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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quote Of The Day (from RNC 2012)

Clint Eastwood, who has a new film due for release on September 21:

You, we — we own this country. We — we own it. It is not you owning it, and not politicians owning it. Politicians are employees of ours. And — so — they are just going to come around and beg for votes every few years. It is the same old deal. But I just think it is important that you realize, that you’re the best in the world. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or whether you’re libertarian or whatever, you are the best. And we should not ever forget that. And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go.

Clint Eastwood RNC 2012 bumper stickers are now available for purchase HERE.

Below the fold are the video of the complete speech given by Clint Eastwood and a link to some reading.

Some reading from Human Events: "Three reasons Clint Eastwood worked for Republicans."


  1. Mrs. AOW ordered the bumper stickers. Unusual thing for her to do! Sne is not usually interested in bumper stickers.

  2. I shared this on my FB page. Love this!

    Clint was even more effective than originally thought, based on the leftist lib's reactions. Whooped 'em again, didn't you Josey!

  3. Common sense just drives the liberals crazy. I love to watch it.

  4. I cant display a bumper like this. If I could I would but PC rules my universe and there would be consequences. The "street" does not go both ways. I could display an Obama sticker---I would probably get praise.

  5. At the Dionysia, there were always "three tragedies" and a satyr play.

    The Republicans have been leaving out the satyr play for far too long. The Democrats will likely do four satyr plays next week.

  6. The Republicans have been guilty...

    Of thinking too precisely on th' event—
    A thought which, quartered, hath but one part wisdom
    And ever three parts coward—I do not know
    Why yet I live to say “This thing’s to do,”

    Shakespeare, "Hamlet" (Act IV, Sc IV)

  7. No AOW, the bottom 60 own virtually nothing.
    What public areas there are are being privatized.

    And it's going to continue but it's really going to accelerate under Mittens.

    You have no power and he is going to give you an object lesson.

  8. Well, Duck, the object lesson remains to be seen.

    It also remains to be seen if the electorate has had enough of the object lesson foisted upon our nation by Obama and his Democratic Party minions.

  9. Blogginator,
    I put with rubber bands bumper stickers on the sun visors of my car -- ever since the demise of chrome bumpers, that is.

    Also, when I park the car, I can pull the sun visor up so that the bumper sticker doesn't show.

    Just sayin'.

    I do note a lot of Romney-Ryan signs appearing on lawns since Wednesday. Bumper stickers? Mostly Obama-Biden ones.

    What is interesting: thus far, I've seen zero Obama lawn signs. By this time in 2008, Obama lawn signs were all over the place here in the Liberaldom of Northern Virginia.

    I'm hesitant to display a Romney-Ryan lawn sign. Back in 2004, people were coming INSIDE MY FENCE and removing those signs!

  10. Thersites,
    Th' event serves mostly to rally the base -- and possibly undecideds.

    Of course, a lot of folks don't pay much attention to the conventions.

    That said, all the flap over Eastwood's remarks has resulted in the YouTube videos of Eastwood's speech going viral.

    Meanwhile, some Leftist idjists are saying that the following words are racist: "Chicago," "kitchen cabinets," and "golf."

    May the Left continue to show their tails!

  11. Ducky wrote, “No AOW, the bottom 60 own virtually nothing.”

    We should not be surprised to learn that Ducky is full of crap, which is why he never provides links to statistics that back up anything he says … other than quotes from Rolling Stone Magazine articles written by mentally ill people.

    But here’s some scientific data: Per capita income, US (2006-2010) in 2010 dollars was $27,344.00. Median household income, US (2006-2010) was $51,914. Persons living below the poverty level (2006-2010), 13.8%. Link

    But even if we pretend Ducky ever knows what he’s talking about, how many “poor” people are poor because they ran their credit cards through the roof and ended up losing their jobs? How is this “my” responsibility? Of the vast numbers of poor Ducky alleges, how much of this problem must we attribute to the communist left —Obama and Congressional Communists, whose policies have done the most to make people poor and lose their hope? And isn’t this the intent of the communist left in America? Isn’t this the Cloward-Piven methodology?

