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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Michael Coren on Obama & Islam

With thanks to Will of MFS - The Other News:

Some reading HERE: "Middle East Analysis: WWIII fuse has been lit."


  1. Yes, Islam is at war with the West, has been from its beginnings.

    What people need to realize is, there is nothing short of us dying and killing Christianity that will appease the radicals.


    But we "will never be at war with Islam" according to our [Muslim?] president.

    Right Truth

  3. For a long time, the West has insisted that Islam is " just another religion." This mindset is suicidal.

  4. We are often our own worst enemy. We are not at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with us. And for them, it is a holy war. It is just semantics, really. They are killing non-Muslims with impunity, and we shrug it off because some jerk-off made a video and we understand their pain. Makes you want to pinch yourself to see if you’re still awake. The violence will continue until we finally understand how to deal with these people. Kissing their ass is not how to deal with these people.

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  6. What should we prefer in a man? That he cling to his principles, or that he adhere to his stupidity?

  7. Hagmann makes a lot of sense; but I don't like it when a writer infers he knows things and then doen't share what he thinks he knows; i.e., who is behind Obama.

  8. I was waiting for the subway the other day and a fellow walked up and asked me if a were a professional photographer.

    I chuckled and told him I was an amateur and we started talking.

    Turns out he's Iranian and working in biotech at Mass. General Hospital. Very cultured guy.

    We talked for several stops about this and that. Nice guy.

    Can't imagine that same talk with a fringe right winger. I've yet to meet a Muslim that wasn't educated, friendly and more productive than JonBerg.

  9. Berg was writing about those who come here with no intention of assimilating into American culture. From what you say about the Iranian, he is a man with every intention to assimilate our culture. We can only surmise you did not pick up on the true meaning of what Berg wrote because your hatred for anyone to the right of Stalin prevents you from understanding elementary English.

  10. BRAVO ZULU, JonB and Mustang!

    Well said.

    'Assimilate' being the key word here.

  11. Actually, the above was meant for everyone that commented... even Liabilityguy (without him, there'd be no reason to get out of the rack in the mornings!)

  12. Duck,
    Can't imagine that same talk with a fringe right winger.

    I don't know that such a statement is accurate. After all, we right wingers don't walk around wearing a badge to announce our views.

    If "B" is around, maybe he'll tell you about his encounter with me. [I wonder where "B" is these days. I hope that he's okay!]

    I DO have strong views, but I also talk with just about anyone -- yes, with Muslims, too. Maybe it's my foreign-language training?

  13. WLIL,
    The Iranian may or may not be pretending.

    That said, you are correct that many Muslims do behave differently on their home turf. Some now view America as home turf, and it is those individuals that are a pain -- or worse.

  14. The lack of assimilation AND the sedition being preached in our midst are THE problem in a nutshell!

    I don't care how many kabob shops are opened. I DO care what's going on in mosques and other meeting places if the doings there are all about bringing down our Constitution.

  15. AOW -- "...but I also talk with just about anyone -- yes, with Muslims, too. Maybe it's my foreign-language training?"

    Perhaps... with a little common decency thrown in, too.

  16. Marine4ever,
    Thank you for the compliment.

    I tend to get along with people on a personal level. Of course, the topics of politics and/or religion can bring a lot of dissension.

    Last week, an insurance salesman sat down with us to discuss a new policy. He was from Iran -- from a family that fled after the fall of the Shah. We had a long conversation. I flat out asked him, "Are you a Muslim?"

    He responded, "No. I'm no longer a MOSLEM."

    "Moslem" is a derogatory term according to Definition 3.

    Also see THIS.

  17. AOW -- This is all getting above my pay scale.

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  19. Not taking into account, Liabilityguy, that -- were it not for us (U.S.) -- they'd still be hammering out bronze idols while sitting on top of one of the world's most vast energy supplies -- oil. They never even knew it was there until we came along and showed them. Then, we had to show 'em how to drill for it and produce it... and they've been screwing us (U.S.) ever since.

    So, yeah, your last conclusion is one of the reasons they hate us (U.S.)

  20. Unfortunately liberals like obama will never get it, no matter how many are murdered by muslims, he won't get it.

    It doesn't matter anymore whether he's too stupid to get it or just wants to use islam to ruin the west, either way you cannot have him as your president anymore.


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