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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gasping Here

I work a heavy schedule on Tuesdays through Thursdays.   Yet, no matter how tired I am or how much "school work" I have to do, every day after I get home from work, I head to the computer to check on the day's news.

Since early Wednesday morning on September 12, I've been reading news stories that take my breath away.

I find it impossible to believe that Obama doesn't understand the significance of what's transpiring in the Middle East right now.

I've come to the conclusion that Obama approves of and wants these events to occur.  In other words, he's doing exactly what he wants to do in the present situation. 

I have come to this conclusion after reading THIS a few minutes ago.

Obama's version of the New World Order?

His seeing to it that the West and Western ideals are denigrated and punished because of Western colonialism of Third World countries?

His channeling the dreams from his father?

All three, I think.

Furthermore, in my view, Obama is exhibiting some of the following signs of passive-aggressive behavior:
1. Procrastinates
2. Sulks, becomes irritable or becomes very quickly argumentative
3. Tends to work slowly or deliberately do a bad job on tasks
that he or she really does not want to do
4. Protests (unrealistically) that everyone is making
unreasonable demands
5. "Forgets" obligations
6. Believes that he or she is doing a much better job than others
7. Usually resents useful suggestions from others on how to
become more productive
8. Fails to do his or her share of the work, thereby obstructing
other's efforts
9. Unreasonably criticizes people in positions of authority
10. Cannot seem to accept responsibility or blame for problems
resulting from their poor performance and tend to project this
blame on others
I submit, however, that Obama knows exactly what he is doing and is consciously endeavoring to manipulate the situation to his own benefit, namely, the consolidating his own power as well as exacting revenge for colonialism.

The only other possibility that I can offer is that Obama is a Muslim.


  1. I find it impossible to believe that Obama doesn't understand the significance of what's transpiring in the Middle East right now.

    Let's see. Obama his the intelligence feeds but he doesn't know what's going on. However, you do?

    Take a step back AOW and see how illogical that is.

    What s going on? Here's what I see.

    1. Egyptian anarchists who are young, unemployed, prone to rioting and have a grudge with the economic situation are rioting. They do that and in a couple days won't be doing that.

    2. There was a riot in Yemen. STOP THE PRESSES

    3. There were small demonstrations in Morocco, Tunisia and a few other countries. The fact that they came to nothing is a positive and shows the weakness of militants in those several countries.

    4. Tunisia was a true tragedy and has to be answered. I predict he will send special forces in there, locate the ring leader and kill him.

    Other than Libya there is nothing particularly unusual here. Of course we could do it the Romney way and green light the neanderthal Likuds and really light it up.

  2. If you read the reports (such as the one in the Independent) there is a cruel irony between reality in Libya and that crudely made film. The film starts with a mob of Islamic fundamentalists, in contemporary Egypt, attacking Coptic Christians while the police hold back until the attack is completed.

    The Independent reports that in Libya “... little defense [was] put up by the 30 or more local guards meant to protect the staff ...” and “There were definitely people from the security forces who let the attack happen because they were themselves offended by the film” Other reports said insider Libyan staff provided information to the attackers--in particular, the location of the safe house.

    Non-Muslims have little protection under Islamic rule and the authorities deliberately collude with the mob. The film is indeed a warning that what is happening to the Coptic community is Egypt is no aberration.

  3. Hey Warren, incisive as ever.

    Jason, buy a vowel. The rioters in Egypt are NOT fundamentalists. They are the same black shirts that show up from time to time. Nothing has changed. No Copts were attacked.

    The Libyan attack was most probably planned. Fundamentalist are looking for a way to foment trouble after losing the elections. The worst thing we can do is stir up a major outbreak of violence.

    Only Warren and his merry band of bullet heads would think that's a solution.

  4. The parallel is not with the demography of the victim (Copts in the film vs. Americans in reality). What’s the same is that authorities won’t protect non-Muslims--or worse, even aid attacks on non-Muslims. Now if you want to hair split between Islamic fundamentalists, Salafis, Islamists, jihadi, or Islamo-fascists, I’ll pass on that discussion.

