate the Truth by showering the discussion of any issue with a blizzard of "questions" and tendentiously-selected "facts" with which they beat everyone present about the head and shoulders till no one knows WHAT to think any longer.

    Living life as one long Court Trial is a hallmark of the left, and it has us hamstrung and castrated when it comes to using our own good judgment and taking appropriate actin when a situation urgently requires it.

    The left has infected us with Hamlet's Disease.

    Remember the Prince of Denmark? He and everyone in his purview DIED, because he was incapable of anything but DITHERING.

    Hamlet must have been a victim of leftist thinking, eh? ;-)

    ~ FT

  12. AOW is the only one obfuscating, FT.
    The irony is that as you read more reports of this incident the idea that it was stopped by a random armed individual is itself a distortion.

    However, the right is NEVER able to admit issues have complexities. Playing Mickey the Dunce seems to be one of the right's "principles"

    Take their reaction to Secretary Clinton's injury. Big joke, the fringe right knew the truth and now we know she has a serious condition.

    Yes right wingers, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

  13. Duck,
    I am not trying to obfuscate anything!

    I don't recall saying a word about it was stopped by a random armed individual.

    But there have been some incidents brought under control by a random armed individual.

    You said: in other words the off duty cop probably went to the scene and didn't arrive any sooner than uniformed police

    It doesn't seem that such was the case at all.


    After the suspect reached the theater, an off duty Bexar County Sheriff officer who was working at the theater shot at him and possibly struck him....

    It seems from the report below that an off-duty officer was working security at the theater.

  14. FT,
    As you and I both know, the Left has an entirely different view as to what fundamental principles are. For that reason, most conversations with Leftists go nowhere.

    It also seems to me that Leftists are like Hamlet in another way. Both Hamlet and Leftists are ever asking themselves, "Who am I?"

    BTW, I saw another term for the media today: media maggots. But I do prefer your term enemedia.

  15. Duck,
    And one more thing -- a point of order, as you like to say...

    You said: right wingers, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

    You know me well enough by now to know that I do indeed there are other viewpoints other than my own.

  16. @AOW --- I am not trying to obfuscate anything!
    I don't believe you have that conscious intent.

    However, the example given to harp on this media meme is an example of lousy biased reporting. There was no armed civilian on the scene, it all took place after the shooting unfolded.
    The point being that we can either try to get a full story or just continue this game of uncritical acceptance of anything supporting our parochial points of view.

    Selective reporting is common but the idea that it's only practiced by the so-called "liberal media(LMAO) is absurd.

  17. Duck,
    There was no armed civilian on the scene, it all took place after the shooting unfolded.




    I never said a thing about an armed civilian. Neither does the video that I posted.

    As for armed civilians in general, yes, I believe that the Second Amendment guarantees that right.

    Maybe you haven't read the few comments that I've made about Wayne LaPierre's statement about armed guards at every school; I don't particularly support such a measure.

    The vast, vast majority of armed civilians do not hurt anyone or even ever draw their weapons.

    There is some evidence showing that regions where there are armed citizens are known to live have less crime. Of course, that doesn't seem to be true in some urban areas.

    As for arming teachers, as one commenter at the WaPo quipped, "Those who support arming teachers have never attended a faculty meeting."

    Anyway....The primary point of this particular blog post is, once again, to highlight selective reporting. Is the Right known to do the same? Of course. But at this point in time, it is the Left in control of the mainstream media.

  18. Duck,
    There was no armed civilian on the scene, it all took place after the shooting unfolded.

    Link(s), please.

  19. This story doesn't go along with the Liberal agenda.

    Right Truth

  20. http://vimeo.com/52009124

    AGENDA: Grinding America Down

    ...uncovering & shining light on the pests...


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