    I think Ducky should shut the hell up.

  12. I love the Make My Day bumper sticker!

    Great post. I'm posting on this topic Sunday.

    Why has the left staged a coordinated media blitz trying to convince America Clint is senile and his performance a shambles?

    Were that really the case, and were it so obvious, why the coordinated attack against him?

    It was brilliant theater from a brilliant actor and director.

  13. Silverfiddle,
    It was brilliant theater from a brilliant actor and director.


    The Left likes to claim that the Right has no sense of humor. Have you heard about Duck's comment on my radio show to the effect that Andrew Breitbart should end up in a body bag? Duck said that before Breitbart died.

    When Z called him on it, Duck responded that it was a joke.

    The Left's sense of humor extends only to beating up on the Right. When the tables are turned, the Left becomes apoplectic.

  14. More like it:

    "Old, White and Out of Touch"

    "YOU built this Convention Center"

    "Haters Unite!"

  15. It was a great 'ad lib'. The only thing missing was B.O.'s invisible birth certificate!

  16. Cayman Islands = one of the world's major offshore financial centres.

    From ABC News:

    Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign toasted its top donors Wednesday aboard a 150-foot yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.

    The floating party, hosted by a Florida developer on his yacht "Cracker Bay," was one of a dozen exclusive events meant to nurture those who have raised more than $1 million for Romney's bid.

    Who owns the yacht Cracket Bay?

  17. It appears that Romney does not own the yacht.

    If that is the case, Liberalmann, you need to shut up. Now.

    I'm tired of trying to educate you.

  18. No bumper stickers. Went out looking for America today and I think I had a real good day at the office.

    I put up about a dozen. Curious what you think, AOW.
    There's is one labeled "Freedom Trail" that I think I nailed.

  19. I like them and I enjoyed Clint Eastwood once I figured out what he was doing with the empty chair. (An empty suit would have been better, ha)

    As to bumper stickers, I have only seen TWO all year, one Obama, one Romney. People just are not crazy about either one of them so far. Perhaps we will see more after this week.

    Right Truth

  20. Duck,
    I'll take a look.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  21. Duck! You really did have a good day with the lens!

    My favorites in that group: "Lunch," "The brush off," and "Sailboats."

    I kept coming back to "The brush off." Very intriguing! I'm curious: Do you recall the colors in that one?

  22. Duck,
    "Freedom Trail" is good -- no doubt about that.

    However, I didn't get a strong message from it.

    What message do you see there? You can answer me here or at the other place.

  23. Yes you did.

    "Slave to the system? That just occurred to me."

    She's a cashier at the Tea Party ship, a particularly commercialized portion of the Freedom Trail.
    I find cashiers can be a good subject. Often lots of verticals and horizontals to separate the subject.
    Just an actor in this increasingly sad consumerist game.

    "Lunch" has grown on me a little. The isolation theme is common for me but it has a lot more curves than I generally react to.

    "The brush off" was taken at the infamous "Boston Giant", a mural of a graffiti tagger that a local news channel called a terrorist mural.
    Seems innocent enough to me.

    Oh by the way, are you sand bagging? You have a pretty good critical eye. Any study or training?

  24. ... I may actually repost "the brush off" in color.
    It's predominately primaries.

  25. Duck,
    I am absolutely not sandbagging! I have no training whatsoever in the visual arts. As a Spanish major, I, of course, studied Islamic art and architecture; I do love geometrics.

    In fact, when I was in college, I took music appreciation and many music courses -- no art appreciation or the like. Music courses were easy credits for me.

    In addition, I have "issues" with spatial IQ. Until Mr. AOW fell ill, he had no idea that I have difficulty with right vs. left, backwards vs. forwards, front and back etc.; my paternal grandmother had those same difficulties, but I couldn't have learned the problems from her as I had so little contact with her. Interestingly, I have little problem with upside down and right side up, though. My spatial "issues" are likely related to the undetected visual problems that I had as a child. Talk about nearsightedness! Sheesh. My nearsightedness was easily corrected with eyeglasses, but the problem went undetected for at least three years (ages 7-10).