  5. From THIS SOURCE:

    ...[I]n the past 48 hours Channel 4's historical documentary Islam: The Untold Truth and the as-yet-untitled American-made history of Mohamed have combined to thrust Islam back on to the front pages with reports of protests and threats of violence....


    Channel 4...has defended its decision to cancel the screening, which was meant for a small gathering of academics and journalists at its Westminster headquarters. A spokeswoman would not be drawn on the nature of the threat against them but she insisted it was credible enough to warrant their decision. "Cancelling the screening was certainly not something we wanted to do but it was a decision we had to make after taking security advice," she said.

    Without further details of what kind of threat Channel 4 received it is difficult to know whether the broadcaster has caved in needlessly or is making a sensible decision given the circumstances.

    The trailer for "Islam: The Untold Story" is HERE.

    I heard about the documentary from a UK friend a few weeks ago.

    I find it interesting that the American mainstream media are clearly blaming the recent attacks on U.S. embassies on a film supposedly made here in the United States.

  6. Duck,
    We shall see what the time period after today's mosque services brings. I have read that Pakistan is already battening down the hatches in anticipation of trouble today (Friday).

  7. Duck,
    Obama his the intelligence feeds but he doesn't know what's going on. However, you do?

    I didn't say that at all.

    I said that Obama is acting a certain way regarding these embassy attacks for a REASON.

    Furthermore, I think that his reason goes beyond his role as Campaigner-in-Chief.

    He does get intelligence feeds. But I read somewhere that he hasn't had a formal intelligence briefing for a while. After all, he HAS been on the road.

    For the record, I have NEVER said that Obama is stupid. Much of what he says and does is carefully scripted -- to achieve specific goals.

  8. AOW: Interesting, indeed.

    Especially considering the attack may have been a coordinated, militaristic strike.


    Also, the Ambassador was likely raped prior to his murder and the display of his body.


    What's Obama's response to these strong possibilities?

  9. There's no doubt that Obama is guilty of at least most of AoW's list. I would submit however, that those same failing can be applied to many other POTUSs as well [especially by their opposition].

  10. Ambassador may well have been sodomized.

    I heard this morning on CBS News that (1) the ambassador was "missing" for several hours and (2) his body was delivered to the hospital; there is no word yet as to WHO delivered his body.

  11. To the Duckster:

    It must be nice to live in the world that you live in -- nice, but not very safe. Reality sucks. But you wouln't know anything about that.

    One question: Do you ever come up for air?

    Then stop.

  12. He can't understand why his big speech in Cairo didn't work. This is a rejection of not only America, but of Barack HUSSEIN Obama. The message written on the consulate said "... we are 1.5 billion Osamas..." The message was for Barack.

    He does not understand that they don't care about his apologies.

    Right Truth

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  14. A couple of things, Nostradumbass.

    The first is, I gave you that nom de plume for a reason. Ever since I ran into your infantile insults and pronouncements at Front Page, you have made the most idiotic, wrongheaded predictions and pronouncements that I have ever heard, (save outside one particularly egregious example of a meth-head psychotic with a "Book of Revelations" fixation.

    In my minds eye, I can picture you ranting and raving about "powers and principalities" through meth rotted teeth.

    The second is your propensity for setting up straw men then knocking them down, like a little boy with a box of toy soldiers. Its not an endearing characteristic, even in a little boy, if he continues relentlessly.

    Some people may wonder why I never try to address the crap you spew and simply insult you. The reason is that years ago I tried to debate you but I found out you weren't interested in any type of debate. You're only interested in agitprop and ad hominem.

    As soon as the idiocy of the crap you spew becomes apparent, to even you, you disappear from the thread.
    So these "Anarchists" just happen to carry around crew served weapons, al Quaeda flags and use the same tactics.

    bye bye sparky.

  15. Obama is not a stupid man and you know he is fully aware that Americans are dying at the hands of radical Islamics. Furthermore, he prefers to continue campaigning and going on talk shows!

    Two more Americans have died. Marines.

    It's time for action and not just pretty words wrapped up in a pleasing package.

    I agree with you assessment, btw.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. @ Marine4ever

    De nada.

