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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vandal: Journalist Mona Eltahawy

(Two posts today.  Please scroll down)

Must-see video showing Islamic values in action in NYC on September 25, 2012 (hat tip to Paladin):

She was charged with criminal mischief.

(Wikipedia on Mona Eltahawy)


  1. If you don't like free speech you have the right to destroy it, that is their view. Leave them alone and they will destroy all free speech except their own.

    Right Truth

  2. That must be the first political sign that's ever been defaced in the New York subway.

  3. I also posted on attacks to our right of free speech today.

  4. Criminal mischief? How about assault and battery?

  5. Here's your October Surprise!..

    Obama Administration Knew Libya Attack Was Terrorism
    Sources confirm to Fox News that the Obama administration knew from Day One that the deadly attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was an act of terror. White House officials, including President Obama, have held to the explanation that the attack was a 'spontaneous action

    Is anyone surprised at the massive Obamedia cover up?

    Lets just hope at Romney runs with it!

  6. Oh Duckster, she made a statement by destroying private property in public and got arrested for it. What part of that don't you understand?

  7. I wonder how that woman with the spray paint would feel if someone used their "right" to free expression and spray painted her?

    Or better yet, painted an image of Mohammed.

  8. What part don't I understand, Odie?

    I think the most difficult to understand is when speech crosses over into provocation. It is a point of law.

    At any rate when you have a human crap pile like Pamela Geller calling all Muslims barbarians I wonder if you can be surprised that someone does a little graffiti (a first in the New York Subway).

    And one of Pam's disgusting toadies just happens to be there to catch the anticipated because that's what this is all about. Not intelligent speech, the fringe right has lost that ability, but cheap provocation.

    So hide behind whatever technicality you like but man up and admit your true motives.

  9. You're right, AOW, sometimes color serves a purpose.

    I'll leave that one up for a bit.

  10. Oh man, these people get more stupid by the day. That is not free speech in slightest, forget the fact that it is destruction of property (I think) which is illegal. Lady, re-read the Bill of Rights.

    What she could have done if she was that annoyed? (Unless the subway banned it that is): stand in front of the sign with your own, or hand out pamphlets, etc. But that would mean she would need intelligence to think of that, which she lacks. Oy vay.


  11. I am glad that ridiculous woman was arrested. And also glad to see someone standing for Israel. She was an "Egyptian American." Well, you know what, I an AMERICAN first and foremost and my heritage is Hispanic. Get it right lady! Or go back to your racist nation.

  12. Get it right lady! Or go back to your racist nation.

    Yeah! And take Nostradumbass with you.

  13. Ducky, while you're agitating, would you mind stirring my cake mix and putting some of that finger exercise to good use for a change? Oh, and I want to ask you a question. Do you pleasure yourself BEFORE or AFTER you leave one of your nasty remarks, or both? I'm just wondering about your level of excitation, is all.

  14. Thanks for the link.
    She claimed she was just expressing her free speech...LOL !
    typical 7th century mindset.
    I especially like where she was placed in handcuffs and taken away.
    I guess she figured that at worst she'd get a scolding and be let go....the look of shock on her face says she never expected to be under arrest.

    Maybe now a lobby can be started to have her deported, although that will have to wait till after Nov 6.

  15. I am sick of these people! She is ignorant and stupid. They will not arrest her or deport her, but if that was you or I we would be seeing the inside of cell, not a terror cell, but a JAIL cell. Don't get me going on this one AOW, OMG - disgusting is the only polite word I can think to type, because what I really want to say is not very pretty.

  16. She's a citizen, Elizabeth. Can't deport her.

    She's going to do jail time for a misdemeanor? Doesn't seem cost effective.

  17. Are these people sociopaths? Really NOT understanding when they've done something wrong- or thinking that it's right?? This is amazing,
    and sad.

  18. Lady Liberty,
    In my view, Muslims who are particularly jealous have tipped over into sociopathy.

    It is my understanding that Piss Christ is still on display in a museum in NYC. Can you imagine what would happen if some "artist" put the Koran in a huge jar of urine? No museum anywhere would display such a thing -- out of FEAR!

  19. One could make a good case that this sort of behavior is in accord with long established practices of Social Protest movements in the USA.

    Anyway, as a native New Yorker, I know full well that defacing signs in the Subway -- and above ground as well, though illegal no doubt -- is a time-honored practice.

    People have been putting mustaches on pretty ladies since time immemorial. In the Sick-Sties pervasive "graffiti" became accepted and even rose to the status of Folk Art in the minds of many liberals.

    Social Significance -- like Beauty -- is strictly in the eye of the beholder.

    ~ FreeThinke

  20. Sigh:

    Did the NYC Subway Authority Just Pass a Type of Anti-Blasphemy Ban? TheBlaze Explores (Update: Agency Confirms New Language)

    Another link HERE.

  21. Now, what does the offensive sign say?

    According to this:

    "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad."

    I don't see a word about Islam.

    Isn't it the contention of many that violent jihad is the work of a few radicals?

    So, what did the actions of Mona Eltahawy prove?

  22. Lady Liberty said...

    "Are these people sociopaths? Really NOT understanding when they've done something wrong- or thinking that it's right?? This is amazing,
    and sad."

    This is just an example of the ends justifying the means. The cornerstone example of the thing that so-called liberals, progressives and socialists all share with other totalitarians.

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  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Damien Charles,
    For your information, I have cited Mona Eltatahawy for her work regarding women's rights.

    I have read many of her essays and have applauded her support of free expression.

    Therefore, there is a sad irony to the fact that she supports freedom of expression only when it suits her personal agenda.

    Ms. Eltahawy said that the sign itself was offensive. What, exactly, on that sign was so offensive? "Defend Israel"?

    Ms. Eltahawy did not mention Spencer or Geller

    Furthermore, she was vandalizing property that didn't belong to her, property that a permit or some other mechanism had legalized.

    If I extend her definition of offensive, then I can go out and vandalize a mosque if I can scream about how offensive that mosque is to me. Or my neighbor's front porch with the hummingbird feeder. Or my neighbor's station wagon with the opposition's political bumper sticker on it.

    Anarchy, in other words, if "every man is a law unto himself."

  26. As for Piss Christ, it's not on display in any of those locations, Damien Charles.

    Check the book of logic fallacies. Bringing up those other locations has no bearing on the discussion at hand -- except that Christians in America are DEMANDED to tolerate what many Christians consider highly offensive in the extreme. Yet, are Christians out there spray painting Piss Christ? Nope.

    America IS different. Get used to it.


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