    Now, early on, when I was in elementary school, I had an art appreciation teacher, who focused exclusively on traditional art: The Last Supper and Blue Boy, for example. The woman was almost a Puritan and hated anything that was the least bit "outside the box."

    When the opportunity arises, I visit the National Gallery of Art and other similar venues in the D.C. area. I love those places! Probably as a result of growing up watching The Twilight Zone, I love the work of Dali and Picasso. I also love pre-Colombian artifacts and the like.

    Ultimately, for me, art appreciation comes down to what I like and what I don't like.

    Knowing that the woman is a cashier at that particular place makes understanding the photo much easier. At first, I thought that she was a cashier at a movie theater or possibly a bank teller. Of course, I also know your worldview, which contributes to interpreting the photo. The expression on her face could also be that of (1) an old maid or (2) a widow or (3) a mother who lost a child long ago and still grieves.

    Let me know if you post the color version of "The brush off." School resumes on Tuesday, so I'll be absent from the web for a while until things settle in. From what I can see in the photo, there is nothing there to indicate that it is a terrorist mural; of course, I can't see the entire mural.

  26. Duck,
    It occurs to me that you might be interested in the calendar I use in my living room. See THIS. I use the wall-calendar to keep track of various appointments, and it is loaded up with those: doctors' appointments for both Mr. AOW and me, tutoring appointments, vet appointments, birthday reminders, etc.

    That calendar appeals to me because (1) the art is done via an unusual method and (2) the colors work for the room. See THIS, photos 9-the end. The curtains are now burgundy (tapestry pattern and texture), and there is a lot of green (mint green, more or less) and brown. I also used to have burgundy throw rugs, but those had to come up once I turned the room into a hospital room. **sigh**

    The painting of the boat on the rocks is an oil that Dad's mother painted. She was quite an artist, but gravitated toward what most people find depressing subjects. She was born in the 1870s and had at least a four-year college degree: probably art, music, and/or German; she may also have taken some courses in medicine.

    My living room is one of the few rooms I have decorated myself in my whole life. It is "very me."

    The piano room has gray walls, but you can't tell that from the natural lighting through the camera lens. A lot of the furniture has been shifted in the piano room so as to accommodate medical equipment. **sigh again** You might take note of the Lizzie display on the open shelf of the three-cornered cupboard.

    There are no photos of the kitchen as it hasn't been redone since 1982.

    The bathroom has lavender walls -- a very pale lavender. Note the antique medicine cabinet!

  27. Meanwhile, a few days before DNC 2012:

    Suzanne Barr, Obama Administration Official, Resigns Amid Misconduct Claims

    A senior Obama administration political appointee and longtime aide to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano resigned Saturday amid allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior lodged by at least three Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees.

    Suzanne Barr, chief of staff to ICE Director John Morton, said in her resignation letter that the allegations against her are "unfounded." But she said she was stepping down anyway to end distractions within the agency. ICE, a division of the Homeland Security Department, confirmed Barr had resigned. The Associated Press obtained a copy of Barr's letter.

    Barr is accused of sexually inappropriate behavior toward employees. The complaints are related to a sexual discrimination and retaliation lawsuit filed by a senior ICE agent in May....

  28. Another meanwhile:

    U.S. Muslim Leader Wears Tattered American Flag As Scarf At DNC “Jumah” Prayer Event…

    And the very words Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs have honked off Native Americans.

    Fasten your seatbelts! It's going to be a bumpy ride all the way to Election Day 2012.

  29. The libs need to be reminded once in awhile who is in charge ... NOvember!

  30. Were the employees female?

    I'm guessing yes.

  31. "A senior Obama administration political appointee and longtime aide to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano resigned Saturday"

    I'll sure be glad when I don't have to see the 'Bull Dyke' boss anymore, as well!


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