    Thank you for your service Marine.

  18. Obama understands, AOW ...

    Yes, I agree. More than incredible: mind boggling.

  19. What America needs is a president with a little less tolerance and a lot more artillery.

  20. Hi.Pariah here. You'd know what was going on if you read my posts.

  21. Black Sheep,
    Pariah? Not as far as I am concerned.

    I'll visit your site. I haven't been making regular blog rounds the past several days because of work and the arrival of a new kitten to the household.

  22. I can see that Ducky’s narrative hasn’t changed much over time. He is still the quintessential purveyor of error-prone rationales that fit his faulty ideology and weak reasoning. His programmers at Cooper Union did an outstanding job.

    It is not so important as to what demographics the rioters are a part of in this latest intifada. We must note that the inciters are using the movie as the excuse, yet the movie has been out since June and we are just now becoming more aware of it because some ill-advised pastor in Florida has been promoting it. While the rioters are being told this is the purpose for the uprising, in this instance, there are certainly reasons that run much deeper than this one weak excuse they are currently using.

    Ducky can split hairs over what he thinks is meaning and purpose, but there is one very important thing that has to be considered in any analysis of this situation. As long as this group of people seek to spread a Medieval culture to the rest of the world, this is going to have an impact on those people who live in all cultures.

    There are four types of cultures inhabiting the earth right now.

    1. We have those who live in the industrial age, which is the age Ducky owes his livelihood to, but still seems to find a way to demonize.

    2. We have those who live in the stone age, like the tribes in central Africa and the Amazon areas--their only goals are simple survival skills by basic food gathering.

    3. There are still cultures that are based mostly in the early agrarian age like existed in the Mesopotamian region before the empires of Babylon, Assyria, et al.

    4. The last of these culture is the Islamist culture which still keeps its roots in the Medieval era. As long as they refuse to come up to the developed world’s way of thinking, the only thing they will ever understand is when they are bombed back into the stone age or the pre-Assyria/Babylonian age of Mesopotamian world of framing, and production of arts and crafts.

    Until that culture can be defeated, there will never be peace.

  23. LA,
    Hello! It's been a while since I visited your site. Sorry about that.

    Duck is still Duck. However, he has mellowed some toward me. I'm not sure why.

    I heard on the news last night that the attacks on our consulate in Libya had been in the planning stages since August.

    I read somewhere on the web this morning (at a mainstream news web site) that at least some of the protestors are directly blaming Obama himself. I note that Obama was burned in effigy yesterday. His outreach to the Islamic world has been a consummate failure in many respects. The hardliners expected "more." Their definition of more would require that blasphemy laws be enacted worldwide.

    I sometimes refer to the present uprisings as "the filmifada." Perhaps a more accurate term would be "The Second Arab Spring."

    In 1979, some expected the Iranian Revolution to go worldwide. It didn't -- at least, not overtly. Now, IMO, we are seeing another revolution; so far, it does appear to have worldwide reach. It remains to be seen if this new revolution will continue or wear itself out; I wouldn't count on the latter, but that's just my two cents.

  24. An accurate two cents worth, I would say, AOW.
    Nahh, AOW, the Duck hasn't mellowed... PLEASE DON'T SAY THAT; the Duck is where I get my laughs for the day. Some days he's just a little 'mellowed out' from puffin' on the weed (he INHALES, ya know) or, whatever else he uses in the mind-altering state he stumbles around in.

  25. @ LA S --
    "...is when they are bombed back into the stone age or the pre-Assyria/Babylonian age of Mesopotamian world of framing, and production of arts and crafts."

    Bombed back?! They've never left!

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Marine4ever,
    When I saw that Duck has mellowed, I mean TOWARD ME. His VIEWS haven't changed. He's a diehard Leftist.

    When I first started blogging in 2005, Duck and I had some rather ugly exchanges. Rather, I should say that he hurled some ugly accusations in my direction; I didn't answer back very strongly because (1) I was new to blogging, (2) I'd never before had to deal with such edginess, and (3) it is not my nature to blow my stack (although I certainly CAN if I'm provoked relentlessly.

