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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Graphic Says It All

With a hat tip to Texas Fred for the graphic below:

Those in love with the myth of Barack Hussein Obama – and many who voted for him were taken in by that contrived myth – should get the stars out of their eyes by reading THIS and THIS.

Ignorance cannot forever remain bliss.


  1. Can also say - Anyone who thinks obama is doing a good job is probably on welfare.

    Probably just as accurate.

  2. He has made everything worse. His worshipful followers are high on hopium and cannot handle reality.

  3. There are those who think Obama is doing a great job because he is giving them what they want. They want to punish America, they want to punish white society, they want to punish the wealthy for daring success, and they want their piece of the pie, now, and without having to achieve anything to attain it. Obama is milking these “haters” for all they’re worth. This is not what our founding fathers had in mind, but it is American politics since the days of Andrew Jackson who represents one of the most offensive aspects of our entire history. Maybe we don’t deserve better than Obama.

  4. This election seems to be a win-win deal for Obama; yeah, it’s true that Obama policies have left out the black community, who in 2008 had so much hope. They were duped and sold down the river (again) by one of their own kind. Now they’re disgusted with Obama; even Farrakhan is disgusted with Obama. Jeremiah Wright is getting ready to release an expose after the upcoming election.

    It’s also true that Obama policies have left middle class whites out of the success matrix, but many of these people are diehard union members who don’t care if someone else loses their job, so long as they can keep theirs. And Obama policies have left behind conservative women who do not want the government to become their husbands (The life of Julia) …

    But none of this matters because it is twice as difficult for a candidate to win against an incumbent. Obama knows this. Why is he avoiding his presidential responsibility? Because if he does nothing, he can avoid criticism —if even such was possible to begin with given the media bias.

  5. Obama's hard core followers believe we are on the right tract to their Democratic Socialist dream, but Obama needs another term to finish the transition and then everything will be lovely. They are idiots!

  6. I seed this bafore. Over ta Mister's place. He scooped you.

  7. Exactly correct.

    Right Truth

  8. I do love short and simple messages.

    I have said for 3 years now that anyone that voted for Obama and is now disappointed has only themselves to blame. There is very little we did not know about him before he was elected. People chose to ignore it.

  9. I just took out some trash from this comments thread. **smile**

  10. Odie,
    Yes, this graphic was over at Mr. AOW's site before it appeared here.

  11. I just took out some trash from this comments thread. **smile**

    Problem is AOW is that liberals are like cockroaches. You turn the light on them and they scatter but they're still there.

  12. Chuck is the new morale officer. Welcome aboard.

  13. The cockroach whined about getting deleted in another comment that got intercepted by Blogger's spam folder -- something about "afraid of the truth." Pfffft!

    I permanently deleted that whining comment too.

    There are limits to what I'll put up with in my own "home," that is, at my own blog.

  14. You next piece covers the problem. The Media. Members of the DNC move in and out of the Media. They are one. This is a real problem as it is impossible to really reach the American public other than through the Media.

    The things that have been dug up about Obamas past are last at or cast into part of the right wing conspiracy.

    If the economy were in good shape we would have zero chance at getting him out in November. But people may be snowed by the Media but they know they cant find a job.

    The polling samples started with a bais based on 2008 turnout setting aside 2010 turnout which favored Republicans. Then they went to +9% in of Democrats. Now I have heard they are sampling at +13%. In any sane reality such polls would be discarded and the maker working as a Wlamart greeter.

    Chin up, there is no way the Democrats get a +13% turnout over Republicans in 2012.

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