  28. Well, BRAVO ZULU, to you, AOW! You've accomplished something that none of the rest have been able to do!

    I usually just have fun with him 'cause he's SOOO easy. (How'd you like that one, Duckster?)

    Although, I've REALLY had to clean my language up on your site. Mustang told me know what a nice lady you are. I've tried to clean it up on my site, too. Not doing too well at times, though. It's just all that 'oil field white trash' coming out.

    I'll try to give a 'heads up' on my site from now on. Everybody else is just gonna have to take care of themselves.

  29. Careful now, M4E. If you flirt with Nostradumbass, he may start calling you at 2 AM for pillow talk.

  30. @ SH --
    LOL. I was working morning tower on a drilling rig out in west Texas and we had a little down time. There was a floor hand working the tower before us that nobody could stand. One of the guys decided to call him after he thought he'd be good and asleep. It was about 2 a.m. and, sure enough, he got him out of bed. The thing about it was, this guy loved to talk and my guy couldn't get him off the phone. He even put the phone down on his end so he could go make himself a pot of coffee and 'talk for awhile' because, "Now that I'm up... ." We couldn't just hang up on our end 'cause it'd leave the line open. It took ALL of us FOREVER to get to him to finally hang up. Talk about a backfire!

  31. Marine4ever,
    I do try to be a good role model for my students.

    I'm married Southern Californian who served two years in the Army as an MP. Believe me, I can hold my own in an expletive-filled conversation with the guys. Also, I attended college from 1968-1972, when the f-bomb was all the rage.

    And, yes, I've been known to turn the air blue -- although not at my own web site.

    In fact, this evening I had a public meltdown filled with blue language. Mr. AOW and I were at a cruise-in. Two idiots there parked in the safety islands that a handicapped individual such as my husband needs so that he can maneuver his scooter and get into and out of our vehicle. Mr. AOW and I had quite a difficult time with our efforts. The young fools fled when I blew my stack and told them off. I rather imagine that said to each other, "Did you hear that old lady? She's crazy!"

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. "Pariah"... I have chronic and severe depression, had it for years and years and finally gave in and got some little white pills, now I'm getting used to some changes. No doubt there will be a few ups and downs, but generally, things are levelling out at last. It's about damn time. So If I get a little odd, bear with me. Oh and I have a plan to conquer Guatemala. Who's with me?

    Okay, so much for that. Now the world... What we are seeing is global jihad sponsored by the Saudi Wahabbists, aka The Islamic Brotherhood. That's the Brotherhood in Libya, Egypt, Sudan and all, that's raising hell.

    There was a power struggle for some years between the Wahabbists and the Saudi royal family, but terms have been reached, partly financial oil money terms. The royal family is the keeper of Mecca, most holiest place in all Islam, making the Saudi King a person of great respect. So the plan of deposing the Royal Family was ultimately rejected in favor of an agreement whereby the King pretty much gave the Wahabbists their head. The Royal Family is somewhat more moderate than the Wahabbists but mostly powerless.

    Al Qaeda is financed by oil-rich Saudi Wahabbists. It is our money that is paying for the attacks against us.

    Their primary adversary is Iran/Syria, and that cabal has Russian and Chinese support.

    We can't take the battle to the Saudi's because we have to have their oil, so we fight a surrogate war. Obama is essentially a Muslim sympathizer rather than an actual Muslim, but he's not far off from being one, and this is why he's giving the Muslim Brotherhood so much assistance. Remember how he bowed to King Fahd? He's sympathetic to their cause.

    This looks like the big push has begun. Israel MUST attack Iran, they're boxed in on this, they have no choice, and when they do, they'll come under attack by everyone around them. How our military will respond, I have no guess.

    The Syrians need to quash the Saudi-sponsored uprising before they can start attacking the Muslim Brotherhood in other countries. Iran, while helping them, has to get operational nukes before they can afford to attack anybody. So while they feverishly centrifuge away, the Brotherhood continues to consolidate power in other Islamic states.

    Theres' a power struggle between the two primary Islamic sects, the Shiites and the Sunnis, which really comes down to Iran versus Saudi Arabia. When Israel hits Iran, Saudi Arabia will appear to remain neutral while its Brotherhood comes at Israel any way it can but only after Iran and Syria attack, and as anonymously as possible at first. It's going to be a real mess.

    China will use this opportunity to take over the gas-rich islands in the China Sea that are claimed by other area nations and there will be military conflict. We're much more likely to do battle against China there than for Israel in the mideast, I think, but time will tell.

  34. And why do we have troops spread out all over the world and especially the Middle East? To TRY to do as we've always done -- to take the fight to ENEMIES' shores and preoccupy them there, rather than fighting them on our own shores. That's something the Communists (aka Democrats) have NEVER understood.

    But that's been vastly -- and fastly -- changing in the past 15 years, or so.

    Sleep well tonight America. The only thing that's keeping us safe, at the moment, is Israel. I can say this because I was a young Marine, in Viet Nam, in 1967 packing his seabag to be deployed to Israel. I never made it there. The Children of God had the war over with in six days.

    The Israelis were fighting three major nations from all sides. They were outgunned and outmanned by almost four to one -- and they cheated me out of what would have looked really good in my Service Record Book's Combat History page, by kicking ass in six days and taking back that ONE little spit of land that was their land to begin with. That's the same land that SOMEBODIES' Dear Leader (NOT mine) wanted them to revert back to pre-1967 borders, not too long ago.

    We have met the enemy and they are HIM.

  35. Black Sheep,
    Thanks for explaining your pariah comment. I don't suffer from depression, but several in my father's family were bipolar before the days of medication came along.

    Anyway, I agree with almost everything you said about the Saudis and the House of Saud's arrangement with Al Qaeda.

    The various "groups" that supposedly oppose each other WILL unite -- briefly, at the least -- to achieve a common goal.

    Most of the world sleeps on.

    In addition, we have the problem of the West's long history of trying to manipulate Islamic countries. In my view, the days of such manipulation have ended. The beginning of that end was the the 1979 Iranian Revolution. For a time, things settled down. Well, now those things are back with a vengeance.

    We're spinning into a vortex.

  36. What is THIS?

    The Falls Church mosque is in Northern Virginia and is sometimes referred to "the 9/11 mosque." The mosque in Harrisonburg is in the Shenandoah Vallegy.

  37. Thank you, AOW. This link is EXACTLY what I need for a reference to what I'm about to post.

  38. AOW You're welcome. That was a downswing, had to catch it on the upswing.

    You know, we used to manipulate Central and South American banana republics, for their mineral wealth. All that Bolivian tin and Peruvian, I think it was, copper and other metals and ores from all those little countries flowed to us and we propped up dictators to keep it flowing. I used to feel a lot of shame at the way our government exploited those people.

    Hatred for America isn't restricted to the Middle East, there's a lot of it in our back yard in South America, and that's why.

    So if the manipulation has come to an end in the Arab states as it has in the Americas, good. It's just too bad it ever started. Aiding oppression is a poor way to spread democracy.

  39. Some of the Arab States are MUCH more dangerous than Latin America was. Besides, we. have taken in, temporarily or permanently, many Salafists.

    I have never maintained that America's foreign policies have ben perfect. As I look back, I see that the motives have been varied.

  40. Black Sheep: " I used to feel a lot of shame at the way our government exploited those people."

    There is a lot more to the Latin American situation. For example, most of the dictators we propped up were defending their countries from Soviet invasion.

    A tough choice: replace the dictator with a ruler of our choosing so they can better stave off socialist aggression? Or aid the existing rulers in doing this?

    We went the path of non-imperialism, and helped the existing governments.

  41. Always: In the post WW2 period, we had pretty good policy in Latin America. Especially during the 1980s, when Reagan helped these nations defend themselves from genocidal socialists.

    The cause for the wars there was the USSR. Not surprising that the wars quickly ended when the USSR fell.

  42. Dmarks and Black Sheep,
    I am presently reading Niall Ferguson's Civilization. An excellent overview of how Western hegemony actually came about. I do recommend the book, which also comes in audio format.


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